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Smile Progesterone Blood Test at Day 21??

Hello Ladies,

Just a quick question. Yesterday I went to the doctor and I ovulated with Clomid this month. (so happy I could cry) My doctor said that everything looks great, we timed intercourse at the right times and my lining is great. He gave us a 40% chance of pregnancy this month!! Now, I love my doctor but he's got a heavy accent and sometimes I can't understand him because he talks to fast. He told me to have a Blood Test next monday (day 21 of my cycle) for progesterone levels. What is this for? Can he tell if I'm pregnant from this test?

Also, I am taking my BBT temps every morning and the chart is all messed up this month. It didnt show ovulation and I'm thinking its from the Clomid. Should you chart while doing clomid or does it not work?

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He's prob checking to see that your progesterone levels are normal so that if you need prog. support he can do that for you...this will help you carry a baby if your levels tend to drop prematurely.

Also he is maybe checking to see if your prog has gone above 2, to confirm for sure you did ovulate..they can tell that by CD21 blood work as well.
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They check the progesterone to make sure you ovulated and that you have enough progesterone to support implantation. If it is low, they have put you one progesterone support after you O.

Temping should still work with clomid. It may be erratic when actually taking it, but should get more consistent afterward. Just make sure you are taking it at the same time every morning before getting out of bed with a BBT.

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yeah the 21 day progesterone test confirms if you have ovulated - i had one a few weeks ago, and i am on clomid as well. i had a level of 39 which meant that I ovulated. Before starting clomid, my progesterone level was like 1 or something! Progesterone should be at an elevated level once you have ovulated and like Kari said, it is needed to support implantation.

as with temps, i didn't chart properly last cycle (woke up at different times).... my temps were a bit erratic esp when i was taking clomid, but then i started to see that they were more consistent as the cycle went on. This cycle i've set my alarm on every morning at 6am to get a more accurate reading.

Goodluck - i hope your levels are good and your ovulation is confirmed!!
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Thanks Ladies,

I was a bit confused. I love that you can ask anything on here and not feel like an idiot. This is my first time on clomid and I'm just not sure what the steps are. You are all so wonderful. I really appreciate the information.
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