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Default Can you get Pregnant with Provera?

Im not sure Im ready to go down the Clomid route, but the doctor has asked. I dont have a period. Im on Metformin 1500mg a day, and have been for just over a month, and all i get is a gush of blood for an hour, and then nothing more. Im anovulatory. If I ask the doctor to put me on Provera once a month to induce a period, and stay on the Metformin, is it possible for me to get pregnant on just those two? I mean, how would you know when to try?? While your taking the Provera BEFORE you bleed, or AFTER you bleed? Im confused, and still aggravated -- I just WANT a period to come naturally. Ive been waiting and its almost like its "teasing" me -- Ill spot for a few days then nothing. And now ive had the big AF gush for an hour or so on two different occassions. Confused, aggravated, upset, and ready to be a mommy!
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I don't know how Provera might help you get pg. Some women say that it does jump-start a new cycle and then they ovulate. But if you want to ovulate so you can get pg or have a real period, not just a little bleeding, then clomid might be the way to go.

I know how you feel though. I've been on met since April too and I'm frustrated that I'm not ovulating. I can't get pg if I don't ovulate!!!! But a lot of women tell me that it can take a few months for the met to kick in. I go back and forth between wanting to O on my own and just taking the clomid so I have a better chance of getting pg sooner. I took the clomid when TTC #1 and I'm glad I did. I got pg right away. But I know it can be a hard decision to make on this frustrating journey. Good luck!
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Well I am also on provera but its a really low dosage...2.5 mg per day but my period won't go away I have been on it for well over a month. I have started the met a few days ago as well as provera...we want to conceive so badly it hurts. I thought provera was a form of bc but apparently its a hormone replacement at my dosage. I am thinking of asking for clomid but like you guys I want to conceive naturally but I guess I am not that lucky....let me know how it works out!
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Provera is a synthetic form of progesterone, which is OK to kick-start a period, but is not OK to take if actually pregnant (or to encourage a "sticky" early pregnancy). Prometrium is the natural version that is safe for all applications.

Typically, taking progesterone will mimic the luteal phase of your monthly cycle. Normally, you ovulate, and the remains of the follicle becomes the Corpus Luteum which produces progesterone for aprox. 2 weeks. If you get pregnant, the fetus would start producing it's own progesterone and "take over" at that point. If there's no baby, the lack of progesterone triggers the lining of the uterus to shed and begins a new cycle. Even if it's at a low dose, it's almost always used as a "hormone replacer".

So, taking progesterone MIGHT help to push you back into the normal hormonal cycle, especially if your body is already "trying" to cycle on it's own, but just hasn't in a long time. If you know that particular cycle is a "dud", and you don't cycle on your own (or cycle really late), then you can use progesterone to kick-start your next cycle so you can try again, sooner.

If you are trying to time intercourse, start counting from the first day of bleeding, just like usual, as you will only take the Provera to kick-start a cycle that you already know didn't work. One way to make sure you don't miss the "prime time" is to baby-dance every 2 - 3 days from when you stop bleeding until you know for sure that it's not going to work! Remember, sperm live up to 5 days, but the egg only for about 1, so you have to get the "soldiers" there ahead of time! lol

The Metformin 1,500 mg/day will do the best job, though, especially if you are combining it with a low-GI-type diet and exercise. Give it at least 3 months at full dosage to work! Even if it's not enough on it's own, keep taking it even if you do decide to take the Clomid as it will help the Clomid to work better, and it helps to prevent early-stage miscarriage.

Take care, and happy baby-dancing!!!
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metformin, pregnancy, provera

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