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Default Cinnamon--When to take it?

Hi Everyone,

I drink a cinnamon tea (cinnamon, boiling water, and a tiny bit of baking soda). I have a few questions:

(1) When should I take it? Must I drink it immediately after my meals? Or, is it still effective within an hour or so after I eat?

(2) Should I take the cinnamon tea with every meal, even efter low GI/low carb meals? Most of my meals are low GI (protein, lots of veggies, and NO white carbs or sugar). Currently, I drink the cinnamon tea whenever my meal includes a non-veggie carb. I don't drink it if the meal is only protein and vegetables.

Thank you for your help!


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I have no idea! I take cinnamon in capsules and I just take along with the rest of my pills when i have food in my stomach. Is that tea good? Do you put tea in it too? Or is it just the cinnamon, water and baking soda?
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Hi Slightly,

I use the recipe on this site (scroll down the page, it's on the left-hand side): http://www.geocities.com/diabetips/cinna.html

I had never read this website all the way through (I have a short attention span!), if I had I would have seen this:
"Here's the main thing you'll need to know: My personal experience is that for boosting your own insulin's power, cinnamon must be ingested with each meal or up to an hour later. After that it will produce little effect. Nor is it useful as a once-a-day item."

I'm wondering what other people's experiences have been with cinnamon--whether they take it after every meal or just higher GI meals....

As for the brew itself, I don't put any actual tea it (although I do drink A LOT of plain green and black tea each day--I love, love, love tea). I don't see why you can't put tea in it, but I don't really know.

It's just cinnamon, boiling water, and a little bit of baking soda. After it cools, I pour it into another cup, leaving the goo at the bottom (I don't ingest it). I think the brew tastes pretty good, but it is VERY STRONG. I love the taste of cinnamon.

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Not sure about the tea, but I had a nutritionist tell me to eat at least 1t of cinnamon with each meal. Haven't started doing that yet, but may in the future try to replace my Met with Cinnamon. The tea sounds like a lovely idea, but not sure if I can tolerate the strong taste.

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I find if I don't take it right before,or right after or even during my meal..I get bloated and feel yucky...SO i try to take my Cinn. after every meal right away or while I'm having my meal, I'll stop, take my cinn. and continue eating...This is just my idea of it..but something I think of is, When you eat, chew, swallow, you body goes right to work digesting the food. It may take 20 minutes or so to feel full, but that doesn't mean your body hasn't already started breaking down the sugars...it happens in a matter of minutes..as well as the proteins and vitamins, so if you wait to take the cinnamon for an hour, not to say it wont help a little, but it wont be as effective as taking it with food...again my opinion! Take it or leave it...if you find you're having results an hour after with the tea, then do that too.
By the way happy belated birthday Slightly! You should hit your goal weight and take a trip to the carribean to celebrate your birthday next year since you couldn't have your part ythis year ;-) Thats what I'd do!
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In my cinnamon packet instructions, it says that it's important that the tablet is taken 10 minutes before meal. These are like pressed cinnamon tablets, so it might be that it takes some time to dissolve in the stomach and is ready to use when the food arrives.
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I put cinnamon sticks in the tea pot with the tea! It tastes lovely and its very mild but yummy. This is something people have been doing in my culture for years and I didn't think anything of it! I will try it and see if it does anything for PCOS.
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