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Metformin doesn't cause birth defects like Spiro can, and no, you don't have to be on BCP while on Metformin. There are many PCOSers that conceive on Metformin .

You aren't actually required to be on BCP to take Spiro, either, you are just supposed to prevent pregnancy. There are plenty of ways to do that without using pills. I take Spiro when not TTC or pregnant. My husband and I prefer condoms because they're easy and you don't have to worry about missing doses. Plus, I have bad reactions to BCP.

Even being a thin cyster, you could still be insulin resistant. Most women with PCOS are. That's where the Metformin is very important. I would definitely mention it to your doctor as it's the main treatment for women with PCOS. BCP do not actually treat your PCOS at all - it treats symptoms, not the underlying cause.

I hope you can get your medication straightened out to where you feel comfortable taking it and see an improvement in symptoms.
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