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11-01-2011, 03:08 PM
Hey everyone,

I just noticed that these threads hadn't been started yet so I thought I'd get this one going. (Sorry if I'm stepping on anyone's toes by doing this!!) Hope everyone in the second trimester is enjoying their first day of November! Another month started ladies!! :)

11-01-2011, 04:00 PM
Carrie I don't think you're stepping on Praises toes at all. Since she is in the hospital we should probably have someone start all the new monthly threads for November and then if she is back she will resume her duties. I know she asked earlier if there was any interest in someone taking over this when she goes so it's a good time to think of it. I don't feel comfortable doing it since I just got home from a 9 day stay in the hospital and will likely go back relatively soon and deliver at any time.

11-01-2011, 04:04 PM
I remember her asking someone to take over. I'm new on here and am not super comfortable taking on that responsibility. But for November I can sure get them started.

I just started getting some tiny sharp twinges in my vjj area (what I would assume is my cervix?). Anyway, I cannot recall if I felt this with my other two pregnancies and I know that there are several other women that have mentioned a similar sensation. My experience isn't painful by any means. it's just a little tingle every now and then. I didn't pay much attention to it at first because it was just like a one time thing, but now they are happening mroe frequently. For those that have had this sensation, did you talk to your doc? What did they say? Thanks ladies!

11-01-2011, 04:29 PM
Hey gals -

First off - Praises is in the hospital??? How'd I miss that? Everything okay?

Second, I told her via private message that I'm happy to take over as of December, getting the threads started. But I certainly don't mind others jumping in if I get distracted. I figure we all take care of each other!

Finally - I think the hormones are really kicking my emotions into overdrive. I'll make this as brief as I can to explain. Before my bleeding scare Friday night, DH and I planned to announce my pregnancy at my niece's birthday on Saturday (after she did cake/presents, and the kids had gone to play - didn't want to steal her special time). Anyway, DH had to call his mom Saturday about an hour before the party to tell her we weren't coming. She was in the car with his aunt and grandma when he explained what had happened (we didn't know then all was okay) - so she got upset and told everyone what was going on. So now everyone knows, and I absolutely hate how they found out. I missed out seeing happy looks on people's faces, and I just KNOW they're going to hover over me and give me all kinds of extra advice, even though EVERYTHING is fine.

Then, I posted on Facebook last night that I was feeling very blessed after the good checkup, and my MIL commented "Me too". I know she was trying to be sweet, but IT'S NOT ABOUT HER. This is about me, DH, and our little bambino. A good part of me knows I'm being petty, but I hate that we were able to keep it under wraps for so long just to have it come out this way. Of course, I'm so happy everything is fine, I'm just SUPER annoyed with the way big families work. I don't have one, so sometimes I get super frustrated with them.

I really appreciate everyone's kind words yesterday/today - you gals are an amazing support - it's incredible to me how we've never met, but I can't imagine not having you as a sounding board! (Now if you can teach my family a thing or two, lol!)

11-01-2011, 04:44 PM
Hey ladies...all is well here..had to get on a stronger med for the crazy contractions.
Yes alijac was signed up starting for Dec...didn't see Nov being a problem for me though--oops!

Ali--sorry about your bleeding and family stuff -ugh!

11-02-2011, 02:20 PM
Sorry I have been MIA the last couple of weeks. Just super busy around here with work and I am exhausted!!! I will have to catch up later. Just wanted to tell everyone we had our anatomy scan today.....and we are on

Team PINK!!!!!!!!

DH and I are extremely grateful to be making this announcement. I never imagined this day would come for me. I think I have cried a million times the last few hours when telling our family! My heart is so filled with love, words cannot express it.

I also want to thank all of you girls for standing by me, and cheering me on.....there were lots of sad times and times when I thought this road was going no where....but I always knew I was not alone. I truley love you girls!!!

11-02-2011, 02:31 PM
Jenn- *tears*...good, happy, smiley tears!!!!!! Congratulations...I am so excited for you!! Now you can join our bow swaps ;)

11-02-2011, 02:43 PM
congrats jenn,
You psychic was right about her prediction with you being surround by a baby girl!

11-02-2011, 03:40 PM
Carrie- I've been having sharp VJJ pains for a week now. The OB said it was the baby pushing down on the cervix. Cervix was closed and high so he wasn't concerned. Having a hard time walking and seems to get worst if I'm sitting for a while.

Praises- glad you are doing ok! Praying for you and the LOs

Jenn- yey for team pink! I'm happy everything was perfect at the anatomy scan :)

11-02-2011, 03:53 PM
Jenn - what WONDERFUL news! So excited for you!!! We love you, too - isn't this group just the greatest?

Tink - What do the moms of boys swap???

11-02-2011, 03:56 PM
Tink - What do the moms of boys swap???

They did a car/plane/train swap and there was talk of doing a paci clip swap at one point.

11-02-2011, 04:24 PM
Tink - Cool - something fun to look forward to! :)

11-02-2011, 06:21 PM
Jenn!! That's wonderful!!! People seem to love tellling us that boys are easier, but what they don't mention is in the end, you have a daughter AND a friend!

So happy for you!!! :D

11-02-2011, 08:37 PM
Dan'sfran, you are having girls?Congrats
I love baby girls (they are just so precious) Not to mention the cute bows & dresses

11-03-2011, 03:16 PM
I reached a milestone today...20 WEEKS!!! Half way done! I posted a picture on the Show Your Glow thread. DH and I are planning a date night tonight! Not sure what we'll be doing, but I'm looking forward to getting out of the house and do something just the two of us. :D We've become such homebodies! Nothing wrong with that though. Yesterday morning while I was lying in bed I could feel baby move from the outside. DH was out of town for work so he couldn't feel it. I've been trying to feel it ever since then so that he can feel it too, but of course baby isn't cooperating. :( Very soon, I'm sure. U/s coming up on Monday. That's about it for baby news.

For another stressful event...DH and I work at the same place which has very good health coverage, but it is a bit spendy. We have an employee whose son has been in the hospital since he was born (at 24 weeks!) and that was in February 2010. Needless to say our health insurance is steadily increasing. Anyway, to avoid a 30% increase in premiums our employer has elected to leave the premiums the same and contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). Employees can contribute to this pretax out of their paychecks, too. The new system would be that the insurance company woudl apply their savings to the bills and then you pay the bills out of this HSA account up to the deductible ($5000 for family coverage). Everything after that is covered. this all starts in January. The amount that the company will contribute into the HSA varies depending on which coverage we choose, but the most they'd contribute would be $235/month. So potentially come March we could have $470 on out HSA account and be responsible for a few thousand dollars worth of medical bills with the new baby...of which we have to pay the first $5000. Sounds like we're getting the shaft on this deal. There are a few options...we could make a payment plan deal with the hospital to pay the amount deposited into out HSA account to the hospital until the bill is paid OR pay the amount up front and continue to draw on the deposits into the HSA account until we're reimbursed. In the long run we wouldn't have to pay that deductible, but the premiums are very high, too. So now we're looking at all of our options: here at work, private insurance, my husband is in the guards until May of next year so we could get their coverage, etc. We don't have long to figure all of this out!! Crappy timing. Blah!

Sorry about the big technical explanation. If you're having trouble sleeping because of being uncomfortable, you can review this post and I'm sure you'll doze right off!! LOL!

11-03-2011, 04:24 PM
Sorry, jumping over here again just to say a few things:

Jenn - congrats on a girl!!! So exciting!!!

Carrie - I just saw you're from SD, what part if you don't mind saying? I used to live in Aberdeen :) And, I hear ya on the spendy health insurance. Our premiums are really high, but they cover a lot of things. So in the end, we just have had to work it into our budget and we accepted the fact that we pay almost more for health insurance than we do to live in our house, crazy...

11-03-2011, 04:51 PM
Carrie- congrats on 20 weeks! It's a huge milestone! My OB told me that he uses 20 weeks as the safe point so I was so excited to make it to 20 weeks without any major issues. Ugh those insurance issues sound like a huge headache. I think you should make a spreadsheet and look at the pros and cons of each option. Sucks that you have to deal with that on top of being preggers and taking care of the kids. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that since we're covered in Canada and DH also had a good plan that covers some extras like a private room.

AFM- 24 weeks yey! I think I'm becoming nocturnal! I'm so sleepy during the day but can't get comfort able enough to sleep at nite. The VJJ pain is still bothering me and not getting any better. I've only gained 7 lbs so how bad is this going to get! SIGH! Could it be an infection? I have no other symptoms apart from the pain and VJJ feeling swollen. BDing is officially over for the next few months! Sorry for the rant..just feeling sorry for myself today. Plus my mum is flying overseas for 1 month :(

11-03-2011, 05:06 PM
supergal - congrats on 24 weeks! We're exactly 4 weeks apart! :)

amandalisa - I'm from the Sioux Falls area. Not near Aberdeen. It's a crazy small world though! Our premiums aren't THAT bad! Our employer pays a good chunk of the premium, but it still seems high. Ugh. We will be comparing all of our options and then making our decision. Bummer.

11-04-2011, 10:25 AM
Super~ congrats on 24 wks! How are you feeling? I am the complete opposite of you....I can get comfy when I lay in my bed for the night...but during the day I am a mess. Nothing seems to help me get comfy! I sit at my desk and want to cry.....my stomach aches, my body aches....I am exhausted!!! I hope we both get some much needed sleep soon!

Carries~ half way....I'm right behind you. 19 wks today!!! I am still not feeling movement (from inside or outside) It kinda freaks me out. The DR said not to worry, but easier said than done. Unsual because I am not a worrier by nature...but with this pregnancy all I do is worry!!! And don't get me started on health insurance. DH carries our insurance and we were never even informed that the plan changed this fiscal year....we now have a deductable too and only found out because we got a bill after my FET.

Dan~ how are you doing?

ALi~this group is great....you girls are so amazing!! How are you doing?

AFM~~~19 wks today!!! I am almost half way there. I emailed my RE last night to tell her that we are on team pink. I got the nicest emails today from the nurses and from her! I miss her and will forever be thankful for her. We are actually thinking about her name (Rachel) for the babies middle name, just because she is that special to me!!!

11-04-2011, 10:54 AM
Jenn, I didn't feel anything until 21 weeks, I think. I know it was long after everyone else was! Even then it was random and not regular at all. I'd love to say the worrying ends after you have the baby, but it doesn't. It probably gets worse LOL!

11-04-2011, 11:34 AM
amandalisa - I'm from the Sioux Falls area. Not near Aberdeen. It's a crazy small world though! Our premiums aren't THAT bad! Our employer pays a good chunk of the premium, but it still seems high. Ugh. We will be comparing all of our options and then making our decision. Bummer.

I've been to SF many, many times. Actually just flew in there this summer for a family reunion. Yes, small world :) Hope you get something good figured out with the insurance situation!

11-04-2011, 03:20 PM
Carries - Congrats on the halfway point!!! What a milestone - and to feel the baby is great, too. As for insurance, I think high deductible plans are for the birds. DH works for a subsidiary of Blue Cross, and they pushed those HSA/High Ded plans on their employees. This year, they brought back an HMO. While the premiums are crazy, we figured it helps us budget better to pay premiums across the year instead of getting hit with the high deductible all at once. Hope your insurance doesn't make you pay the full 5k at once!

Amanda - jump on over whenever you want - you'll be here officially soon enough, anyway! ;)

Super - 24 weeks is fantastic! But sorry your mum's headed away for a month - boo.

Jenn - 19 weeks - how exciting!!! And team pink, too - that's wonderful. I'm really glad DH's cousin (who's a close friend) has a baby girl, or I'd be really jealous of all this team pink going on! Of course, I'm excited about a boy, too, it's just a little different. I've been good, though, thank you for asking.

AFM - I just noticed in my ticker I'm 16w4d, with 164 days to go - kinda cool, as I guess the numbers won't fall like that again. Everything is going well here, tho I've been pretty darn hungry lately. Afraid to start packing on pounds, but just trying to eat a moderate amount when hungry.

I hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend!

11-04-2011, 04:52 PM
Thanks everyone for the comments about the insurance. We have a meeting next week that should have a lot more information than this initial announcement from management. So hopefully we'll get our questions answered then. My mom also used to work for an insurance company so I may pick her brain a little bit about HSA's and this type of insurance. I just don't like not knowing what to expect.

Date night last night was fun. DH and I went out to dinner and caught a college men's basketball game using tickets from our employer. It was a lot of fun! "date night" for us is usually just dinner here in town. We actually drove to my college town (about 45 minutes) to have dinner and catch the game. So it was something special and out of the norm for us. It did end up being a late night though. I was pretty tired this morning. I actually sat down in the shower and jsut let the water run over me. I was like a zombie. But it's almost the weekend and we have lots going on. Surprise party for my future SIL tonight, out with some old friends tomorrow and hopefully relaxing on Sunday. DH has guard drill and I have to come into the office tomorrow. But we'll spend time together in the evenings. Only bad thing is my kids are with their dad this weekend so we won't be spending time with them. :( Oh and on Sunday night my son has his end of season pizza party for his football team! That should be fun, too!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

11-04-2011, 04:55 PM
Forgot to mention that the surprise party tonight is an 80's party! my husband and I went to an 80's party last year so we've got clothes all ready to go! :)

11-04-2011, 06:19 PM
Jenn- I feel like that all day too! Just a miserable preggos whoís in pain everytime I move! Hope you can catch some zzz this weekend! Iím sure planning on trying!

Wow Carrie! You have a full itenary! Date nite sounds like it was amazing! Itís always nice to get away and spend some time together. I spent the nite at my mumís yesterday since she has some drís appointments and I missed DH so much!

Ali- Iím feeling super hungry too these days. The worst is waking up at 4am starving but too tired to go get a snack LOL! Just avoid the junk food and Iím sure youíll be fine. Yea it REALLY sucks she is going away. She hasnít been on a long trip for 15 years so Iím sure gonna miss talking to her everyday and seeing her every weekend. But Iím glad she can get some time away and be back in time for LOs arrival! Lots of shopping to do though since we have tons of relatives back home she has to bring gifts for which is exhausting just to think about. Weíll probably be doing that this weekend (in addition to sleeping in! YEY! I tend to fall asleep at 6am so being able to wake up after 10 with DH snuggles is NICCCCCCCCCCCCE!

Thanks everyone for the congrats! We had a special blessing ceremony today and the priest who Iíve known for years was so excited for me he made me so emotional! The place is quiet a drive from where I live now so we donít see him often but heís very dear to us. He asked me to come and see him closer to the delivery so he can see me all hugely preggos :). I could almost see LO running in circles in the big hall. Also had McDs for lunch and OMG there were so many cute kids there I was making baby faces the whole time. So had a good day despite the pain and not sleeping at all last nite. DH is taking me out for dinner too so Iím excited about that too :D

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

11-05-2011, 02:18 PM
Ali: yay to finally joining you in the 16 week club! :) also, when you get hungry try to eat snacks with lots of protein. I like to go to the health food store and see what kind of protein cereals, breads, bars, etc. they have. i also usually make hard boiled eggs every couple of days so I can have them around to snack on :)

Carries: your date night sounded like a lot of fun! its nice to get out of the house every once and a while/out of your routine :) a lot of people like to plan "babymoons" close to delivery - kind of like a last vacation just the two of you. I told DH I wanted to do something like that :)

Super: sorry to hear you are still have pain and trouble sleeping :( as far as the sleeping goes, have you bought one of those pregnancy pillows? i've heard they can really help with the way your body feels all over. and have fun tonight at dinner with your hubby!

AFM: I've found that I'm getting so paranoid about everything germ related lately! Like last night, my niece got her hand in a plastic mouse trap we had at our house (the one time we forgot to take it away when she came over!). Thankfully she wasnt hurt (didnt even cry!) but wanted me to kiss her hand after to make it feel better. After I did, I Instantly washed my mouth because I was convinced I would get some sort of diease from her hand. Should I be worried? lol I'm becoming a hypochondriac! On another note, having a girls night out with some close girl friends I haven't even seen since I've been pregnant, can't wait to show off the bump! :p

11-05-2011, 09:19 PM
Fire- I told DH I want to do a babymoon too!

Carrie- Sounds like a good night!! I hope you get the insurance stuff worked out. I'm pretty stupid when it comes to insurance and understanding it.

Ali- I hope you have better luck keeping the weight down than I've had. I've gained 18 pounds :(

Jenn- Almost halfway there!!! Congrats on Team Pink!

Super- I'm having a hard time sleeping as well. Either my hips, shoulders, or back will be hurting.

Hi all!!!! It's been a busy week! I've been an emotional wreck this week. I'm blaming it on the hormones and stress at work. Baby has been kicking me in the cervix, I guess. It's really annoying. It was cute at first, but now it's just uncomfortable. Still no word on our living situation. We probably won't hear anything until the end of the month. It will take 2 months for the house that we will be having put on our land to be ready should we have to move. So if we can place our order the first week of December, we won't be able to move in until the beginning of February and baby is due the beginning of March....fun times!

I hurt my back cleaning a toilet on Wednesday...too much bending over :( I had to go to the chiropractor on Thursday but my back is still sore. I suppose I should not have done barre exercises at ballet and abstained altogether like the chiro told me to do. I need to learn to follow doctor's orders! I guess it's time to accept my limitations for the next 4 months and start taking it easy (which won't be easy if we have to move). I had to take it easy cleaning today. I've been having a lot of discharge. Anyone else experiencing this?

11-06-2011, 10:11 AM
Codi - Hope your back gets to feeling better soon! It's so tempting to do more than we're told...but when my OB told me my bleeding was probably due to strain (and I had been carrying around my friend's cute and chubby 4 month old), I think I got the message. As for discharge, maybe a little more for me...not a lot. Sending good thoughts your living situation works itself out very soon. I guess if you have to move in winter, at least you're in FL!

Fire - I think I would have done exactly the same thing if it were my niece! In fact, I find myself paranoid being around kids - like when I got my flu shot a couple of weeks ago, I wanted the kids at the office to stay away from me. Oh well, guess it's those protective mama genes kicking into full swing. :) Good ideas on the snacks - I'll have to do some more pre-planning for those times.

Super - the blessing ceremony sounds very special - how nice the priest made it a really sweet memory.

Well, I think I officially need some new pants. It doesn't help I've been eating like crazy and gained a couple of pounds in the past few days (hoping some is sodium-related, since we've eaten out more than in). I'm only up a total of about 3 pounds, but I was told my range is only 11 - 20 since I'm a very big girl to start. Gotta start eating in more, 'cause I make much better choices when I make my own food. Anyway, guess I'll be hitting the maternity store later today to find some pants. I have a work trip Weds-Fri in Atlanta with some very senior partners at my firm, so I can't look like a slouch!

I want a babymoon, too - what are you gals thinking of doing for yours???

11-06-2011, 10:59 AM
Just checking in with everyone quickly. I have been so busy with work and activities outside of work i feel like I havnt had time to get on here as much. November is a CRAZY month for me but after Dec 1st things should slow down...I've already been told I cant travel after that. I have my next OB appt on the 14th, then we start 2 week appointments and right afer thanksgiving I have my glucose test.

Im fighting the pregnancy congestion again....its not as bad as last time but definitely driving me crazy....Im taking a the recommended tylenol cold at the lowest dose but I just wish the crap would go away. I am glad its not getting any workse though.

Have a good week everyone!

11-07-2011, 11:45 AM
Sounds like everyone is keeping plenty busy! I've noticed increased discharge which I don't enjoy. But I've read through a lot of sources that says that's normal unless it is accompanied by spotting or a foul odor. So I guess I'm not worrying about it. I went in yesterday to labor and delivery to check on baby. I had been feeling him pretty regularly, but starting sometime on Saturday I just didn't feel him. I was pretty much sedentary all weekend so I shoudl be able to feel him because I wasn't focused on work or running around all distracted. I didn't sleep well on Saturday night because I was stressed about it. Every time I woke up I tried to feel the baby. I had to pee a lot that night, got extremely thirsty and jsut wasn't all that tired. It kind of sucked. Then on Sunday I woke up early (well, early for the weekent) and tried to get baby moving. I ate some sugar (raided the kids halloween candy...oops!), drank some juice and ate a good breakfast and still nothing. So of course I'm worried. DH was at guard drill so I was home alone. I had him call me and told him what was going on. I called ask-a-nurse and they recommended eating or drinking something (to which I replied, I did) and if I didn't feel him and needed more reassurance I could head in. She said normally they don't recommend going in for this reason until after the 24th week, but since this was my 3rd pregnancy she said it was up to us. So we went in. All was fine. HB was around 150 and we could hear the swooshes that meant baby was moving around just fine. We have an ultrasound today to that should really help settle my nerves. We'll get an official prediction on boy/girl! They told us boy last time and I think that is right based on what we saw, but we'll know for sure later today...well, if baby cooperates anyway. I think that the baby settled really low into my pelvis or something and that was why I couldn't feel him. Even the movements I've felt today have been way down there and when they foudn the heartbeat it was very low on my abdomen, too. So that's my official (and completely unprofessional) guess. :)

DH just told me that he ordered a doppler. I'm excited about that, but having read some of the problems you gals have had, I'm a little nervous about that. But maybe we'll be able to save some money on nervous nelly trips to labor and delivery! DH signed us up for insurance through the guards. What a deal that sounds like. Much better than what our empoyer has come up with! But we'll see. We have that meeting tomorrow so we'll know more for sure then. I just feel a heck of a lot better knowing that there is at least another option. Thank you all for your well wishes on that situation. I feel a lot better about it now.

Well, I think that is about it on my end. Has anyone else felt a little less focused at work lately? I just don't want to concentrate on work when I coudl be thinking about things for the baby! Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do. Back to work I go...Talk to you all soon.

11-07-2011, 01:10 PM
hi girls~ how is everyone doing??? Its been on the quiet side here.

Carries~ I am 19 wks and still don't think I am feeling the baby move. Should I be worried? Glad everything checked out for you! It seems like there is always something to worry about, but at least your OB was willing to check you out! I can't seem to concentrate on anythign these days...other than this baby! So you are not alone!

KM~ i hear you on busy!!!! I feel like this month is jammed pack and then we are looking at Xmas!!! I try really hard to make time for resting/relaxing and focusing on me....but I work full-time and have a huge family (which means a b-day or get together every week)!!!

Ali~ I looked for a few pairs of pants this weekend, but had no luck!!! I am too short!!! My mom told me to buy them and she will hem them...so back to the store I go! On the eating....I try really hard not to eat all junk, but nothing really agrees with me these days! So my OB said whatever I can keep down is good enough for now! Of course I also make sure to drink milk and eat frutis/veggies every day....but other than that everything is fair game!!!

Codi~ how is the back doing? I am definately limiting my activity, because I tend to have lots of spotting whenever I over do it!!! Scares the heck out of me!!! I have to wear a pantyliner every day because of discharge. SO your not alone!!!

Fire~ I am a grem freak too! My dog had been really sick and was on all kinds if meds. I was wearing rubber gloves and washing my hands so often just to make sure none of his germs were on me!!! We had our 4-year old nephew this weekend....and I can officially tell you I hate boogers!!! His nose runs like crazy!!!

AFM~ had another bleedign episode over the weekend. I was not doing anything. Actually laying in bed because I felt so tired and went to the bathroom because I felt something weird...and it was a huge clot and lots of red blood. No cramping...so the DR said not to worry! (right)
Sunday DH and I went to register. WE spent 3 hours at BRU and didnt even finish. I thought I knew alot about baby gear...but I was overwhelmed!!! I am having my sister go with me next weekend to finish. We picked all the big items, except I am going to change my crib. By the time we got to that dept...I just wanted to go home!!! I was tired, hungry, thirsty and cranky!!! So we just picked fast....but now that I am looking around, I found some I like more and that are more reasonable priced! I also did not pick a theme for the nursery. So...its a start!!!

11-07-2011, 03:54 PM
Fire- I did get the body pillow but I found it too big. Iíve been using a small cushion between my knees and I really does help. Hope you had fun with the girls! No uíre not alone I keep washing my hands and using had sanitizer too. Iím so scared of getting sick!

Codi- yea Iíd take it easy at the classes/ cleaning to avoid any more discomfort. Its just going to get worst so I take lots of breaks. Hope you are feeling better. I have tons of discharge too. I wear panty liners/ thin pads all the time now. OB said not worry unless I feel major gushing (not after sneezing or laughing thatís just urine). He said go straight to L&D if I feel major gushing so keep that in mind. Glad baby is doing well. I have some days when I hardly feel anything just a couple of kicks(usually the day after I overdo the activities) and when I rest lots baby is jumping around but itís good that you got it checked out!

Ali- have fun shopping! Itís so hard to find decently priced maternity clothes! Iíve just bought some pants since my sweaters all fit and are professional enough looking. Most people take babymoons after 5 months since youíll feel better. We were thinking Miami/ Hawaii or the Carribean but decided to spend the money on the house instead and do a staycation 

KMC- good luck on 14th and hope that cold goes away soon. Drink TONS of water. I have my OB apt then too. Hope we both pass the glucose test!

Jenn- sorry about the continual bleeding! That is quiet scarey. My BFF had spotting throughout and I don't think you are paranoid to call the OB if you feel its slightly more. Do you need to get you progesterone checked? Baby against cervix is no fun! I can hardly walk when LO is going at it.

AFM- so I think I have a strained muscle on the left side of my VJJ region which is causing all these problems. Mum suggested I massage the viens/ muscles around the area and I noticed the muscles are a lot more swollen and rigid. Iíve been massaging it before going to bed and before I get up and it has made a HUGE difference!

My 1 hour test is next Tuesday and I was hoping Iíd be able to avoid sugar the whole week but Iíve really been craving junk! I just had a doughnut ugh! Iíll have to try to be really good over the weekend and pray I pass! Also got my flu shot today. Found it weird that the consent form I signed said that I shouldnít get it if Iím pregnant but my OB specifically told me to get it esp if I know Iím not allergic to it...I told the nurse I was pregnant and she said thatís fine.

11-07-2011, 05:21 PM
Supergal: good luck on the test next week! I'm not really looking forward to that at all!

jenngood: I don't think you should be too worried. And once you do feel it you may go a few days without feeling it. Later on is when they say you should feel it every day. I think after 24 weeks. Is this your first pregnancy? It's so much easier to give this advice than it is to follow it...hence my trip to the doc over the weeken. So sorry about all the bleeding episodes! That has got to be scary!! Hope everything gets better for you.

ali: have fun shopping! I went into a maternity store last week, but didn't get anything. And a little while ago I tried some pants on and they were way too big still. Better hold off a while longer.

KM: I feel you on being busy! Just when you think you're calendar is fairly empty, all this stuff comes up and fills it in. Happens to us all the time! Try to take it easy even if you have a lot going on.

codi: I hope you guys get word on your living situation soon so that you aren't moving a bunch right before baby comes! Try not to stress about it.

AFM...IT"S A BOY!!! We just got back from our ultrasound and right there in all his glory was our little boy! :) Just as I suspected he was settled super low in my pelvis. They were even having a lot of trouble getting measurements on his head he was so low! That explains the cervix pains I was having last week and the lack of movement this week. She actually thought she'd have to do another vaginal ultrasound to check on the cervix and get better head shots. The ultrasound must have bothered him enough that he eventually moved the heck out of there! So hopefully we're back to normal now. I have a regular doctor appointment next week so she'll check my cervix then. The u/x tech said that it would be a good idea to get the cervix checked anyway since the baby was so low in there. Maybe that is a good sign for later on. Hopefully he won't have trouble finding that spot when the time comes to come out!! Everything checked out just fine otherwise. baby is measuring right on schedule (from what I could see he as a little on the small side - which is ok with me after my two big babies) and he was moving around like crazy towards the end of the ultrasound. The fluid they found in the kidneys at week 16 was still there. So I go back in 10 weeks for another ultrasound. Not that I'm glad he has a minor issue they want to check on, but I'm grateful to get to see babyboy again!! :) Well, that is about it for now. Talk to you all soon!

11-07-2011, 06:18 PM
Carries - Yea for confirmation it's a boy!!! Very cool! I've read that fluid in the kidneys usually resolves itself - will be praying that's the case for you, too. And I'm with you - not super focused on work these days! Glad the insurance has worked out for you and DH.

Super - glad you found some relief for the pain - aren't moms smart? ;) Don't feel bad about the donut, but if you're going to have sweets, maybe balance them with some protein. I don't think one or two slips will have a major effect on your GTT results.

Jenn - did you find any petite sizes? I found some petite jeans which are perfect for me in length (I'm 5'4", so not super short...). They didn't have petite dress pants, so those will have to be hemmed. Who are these amazon women they make pants for? ;) I hate that you are still dealing with the bleeding...I'm still praying it just goes away. I heard that registering is super overwhelming, and that you have to make two or three trips to do it properly. Crazy! As for not feeling baby, I've been told it takes longer for first-time moms - some don't feel anything until week 21 or so.

Not much new here - got some clothes yesterday - some jeans, a pair of work slacks, and a couple of shirts. Can't believe how much I spent - but DH didn't bat an eyelash. He's so good to me! I'm off Wednesday to Atlanta for a work conference. Three days of taking care of senior partners is not my idea of fun, but oh well. I fully expect DH to weigh my suitcase before I leave to ensure it falls within the 15 lb limit my OB gave me for lifting. That could be tough! :) We did a little more recon on new car options over the weekend to replace my two-door coupe. This is going to be one expensive baby! But so worth it...

Oh, is anyone else finding the time change totally messed with them? I went to bed at 8 p.m. last night and slept until almost 7!

11-08-2011, 01:26 PM
Ali- Clothing and car shopping??? You're lucky! :) I definitely need to pick up a few basic shirts for work. My school's very casual so I can pretty much stick to things that can be worn anywhere. My sister gave me stuff too. I just need to have it hemmed. What cars are you considering?? I'm probably the only person in the world who enjoys car research & shopping!

Carries- Congrats on a boy!! I keep seeing all these chunky wool sweaters & plaid shirts for babies - too cute!!! Glad he's giving you a little more comfort now too!

Super- Good luck at your test!! I definitely want to get my flu shot in the next few weeks. Did you go to your primary or a walk-in type place? My OB was very insistent about me getting it too. He said the flu is much more dangerous to babies than the shot.

Jenn- Sorry that you keep having those scares! I really truly hope that this one was the last already!!! As for registering, I think our 1st trip was only 2 hours, but I've been online constantly since adding/changing, so it's been more like 6 hours!!! :p

AFM-I haven't posted in a little while. I was a bit crampy on Thurs. & thought I was having a little brown spotting so my Dr recommended I take it easy until my appt this Thurs. So I took off a few days from work & have been relaxing. I feel great-nothing since last week and the down time has been the best. I haven't missed struggling thru nausea in the morning to put on make-up at all!!! :D

My main activity has been obssessing about the nursery. We registered for large items at BRU & I've been adding small stuff online as I figure things out. I used online reviews & the Baby Bargains book to help. Now that I'm a little further along I suddenly feel like I've got to have the major things figured out ASAP! We also got our bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. It was on sale & I got a 10% registry discount & I had a gift card. It's cute- pink & brown w/owls. On to paint samples!!!!

11-09-2011, 12:34 PM
Dan's: I'm pretty excited to go register. Although my DH and I have problems making decisions (a typical conversation: "which one do you like?" "I don't care. Which one do you like?" "I asked you first." "I said I didn't care." etc.) so this could be kind of stressful! :) But it will be fun. Not sure if any of your weighed in on the "how much is too much" thread about nursery items, but I think we'll take all of that into consideration as we register. I really want that bedding. I should post a picture of it. Sorry that was totally off subject.

ali: I'm also excited to go shopping although as of right now, my legs, hips and thighs still fit into my regular pants and my belly isn't huge so maternity clothes aren't really warranted and I don't want to buy them now only to find that they won't fit later! I did try on my size in maternity jeans at Old Navy and there was additional room in the hips and thighs so I think I'll be ok to order my regular size. But until I need them, I better wait.

AFM: Not much new going on. Baby is moving around and is definitely up away from my cervix. Can't believe how much that little stinker was settled in there. Soudns like the u/s doc was glad he was out of there, too because they suggested getting my cervix checked since there was probably a lot of pressure on it. I have a regular appointment on November 16 so I'll see then if there is any change in my cervix. Last night I had kind of a weird experience. I got a cramp on my right side that was very painful after DH and I DTD. I don't think it was related to sex because I think it started before that, but maybe the additional blood flow and increase in heart rate made the cramp worse??? Not sure. Anyway, it was painful. Has anyone else ever had anything like this? It kind of felt like a side cramp you may get while running. You know the ones that make taking a deep breath difficult? It was way up high by my ribs. Ugh. Hope it doesn't happen again. I spent a lot of time on my feet yesterday and last night before bed so I'm sure that played into it, too. And my belly was jsut kind of feeling tired late in the evening as well. Weight gain still seems ot be on track. Sitting right at 13-14 lbs. Which I think its good. At least its good for me. I usually gain too much weight. And that is literally all that is going on with me.

Hope you all are enjoying your week. Hoping for no little bumps along the way for us as we're progressing towards the third tri! Take care ladies!

11-09-2011, 11:00 PM
Carrie- glad your little guy moved up. I feel like one of mine moved down and rolled inward....i feel like she is kicking my organs and specifically my bladder and when that happens I get a shooting feeling into my va-jayjay. Im hoping thats what it is and nothing else. I go back to the doctor on monday so if it keeps up I'll ask.

Going to GA this weekend for our first shower with DH's family and friends. Exciting! :)

11-11-2011, 11:20 AM
Happy Half-Baked day!!! 20-weeks!!!

I never imagined I would see this day!

Sorry I don't have time for personals, but wanted to share this special day with you girls!!!

11-11-2011, 01:16 PM
Been a busy week so I haven’t posted much!

Ali- yey for new clothes! It’s so exciting to get a new car but such a hard decision!

Carrie- hope that pain went away. It’s probably just a muscle strain since we’re more sensitive in the pelvic area we tend to feel thing we wouldn’t. I also haven’t bought much in terms of maternity clothes. If your pants fit I’d just wait. I got two pairs of pants and 1 pair of leggings and I’ve been managing fine since some of my larger dress pants etc fit. The jeans have been retired! I’ll probably pick up a few pairs of jeans and tighten the belly part on top like I think it was Ready suggested. Congrats on team blue! Glad he moved up those VJJ / Cervix pains are the worst part of being pregnant (that’s what I’m finding!) Glad the weigh gain is on track. I feel like I’m gaining more steadily now and feel SO round. It feels weird when people say I don’t look it I feel like a beach ball LOL!

KMC- hee hee! Hope LO turns around soon! I can’t figure out where mine is. I just hate when I’m walking out of the bathroom and I feel pressure on my bladder! Esp at work ! Have fun at ur baby shower!

Dan- hope the spotting and cramping go away! U’re doing the right thing taking it easy if you feel off. It’s wonderful you’re getting the nursery done! I’m getting a big stressed now since I wanted to wait until 8ish months to do it but there is SO much to do plus Christmas before that! I ended up going to a walk in clinic right by my house since they were having a flu shot clinic and was done in 5 mins instead of driving for 30 mins then waiting 1 hour to see my prim DR. The earlier you get it the better!

Jenn- congrats that’s a huge milestone! Half baked hee hee that sounds funny! My mum is going away so its just going to be me and DH doing the registry. We're also the most indecisive couple in the world so it will be interesting :P Just deciding on a crib has been torturous! I'm more budget conscience than he is too so that makes things a bit more difficult!

AFM- nothing new to report. Feeling much bigger and its an EGGPLANT...2lbs seems huge! So exciting! Feeling baby nearly all day now. I was kinda lost when reading about kick counts since I’d only feel a few every few hours. Now I get it. This LO is all over the place! The stupid VJJ pain came back so it definitely has to do with over straining myself but I still don’t feel like I’m getting enough exercise!

Glad everyone is doing well. The third tri seems so close can't wait until we all get there...then we meet our babies! YEY!

Here's to a sugar free weekend!

11-13-2011, 12:08 PM
Super: Just so you know, the eggplant stage lasts FOREVER!! I only just got done with that stupid thing! I really wish they would add more vegetables at the end. :) See you in third trimester soon!

11-13-2011, 12:12 PM
Hey everyone. DH and i are getting ready to pack up and leave GA to head home. I had a wonderful shower and am amazed at how many people love these sweet little girls and they aren't even here yet! We got TONS of clothes (as i suspected) but we did get some practical things as well (diaper genie, diapers, pacies, sheets, etc)

My parents were invited and came with us. This is going to be a long story so if you'd like to skip it please do so. My mother and i have not had the best of relationships in the past, but just when i think it's getting better she finds a way to make me second guess it. Last night after the shower we were all over at my in-laws eating dinner Earlier that day we had asked our in-laws to be the primary caregivers for our children in our will if anything were to happen to us (they are retired and these are their first grandkids.) vs my parents being listed as second (they both still work but might have to take and raise my brother;s children if he and his wife can't get their act together. That is another story all together, SO if they had the 2 boys and our 2 girls i just thought it too much) Well i started getting nervous when the subject of a will came up because I had not told my mother this decision yet. My MIL has a tendency to 'spill the beans' unintentionally but it happens a lot. When it was just my mother and I at the table i told her our decision (which i have apologized profusely for the poor timing but i was afraid she'd hear it from my MIL and not from me) She got so upset after that, that she made this HUGE scene, demanding my father take her to the hotel and pack the car and go home to Alabama, and saying things like she couldn't stand to be around me right now, I purposely hurt her feelings, she though we had a better relationship than that, that she's not needed in my life. I cried for hours and could not be consoled and I just feel like she ruined the entire day. Not to mention how embarrassed I am with her behavior. She can be so vindictive and manipulative at times and it's really hard to deal with, but at the same time she is my only mother and I want a relationship with her, but it just seems like so much work. I have no idea what to do or where to go from here. Im not even sure she's gonna help with the birth.
DH sat with me all night and we read some of the books we got at the shower to the girls...it was very sweet and I enjoyed it despite being so upset.

Needless to say Im not feeling up to par and I've lost the excitement for anything baby related right now...my face is all swollen from crying and Im very tired. I just dont understand why she does these things and why she feels she should always be first in everything...its like she has this thing with being the center of attention ALL the time. And my poor dad doesnt really stand up to her because she kind of bullies him around so I feel sorry for him the most. And i have always felt like she just can not let go of me...she still expects me to be her child and do everything the way she wants it. *sigh*

Any way...hopefully I will start to feel better. I hope everyone has a good week. Thanksgiving is right around the corner...time to eat!

11-14-2011, 12:26 PM
KMC- so sorry about the episode with your mum. maybe u can explain ur reasoning to her when she calms down and she will understand that u r just trying to be realistic and not exclude her out of ur life. Remind her of the other grandkids and that the very slim chance that something happens to u and dh ( god forbid) u will also expect her to help with the kids. please try not to be too upset think about the LOs. U din't need any stress right now.I know how u r feeling my sis has the same personality and seems to ruin every ocassion that is centred around me. i sometimes feel she just can't control her emotions and hope thst she regrets her behaviour but i never get an apology so go figure. sucks thats itz ur mum so u can't ignore her for too long.

i'm glad the baby shower went well though and that u got usefull stuff!

rachel- booo for static fruit! i can't wait for third tri! hope u and lo r doing well.

at the lab had my yucky drink now waiting for the blood test. thry wouldn't let me leave so stuck here. i'm so thirsty!

11-14-2011, 01:32 PM
KMC~ sorry about the argument with your mom. Its really hard to make decisions about your LO's and not hurt feelings. I am happy your shower was a sucess and you got lots of great gifts! I agree, let her calm down and then explain your thoughts for making the decision. I already had to explain to my MIL why one SIL is not invited to my shower. Family can be difficult, but your the momma and you get to make those decisions!

Super~ good luck with the test. I am dreading that...I hate flavored drinks (orange, grape etc.)

AFM~ think I finished my registry finally. My sister helped me Sunday. Funny story....she brought her 2-year old to the store. She saw me and ran over, gave me a kiss and hug and said "hi auntie"...then she touches my belly and says " hi baby" My sister said " do you remember what mommy told you about the baby?" 2-year old says, " yes, little baby can hear me talk to her" she had a huge smile on her face. Then looks up at me and says, "auntie, take her out please" We were all laughing. I wish it were that easy. Anyways, glad the registry is nearly complete...I might make a few changes, but basically its done! Found out my shower is the 2nd week of February (but not allowed to know any further details).
Hope everyone is doing good.....its quiet here lately!

11-14-2011, 04:37 PM
KM - so sorry your mom created such an upsetting situation for you. I have a very challenging relationship with a couple of family members, but I can't imagine how hard it would be if it were my mom. (Granted, mine can be a bit of a martyr, but that's a story for a different day.) Sometimes I think it would be easier just to cut these people out of our lives, but I totally get wanting to be close to your mom - I think now, of all times, I feel that the most. That said, I hope she will see some reason and be better to you. Just be sure to take care of yourself and those wee ones.

Jenn - I know I'm a few days late but CONGRATS on HALFWAY!!! So wonderful! And I love the story about your niece - that's priceless!

Super - hope your GTT results come back perfectly in range!

Carrie - glad baby moved away from your cervix! I was laughing at what you told Fran about how you and DH make decisions on stuff - sounds a bit like me and mine - especially when we're going out to dinner. lol

Fran - We are most likely going to go with a 2012 Subaru Outback. We also considered a Honda CR-V and a Mazda CX-7, but the Subaru is winning out everywhere except price - of course! But I think in terms of features it's more comparable to the Honda Pilot and the Mazda CX-9, which are both beyond our budget. I'm reading the Baby Bargains book, too - just got it so I could research cribs a bit. Which did you pick? I feel like everything's kicking into high gear all of a sudden!

Sorry I've been a little MIA as of late. Spent three days in Atlanta last week for work, which was a bit crazy. Saturday we spent all day car shopping, then yesterday was my SIL's bday celebration. I was a little over the family by the time we left - I'm super sensitive and cranky lately - poor DH got the brunt of it on the way home. My next OB appt is this Weds and I am - as usual - pretty anxious. The worry starts to set in about a week after each appointment and it's really hard for me to push it away...especially when I don't feel pregnant (other than small stuff like occasional breast pain, strong gag reflex, etc.) I'm looking forward to feeling the baby move, but I know it's a bit of a double-edged sword - it'll start to hurt more as time passes, from what I've read. Anywho, that's about it from me.

11-14-2011, 06:42 PM
KM- Sorry about the conflict with your mom! I think she needs to process it all for a bit and when she's calmer maybe you can have a more productive chat then. In the meantime, keep the focus on yours and your LOs' happiness. You're doing the right thing by your family & that's what matters. Everything else will fall into place. I have a similar history of conflict & drama with my mom and somehow it all seems to work out in the end. I know it will for you too! (Hugs) til then!

Ali- We really like the Outback. It was super quiet and roomy when we drove it a few months ago. We've had 3 Mazdas - 2 Mazda3s and now a CX7. They just don't seem to hold up like our Toyotas and Hondas did. Parts seem to need repairs/replacement much more frequently than w/our past cars. I don't think you can go wrong with the CRV either. 2 great choices! Good luck on Wed!!! I'm obsessed w/feeling babies! Constantly rubbing, poking, prodding....

Super-Hope the test results were good!

AFM- Had an appt & amnio on Thurs. I won't go into details but it was probably worse than anything I did in the whole IVF process! Glad it's over! We got excellent pictures and the initial results confirmed no downs and a few other chromosomal abnormalities. We get the final results in another week. We go back on Dec 6th for our anatomy scans. Starting to make slooow progress in the nursery. Have a great week everyone!

11-14-2011, 07:37 PM
Jenn- that’s so cute! It’s a great accomplishment getting ur registry done! The drink is really gross...like concentrated orange crush. I don’t drink pop so I was dying for a drink of water but couldn’t have it. Some people find it ok so hopefully you will too! It has been quiet here!

Ali- it’s normal to feel anxious/ nervous. The nurse has to keep reminding me to relax and sit back when I go to the OB. You’ll feel the baby move really soon and it will more reassuring. Yea the pains etc do increase and can be a bit nerve wracking but think of it as ur body doing the right thing. The outback is nice! My dad is a mechanic and recommends keeping away from Mazdas since the parts wear out really quickly and the car starts creaking etc faster. CRV is nice and will last you forever! Also check out the Ford Edge they have great finance deals and they drive quiet well!

Fran- glad the test went well although I hear they are really uncomfortable. Good luck with the rest of the results and the nursery!

Thanks for the wishes! I won’t get the results for a week (boo!) OB thinks I probably will not pass since I have PCOS now I want to pass to prove him wrong ha ha ha...I did avoid dessert and junk food all weekend. I had to have a glass of milk this morning though since I had really crazy heart burn. Rest went well apart from 6lbs weight gain in 3 weeks....yikes! I’ve been gaining at most 2 lbs over 4 weeks so he was a bit concerned. So I really have to watch the junk/ carbs/ sugar. I admit I’ve been a bit bad with desserts, ginger ale and chips :D I saw my belly move this weekend when LO was kicking it was so exciting! DH put his hand over the spot and LO kicked so hard his fingers went up hee hee! Now LO kicks where I poke...have...to...resist! Can’t wait to see body parts esp the foot!

11-14-2011, 09:10 PM
Thanks for all the encouragement and sweet words everyone!

11-15-2011, 10:26 AM
Sorry I've been MIA lately. It's been a busy last week or so. I've barely turned on my computer at home. Sounds like everyone is doing well for the most part.

Super- I hope you get good news from your test. Seeing the kicking is so fun. I'm sure it will be really neat to see body parts. I probably won't be that lucky since I'm a bigger girl. I hope you get to!

Fran- the amnio sounds rough. I hope your results are all clear!

Ali- I enjoy car shopping. Sounds like you have been a busy bee lately! Good luck picking a car out!

Jenn- the story about your neice is too cute. My 5 year old brother in law walked up to me the other day and said "your belly is fat because of your baby." Kids come up with the funniest things!

KM- sorry about the situation with your mom. I hope it all works out!

So my doctor told me I'm 3 pounds away from my optimal weight gain, but he said as long as I keep it under 35 I should be good. I'm at 22 right now. I've been really bad and eating whatever I want. Guess I need to stop that. I have my glucose test on Dec13th and will be getting a high resolution ultrasound to check the previa. Lily is an active little girl these days. That's about all I have going on right now...back to work.

11-15-2011, 01:48 PM
Codi- Glad you are doing well! I'm no lightweight either but when I lie down I can see my belly moving when LO kicks so Iím sure you will too! At 24 weeks DH could hardly feel anything then all of a sudden the kicks got so much stronger. I'm just going to avoid junk food and high sugar stuff as much as I can so if I gain I know it won't be my fault hee hee! Good luck at the GTT and US. I didnít want to avoid 35 is the upper limit my OB told me too. He only wants me to gain 25 though but Iím sure Iím going to go over that! Seemed like a lot when I got my BFP but not anymore!

11-15-2011, 04:06 PM
Super- my belly moves when she kicks, but I doubt i'll see the outline of a foot. Maybe I will though....that would be so cool! Thanks for the good luck! 35 seemed like a lot of weight to me at the beginning but I'm with you...25 seems horribly low and 35 seems low too, lol. I can feel the extra weight in my bones and muscles. My hips and back hurt more.

11-16-2011, 06:09 PM
KM: sorry about your issues with your mom. I'm pretty lucky in that my parents let me make decisions about my family and they adjust accordingly. I wish all parents had that mentality. At some point they need to realize it isn't their decision anymore. We're adults now, we're parents now. Good luck with patching everything up. I really hope it goes well for you!

ali: we're kinda sorta shopping for a new vehicle, too. Right now we each have cars (and two older kids - 10 and 5) so we need a bigger vehicle. We're looking at the Sautrn Outlook. My parents used to have a Subaru and LOVED it. Very good quality car. I think it will be a good decision for you. I like the recommendation of the Ford Edge, too. I really like the looks of those cars. But I think you'd be very happy with a Subaru, too. :) Good luck with the shopping!

Super: good luck on the test!! I just got told today that my glucose test will be at my next appointment on December 13. Ugh. That sucks.

Jenn: glad your registry is done. I think I'm going to try to convince DH to get ours started this weekend.

AFM: another appointment today. I had the doc check my cervix and it is closed and long so no issues there. I was a little worried because of all the low kicks and cervix twinges. She just said that may be the way he sits in there. Greeeaaaatttt. :( We bought a doppler and luckily DH found the heartbeat the very first time right away! We had a little trouble finding him once so that was a little stressful. But most of the time we find it right away. We usually listen to the heartbeat every night. We brought it over to my parents' house this weekend. We had out Thanksgiving meal this past weekend (since my kiddos won't be with us for the holiday). Everyone loved hearing the heartbeat. I don't like bearing all (I know it isn't "all", but even just my preggo belly feels like too much) so it was slightly uncomfortable for me, but it made everyone else happy. It was fun. The other night DH felt the baby move. I could feel him moving around on the inside so I always test it out first by putting my hands on my belly. If I can't even feel it, I don't bother having DH even try to. But soemtimes when he puts his hand on my belly baby either quits moving or it gets weaker so that it can't be felt from the outside. But he felt it. It was ever so soft, but I'd tell him when I felt it and he said he did, too. It was fun! Baby has been way more active lately, well, I can feel it more now. I think that's the case. So hopefully, DH can feel it with more consistency soon, too. What else? Not much else I can think of. I think I was going to ask a question and get all of your opinions, but I can't think of what that would have been about now. Pregnancy brain! :D Have a great day ladies!

11-16-2011, 10:07 PM
Hi ladies.
I'm officially in the 2nd tri tomorrow! So I thought I would come say "hi". So, so happy to finally see a 2nd trimester :) Got my nt scan results today and everything looked good. I'll be having weekly cervix checks starting next week (due to 2 d&c's in the past year). And that's about all the news I have to share.
I'll catch up on everyone soon, so happy to be joining you all :)

11-16-2011, 10:20 PM
Amanda - hooray for 2nd tri!!! Glad you're joining us over here.

Carries - glad DH felt the baby move - what a fun moment! I'm looking forward to that one, for sure.

Codi - will that be your first glucose test in December? My OB set me up for an early one in two weeks.

Super - glad the GTT is behind you now, and hoping for good results. I've been having trouble passing on sweets, too. I never used to drink sugary soda, but now that I can't have artificial sweetener or caffeine, I get sick of water and drink Sprite more than I should. Yea for enjoying the baby kicks!

Fran - glad the amnio is done with happy results, and that you got great photos. Post some photos of the nursery as you're making progress, if you get a chance. I am loving seeing what others are doing!

I had an OB appointment today. Just checked baby with the doppler. He continues to be very active, took a couple of minutes for the doctor to get his heart rate, which was 150. So I guess all is well. Back on the 28th for our official anatomy scan. If we take a blank DVD, they'll record it, which is super cool. Also, we put a refundable deposit down on a 2012 Outback, which is en route to the dealer. We're getting exactly the options we wanted, and I'm happy with the deal we struck. Sometime between now and December 2nd, I should have new wheels (and a new car payment, but who wants to think about that? LOL)

11-17-2011, 03:26 AM
Hi everyone!

I haven't had much time to come on here lately...but I just had to quickly share the good news ~
It's Team PINK!!!
I had my 20 week scan today!! The baby is healthy and everything seems fine. It's such a great relief - I was a nervous wreck today! So now I am seeing everything pink at the stores...before I'd notice all the colours!
The placenta is low to my cervix...so the doc said i'll need another scan at 34 weeks to keep an eye on it. He said it can change between now and then...I'm not too fussed about that right now. Just so excited to be having a girl!! Hope you are all travelling along well in your pregnancies. Keep them baking mamas!!

11-17-2011, 02:32 PM
Just thought I'd join you all in the second trimester. Yay!

11-17-2011, 02:37 PM
Congrats on team pink hopeful!!!!

11-17-2011, 07:01 PM
Carrie- sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving! Must have been great to share with the family! My DH likes to sleep with his hand on my belly and says LO kicks all nite. No wonder I’m so exhausted in the morning! I find LO is really quiet when there’s lots of noise or people talking but gets active when the noise level is low (TV) or I’m relaxing by myself. Glad the apt went well. Hopefully LO moves up soon. I’ve been feeling less pressure and cervical pain so I think LO’s moved up a bit!

Amanda and Foot- Welcome and congrats on joining the second tri!

Hopeful- congrats on team pink! I’m sure the placenta will correct itself just rem to rest as much as you can as that seems to help.

Ali- I hear you on being sick of water! I just don’t want to drink water or perrier anymore but I guess I have to ensure I don’t gain too much! Congrats on the car! I’m sure the payments will be more than worth it when you’re all comfy in ur new SUV!

Codi- yea I feel it too esp in my back! I feel like my back is curving more and more and I can’t get comfy sleeping no matter how many pillows I use all around me LOL!

AFM- I’m thinking I passed the GTT since it’s Thursday and they haven’t called yet. They should have the results by now. I guess I can call tomorrow or just be oblivious for until Monday :D If I don’t hear by then I definitely passed! Forgot to add my uterus has grown to my rib cage now so I’m definitely rounder! Even DHs jacket is starting to feel snug around my belly. I hope I don’t need to spend on a winter coat!
Had our hospital tour yesterday. I didn’t freak out (thank God!) and it was actually kinda calming. The birthing rooms were not too clinical/ surgical looking and the unit didn’t seem too busy. Hopefully it will be that calm when LO decides to make an appearance! I’m surprised they only keep us for 24 hours for a normal birth and 48 hours for a C section. I would be more comfortable staying for a 2 to 3 days to ensure LO is ok. Also the nurse said hardly anyone uses the jacuzzi tubs...why is that? I think I would use it to help with the contractions. Prenatal classes this weekend and this is my last week in the 2nd tri...feels unreal!

11-17-2011, 07:35 PM
I forgot to mention yesterday - Babies R Us is giving out coupon books when you make a purchase in store. They have two 20% off coupons inside, which seem to be applicable to furniture. One of the coupons is valid from the 27th, and the other starts a week later, I think. Anyway, wanted to share for those of you wanting to make major purchases!

And on a sappy note, I finally told two of my girlfriends we're expecting over lunch today. One is doing the 30 days of thankfulness thing on Facebook. After lunch, she posted she was thankful for new babies (and clarified she didn't mean one of her own, lol). Wasn't that sweet?

11-17-2011, 08:12 PM
Ali- Thx for the coupon heads up! I have 2 twin showers in the next few weeks- fun!!!- so maybe I'll go early to get the coupons. We are leaning toward a Babi Italia white crib they have. It's really basic & on the smaller side- perfect for a small nursery I hope! Yay for a new car, too! :D

Super- Wow! Almost the 3rd tri?? So exciting! When should I be doing the hospital tours & classes? Guess I should be looking into that now?

Hopeful! Congrats on team pink!!! Glad your DR is keeping a close eye on you!

footard & amandalisa! Welcome!!!

Carries- That's so nice that you shared baby's heartbeat w/the family!

11-17-2011, 10:20 PM
Fran- you should call and sign up asap. Apparently the free ones get filled up fast so I called back in September and they gave me something closer to my due date. Yea! Me in the third tri! Isn't that crazy!?

DH was just telling me about preggers coworkers who have been eating ice cream everyday! I feel like an angel now :cool:

11-17-2011, 10:28 PM
Fran - yeah, I bought some onesies just to get the coupon books, figured it's worth it.

Super - hm, ice cream sounds like a great idea! DH is getting me some as I type... ;)

11-18-2011, 12:57 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome :)

Ali - congrats on the new car! And that's great that they'll record the anatomy scan for you, that'll be so nice to have!

hopeful - congrats on a baby girl! pink, pink, pink!

super - sounds promising on passing the gtt!

When did you all start working on the baby's room? I haven't even thought about it and don't think I will for a long time. Just feel like I need to get really far along before I really let myself start planning, is that bad?

11-18-2011, 11:12 AM
Thanks for the welcome ladies!!

Amanda - I know what you mean about the nursery. Yesterday was the first time that I even allowed myself to look at cribs, bedding, etc...online. I've been too scared up to this point to let myself get too excited. I'm still extremely nervous, so I'll probably wait until the last possible minute to do everything.

11-19-2011, 08:56 AM
Amanda - I'm just now getting around to it. My pregnant friends who didn't try so long can't understand what I'm waiting for, but I think we understand each other here. You'll decide when you're ready to start planning - no hurry!

Question for everyone - I've read that most women feel flutters when they first notice baby. I've been having some minor pains - kind of like gas at times, but low in my abdomen where I don't typically feel that. Any chance that's the baby? I'm anxious to feel him, but I know it could be a few more weeks still. Curious what the rest of you are feeling or have felt with previous kiddos.

11-19-2011, 02:35 PM
amanda- The only reason we're jumping into doing the nursery is bc we have twins & I'm just erring on the side of caution. I'd be sad if I didn't get to set up the nursery bc of bedrest. If it was just 1 baby I'd probably be taking my time too! Even though I already got started planning I still have a hard time acting like everything will be ok. Every time I make another purchase I can't help but think- what if?????

ali- Everyone I talked to has told me they had bubble popping, fluttering feelings around 18-20 weeks. My Dr told me the babies need to be about 1lb to start feeling them regularly & the last time I was there at 17w5d they were only about 3/4lb each.

My pg gas is out of control so I think I've been feeling that- until this morning!!!! At 3am I sat up to drink water & I used abdominal muscles instead of pushing myself up (rare these days!). I got such a karate kick in my belly- exactly where Baby B is !!! It wasn't sharp like gas- it felt like a jab or a quick kick. I was so shocked I fell back on the pillow & just waited, hoping for me, but that was it. I'm ready to do sit ups to feel that again! So amazing!!! If that wasn't a baby it was monster intestinal issues!!!

As for progress w/names, it looks like Parker is still a definite. The other (totally unoriginal, but well-loved) names on the list right now are Olivia, Addision, Ella, & maybe Chloe- although I know several canine Chloes right now!

And we signed up for a hospital tour in December. Thinking about 2 other classes too. They cost $50/couple but I think they would give DH some confidence about holding & caring for newborns. One is infants 101 & the other is a nursing class. I'm due April 14th but I was thinking about taking the Feb classes in case March gets crazy!

11-19-2011, 04:49 PM
I have A question for those that have had spotting. I started spottig this am (after dtd), I k know it can be normal, or can be a sign of mc. My question is when you girls had spotting how long did it last??

My spotting is brown, started out fairly heavy, then got lighter and now is a bit stonger. My lower back hurt some this am, and I have felt a bit of light cramping (not quite as strong as pre af).

I can't see the dr until Tuesday, so any imput is welcome.

11-19-2011, 07:28 PM
Cuz- I had slight spotting after DTD about 6 weeks in. I also had light cramping pretty much the entire 1st tri. I'm sure it's probably fine. If the cramps get strong and the bleeding gets worse, I would go to the doctor or ER.

Fran- Sounds like a kick to me! It is sooo awesome! I like Olivia as a sister for Parker. All of those names are too cute, though! I'm thinking of taking the Infants 101 class too. I haven't been around babies much, and I'm nervous about being able to care for my baby.

Hopeful- Welcome to Team Pink!! Congrats! It's so fun looking at and buying dresses and bows!

Ali- The first time I felt Lily moved it felt like someone thumping me from the inside really low, just above my pubic area. I had felt other things before that but couldn't tell if it was her or gas. You'll know it when you feel it. I was 16.5 weeks. BTW, that was so sweet of your friend!

Footard- Welcome!!

Amanda- We started cleaning out the room for baby after the 1st tri and began real work on it about a month ago.

Super- I'm totally going to take advantage of the tubs. I'm planning to try to do it without meds of any kind, but I'm open to using them if necessary. I guess not hearing from the dr's office is a good sign! No news is good news :)

AFM- I licked the bowl that I mixed up a pound cake in and felt bad after about the risk of salmonella and e.coli. I'm a little nauseous, but I'm sure it's all in my head. I'm starting to get impatient! I'm ready to meet my little girl, but I want her to be full term. I can't wait for my next appointment, I'll get to see her again. Just to give myself an idea, I decided to test my blood sugar at work after eating like 2 plates of dessert at our pre-Thanksgiving dinner. It was 111 30 minutes after finishing. The LPN told me it was still early to get an accurate result but that it was pretty good. To be diagnosed with GD, it has to be above 140 an hour after eating, so it looks pretty good. After Thanksgiving, I'm really going to cut down on sugar and carbs in prep for my test on the 13th. Hope everyone is doing well in prep for the holiday!

11-19-2011, 09:19 PM
Fran - Very cool you got a kick! I've never heard the 1 lb guidelines for feeling babies - that's helpful, so I can ask how big he is at my u/s on the 28th. I think taking the classes in February is a great idea. I like your name choices, too, and having grown up with an unusual name (Ali is short for Alisa), I think there is nothing wrong with well-loved names! We're currently leaning toward Matthew Allen for our wee one, but we're not sure yet.

CUZ - I have heard that brown spotting is better than bright spotting, so I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way. I'm the oddball who had one instance of bright red blood at 14 weeks, so I can't totally relate, but I know of several other gals who had spotting early on and all turned out fine. I definitely agree with Codi, though, that if anything gets worse a trip to the ER is a good idea.

Codi - sounds like your sugar is doing well. And it's good you have until the 13th for your test. My doctor decided to do an early GTT (1 hour) along with my u/s on the 28th - probably not so good to be so close to Thanksgiving (and my birthday!!!) Oh well, guess I'll do the best I can.

11-19-2011, 10:10 PM
Ali and Codi-thanks for your responses. Spotting is a bit lighter, but I'm still worried. I'm taking it easy (bed rest) and waiting to see what tomorrow brings. As is I plan to go to the re on tues, although if it gets worse I'll definitley go to the er.

11-20-2011, 12:21 AM
Cuz- just wanted to say u should definately go to a dr or ER asap. I wouldn't wait until Tuesday. Spotting is common but just to be on the safe side. My OB always told me to call or go to ER for any spotting. Or maybe even urgent care?

Had the second part of our prenatal class today which was all about coping with labour. I feel so much calmer after that class. (I am a big pain wuss and hate hospitals) DH also feels more prepared and better equipt to help me through labour. I strongly suggest taking the classes. I raed a lot about strategoes but it just didn't sink in until todays class with some context and being able to practice techniques.

Just wanted to say that will catch up on personals tom hopefully! Happy weekend guys!

11-20-2011, 06:15 AM
welcome footard and amandalisa! so nice to have you both on the 2nd tri boards.

amandalisa - i have only just started planning the nursery. i wanted to wait for my 20week scan so i am half way and then start thinking about it. ofcourse once you start planning, it gets a bit obsessive. i can't stop thinking of ideas now! we bought a pram this weekend (it was on sale so couldn't resist!) - but like fran said, i was thinking "what if" when i bought it. i guess you just have to try and believe it will be okay. But take your time, you will feel when it's right for you. I want to start doing as much as I can while i have my energy back and feel productive...I think by the time 3rd tri comes back, I am going to be exhausted and too big to run around!

alijac - i started feeling these "quickening" sensations in my lower ab....like have butterflies floating away at 19 weeks. At first, I thought it was indigestion or something, but then it has become stronger (now more like a goldfish swimming across than butterflies), and now I am sure it is the baby. I felt my first kick at 20 weeks (I think it's a kick)... it was very soft but it was different to the butterfly feeling and my DH could feel it when he put his hand on my tummy. I had to really be conscious in trying to feel it... the baby tends to do this mainly in the mornings...when i just lie there after waking up. Some days i don't feel it, other days, i feel it heaps. It's really exciting when you can feel it! I hope you get to experience it really soon!!

CUZCO - I agree with Super... If you are still spotting, i'd go see a doc or go to the ER. Tuesdays still a while away, and you would be so stressed! I hope it stops for you, but it's best to make sure everything is okay. goodluck - thinking of you.

AFM ~ Just been noticing everything PINK since this week. Starting to plan the nursery and budget for everything. So much to do and buy! Trying not to get obsessive but it's hard! On other more embarassing things, my bladder gets full really quickly these days so i am always having to pee. Plus it's hot weather here...so i am always drinking water and having to pee. Two days in a row now, my bladder was kind of full and I happen to sneeze and I peed in my pants!!! Just a little bit but it was sooo uncalled for and embarassing - lucky i was at home! now i am thinking of wearing a pad or something... the stuff pregnancy does to us!!! my DH keeps teasing me about it!!!

11-20-2011, 03:05 PM
I appreciate everyone's imput. Spotting seems to be lighter today. My main problem is that I live a long ways from the ER (3.5-4hrs, part of that over bad dirt roads) so it is hard for me to just "pop in" the er. I called my dr and he mostly wants me in bed rest and then to see him on tues. Of course if for some reason I get worse, then I will definitley be calling him again and revising the plan. I haven't totally discarded the idea of going to the er, I just want to put off the drive for as long as possible (even if it does mean I'm going to be totally crazy.)

11-21-2011, 01:12 AM
Cuz - hope the spotting goes away. It'll be nice for Tuesday to hurry up and get here so you can get some reassurance!

Fran - All the names are really cute. I just love Olivia! That's one of my fav names!

Super - your class sounded helpful. I've never thought about doing a class, but now you have me thinking.

All this talk about feeling the babies move has made me so excited for the day I can feel that! Sounds amazing!
Thanks for sharing on when you all started the nursery. Maybe after Christmas I'll start thinking about it because I'll be almost at the halfway point then.

I wore a pair of my favorite jeans today and they were so much tighter around the waist than usual, especially when I was sitting down. Think it might be time to start using the bellyband that I bought to be a little more comfy...

11-21-2011, 11:42 AM
Hi All!! Hope you had a great weekend!

Cuz: I don't have much experience in this area (thank goodness), but I did miscarry last year around 5 weeks. My spotting started after dtd, but it was bright read. It was kind of light flow for about a week. We were quite concerned as we figured if it was caused by dtd and the increased blood flow to the area it wouldn't last so long. We went into the dr office and they just gave me progesterone and told me the signs to look for if I did miscarriage. I think my hcg levels were decreasing rather than increasing so they knew what was coming. So my experience is telling me to do what you're doing, pay attention to the flow (color, consistency, and quantity) and if you notice significant change in those things then consult with your doctor again. I just can't imaging much of a benefit going into the doc right now. Just my two sense. I think like the other gals said the fact that it is brown or faded blood is a good sign. I haven't had much spotting during pregnancy, but I've read a lot of posts on here from women who have experience a lot of spotting that lasts a long time and everything continues to check out just fine with baby. So take care of yourself and baby as best you can and remain hopeful for the best outcome. Best of luck to you!!

Ali: I remember those first kicks, too!! This is my third pregnancy so I kind of knew what I was paying attention for. The bad thing about this is that in the early stages feelign the baby isn't a constant. So I felt him sporadically and then a little more regularly and then not at all. It kinda freaked me out! But he was just fine. I freaked out and went to have hime checked on over the weekend. All for naught, because he was fine. Now (a mere week or two later) I feel him all the time. Now, I know it is going to be this way for a long time. My point is, relish in these moments that you feel him now, but also don't freak out if you don't feel him for a few days. I'm sure he's fine. I don't know how your placenta is, but mine is los and in the back so most of my kics are really low in the front. Another thing is that when you're still a little smaller you aren't quite sure where all your other organs have shifted to just yet so it is hard to know if what your feeling is even in your uterus or some other shifted organ. Pay attention to where you feel hunger pains, gas, intestinal movements, bladder issues and when you feel something that is completely not in those areas, the chance that it is baby is a lot higher. Once you get bigger it's pretty easy to tell it's baby because there is no way any other organ could be right there. :) I agree with whoever called it thumping. Like someone knocking from the inside. Just a little reminder there's a little someone in there! :) That's so exciting!!

Just chiming in on the nursery situation. I'm almost 23 weeks and haven't started at all. Here's our situation. We just built a new house with 3 bedrooms on the main and room for 2 more downstairs when it's finished. We knew we were pregnant when we were buildign the house, but decided not to finish the basement though the builder because A) it would cost an arm and a leg and B) my husband has finished a basement before so we figured we coudl do a lot of the work outselves. We knew it would be a tight timeframe, but we're up to the challenge. We have two older kids that we're planning to move into the two, larger basement rooms when they get done. So our so-called nursery is currently occupied by my daughter. Can't really decorate it now! lol So this weekend DH and I spent our time framing up some fo the walls. So does that count as working on the nursery? Because every step we take to finish the basement is one step closer to working on the nursery? I know it's a stretch, but I'm counting it!!

AFM, not much new to report. I still get the slight tint of blood after dtd every now and then. But it is so faint that sometimes I don't even notice it! Oh and dtd is SOOOO good right now! Have the rest of you noticed that? I know they say it's better because of the extra blood and all, but I don't remember this with my first two (maybe it was because I was with my ex HAHA!). I tried to explain it to my husband, but I don't think he got it. It's just all good, beginning to end. Anyway, probably tmi, but I had to share. It's very good. However, the only real symptom of pregnancy I've had is being ridiculously tired!! It has been so bad the last week or so that 2 or 3 times DH and I have started foreplay and I fall asleep before we can actually get started. I feel so bad because I just leave him hanging. One time as I was nodding off to sleep, I actually heard him sigh in disappointment because he knew I was going to be out cold! Oh I felt so bad, but I couldn't stay awake. I even know how good it is and I couldn't stay awake! Poor DH. :o

I'm divorced and my kids were with their dad this past weekend and will be with him again this coming weekend for the holiday. It is his year with them. I got them back on Sunday at 7:30 and their dad picks them up after school on Wednesday so I really only have 2 days with them this week before they leave again! SOOOOO sad! I miss them when they're gone this long. And DH is out of town for work Mon-Wed so he won't even get to see them for these two days! Oh, my little babies (who are nowhere near babies at all)! I'm just a sad mommy these days. Well, that is all for me! I know this was kind of a long post. Sorry!

I'm really looking forward to the Thanksgiving weekend!! I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!! Safe travels to those of you who will be traveling. I've got a 4 hour trip to make by myself. DH is working near his parents' ranch so he's just going to get dropped off after he's done working on Wednesday and I'm driving up there to meet him. Hopefully, the weather holds and the drive won't be so bad. Take care ALL!!

11-21-2011, 03:15 PM
Cuz- I hope the spotting has gotten better. I understand not wanting to travel so far! Hope you are able to keep your feet up until Tuesday and like other said it probably is normal spotting if it’s not bright red.

Codi- just avoid sugar a couple days before and try to go early for the test. A lot of the girls on the forum did the 1 hour without breakfast but I couldn’t I had to have a glass of milk. My OB told me not to fast so I guess it was ok. They asked us to stand on a scale of how likely we were to use pain meds and I was the only one on 5. Everyone else was planning on doing it naturally.....brave mommies to be out there! I would like to avoid meds to shorten labour but I don’t think I’ll be able to! We’re both so close to 3rd tri!

Fran- that is a kick! I felt the early ones like sharp pains and I wasn’t sure if it was gas either but then as I got further along they became more distinct and were at the same time as the sharp pains I had before. Those are all such pretty names. I think I like Olivia and Ella the best!

Ali- i felt the sharp twinges and flutter around 16 weeks below my belly button so I think it is baby you are feeling  Good luck at the test!

Hopeful- i’ve had a couple of accidents like that so I’m wearing light pads everyday now. I have to pee every hour since I feel BH type contractions (stomach hardening) when I don’t drink enough water! I was kinda embarresed until my prenatal class when everyone ran for the bathroom at every break lol!

Amanda- I wasn’t sure it would a waste of time since DH and I are both really busy but I’m glad we’re taking the time now. We’ve been discussing a lot of the stuff that came up during the class so it’s been a bit of bonding time for us as well. We’re doing post natal care etc next week which I’m also looking forward to. I haven’t started the nursery yet but we have been looking around and planning. I’m not going to do too much just paint, some furniture and a bit of decore since we don’t know if its a boy or girl. My jeans were the first thing I put away! I just could not stand the pressure on my stomach!

Carrie- LOL! That’s hilarious that you fell asleep but I can so see myself doing that too. I’m so exhausted all the time I’m out cold in 5 minutes anytime I hit the pillow. DH and I haven’t DTD in a looonnng time. I know we’re being paranoid but a friend of ours had her baby at 6 months at 1 lbs a few weeks ago so I think that’s kinda mentally freaked us out. I know it’s silly!

AFM- had a crazy weekend so I’m super exhausted. Had prenatal classes Friday nite and all day Saturday. Then Mum left yesterday so spent the rest of the time helping her pack, move the pets across town to our place. I guess looking after them will be practice for the LO!

Definitely passed the GTT no call today either! WOOOOHOOOO! Do they do another one closer to DD?

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

11-21-2011, 04:06 PM
Hopeful - thanks for sharing what your first noticeable movements felt like. I've had one similar pee instance like you described. It's still really warm in Florida (84 today!) and I'm drinking water like crazy, too. Oh well, at least you're not alone in the occasional sprinkle! ;)

Amanda - I think after CHristmas sounds perfect to work on the nursery. No need to add extra work to the holiday season! But you can still start thinking about a theme or scoping stuff out - that's the fun part!

Carrie - I really appreciate you sharing your experience with flutters, kicks, and such. I hope to find out where the placenta is during my ultrasound next Monday. Love your story about DTD and sleep - what a sweet, patient DH you must have! LOL Hope the exhaustion goes away for you so you can enjoy sheet time with him more often. Wishing you safe travels on your road trip for Thanksgiving!

Super - congrats on passing the GTT! Awesome! Have you started the countdown to when your mum returns? I think I would have!

AFM - Mango week! Once it's over, we're at the halfway point. Can't believe it! Got our crib and dresser picked out, and my mom and grandma told me they're each buying one of them - score! My dad/stepmom sent a package with my baby rocker (which was also my dad's) and some other stuff. My evil step monster told me on the phone she sent 3 month onesies, "because he's going to be a big baby." You'd have to know the history, but it was a dig at my weight. I'll write them a thank you note, but I don't plan to speak to her for awhile...who needs that? Also got two Winnie the Pooh onesies and a drool bib from DH's cousin today - so cute! It's starting to feel more real. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and my birthday (Friday) so it should be a great week!

Wishing safe travels and happy celebrations to everyone!

11-21-2011, 05:59 PM
Hey guys--wanted to jump over and say hello to everyone. I'm a bit late in joining the 2nd tri, but between a vacation and getting back to a busy work schedule, things have been hectic!

It's such a surprise to see the difference in topics from the 1st to 2nd trimester. Nursery stuff, baby showers, registries, etc. I'm looking forward to learning from all of you!

Did any of you choose to do an elective 3D/4D u/s to determine gender early? My anatomy scan is not until 20w1d at the end of December, and a local place says they can determine at 16 weeks. My mom will be visiting from out of town so I could go at 16w3d with her there, I thought that would be nice. A bit hesitant about it because I don't want to get a wrong answer--what do you guys think?

Hope everyone has a great week :)

11-22-2011, 06:25 PM
angel, we found out the sex at 16 weeks through one of the 3D places. They said girl and we had a girl!

11-22-2011, 07:37 PM
angel- We found out we are having 2 girls at 14w5d & the Doc is still saying girls. We've started shopping so he better be right!!:p

ali- That's so exciting you picked out your furniture and what a great surprise that they will be gifts!!! What & from where did you end up going with? I'm on the Black Friday fence! Not sure if I should just use the coupons I have now or wait 2 days. Happy Birthday! What a great time of year this is!!!!

hopeful- I hear you on the embarassing symptoms. I've got the white discharge 24/7 lately- really sexy when I drop my pants & there's a big 'ol wet spot on the undies!!!!

carries-Hope that basement comes along quickly for you! Sounds like it will be fabulous when it's all done. I wish we were handy like you guys!!!!

amandalisa- Get out the belly bands & make room for turkey!! Let it all out!!

AFM- Looking forward to the weekend & hoping to get some good baby bargains!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Ladies!!!

11-23-2011, 12:08 AM
Angel - We found out at exactly 16 weeks. Went in for an u/s (not a 3/4D one) to check me and baby out after some bright bleeding, and found out everything was fine and it was a boy. Our official anatomy scan is this coming Monday, so we hope to hear the same news again - we're starting to collect quite a few blue onesies!

Fran - We're getting this (http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4358806&fromRegistryNumber=47658446&product_skn=274906) crib and the matching low dresser (6 drawers) from BRU. I figure it can serve as a changing table, too, with a pad on top. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

11-23-2011, 09:24 AM
Angel: we found out we're having a boy at 16 weeks at a regular ultrasound to follow up on my placenta location. But they wouldn't give us any amount of certainty on it. They did reconfirm their earlier prediction at the anatomy scan at 20 weeks. I personally wouldn't pay extra for an additional u/s. But that's just me.

Nothing new around here. I've started waking up during the night. Not for any reason, but I just wake up. Starting anytime after midnight about every hour. It's awesome. Last night I got up, peed and got a drink of water, but the night before I just went back to sleep. Why oh why does this happen? And of course I don't really feel tired at those times, but as soon as my alarm goes off, I'm exhausted. Stupid. I got a crazy wicked pain in my lower right side during the night last night. About where I would assume my ovary is. It definitely felt outside my uterus so I'm not concerned about baby, but it sure made falling back to sleep a little difficult.

I'm very excited to go see my husband's family for Thanksgiving. Not so excited about the 4+ hour drive to get there that I have to do by myself. Oh and our dog. She's a german short hair and I'm not sure what's wrong with her, but she has really oily skin or something so she gives off a stink. So that's who I get to share the car with for 4 hours. I'll stick her in her kennel so I don't have to make sure she stays off my leather seats while I'm trying to drive! On top of that, I'm not a very good driver at night. Let me rephrase, my driving is just fine, but after a while I get tired...very very tired. So I'm sure I'll end up calling my husband just to keep myself occupied.

My kids are with their dad for the holiday weekend. Dropped them off for school and got super duper extra long hugs from each of them. I didn't want to let go! They are usually with me so these extended weekends and holidays are the worst! I will miss them, but at least I'll have a lot going on with the in-laws to keep my occupied.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! I'm going to try to get out of work as early as possible so I'm not driving in the dark so much. Take care and enjoy the long weekend!!!

11-23-2011, 04:23 PM
Ali- Love the crib choice!!! What about paint & bedding?

11-23-2011, 10:23 PM
Ali- my mum might stay until after New Yearís now. So Iím even sadder. All depends if she can get a flight back. She was initially supposed to return before Christmas. I know Iím being selfish since she hasnít seen her mum in year but I miss her tons! I like the crib! Weíre also doing the low dresser instead of change table so it will be useful in the future.

Carrie- make sure to take a break while driving! Have a great time with ur in laws.

Angel- we went in at 18 weeks but Iíve read they can tell as early as 14 weeks. That will be such a nice moment to share with your mum!

AFM- hopping over to the third tri boards but will keep checking on u guys. See you there soon! 27 weeks tomorrow woohoo!

11-23-2011, 11:16 PM
Super- Yay for making it to the 3rd tri!!! It's going by rather fast. I will be joining you soon! We are getting so close to meeting our little ones!!!!!

Carrie- I wake up a lot at night too for no obvious reason. It's so frustrating and bothers DH. I got a maternity pillow that seemed to help some. Be careful on your drive!

Angel- A 16 week u/s can determine the se pretty accurately from what I hear. We didn't find out until 19w2d. A friend of mine found out at 16 weeks and it was confirmed later. I decided to wait to do the 3d/4d until 32 weeks (we have to pay $125 for it) so we can see her face.

Amanda- Good job on being able to go so long without having to switch to maternity jeans!

Hopeful- I'm having the same problem with the little sprinkles here and there. It's made me really dread the day I'm older and can't control it. I've heard that doing Kegels is supposed to help you control it. I've started trying to do them regularly.

AFM- Whew! Been a sort of busy-sort of lazy day. For those of you that know about my brother and SIL's situation, my nephew was officially adopted into our family today!!! It was a great day! My SIL said the courtroom was the closest she would get to being in the hospital in L&D. It was so nice and I'm so happy for them! They have been talking to him about Lily. MY SIL said he asked her if me and DH were coming today. My SIL said yes and he said "And Lily?" She said Lily's not born yet. He apparently looked at her and said, "Momma, I know that. She's in her belly," with a DUH! attitude, lol! He's only 4! I love him !

Another funny kid story- DH has 2 young brothers, 6 and 5. The 5 year-old is so interested in the baby and says something about her all the time. For example, the other day he said, "Your belly is fat because of your baby!" The 6-year-old hasn't said anything at all about it. Out of the blue during church on Sunday, I look over at the picture he's drawing (the 6yo). I noticed that one of the "people" he had drawn had a little "person" in the middle of the body. I asked him during singing which one was me. He pointed to that particular one and said "the one with the baby." I would attach a picture of it, but my internet isn't working that great. It was so cute and priceless!

I've got a pecan pie and 2 pans of mac and cheese ready for tomorrow. I gained 2.5 pounds last week. It's going to be next to impossible to slow this weight gain until after Thanksgiving. Come Monday, this girl is turning over a new leaf to include healthy eating and exercise.

I hope all of you in the States have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!

11-25-2011, 12:16 PM
hi ladies! hope you all had a great thanksgiving! I know I was extra thankful this year,,,, and proud to show off my belly:D I'm just checking in to say hi! I am working and bored!!! DH and I did a small amount of black friday shopping ( at midnight) and decided.....I was too tired and the sales just were not worth it! I had gone out Wednesday afternoon with my sister and got almost all my Xmas shopping done, so I can try and relax until Xmas!!! We have 4 December b-days for neices/nephews before then....so we will be busy! It will help make time fly by for the next month! Before I know it, January will be here! I can't wait to meet this baby!!! So anything to help time pass gets an A+ from me!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!

11-25-2011, 05:34 PM
Holy cow.....I bought my crib and dresser and changing table......its really sinking in!!!!

11-25-2011, 09:52 PM
Holy cow.....I bought my crib and dresser and changing table......its really sinking in!!!!

Wish there was a "like" button :D

11-26-2011, 12:31 AM
Ali - love the crib! I like that idea of using the lower dresser for a changing table too. Might have to consider that.

Carrie - hope the drive goes quick and safe!

Jenn - congrats on buying the baby furniture! I imagine it makes things feel really real!

Codi - those are such cute stories about the kids. They say the funniest things.

Super - congrats on moving to the 3rd tri!

We just got home from visiting family for the past few days in Phoenix. I have to work the next few days and dreading going back to work, booo... I ate way to much the past few days and my family kept commenting on my "baby bump". Which really I think was more of an "overeating bump". It was still fun to have people notice a little bump though :)

11-26-2011, 10:53 AM
Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving weekend! I was so in need of a 4-day weekend.

Fran--wow, finding out at 14w is amazing! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you remain TEAM PINK :) Did you find some great deals this weekend?

ali--I agree with the others, you have a great idea with the furniture. That's a cute crib, too! Have you decided on a theme yet?

carries--how did the drive go? I can't imagine having to make a long drive alone, plus with the dog and pregnancy nose, yikes! I hope it was an uneventful trip and you had a great time at Thanksgiving!

Super--congrats on the 3rd tri!! I'm sorry to hear your mom will be away awhile longer, but look at the bright side--at least she'll be back for the birth, right? I hope the time flies by for you until she returns!

codi--loved the stories, kids are so funny sometimes. Hope you enjoyed all the Thanksgiving goodies!

jenn--congrats on getting the furniture! Sounds like the shopping was worth it after all.

amanda--congrats on the bump!! Did you enjoy your visit to Phoenix? My sister lives out there--it's so pretty. Sorry you have to go back to work :( I'm dreading Monday, too!

AFM, still hanging in there. Having the occasional nausea (usually at night) and wishing it had gone away with the 1st tri. Still fitting in my regular clothes, but I'm starting to have a little pudginess sticking over the waistband of my pants. I'm up about 4 lbs. Thanksgiving was the first time I've seen most of DH's family since we made the announcement, so of course there were tons of hugs and everyone was looking me up and down. Like amanda mentioned, I think most of my bump right now is still meal-based and bloating, haha. But they like to look anyway!

I decided to go for it and book the 3D/4D ultrasound, especially after several of you said you can see reliably at 16 weeks. I'm usually very "frugal" (and that's putting it lightly) so I agree with Carries that I usually wouldn't pay extra, but I had a few outside factors. First, my mom lives 1700 miles away and isn't going to be able to be very involved in the pregnancy, but she will be in town next weekend. I'm surprising her by taking her to the u/s so she can see the baby. This is her first (and might be only) grandbaby. Plus, my husband isn't able to go to most of my appointments because of work, so I really want him to find out with me and see the baby. He's only been to the 1st appointment at 6w6d, when it was looking like a tadpole! I found a deal for $69 so next Saturday we'll know team PINK or team BLUE!!

Can't wait to hear more about everyone else's Thanksgiving adventures or about nursery plans. Hope everyone is doing well!

11-27-2011, 01:43 PM
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and weekend! I know I'm NOT ready to go back to work tomorrow.

Angel - we're probably going to purchase this set on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Kidsline-Animals-Piece-Crib-Bedding/dp/B004BJ1ZY6/ref=br_it_dp_o?ie=UTF8&coliid=I7Q5GYFTV3FRA&colid=3LOM2KRLI2H73) next week. DH and I both love it. I think it's great you're splurging on the ultrasound while your mom is visiting. Can't wait to hear your results!

Amanda - I've gained over the past few days, too, though I honestly didn't think I was eating that much. I'm hoping some of it is sodium, lol. Oh well, enjoy your bump either way. Hope you're rested up from your trip.

Jenn - I seriously considered a trip out at midnight, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't have a plan of what to buy others yet, so figured I'd wait til tomorrow and shop from the convenience of my computer. ;) What crib did you get? How exciting!

Codi - very cute kiddo stories about your pregnancy. My 6 year old godson asked if he could touch my belly the other day. I said yes and all he did was wiggle his index finger across it back and forth - almost like he was "petting" the baby. It was cute! I'm with you on the weight gain thing. My bday was Friday, so I got a double whammy. Not looking forward to what my OB has to say about it tomorrow!

Super - Hopefully your mum won't stay away too long. I bet she won't be able to stand being away from you. Where's your grandma live? Oh, and congrats on 3rd tri!!! Happy for you!

Fran - I posted a link to our bedding in response to Angel above. Our plan is to order that next week, so that we'll have it to properly coordinate paint (DH had a college job at Sherwin-Williams, so we should be good to go there!) We figured we'd wait til after tomorrow's anatomy scan to ensure it is still a boy. LOL How was your Turkey Day?

Carrie - Hope your drive went well and that you get your kiddies back soon. I'm sure you missed them a lot!

AFM - Wow, holy weight gain, Batman! On Wednesday, I was up about 4 pounds since BFP. As of today, it's 7.5! Really hoping there's some sodium to blame - between Thanksgiving and my birthday, I haven't been doing much cooking myself. We have our official anatomy scan tomorrow - DH says it better still be a boy. (He's joking - he would be fine either way.) I think I've started feeling him, but am not totally sure. Trying to be patient, but if you haven't figured it out, that's my biggest weakness! I've been listening to a couple of CDs from church about worry, and that seems to be helping me keep the faith that all is well.

11-27-2011, 10:25 PM
Just checking in!

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and didnt eat too much!!

i have my glucose test in the am....Not really looking forward to it. They told me I doidn't have to fast....i could eat breakfast as long as it was protien based. Any thoughts?

11-28-2011, 01:44 AM
Kmc I avoided sugar the few days before. I had a glass of skimmed milk before heading out and passed. Good luck! I think u can have cheeese or some other protein but just avoid carbs so u don't get a false positive.

11-28-2011, 09:31 AM
Happy halfway day to baby!!! :D

11-28-2011, 02:16 PM
KM - GL at your test this morning! Hope you pass! Btw, do you find that out right away?

Ali - congrats on the 1/2 way point!!! And I really like your crib set that you posted. You girls are getting me exciting for the day I let myself start thinking about that stuff :)

Angel - yes, Phoenix is really nice. My sister lives there too, what a coincidence! We're in Vegas so not too far from Phoenix, but it's prettier there (and the weather is usually nicer).

11-28-2011, 02:52 PM
Amanda- Havent heard yet....so no I didn't find out right away. They were also checking my iron levels and thyroid so that may have something to do with it.

11-28-2011, 04:11 PM
Hey all,

Thank you everyone for your concern about my driving trip for Thanksgiving. Everything went fine. I was able to leave a little early and while I lost daylight about halfway through my trip, the sky stayed illuminated for quite a while after that and I was driving west so that helped. The last little stretch is traveling north and what a difference that made. As soon as I turned north it was pitch black. Crazy! But made it with no issues. Except an emergency potty breack about 1/2 hour away from my destination. I just couldn't hold it anymore. The stinky dog wasn't too bad. He was in his kennel in the backseat. His whining was more annoying! Visiting relatives was a lot of fun! I had to pass on their annual walk after Thanksgiving dinner because my stomach was kind of hurting and I was tired. I got to sneak in a nap on the couch with DH's grandma and grandpa. They weren't on the couch with me...I just realized that sounded weird. They were resting in their recliners. We all caught some zzz's. The pregnant lady and the old people! LOL. Came home on Saturday. We did a little shopping on Friday and again on Saturday on the way home. Got several gifts crossed off the list. We should be about done for our immediate family now. The kids are done for sure. Those little buggers are expensive!!! :) Sunday was a bit of relaxing and some work. We got our outside Christmas lights up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE running around on the roof and what better reason than to put Christmas lights up? But DH said no. :( So I had to watch from the ground and run around replacing lightbulbs and testing strands of lights. Boring. Got the kids back Sunday night, too!! Thank goodness! I missed them so much!! Back to usual for us. Baby is moving a lot. I'm starting to catch onto a pattern so that's good. I got a horrible night of sleep last night!! Didn't even fall asleep until after midnight. And that was after checking on my daughter because I heard a bunch of thumping in her room (she must have been kicking her covers off because she was too warm) and going to the bathroom and getting a drink. And just as I'm starting to dose off to sleep my DH starts getting a little frisky...I was like "umm no. I'm finally falling asleep." Of course that disrupted my falling asleep so I was up for another 15-20 minutes or so. Then woke up a lot moving around trying to get comfortable all night. I suppose I better get used to this because I'm not going to get any more comfortable any time soon. Oh the joys of pregnancy! :)

Ali: Congrats on halfway!! I remember posting about that. It doesn't seem like almost 4 weeks ago!! So happy for you! Hope that weight gain slows down a bit. I'm not excited about the holiday weight gain. My apetite seems to have slowed down a bit. I feel hungry, but nothing sounds good to me so I don't end up eating anything. I still get in my regular meals.

KM: I hope you get good results from all your tests!! I have to take the glucose test at my next appointment on December 13. Ugh.

Angel: I hope you start feeling better soon. That will be very nice to share that moment with your mom! I'm sure that it is difficult for her being so far away, too! Can't wait to hear what you find out!

Amandalisa: I dread going back on Mondays, too...especially after long weekends! I hope your transition back to work went smoothly for you.

Jenn: Congrats on buying your crib set!! Since we won't have nursery for a a crib set until next year sometime, this big purchase will have to wait. Bummer.

Codi: I love your story about your DH's siblings! So cute! My kids tell me similar things. It's like they enjoy telling me I'm fat, but it's "OK" since they're acknowledging its because of the baby. Silly kiddos!

11-28-2011, 11:03 PM
Thanks guys!

Codi- yey! Canít wait for u to join me! Little kids are so cute! We had dinner with some friends and their 4 year old just kept staring at my belly. She said she will dress the baby in little dresses and was perplexed when we said it might be a boy! LOL! Post the pic if u can it sounds so cute!

Jenn- wow you have a busy month ahead! Yey for getting the crib and dresser!

Amanda-I felt the same way when people would rub my belly early on. It was mostly bloating lol! But it still made them happy!

Angel- yes she left now so sheís be here by the time I hit 37 weeks. I would be having a nervous breakdown if she wasnít going to be there. $69 is a great deal and will be more than worth it! Itís like $300 here so I decided to use that for a maternity and newborn pics instead. Be ready for the waterworks hee hee!

Ali- my grandma lives on a tiny island next to Madagascar...so yea at least a 19 hour flight from here. I have weeks like that too where I gained so much and other weeks I donít so donít worry about it! I think LO has growth spurts! You should be feeling LO soon. Congrats on the half way mark!

Carrie- glad you had a great time! I LOLd to the old people and preggers taking a nap! I take naps with my mumís cat now lol!

AFM- doing ok! Had a busy w/e with final prenatal class focused on C sections, post natal care. DH learnt how to change a diaper so no excuses now LOL! I asked the nurse about the breast leakage Iím having nearly every night now and she was all excited as itís a sign of having really good milk supply and has nothing to do with pre-term labour. Thank god! Itís a bit irritating so looks like Iíll be wearing nursing pads before LO is even here! She thinks itís the fenugreek in Indian food we eat a few times a week. Imagine if we ate it everyday. Well glad to be done the classes !

Have any of you used/ heard of a Hauck stroller? I found one $120 (40%) off and it comes with a bassinet and stand. So tempted to get it!

11-29-2011, 12:49 PM
Hi All--

I just thought I'd pop over and say hi to everyone. I just finished my 1st tri, so I'm excited to be moving on!

11-29-2011, 01:57 PM
Richal - yay for the 2nd tri!!! So glad you're over here :)

11-29-2011, 04:27 PM
So, my dearest sister is also pregnant with her third, which some of you might remember. She's supposed to be three weeks behind me, according to her edc. She got her ultrasound today and the baby measured only 5 days behind me! Her other two measured small, so I think it'd be odd for this one to be large. We'll see what happens over the next few months, but it'll definitely make for a wild June for my mom! I told my sister I'd arm wrestle her to see who gets Mom's help first...

I hate to admit it, but I'm just the teensiest bit upset that her baby is going to be so close to mine. Hers have all been unplanned and I have to try so hard for mine. I kind of wanted the spotlight on me and my baby. Now that I've said that out loud I can see how selfish it is. I'll get over it. Just need a few minutes to feel a bit sorry for myself.

11-29-2011, 04:38 PM
Congrats Richal for getting to the 2nd tri! That's exciting that you are both due around the same time! A close friend is due 2 weeks before me and her babies always come right on time! I'm sure you'll be able to juggle ur mum's time or get other help?

11-29-2011, 07:34 PM
Hi Ladies!!

I've been so busy. Just want to check in & say hi! Not much time tonight for personals. Wanted to share though that i felt the babies move at a concert today! They went nuts for Maroon 5! And when I got home I discovered I have elephant ankles! Anyone else dealing w/this???? Hopefully not- it's not pretty! Even my normally very careful and sensitive DH gasped in shock!!!! :p

Will do personals soon! Hope all is well.

11-30-2011, 07:47 PM
Fran- that's great! I think my LO loves loud music too. He/ she gets really quiet if I play the radio in the car but if I'm lost in my own thought it's a kicking storm the whole trip :) The concert must have been wicked! I love Maroon 5!

I read compression socks help a lot if you are having a lot of swelling. I haven't had too much swelling (usually just drink lots of water and put my feet up)

11-30-2011, 09:59 PM
Fran - I haven't had too much trouble with swelling yet, but it may be a good idea for you to start wearing some compression socks if you're going to be on your feet a lot. I got some for travel that are like trouser socks, and I didn't swell when I flew (which I tended to do even before getting pregnant). But glad you enjoyed the concert!

Richal - congrats on the 2nd trimester - what an exciting milestone!!!

Super - I don't know anything about Hauck strollers. When I can find my Baby Bargains book, I'll look it up and let you know.

Carrie - I cracked up at your clarification about napping with grandma and grandpa - what a funny visual, lol! But I know the feeling of needing a nap, and I have NEVER been a napper before. How things change!

Amanda - how's your week going?

AFM - Definitely feeling little one moving around now. Not all the time, but pretty often. I love it! Also, ordered the bedding today so we can get our paint color picked soon. Oh, has anyone ever heard that whatever you gain by week 20 is half of what you gain from week 20 - delivery? So if you gain 8 by halfway, you gain about another 16 from there? Just curious if you thought that was a realistic guideline.

12-01-2011, 01:58 AM
Fran - how exciting to feel the babies! I would say put your feet up and rest, not sure what else to do about the swelling?

Richal - did your sister just have her ovulation date wrong to have her due date changed by a few weeks?

Ali - hi, my week is going great. Lots of Christmas shopping and visiting friends. I work mainly on the weekends, so lots of time during the week to get things done. I haven't heard of that weight gain theory, but it makes sense because I thought that most of the weight gain is in the 2nd half of pregnancy. How fun that you ordered the bedding, what color are you thinking of painting?

Carrie - I definitely had a good laugh at the napping with the grandparents... I love, love naps lately and I need them or I get so exhausted.

I had an u/s today to check my cervix. She said everything looks good. Cervix was 3.7 and she said that anything above 3 is good. Do you guys know anything about cervix length, because I don't have a clue? Guess I just have to trust that they know what's best. Also, we're not finding out the sex and today she asked if I wanted to know because she'd look for me. I was so tempted to say yes and find out but I held my ground. DH was happy that I didn't cave in, because he definitely wants it to be a surprise...

12-01-2011, 06:12 PM
Richal: congrats and welcome to the second tri! i have a friend that is due two weeks after me and its SO nice to have somwone to share the whole experience with!

Dans: that is SO exciting that you felt the babies move! I went to a concert a couple of weeks ago and was hoping I would be able to feel baby but it was still too early...I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting that first kicking feelingRichal: congrats and welcome to the second tri! i have a friend that is due two weeks after me and its SO nice to have somwone to share the whole experience with!

Ali: im so excited for you too that you are feeling your baby kick! its nice to know that you are just ahead of me so i should start feeling it soon too! something i think i've felt something...but nothing that has been a definete kick yet so i cant wait!!

AFM: sorry i have been totally MIA for the past month! its been nice to have some energy back so i've been trying to get things done (house cleaning and updates, meeting with daycares, going out with friends, etc). starting to feel the fatigue a little more now, mostly because of lack of sleep. i bought a Snoogle pregnancy body pillow today so i'm hoping that will help! i alot of it has been really vivid dreams and nightmares...has anyone been going through this too? also, we have our u/s on tuesday to find out the sex of the baby and i am BEYOND excited!! still think its a girl but a lot of people at work look at me and say boy...we will soon find out!! hope all is well with everyone else i didnt mention above!!

12-01-2011, 08:29 PM
Fire - I'm having crazy dreams every single night too. They are so bizarre, things I would never normally dream about. Weird...

12-01-2011, 08:42 PM
Amandalisa--So, she doesn't have PCOS, and is pretty out of touch with her body. She knew her period was due in a few days, so she thought she was past the "danger zone" of getting pregnant--especially since she was cramping--so, they didn't use protection. She was sure she got pregnant based off that date, which would have made her exactly three weeks behind me. Well, according to the baby's measurement (and her LMP), she's only a few days behind. So, now she thinks she and her DH must not have been as careful as they thought earlier in her cycle. Does that make sense?

Her kids are 35 mos and 15 mos. Her DH is in dental school and doesn't really help with the kids much, plus they just moved states, so she doesn't really know too many people yet. She's just feeling overwhelmed. They had talked about trying, but then decided to wait until next summer. So, this baby was a complete surprise. Anyhow, she's come to terms with it now, and is excited to tell our family at Christmas when they go home to visit. She'll be 16 or 17 weeks by then. Crazy.

Glad your cervix was nice and long. I've never had to deal with IC, but it freaks me out, for sure!

Ali--Isn't that the most amazing feeling ever? Enjoy it! What bedding did you get?

AFM--Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I've just been super busy with work. My 20-month-old is going to send me to an early grave. She has SOOOOOOOOOO^1000 much energy and is captain destructo. Seriously one disaster to the next every three minutes. Yesterday it was poop all over her hands, pulling out 100 wipes, unrolling the toilet paper, and pulling her older sister's hair ALL DAY LONG! Today it was smearing 5/6ths of a jar of hand soap all over herself and the bathroom floor, pulling out an entire box of kleenexes, smearing mac and cheese everywhere, and continually wiping her runny nose with her hand, and then rubbing the snot in her hair. But I LOVE this girl SO much, and I just have to remind myself that some day I'll miss these disasters. They grow up way too quickly!

I've been feeling pretty good these past few days. I've lost three lbs over the past week, so I'm a bit worried that it means that something is wrong with the baby (even though I KNOW it doesn't mean that). My next appt is on Tuesday, so I'm pretty excited for that. I wonder if the baby will be big enough to pick up the h/b on doppler. Also, my preggo sister and her kids are coming for a two week visit starting next Monday! I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for that, although between her kids, my kids, and the daycare kids, my house will be WILD! It's a good thing DH is never home, or he'd run away!

I've stopped Met and Progesterone. I am 100% certain that my boobs got WAY more sore when I stopped taking it. I know it totally doesn't make sense, but it's seriously the truth. I'm wearing a padded bra for protection, and they are still SOOOO tender. I don't remember this with either DD1 or 2.

My big u/s is scheduled for Jan 6th! Not that far away! Between my sister's visit, my week of vacation, and Christmas, I'm pretty sure the next month will FLY and then we'll know what we're having! DD1 says that we're having a girl first (who she has named flower), and then a boy (Cloud). We'll see if she's right.

Well, now that I've written a novel, I think I'd better stop. Hope you all are doing well!

12-01-2011, 08:59 PM
Hey gals - I started a new thread for December - come on over there to post!