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Default pcos and anger

I am 21 and was diagnosed with pcos four months ago. Since about the age of 16, I have been angry for no reason. I used Yasmine three years ago(without kowing about pcos) and I wasn't that angry person anymore but I stopped taking it. I went from being at peace to being constantly enraged(again). My doctor put me on Yaz when she diagnosed me and I now I have returned to that peaceful state of mind. Although I worked very hard to keep my anger from affecting my life, I still ruined a wonderful relationship. I am proud that I was so succesful at containing my emotions whereas my fiancee did not believe that pcos could have caused my anger. It makes sense to me. I was experiencing a hormone imbalance and when I received treatment the anger dissipated. Regardless, I am starting to feel confused about this. I can't find anything about a pcos/anger correlation. Has any one else had problems with pcos related anger?
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I have not, but it also makes sense to me! Hormonal imbalances wreck havoc on your emotions!

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erkle - i don't know of the relation between the 2, although i've had similar feeling since about 14 or 15.... at first everyone chalked it up to being a teenager, but as i got older, it only worsened. i was treated for depression and anxiety and neither of those helped... the only thing that really clicked for me was when i was dx'd with PCOS and put on BCP. i hadn't ever taken it before and the change was incredible. i went from being angry and upset at literally everything, to being angry and upset when i should be. i'm still very emotional, but i'm really not as angry/frustrated/irritated as i was....

so even if it's hard to find anything relating the 2, i would say from my experience and yours, it's very possible that PCOS could be what was causing the emotions in you!
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Old 02-14-2007, 10:04 AM   #4
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A while back my doctors were trying me on a whole series of BCP, trying to find one that would work and on one of them, I was angry all the time. Out of the blue, it could hit me while I was waiting at the supermarket or trying to decide what to have for dinner. And just as suddenly, it would blow over. It was scary because even when I was crying and shaking with anger, there was this little voice in my head saying, "why? everyone here is being so nice to me, this wouldn't have upset me 3 months ago!" PCOS had already taken control of my weight and appearance from me, and now I didn't even have anger. I hated it.

Eventually, I figured out it was the BCP (high levels of testosterone, probably) and got off it. None of the other BCP I tried had this problem.
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Since I was 17 I have had problems controlling my anger. It was then that I stopped playing sports and my PCOS symptoms began taking over my life. For me too, it ruined a relationship-actually-probably more than one-however one of my ex boyfriends understands and is one of my closest friends now. My DH is EXTREMELY understanding and has actually helped calm me down many times. I could blow everyone away with some of the stories of places and times I lost my temper-over stupid things-luckily my DH is an attorney and can get me out of some sticky situations! But since I have been taking medications-my hormones have leveled out and I'm not blowing up over little things as much. Before the meds-anything would set me off-I'm OCD (Obsessive Compulsive) about my house-so if my husband set something where it didn't belong I'd flip out. Now I just move it where I want it. Plus-I got a ticket a few weeks ago-although I wanted to and had every right to (they accused me of going 20 miles over the speed limit when my husband was behind me and mad cuz I wasn't even going the speed limit) and I did not tell the cop off-which is a BIG accomplishment for me! I have told many cops off before-so I know what you mean!
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i went off hte pill in oct/06 and i do get really angry. It has been really hard on me since i went off the pill and have been ttc. I have been working on it and trying real hard not to let things get to me. I used to live by the saying "don't sweat the small stuff". Not that easy anymore.
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