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Unhappy Awaiting Surgery to Remove Cervical Ectopic

To summarize, my RE was concerned that I had a cervical ectopic as well as a normal uterine pregnancy at my first u/s. He followed me for the next six weeks, but wasn't convinced I truly had an ectopic (no hb or fetal growth) until last week. There had been increased reaction in the cervical tissue due to placental growth/invasion. Over the past week, the cervical placenta and fetal sac have grown, raising the risk of hemorrhage. My OB referred me to a MFM specialist, who referred me to the regional expert on ectopics - my original RE. He is very concerned about the possibility of me hemorrhaging, and wants to perform surgery this evening. So I've checked into the hospital and am waiting for surgery. It is very uncommon to have both a normal uterine pregnancy and a cervical ectopic - and I am just scared we will lose our 11 week old baby we saw jumping around in the u/s this morning.

I would appreciate any good thoughts or prayers you could spare for little "Limey" (as DH is calling it this week.)
Me-33 DH-42
2/11-Diagnosed w/PCOS
3/11-Hysteroscopy to remove fibroids
6/11-Second cycle Clomid 50 mg, BFP 6/23
7/11-Discovered heterotopic pregnancy (uterine & cervical)
8/11-Two surgeries to remove cervical ectopic, followed by a miscarriage of healthy baby
11/11-Hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue, RPOC

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Prayers your way!! Guess we thought you were in the clear. I hope baby will be ok!!!!
Thin PCOS dx Oct '10
me(30)+DH(28.5) on 4-29-07
2 Femara/Ovidrel cycles: O'd but thin lining
Femara/Gonal-f/Estrace/Ganirelix/Ovidrel/Prog cycle #1: BFP! *twins*
prenatals, fish oil (contaminant free, with DHA/EPA)
HcG @15dpo-299, @18dpo-1,079; EDD 12/31; PTL @ 31wks
12-14-11 37w4d
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Oh Rebecca! Lots of prayers for you, Limey and DH. *hugs*
TTC Aug 2010
Dx PCOS Dec 2010

BFP#1 June 13, 2011 with Clomid 50mg, prog, 1500mg Met XR, Omega 3, B complex, Vit D, Materna, EPO Vit E/ Flax Seed Oil, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Beta 11dpo-39, 13dpo 99, 18 dpo 1129, 20dpo 2302...Adorable baby girl Mariana born Feb 20, 2012!

TTC # 2: Prenatal, Vit D, Bcomplex, Fe, Flax Seed Oil
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Rebecca- My thoughts are with you. I hope that Limey will make it through this. I'm sorry you are going through this.
Me (25) DH (27)
Dx PCOS- Feb 2001 (14)
Married- March 2010
DD #1- BFP- June 2011- 2000mg Metformin, prenatal vitamins, BD w/ Preseed O-2, O-1, & O, Pineapple core 2-6dpo

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Rebecca - I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way. I think that your limey will make it through this just fine. Best wishes. Keep us updated.
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i will be thinking strongly of you and your little bean....everything will be fine in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thin PCOS
me (28) , DH (33)
ttc #1:
mc 10/2010;
third cycle that i ovulate (17/18/19 cd) on my own, but lpd
first round of clomid 50mg BFP!!!!!! 10dpo:hcg35 / 12dpo:hcg160/ 16dpo:hcg650
6/16 strong heartbeat!!!! Its a BOY
ttc #2:
3 natural cycles...still lpd :-(
- clomid,estrace,follistim : no o (probably due to estrace)
- letrozole 5mg,estrace, gonal f : BFN
- gonal f: cycle cancled/ drop of estradiol levels

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Prayers and hugs ur way!
DS #1 Arrived 3-4-01 Surprise!
DS #2 6-29-10 1500mg metformin, 150mg clomid
DD 10-27-11 Surprise!

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many prayers for you and growing bub


Our First Miracle took 13 LONG YEARS,
But Rebecca sure was worth the wait!

Rebecca & Taylor are my gifts from God

Sadly we have lost many Angels
They are all watching over us!
Forever in our hearts.
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Rebecca- I will keep you, limey, and DH in my thoughts for the next few weeks and months until you can hold your angel in your arms! I am sending you positive thoughts in your journey!
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Praying for you but I would like to direct you to r6bikerchick's story on here....her now BABY survived a D&C when her dr thought she miscarried. i believe he was born last month.

There is hope...

Me 28 & DH Brad 29
Married 05/17/08
Hypothyroidism dx 03/08
PCOS dx 9/09
TTC since 6/10
Aug. 2, 2010- BFP - M/C at 8 wks

April 2011- 1st RE appt!
June 2011 (2nd Cycle)- Metformin + Femara + hcg trigger + IUI 6/15/2011 = BFP! TWINS!

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