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Default Metformin vs. Spiro & BC Pills

I am a "thin cyster."

My endo currently has me taking a low dose of spironolactone to help with male pattern hair (growth on my chin, and loss on my head, etc.) About 5 months ago, I also went on BC Pills to help regulate me, since I was having a period every 10 days. The spiro has not been working, so Doc said he wants to increase it to 50 mg., and says I could do that after being on BC Pills for at least 3 months. A few weeks ago, I had my first migraine ever, and it has concerned me enough to want to get off of BC Pills. So, I do not want to increase the spiro if I am not going to be on BC.

If I suggest Metformin to the doc, and he agrees, then would I be able to quit taking BC Pills? Are you supposed to still be on them with Metformin, like you are with spiro?

For those of you who are not TTC, what form of BC do you use?

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