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08-01-2011, 12:08 AM
Congrats to those who have made it through the 1st trimester, found out what you're having (or keeping it a surprise!), or moving on to the 3rd trimester!!

08-01-2011, 09:10 AM
Happy August all!

Praises - looking forward to hearing what you're having:) I know you must be excited today! I hope your appointment is early in the day.

Thanks for the Target tip. I'm going to try to get to one this week and see if I can find any good baby deals.

08-01-2011, 09:38 AM
jth--thanks! actually my appt was going to be in the morning but they had to change it to 12:30, which i'm actually glad about because now DH and i don't have to go back to work after! i'm not getting much done this morning as it is!

i should've gotten a better night's sleep. went to bed too late, which was not good because i had to get to work early today.
on the plus side, i just called the peri's office and they will make you a dvd for $10. now we'll be able to share it with all our family!!!!!! yay.
praying everything goes well and that these babies are healthy as can be!

i've noticed that loud noises/people have been getting on my nerves lately. anyone else?

08-01-2011, 09:46 AM
hope it goes well today praises, can't wait to see what you're having! i've been absent for a while and sooo far behind. i hope everyone is doing well! i have been having terrible back and hip pain, thinking about seeing a chiropractor. scheduled a 3d ultrasound for Aug 29, really excited about that, it includes a dvd so we can show our family. can't believe i'll be in the third tri in 2 weeks!!!

08-01-2011, 11:21 AM
Thanks Kate, good to see u again! I've been having some pain too, but I'm trying to hold out seeing my acupuncturist for a while--the visits are not cheap.

Omg perfume is driving me bonkers! Makes me so sick. I wish women would stop wearing it! Lol

08-01-2011, 11:21 AM
Another month down!!! YAY!!!

Tiffany, how is the back and hip pain? Mine comes and goes day by day. At night it seems to be the WORST!!! My poor husband has to listen to me moan and groan as I try to get situated for bed :)

08-01-2011, 11:24 AM
I get to join you ladies over here now (well, as of tomorrow I'm officially 13 weeks- but what's a day lol)! My first trimester flew by & I can't wait to find out if this one's a boy or girl (my first four were surprises!).

08-01-2011, 11:39 AM
The pain comes and goes, but there is always a constant spot by my butt/back area, but it's all part of the joys of pregnancy :)

I went to Jazzercise this morning, and oh my goodness, the ladies there are so sweet. One lady asked me if I mind hand-me-downs, I told her of course not. She is going to bring me a bunch of boys clothes when I get back from my vacation in the middle of the month! I am so excited!

On that note, does anyone know if those dryer balls or whatever they are work? I know we aren't supposed to use fabric softener on baby clothes, but I want something that will soften them a little. I think I'm going to look into it.

Praises...anxiously awaiting to find out what you are having!

08-01-2011, 11:50 AM
lighthouse - welcome to the second tri!!

elle & kate - i was just thinking that we hadn't seen you guys in a while! glad to see you back on here. kate, yay for the 3D u/s! I'm thinking of scheduling ours in late September/early October so that he has enough fat on him to kinda look more like he will at birth. And I agree about the night being the worst time for hip/back/shoulder/sciatic pain. I just keep rearranging pillows - may have to move to a snoodle soon.

praises - SO excited for you!! Can't wait to hear! For me the weird annoyances change everyday. Sometimes it's loud noises, other times it's crunching (mine or others), people in general, lol. It's ridiculous. makes me a little nervous about the school year. hoping the kids don't get n my last nerve.

afm - got my schedule today and I get 4th & 6th period off. Not the best set up, but we'll make it work. gonna have to miss a lot of classes for appointments, but I can't help it. Also, weighed myself today - managing to stay on track for the most part. Up 14lbs to 130, which puts me right on what the guidelines are. Just need to keep on it so I don't balloon in the 3rd trimester. Really don't want to put on more than 30 at the absolute max.
gotta get to lesson planning since orientation is in a week, and finish taping off the baby's room to paint it hopefully tomorrow.

08-01-2011, 12:45 PM
Whoops, I posted on the July thread this morning so I had to copy and paste it over here. I can't believe it's August already!

Tiffany Ė Congrats on the boy! Thatís exciting, I bet your DH is thrilled! I hope you can find a solution to minimize the aches and pains of pregnancy. Hope school is going well. I am a procrastinator too, but trust me it feels soooo good when youíre done. I graduate with my masters in 2 weeks and I am so thankful that Iím done. Itís so much work when youíre doing it and itís hard to picture the end, but then when itís done you will feel so good about your accomplishment. Keep it up!

Praises Ė Glad you found a solution to the armpit pain! Sounds miserable. Canít wait to hear about your ultrasound!

Lorna Ė Sounds like an expensive trip to the pool! At least you got a good bargain on your suit! Gotta love pregnancy brain, that sounds like something I would do! I like the name Anna Mae. I thought everyone did gift registries, you should definitely start a trend there! Itís so nice to be showered with gifts

Rita Ė welcome!

Rachel Ė Thatís wonderful your co-worker is giving you so much baby stuff! Thatís the way to go! Weíve been offered some stuff too, I just need to venture over to a few peopleís houses and go shopping in their attics/basements! One of my co-workers offered to give me her maternity clothes as well which I am so excited about. The only advice I have about sore shoulders when sleeping is switching sides throughout the night. Iím used to sleeping on my sides so it hasnít been a problem for me, but that would be a tough change from sleeping on your stomach.

lmaguire Ė thanks for the Target alert, I will have to check that out this week!

AFM Ė I think Iím still feeling babies moving around. I felt something for the first time when I was 14 weeks, then I felt the exact same feeling the next evening when I was laying down on the couch. Since then, Iíve felt it a little bit every day, usually when laying down at night or first thing in the morning. I notice it most after an evening snack too! I thought it was too early, but Iíve talked with a couple others who felt their baby this early.

We had a graduation party over the weekend to celebrate my upcoming graduation and made our pregnancy announcement to the last few family/friends that didnít know. Then I made the big facebook announcement yesterday! Itís exciting to share the news, but Iím already bombarded with questions about the whole twins thing. Itís okay for now, but I fear it may get old soon! And people keep saying, but youíre so tiny, how are you going to carry twins? I made a bet with my friendís husband that if I gain more than 30 pounds he owes me a pack of diapers. The deal is on, he doesnít think I can do it, but I know I can!

08-01-2011, 03:24 PM
I've been super nervous the last three days about this baby. My next doc appt is a ways away due to scheduling conflicts. I've not heard this baby's heartbeat in a while, and now I have to wait until 8/23. I just have this nagging feeling and it is almost overwhelming. I just want to hear the heartbeat and know everything is ok. I don't feel movement everyday - not that he isn't moving, I just don't feel it all the time. I don't think I've felt anything at all today. Do you all have these same anxieties? Am I just being silly? I really want to call my doc and ask if I can sneak in to hear the heartbeat sometime before 8/23, but I don't want to be "that patient," ya know? So far, I've been really good about not letting fear take over, but the last three days have been really hard.

I am still queasy often and I still have heartburn - both of which are not normal for me. So, I keep telling myself that those things are comforts.

Feeling anxious and silly.

Also, where is praises? I know we all want to know what she found out today!

08-01-2011, 03:42 PM
jth - i understand your anxiety about the lack of movement sometimes. i went an entire day without feeling him last week and it scared me to death! But the next morning i was rudely awakened by him kicking and punching me. if i were you, i would try to get in before the 23rd, but that's just me. waiting until then would drive me crazy too so you're not alone and you're not silly. =)

praises - where are you?!?!?! =)

i scheduled my level II placental check u/s for Friday September 3rd. Have another appointment the 11th of this month, and I'm hoping to have my glucose test on 9/3 as well - just knock as much out at once as is possible.

08-01-2011, 04:14 PM
Ok ladies.....it's two boys!! Craziness!! Got there a little after 12 and got out at 3! We've been calling family and friends. The u/s didn't last the whole time of course. Both are looking healthy, so that's a relief. The peri said he recommends leaving work at 20wks!!! Not gonna happen, so he said I will need to come back in 4 wks to check my cervix again, or earlier if I feel anything weird. It's at 4.2, which is about normal for having twins right now. He checked it by transvaginal u/s. He wants to make sure it stays above 3.

08-01-2011, 04:31 PM
Two boys! Congrats, praises, on your little princes!!

08-01-2011, 04:33 PM
Thanks Imaguire. I think I might look into renting a doppler, esp since I just called and they can't move my appt up b/c they are booked up until 8/23. And, they don't keep cancelation lists. I am usually calm and collected, but I have gotten so upset a few times in the last few days that I had trouble catching my breath. That is really unlike me.

Congrats praises! Two boys! WOW!!! How exciting:)

08-01-2011, 04:48 PM
boys!!!! how awesome!!! congrats...if your husband is just a little bit like mine, he must be thrilled :p

i totally understand your fear, even though the baby is fine you probably never really relaxe till you know for sure and drive your self crazy. if i would be you i would try like crazy to get an earlier appointment. and im sure they understand, im mean your are not their only pregnant patient :D i actually dont know any pregnant women that has no fears once in a while during her pregnancy, so i dont think we are paranoid, i think its just a natural mother caring instinct...i have to say my rental doppler really help me alot (even though it didnt work in the beginning, but i just think it was to early for me).yesterday for example i had a very stressful day and then at night before i went to sleep i just listend to my babys heartbeat and was soooo relaxed and happy. i can just really recommend it...

wow thats awesome that you can already feel your little beans!!!! maybe also because there are two of them. how much did you gain yet?

i still didnt gain anything :( but i started to realise a little tiny bump. well it looks more like a weird "i had to much pizza bump" but i used to have a hole in my stomach, so im happy for any change :D

08-01-2011, 05:38 PM
Praises - Congrats! 2 boys, that will be so fun! Most importantly everything is going well. Great cervical length. Why did your doc recommend stopping work at 20 weeks if all is going well?

Rita - Yay for your little bump! It's so fun to have a little bump to show off.

Imaguire - Glad you have your appts booked. Sounds like you've got your weightgain down pat!

JTH - I agree with everyone, if it is really bothering you, get it checked. Who cares if you are 'that patient'? I am sure there are others way worse than you, and this is your life, to the doctors and nurses, it's just a job. So don't feel bad about anything.

Lucy - So fun you're feeling movements. Can't wait until I do. You will totally win that bet with your friend's husband. 30 pounds in a twin pregnancy? No problem!

Lighthouse - Congrats!

Tiffany - Awesome on the free baby clothes!

AFM - Irritated at myself. I lifted dh's briefcase with his laptop in it to my car this morning, it was probably like 10 pounds. He forgot it and needed it.. Why did I do that? I am trying to not lift anything since I have had the bleed. Now I am crampy on my right side particularly, but probably am noticing it because I am extra paranoid about feeling anything now. Hope I didn't do anything bad :(

08-01-2011, 06:41 PM
Thank u!!!

Jill--well he said he would rather prevent problems rather than try to fix them if they come up. He had an OB that worked under him who was pregnant with twins and he told her to stay home. Everything was fine, but still its important to rest. she said she planned to work till she delivered, but then she ended up losing them at 22wks. Of course each woman is different, but he said studies show that women pregnant with twins who stay home tend to make it farther than women who work. That's what my OB said as well, but she told me 32 wks. I had read 24-28 wks in Dr Luke's book. So DH and I will have to discuss it later and figure out what we feel comfortable with. Somewhere in between what the peri said and my OB said??? We Just met a couple that had them at 27wks, so we don't know!

08-01-2011, 07:10 PM
Hi ladies! I got back from vacation yesterday, so I'm trying to catch up.

Praises- Congratulations on twin boys! Good luck making a decision on when to stop working. After all this work we've all done to get pregnant none of us want to take any chances.

Imaguire- Thanks for the Target tip. I have to go out and get milk tonight so I will go check out my local store. I did get a car seat on clearance there a few weeks ago but they didn't have anything else on clearance at the time other then clothing.

lighthouse- welcome!

Tiffany- Congratulations! I'm glad DH got to tell you. I'm sure you both miss each other tons. It sounds like you have a nice group of ladies around you. I've used the dryer balls on my towels, they make them fluffier. I've not tried them on clothing. I cut all my dryer sheets in half and use free and clear because of my allergies for our clothing.

jth- try not to worry. I've been telling myself not to worry because it seems like so long since i've heard the heartbeat and I haven't felt movement yet. I too still have heartburn and nauseousness and I take that as a comfort...that and my boobs have gotten huge again.

rita- I've only gained 1.5 lbs total so far. I'm starting to see a little bump and DH can see it too. I too just feel like I look a bit chunkier and not like it's a baby bump.

jilly- Try not to worry too much. Drink lots of fluids and rest as much as you can.

AFM- I've been catching up at home and work. We went camping for 8 days with DH's family. We all had a good time! I spent much of my time laying in my hammock and reading. I lost 2 lbs last week and I didn't do much and ate more, so I'm a bit worried about that. DH and I started looking at names. We have about 6-7 on each list. I have my next OB appointment on Friday. I can't wait to hear the heart beat again. I'm not sure if it's the heat or what but I'm super thirsty and can't get enough water lately. It's strange because water has never been my first choice, but I can't get enough now.

08-01-2011, 09:12 PM
lucy-i felt the first movements at 13wks! i only felt it when i was very still, but i knew without a doubt what it was. it's not too early

jth-i'm sorry you're feeling so nervous. during week 21 there was a day where i didn't feel my LO moving and i was so scared! there are still days that he is less active, and it makes me worry, but then he starts jumping around again! i hope you can figure out something to put your mind at ease, either an earlier appt or a doppler

praises-wow, two boys! that's awesome, congrats!!

i went to target today, hoping to find something great. they had nothing! i waited too long i guess

08-01-2011, 10:01 PM
kate - sorry Target didnt have anything good! we checked, no joke, 5 targets! only found good stuff at 2 of them. it's really hit or miss.

selo - glad you're back! hope you had a great trip! (and that you find some good stuff at Target)

praises - YAY!!! Welcome to team blue! (or in your case double blue!) are they fraternal or identical? so happy it went well you for you! thought about you all day!

jilly - hopefully it's nothing but growing pains. for the past few days i've had a pain on my right side, pretty low. i just assumed he's growing like a weed and causing it. if it gets bad i'll call the doctor, but i haven't had a bleeding issue. if you don't feel right, you shouldn't hesitate to call your doctor. but i'm sure it's just those little ones growing!! how's your little bump coming along?

08-01-2011, 10:59 PM
praises: two boys! How exciting!

jth: I definitely recommend getting a doppler. It's far enough into your pregnancy that it should be easy for you to hear. You might even be able to hear it with one of those cheapie ones from walmart that are only like $20-30.

08-02-2011, 12:31 PM
jth Ė I donít think youíre crazy to be nervous! I think sometimes our imaginations can get carried away and make us worry more than we need to. I feel really good for about 2-3 weeks after each ultrasound, but then I start to think about the next ultrasound more and hope that everything will be fine again. Hopefully time goes fast leading up to your next appointment. Maybe a Doppler is the way to go for you.

praises Ė Congrats on the boys! Itís good to hear they are looking good and healthy too. Yikes, I couldnít imagine leaving work at 20 weeks! Do you have any plans on how long you are going to take off work after the babies are born? Thatís what is stressing me out the most about twins right now is the unknown. I donít know how much time Iíll have to take off before they are born and how much will be left for me to take after.

rita Ė I lost 3 pounds in the first trimester, but since then Iíve gained 9 pounds. I definitely have a little bump and my boobs are growing, which is exciting for me because Iíve always been lacking in that area! DH loves it too. Yesterday I wore a V-neck tank top and DH told me my boobs were too big for my shirt. I just laughed and said Iíve never heard that in my life!

Jilly Ė Thatís what I think about our bet! I shouldnít have a problemÖespecially considering my doctor wants me to gain 50 lbs, I better at least hit 30! Although, since we made our bet he told me he would get me a pack of diapers if I just let him rub my belly. lol That really bothers some people but I donít mind if people rub my belly. Hope your cramping went away and lifting dhís briefcase didnít hurt anything.

AFM Ė Iím trying to wait patiently for my next appointment on August 11th. My doctor wants me to do the glucose test at 16 weeks, then again at 28 weeks. Is there anything I need to know about the glucose test before going? She told me to show up about 10 minutes early for my next appointment to drink the sugary drink, then Iíll have my appointment, and exactly 1 hour after drinking the drink they will draw my blood. My appointment is at 3:45. Will what I eat throughout the day effect my glucose test?

08-02-2011, 12:45 PM
praises- congrats on 2 boys! That makes it easier to have them the same sex- they can share everything :)

08-02-2011, 12:55 PM
lmaguire--well, we won't know because we didn't have genetic testing done. although if they have different blood types, hair/eye color, etc then we'll know. odds are though that they are fraternal.

lucy--yeah that's my concern too. leaving early will basically leave me with no time after they are born. from a financial perspective, it doesn't seem like it's going to make sense for me to work after the babies are here, so i'm thinking maybe i should just go ahead and use my time before they are born. either way i will have my 12 wks of FML and during that i'll be getting paid from my vacation/sick time i've saved up.
i'm having my glucose test in the AM so that i don't have to fast during the day--is there any way you can get yours rescheduled? i am drinking the glucose drink a little less than an hour before i get there so that soon after my appt starts, they can draw my blood. you shouldn't have to fast during the day, especially with twins--we need to eat something every couple hrs!! although i'm sure doing it that one time is not going to hurt anything. it is best not to eat anything for 8 hrs before your test because you really don't want a false result--then they have to do the longer test on you.

08-02-2011, 02:58 PM
praises - The doctor didn't say anything about needing to fast for the glucose screening...I just checked online and it says the same. It says you need to fast for the 3 hour one, which sounds like I'd have to do that on another day anyways since my appt. is so late. Do you still think it would be better to see if I can get it in the morning?

I have the 12 weeks of FML too, but only 8 of them will be paid because that is all the sick time I have saved up. I don't get vacation time since I'm a teacher, but I do have 4 personal days. I was encouraged not to use the personal days with my maternity leave because I may need them later and I should save them...we'll see. I think I'll probably end up taking some time unpaid, but at this point I still plan to go back to work. My due date (for 40 weeks) is Jan. 25, and I know they'll be here before that! I am considering going back to school the beginning of April and just finish out the school year, this way I can also continue to get paychecks over the summer and be home with the twins. DH wants me to be back by March...but that's when we have our big standardized state testing and I'd rather miss that if I can! lol

We haven't figured out child care arrangements yet though, which may or may not change my decision. The one person I am looking into offers childcare in her home and charges $120 per week and that includes meals. That seems doable to me, even times 2. She lives just a couple blocks away from us and we've heard from friends that they highly recommend her. There are too many decisions to make and it's so hard to tell what is going to happen leading up the babies' arrival!

08-02-2011, 03:03 PM
I'm getting my 1-hour test next appointment also, but they gave me no instructions. As she was leaving she was like, oh by the way, we'll be doing the glucose test next visit. I think I'm just going to eat normal and avoid sugar that day. Being a military hospital, it will probably mean I go to the blood lab. They give me the thing to drink. I sit out in the waiting area for an hour, they take my blood, then I leave. My appointment with the OB is at 1:45, so I won't be heading to the blood lab until after that. I have never had problems with any levels no matter how many times they have done it in the past, so I'm not really concerned at all.

Also, I just discovered how much cheaper I could have gotten diapers on amazon.com! You can subscribe and save for them and I'd be like saving $8 a pack! Also, my husband informed me today that his techs want to get us a gift for the baby off of our Target registry once I get it made. I think I'm going to ask him tomorrow if they were planning on going together to get something or if they wanted to do something separately. I think he has 6 techs, and depending on how much they want to spend, that could be the travel system that I want to get for $209, but of course, they don't have to get me that, I'm just wondering if they are thinking they wanted to do a big item like that. I know sometimes groups do things that way. Also, today is my husband and my 3rd wedding anniversary! When I have this baby we will have been together for 8 years, which doesn't seem like that long...We had a great anniversary, we both admit, somehow, we think it is the best yet! Though, our 1st was spent apart because he was at basic training, last year his family was visiting(seriously!??), and obviously this year he is gone. He had a wonderful day though. He gave a presentation to the new Army Surgeon General(which I guess is a huge deal) and she was very happy with the presentation and him and gave him a coin! Coins in the Army is a really big deal. Alright, homework time, I gave myself the deadline of September 19th to finish!

I'm also so happy to hear everyone seems to be doing well. And I can't remember if I said it Praises, but congratulations on the boys!

08-02-2011, 08:38 PM
praises - Congrats on the boys :). Do they share a placenta or have seperate? Thats generally how to tell if they are identical or fraternal.

jth - I didnt feel regular movements everyday until about 21 weeks...Even now she has quiet days...I put it down to her having growth spurts so she puts her energy into that rather than kicking. I agree with others though....Get a doppler if its going to put your mind at ease. Or call your midwife and let her know your concerned. Remember no question/concern during pregnancy is stupid.

hello to everyone else.

Had a massive case of pregnancy brain the other day. I got some steak out of the freezer for dinner in the morning...Then once it had defrosted i put it on a plate to go in the fridge...I some how put it back in the freezer without realising. Plate n all. Needless to say we didn't have steak that night.

Think im getting to the nesting stage...I have a sudden burst of energy to get things done that I started (Like sewing up some rags to wipe up vomit etc, i found its cheaper to get fabric and make my own rather than buying them.). I hope this isnt a bad sign that baby is going to come early.

08-02-2011, 09:46 PM
Lucy--right, you don't need to fast. My OB said that too but she still recommends it. It's really up to you and your Dr. I just don't want to have to do the 3hr one if I don't need to.
I hope the childcare works out. I don't blame you on wanting to miss the standardized tests! My job is relocating to a new laboratory next spring--we have over 200 employees and about 1,500 pieces of equipment, which I'm supposed to keep track of! As of right now the relocation is scheduled right in the middle of annual inventory of all equipment--kinda hard to do inventory when stuff is moving around! It's gonna be crazy, I honestly don't need the stress!

Tiffany--happy anniversary!!

Megzy--they are in separate sacs, each with his own placenta, but that doesnt guarantee they're fraternal. Identical twins can also be separate, depending on if the egg splits early or late.

08-02-2011, 10:38 PM
i have my glucose test next week too. he didn't give me any special instructions, so i hadn't planned on doing anything differently. i had eaten normally before my last test and it went fine.

tiffany-happy anniversary!

MegzyAngel-i felt the same way today! had energy out of nowhere and decided the house was filthy. cleaned everything! i have a feeling that won't last though

praises-that's interesting info about fraternal/identical twins, i didn't know that. now i'm curious if yours are identical!

08-03-2011, 07:06 AM
Kate-- yeah it will be interesting..I heard its even hard to tell fraternal newborns apart until you find small differences, unless their sizes are different enough. But identical twin boys is the least common combination of all twins, so I'm still betting fraternal. Well that and I had multiple follies.

went to my first prenatal yoga class last night...it was soooooo relaxing but challenging. everyone was nice and it was cool to be in a room of pregnant women, lol. one woman was 39 1/2 weeks!

08-03-2011, 10:23 AM
@Rita - thanks and btw I'd only gained a total of 3.5 pounds by my last appointment. It's not that I'm not trying to not gain weight. I've just really struggled with m/s. I actually had a colleague ask me yesterday, "How can you know the sex of your baby when you aren't even showing?" I feel like a bloated pig, but apparently I don't look like it. I can tell there is a bump and some of my more fitted clothes are not going to happen again this year!

@Jillybn - I have spotted off and on since the beginning. It's hard for me to remember to not lift things as well. I hope the cramping and spotting stop for you for good.

@Selo - Thanks - I hope Friday gets here fast for you!

@Kate - Thanks - yeah, guess he's too small for me to feel movement consistently yet. I say that, but I really think I just felt him!!! THANK GOD:)

@Rachel - Thanks for the WM tip. I don't have a WM nearby (shocking, I know!). Last night, I stopped at CVS and my grocery store's pharmacy - no luck. I'm going to try to get to the nearest WM tonight and purchase a doppler. I didn't realize WM sold them!

@Lucy - Thanks - normally, I'm fine. I think the last scare scarred me (had heavy bleeding at 16 wks and we thought we had lost him). trying to not let fear take over now.

@Tiffany - Happy Anniversary!

@Meagan - 21 weeks - got it! Thanks!

08-03-2011, 10:25 AM
Praises- Congrats on the boys!!!

Everyone think of me today, I am going to have my anatomy scan done. We were told at 16w that it was a girl, but I am paranoid and just want extra confirmation today :) We've been buying some girl stuff and decor so I am really hoping to see the same answer today. I am also really excited since my husband is actually going with me today. He hasn't seen or heard the baby since about 8 weeks!

I will say though that I feel like in the last week my tummy has been growing a lot! My belly button is creeping towards the surface (normally very deep) and I can tell that it seems to be popping up.

08-03-2011, 10:45 AM
Elle--good luck today!!

Jth--my belly has felt "in the way" since early on. Not because it was big on the outside but because my uterus has been pushing its way through my insides and making it uncomfy. I hope you can put on some weight soon!

08-03-2011, 11:19 AM
Ellebelle - Good luck with the anatomy scan! Hope it's still a girl so you can use all the cute stuff you got.

Jth - Thank you, the cramping has stopped. I think I just had a couple of bad days, plus I didn't sleep well the night before last. I always feel like crap and achy when that happens. Slept well last ngiht and no crampy or achy feleing now! Hope you will start picking up on your weight gain, you still have plenty of time. Eat lots of snacks.

Praises - Sounds like prenatal yoga is fun! Be sure to take it easy with twins. I bet it feels good though to stretch and stuff with a belly like this. In the morning I like to stretch my belly out in bed, not sure if that's a good or bad thing!

Megzy - I don't think that is a bad sign at all! You've only got 3-4 more months before baby comes, and there's a lot to do. Good for you for getting on it earlier! Lol about the steak. That is pretty funny!

Tiffany - Happy anniversary!

Lucy - It is so hard to figure out what to do with leave. Just follow your doctor's advice and how your body feels. I don't think I'll be going back to work after since childcare is so expensive here (but the place you found sounds like a good deal!). I know I'll want to go out pretty early in my pregnancy just since I have some more risk factors like the subchorionic hemorrhage, and a prior LEEP. The sooner the better is really how I see it, I already feel so much better lying down than standing up.

Imagure - My bump is the amazing changing bump. First thing in the morning it is really little, but noticeable. Then once I eat and drink and a few hours later, it is huge! I think it swells up and gets bloated. So I think by the time I'm at work I look much farther along than I really am.

Selo - I am super thirsty too, must be all that extra blood and fluid we're making :)

Sounds like everyone is doing well. I am anxious for my next appointment in a week, it feels like forever since I've had one. Looking forward to hearing about all your appointments coming up!

08-03-2011, 11:27 AM
i think i just felt a kick right now! just one though. i forgot to say that yesterday i was pretty sure i finally felt some flutters! but it's so hard to be sure.

08-03-2011, 01:37 PM
Fetal heart monitor is a no go :/ At least at Walmart it is. I decided to call before making the trip tonight. They said that they didn't carry them. I guess my only option is renting one at this point. I'm going to try to suck it up and wait three more weeks until my appointment. Not sure why 5 weeks (which is how long it will be between my appointments) seems so much longer than 4 weeks, but it does!

Praises - yay for feeling flutters and a kick! Today, I felt some movement mid-morning. I believe it was Luke, but I still wonder if it is just gas bubbles or something:)

08-03-2011, 02:44 PM
jth - sorry about wal-mart not having the doppler, but yay for feeling the LO move! hopefully the time will pass quicker.

praises - yay for feeling the babies move/kick! my doctor has told me all along that if it's below the belly button than it's the baby (or in your case babies!), and if it's above, it's gas.

elle - hope your anatomy scan goes well! can't wait to hear!

jilly - the ever-changing bump is totally normal! mine is the same way. biggest at night, and smallest in the morning.

afm - we painted the nursery last night, and I touched it up this morning. then i've been cleaning since we are having company tomorrow and friday night. (had to take a break for a bit since my back was starting to hurt). my mom and brother may come over saturday if tropical storm Emily decides to head their way. hopefully they could bring the dresser with them so we could really start getting the room together. hung some more pictures, need to go get some pieces to fix our blinds from Lowe's, and spray paint some picture frames. I'm really doing a good job of avoiding lesson planning and getting ready for this school year! i think it's because I really didn't want to work, and am NOT looking forward to starting at a new school and having a baby in the same year. there's always next week - although I have orientation all week. and I have an appt next Thurs (8/11) when I will hopefully schedule my glucose test. is it weird that I haven't scheduled it yet and will be 24 weeks tomorrow? i feel like everyone else has scheduled it, taken it, or got the results back already.

08-03-2011, 03:24 PM
Lauren--its usually between 24 and 28 wks I believe, so you should be fine. My OB said that having PCOS means I get an extra test around 20wks. It's actually scheduled for my 22wk appt, so I guess the 2nd test will be at 26wks, not sure.

08-03-2011, 03:29 PM
Imaguire - THANK YOU!! If below the belly button is baby, then I know that's what I'm feeling. And I've been feeling a subtle thump for about 10 mins now - not every second but off and on for the last 10 mins!

Way to go on getting your nursery done! I hope the storm doesn't badly impact your family; however, I hope you get the dresser you want.

08-03-2011, 03:48 PM
Praises -- congrats on the boys!

JTH -- your anxieties sound very normal. I freaked out last week because a good friend had a 13 week miscarriage. That really got me paranoid, even though I know I shouldn't be. The good news is that I am feeling movement several times every day, mostly when sitting and about 30 minutes after eating. It's defintely been happening consistently since 16 weeks for me, which I know is on the early side, but I am thin and ultra sensitive to my body and its changes. I hope both you and I can remember that we have really good chance of everything being normal!

Tiffany -- I use the dryer balls and I think they work for me.

Elle -- hope your anatomy scan goes well! I have mine in less than two weeks, and we do not yet know the sex. Hope everything turns out with good results!

Regarding the 1-hour glucose test: My friend who is a midwife gave me and her patients the following advice. No, you do not have to fast, but I think I am going to over night to up my chances of a normal result. I am definitely worried about PCOS affecting my results. She recommends if possible in the week leading up to the test eating a low GI diet with emphasis on healthy proteins and veggies and limited sugar. Actually, if you can do it, she recommends cutting out sugar for that week, which includes juices. I don't think I am going to go that far, but I will avoid dessert and supplemental sugar added to products for that week. I will not be having my test until around week 26 I believe. Anyway, that's her opinion. Hope everyone is well!

08-03-2011, 04:21 PM
Ready - I am so sorry for your friend. This paranoia is new to me, but I think it is finally starting to pass. It's the first time that I have felt overcome with fear since I found out I was pregnant (well, besides the time that I landed in the ER a few weeks ago. but even though that was scary, I still had faith that all was well despite the heavy bleeding - and all was well). This week, I've just not been able to be at peace and that is a new thing for me. I guess all the little scares have finally caught up to me - I've been on bed rest 3 times already and my doc has me super restricted on activity, etc. So far, it's been a bumpy ride. However, it's made me appreciate every minute even more! I am hoping and praying that you are right and things are normal for all of us and our LOs:)

08-03-2011, 04:47 PM
Are any of you ladies good with decorating? The layout of the nursery is driving me nuts. It looks cluttered, and just unpleasant to the eye. I think I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them to see if any of you can give me any ideas if moving things around might help, which I'm not really sure it would. I'm also looking for decorating advice. I don't like clutter, but the room itself seems like it needs something. Anyway, I'll take those pictures and try to post them tomorrow.

I worry about movement sometimes too. My little guy moves so much almost all the time it's shocking! Today, he isn't moving as much. I try not to worry about it though and tell myself he is just having a quiet day.

I know some people say that the wipe warmers can be dangerous, but I've had quite a few mothers tell me that they are a must have. I'm not sure what to do then, I completely see their reasoning, so I don't know. Maybe I'll put it on my registry and if I get it, then I'll use it, and if not, then I won't think anything of it.

I find myself already sleeping terribly. I toss and turn all night. I find myself sleeping on my back more than anything. I know I'm not supposed to sleep like that, but how can I help it if I'm sleeping?

I can't believe it's already Wednesday, where is the time going??? I will be starting week 24 on Friday, less than a month away from the 3rd trimester!!!

08-03-2011, 05:44 PM
Well good news! It is definately a girl!!!!

All went well with the scan. She and I are perfectly average :)

I go to the OB next wednesday and hope that from now on I only have to see them rather than them and the Peri.

08-03-2011, 08:10 PM
Wow its been busy on here. :P

Praises - Thanks for the info on the twins thing...I didn't realise that identical could have different placenta.

jth - Babies R Us have dopplers...They do here anyway....I'm not sure how different the US stores are Compared to Australian ones though.

readytogo - I understand how you feel about PCOS possibly affecting the results of the glucose test...I told DH not to be surprised if I come back positive for GD. I got to get my diet under control again.

Ellebelle - Yay for the confirmation of a girl.

Tiffany - I'm ok with decorating things....More with Colour co-ordination and designs though. I'll still have a look though. I'm still trying to decide where i want everything put exactly in the nursery as well. I think it will get changed several times before baby gets here. Time has gone very fast...Starting to get worried that everything wont get done in time. Just over a week until i'm in the 3rd Trimester.

Thanks everyone to for the reasurrance about the nesting thing...I guess im mainly worried about LO coming early so everything like that gets me thinking. It didn't last though...Last night i crashed out on the couch and ended up with a rather late dinner. Going to take it easy a bit more today.

Our dog decided to sniff my stomach yesterday, then gave me a funny look as if to say whats going on in there. I think she knows something is going on since she hasn't jumped on me as much lately. She just doesn't know what. I just hope she doesnt start getting over protective of me and not let DH near me like i have heard can happen.

08-04-2011, 08:54 AM
Tiffany - the one thing I've been told about diaper warmers by other moms is that the baby gets used to it early on and then when you are out or even traveling and don't have a diaper warmer it makes for a very unhappy baby during a diaper change.

Ellebelle - congrats on confirmation that it is a girl!!

Meagan - thanks for the Babies R Us tip. I found one online for $40 there. That's not bad.

Rachel - I did some digging on Walmart's website and found a "prenatal listener" by Graco. They didn't list a price though. Guess I should have just gone and not bothered with calling!

08-04-2011, 11:52 AM
Megzy - That's funny about your dog. Sounds like she may know there's a baaby! Maybe it's good so she will be 'ready' when the baby comes, haha.

Ellebelle - Congrats on the girl confirmation! Glad you both are totally normal, that is the best thing to be in pregnancy.

Tiffany - I'm not much of a decorator. I wish I was. Look forward to pics if you post them though.

jth - I totally understand your fears. I am a lot of the same way. I have been out on bedrest twice so far in this pregnancy. We just have to pray, and hope the time goes by fast and uneventfully.

Imaguire - Sounds like a lot of fun to do the nursery. Post pics too, I love to see them. I don't know much about the glucose test, my doctor hasn't mentioned it yet but I probably won't take it for awhile.

Praises - Yay for feeling a flutter!! Super exciting. Hope you get to feel lots more.

AFM - Doing good. Thought i'd share my maybe irrational concern. I have noticed more discharge lately, which I know is normal for the 2nd trimester. But also things have (TMI) just been wet down there. Don't know if it's sweat or what. But anyways, when I was going to the bathroom a few days ago I distinctly smelled what smells like semen (again TMI) but we have not had sex. It wasn't like I had gushed a lot of water or anything, but it was wet, and it did have that smell. So then I looked it up online and it says amniotic fluid can smell like semen. Now I am all worried my fluid is leaking or something, or my water will break prematurely. I will bring it up with my doc. Part of me says I am being irrational but the other part worries. Nothing since then, but I am super afraid now of pprom.

08-04-2011, 12:13 PM
Jill--when is your next appt? maybe you should call your Dr today. I hope its nothing.

08-04-2011, 12:49 PM
Praises I go in next Wednesday, so six more days. Part of me says I am just being a worrier since I haven't had anything lately and maybe it was just a sweat mixed with discharge smell that made it smell odd, and so I am worrying. I will get an u/s next week and so I'll ask them to look at the amniotic fluid level and ask them about it. I don't want to over analyze every little thing and go in every week for something, but I also don't want to miss something if it comes up. This pregnancy thing is not easy!

08-04-2011, 01:01 PM
This pregnancy thing is not easy!

Amen to that!

I'm with praises, I think you should call and tell the doc what's going on and let the doc or their nurse decide if you should wait until next week to be seen. I'd tell them about the sweat and all. I know that sometimes my discharge has a vitaminy smell and I attributed it to the prenatal vitamin.

I am working from home today and couldn't help myself. I watched an episode of "I didn't know I was pregnant." I just can't believe that! Really?!?! You didn't know you were pregnant?! HOW??? Guess they didn't exp m/s like I have. I still can't allow myself to think of certain foods without making a run for the bathroom.

08-04-2011, 01:18 PM
Hey ladies!! We are going to have some company for the next couple of days, so I figured I should check in beforehand.

jilly - I would call the dr. just to be safe. It sounds like nothing, but you never know. and i completely agree - pregnancy is NOT easy!

jth - I have always wondered that myself! how do people not know they're pregnant! A. no period (which for us PCOSers isn't that abnormal) B. any m/s (guess they chalk it up to a long stomach virus or don't have it) C. putting on weight (i guess they assume that's normal??) D. weird cravings (not sure how they explain that) E. flutters & kicks (again not sure how they explain that!)

elle - congrats on the girl confirmation! i felt much better after the last unscheduled u/s and the new dr. said it was indeed a boy. glad to hear everything is going well!

megzy - that is so funny!! (not sure if I've already said this or not - stupid pregnancy brain) my cat was laying on my stomach, closer to my legs, and the baby kicked him!! he turned and looked at me with this look like "what the heck!!", and then the baby kicked him again and he almost hit the roof!! I laughed so hard!!

tiff - can't wait to see pics! i would love to see your set up! i can't wait til we get all our furniture in there and I can play with the layout. i'm sure i'll want your opinion then =)

afm - 24 weeks today!! only 3 more weeks til the 2nd trimester!! I can't believe it! only 4 more months til we'll hopefully have our little boy! i sure hope the time passes fast! DH is getting impatient - lol!

08-04-2011, 01:38 PM
Imaguire - love your cat story! That is hilarious!

08-04-2011, 07:17 PM
i agree with the others. i would also call your doc. its probably nothing, but with something so important i would let them decide if you should come in earlier or not...

i also watched this show and i really could believe it. its just to crazy not to realise all the changes with your body!!!!

@imaguire and magzy
love your two cat -storys !!!!:D

stopped taking metformin for some days now and since that i really suffer from obstipation...ohh i hate it. the other thing thats bothering me is im still lossing hair like crazy (isnt that supposed to get better with pregnancy???). im sure its still my pcos that does that(checked my iron levels and so on/ even though my skin is so much nicer). a year ago i used to have the thickes hair ever and now i for sure lost already half of it (its still enough so people dont notice, but if you look really really close you can see the loss at the front). im also thinking a lot about breastfeeding lately and i would love to do it, but then in the other hand im so afraid if i dont start taking the birthcontrolpill right away again, all my symptoms are coming back like crazy ( and im already spending so much money on electrolysis to get rid of the hair that grew over the last year/ im also afraid my hairloss is going to make me bald :( ) in the other hand i feel so selfish to think about just me and not whats best for my baby... anybody having the same concerns ?

08-04-2011, 07:44 PM
Megzy- That's funny about the dog. I think my dog knows somethings up too. DH is his favorite person right now and he typically follows me every where. He's very spoiled and has been my furbaby for 5 yrs.

jilly- I'd let your DR know and keep an eye on things. It may be nothing, or it may be something. It's better to let the DRs office decide.

jth- I wonder that myself all the time. How do you not know you are pregnant?

rita- What about the mini pill? Do you think that will help with some of your symptoms? It's not suppose to affect your milk supply. Ultimately it's up to you. A lot of the moms at my work give themselves a goal (like 6 weeks or 6 months) then introduce formula after that.

Tiffany- I like rearranging rooms. I'd love to see your pictures when you have time. I keep sitting in the baby's room and thinking about what I want where.

AFM- I think I've started to feel movement and maybe even a few kicks. I woke up to pee at 2:30 this am, when I laid down I'm sure I felt something. So I laid awake for a while waiting to see if I could feel it again and didn't. I was sitting in my bosses office this afternoon and someone else came in to see us and I felt what I think are 3 kicks, they were right in a row and in the same spot. I see my OB in the morning. I hope the heart beat pops right up and she doesn't have to go looking around too much like last time. I was starting to get nervous.

08-04-2011, 10:11 PM
I plan on posting pictures tomorrow, I was a bit way too busy with school today and I'll be taking my 24-week picture tomorrow, so I figured tomorrow would be good.

After having the daily back pain in the same exact spot for over 3 weeks now, I've come to the conclusion it is not going away any time soon. Oh well, hopefully it goes away after this little one is born! I don't have much else to say tonight, I plan on going to bed soon so I can get up in time to go to Jazzercise, I'm really trying to go twice a week and have been having a hard time getting up and eating in time before going.

08-04-2011, 10:45 PM
jth: I think I meant Babies R Us when I said Walmart. Sorry!! Or you can buy an AngelSounds on ebay for $30 or less.

Sorry no personals, I have been at the hospital with my friend. She had a 3 day labor, and I spent 40 straight hours with her at the hospital as a birth partner. Exhausting. So much work! I was on my feet for so long, I didn't sleep much, and I didn't eat much. I know I should have taken better care of myself, but it's hard to say, "Sorry you're screaming in pain, but I need to go to the cafeteria for a bit. . . " Anyhow, I'm so tired. My uterus has been hurting a lot, probably from dehydration. It's better today.

On the good news side, I am pretty sure I felt kicks today. It was when I was laying very still. They were like super gentle taps, but I definitely felt them!! Awesome.

So I called my mom to tell her, and she said, "You couldn't have felt anything. It's too early." She's always denying my pregnancy. Like when I told her my stomach was getting bigger and she said, "Well that can't be from the baby." I really love her, but she's such a **** about my pregnancy. I'm starting to think I might have to distance myself from her because it really upsets me, and I keep thinking she's going to change and suddenly be supportive. But she's not. It's hard to let go of the idea that your mom is going to be excited for your first pregnancy.

08-05-2011, 08:23 AM
rachel - take good care of yourself today! lots of water and rest. Yay for feeling baby!!! It's so exciting!! Boo on your mom again!! This lady is a serious Debbie-downer. I agree, I think you should kinda limit your exposure to her. (She reminds me of my dad. I just don't talk to him unless I have to because I end up feeling badly after having to spend time with him. Sounds like your mom is kinda the same way).

Gotta run, but figured I had a minute to check in so I would. =) Have a great day ladies!!

08-05-2011, 12:26 PM
Rachel - congrats to your friend! I hope that long labor ended well with a healthy baby! Also, I hope you rest and hydrate today. And - congrats on feeling the baby!!! Sorry about your mom. I've found that babies, weddings, funerals, and the holidays tend to bring out the worst in our relatives (both sides - DH and mine). I hope you have the strength to distance yourself from her. I used to go running back each time I got burned, but now I don't. I'm still surprised when I get burned by the same people over and over, but at least now that I have distanced myself I don't get burned as often.

Today I broke down and did something I've easily been able to avoid since conceiving. I gave up caffeine - including chocolate - when I conceived. Occasionally, I'll have a tiny bit of chocolate, but mainly I've been able to refrain. Today, I couldn't help myself and I had some Coke! It was the best. Coke. ever! I only had a few sips, but it was wonderful!!! The thought of sweet things has made me sick up until now, which is why I was able to avoid chocolate. Also, I was a huge coffee addict before conceiving. With the m/s, I couldn't handle hot things in the morning and figured it was something I could live without anyway for the baby's sake. Guess this is true confessions or something! I have a little bit of guilt over those sips of Coke, but they were sooooooo good!

08-05-2011, 01:58 PM
Jth, don't feel guilty about the coke. I find myself since about 6 weeks ago having about 20 oz of Dr. Pepper a week. I try so hard to behave, but I just have to give in every once in a while.

I went to Jazzercise this morning, and oh my goodness! I was telling my husband this morning that I never imagined being pregnant would finally help me make friends and get along well with people. I am generally awkward around people and really lack friends. A couple of weeks ago I was at the commissary and saw a person I used to hang out with in a group that since has been split up for over a year. I approached her and asked if she wanted to hang out sometime, and we did! And it turns out she is pregnant also and had tried to get pregnant for over a year and was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Then, at Jazzercise I have met this really nice woman who actually wants to do things with me! I have never felt so fortunate in my life! I hate to say it, but maybe I needed this deployment and pregnancy to coincide to make me come out of my shell.

Also at Jazzercise, a woman told me she was throwing me a baby shower in the beginning of August! I am so flabbergasted, people are being so nice! She is going to make it owl themed and everything! Also, the friend I met at Jazzercise is offering to drive me to the hospital when I go into labor! I just can't believe it. I have never had so much luck in my life!

Alright, to the pictures. The 24 week and the nursery. Please note on the nursery that the bassinet, swing, exersaucer will not be staying in there, just storing them in there until the baby gets here. Also, nothing can be placed on the wall on the left because we have decorations we can't move on that wall. I will be replacing the horrible shades with brown or wood blinds. I'm not sure if the room can be moved around at all since it is a small room. I guess I want to make it look a little more nursery like though, maybe a few decorations or something, any ideas? Oh, also there is a closet with a normal swing open door in the corner you can't see in the right.

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6130/6012297276_8be45ac431.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/29621720@N05/6012297276/)

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6030/6011749947_2eb959a77a.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/29621720@N05/6011749947/)

08-05-2011, 04:19 PM
tiffany--great belly! kinda tricky since you can't put anything on that one wall. where is the closet? (between the two dressers?) i would say switch your high dresser with the changing table, that way you could decorate the wall that is visible when you are walking into the room. not sure if that would make you have to move the glider though. are owls your theme? i'm glad you are finding some friends while DH is away.

our nursery is small too and hard to arrange because one wall is all closet (2 doors) and the door to the room, while the opposite wall has a window smack dab in the middle of it, so it's hard to put anything on either side but we're going to measure to see if cribs will fit. we also need to somehow fit a dresser in there that will double as a changing table. a glider is not even an option. the guest room is next door so i'll go in there to nurse if i need to, but i'm hoping to do that in our room.

jth--i've had a few sips of soda while pregnant but i just don't like it anymore! it's too sweet. i used to drink diet only but i quit using aspartame and now my tastebuds don't like it anymore. don't worry about a few sips though!

rachel--you better rest up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a very good friend for helping her but don't forget everything you went through to get your BFP!!! you deserve to take care of yourself. i hope your mom is not going to be so negative with your child. i am so sorry that you are hurt by her attitude. i would be crushed if my parents were not happy for me.

oh, afm, went to our first Labor & Birth class last night! we are all having twins and we're pretty close in pregnancy weeks--one couple is due two days before us and they are also having boys. it was funny because another couple is having girls and the husband said "anyone want to trade one for a boy??" we laughed. there were only 4 couples total because 2 couples had to drop out at the last second since the women are on bedrest now!!! they are due the last week of october. sheesh! and another couple didn't show up to class, but the instructor didn't know why yet. we really like the instructor. she is a doula and she just seems really nice and helpful. we talked about anatomy and contractions and practiced relaxation. our homework is to read about the stages of labor and keep a food log for two days.

08-05-2011, 06:46 PM
jth - You are totally fine with just a few sips of coke. I bet it tasted good! I would love to drink some green tea again, but like you avoiding all caffeine. It is hard to give all those things up!

Imaguire - Have fun with the company! Congrats on making it to 24 weeks, a great milestone. Time has flown by! Sometimes it seems to go by so slowly though.

Rita - I am for sure going to breastfeed, no matter what! I'll be darned if I don't :) BUT, that said, I have also had the same thoughts you have. Sucks that my acne will be raging, etc. And there's not much you can take or do when you're breastfeeding. But I will not let PCOS rule my life and make me miss out on such a bonding experience. It will suck to have the ugly side effects though.

Selo - Yay on feeling kicks! That is so fun. Hope your appt goes well, keep us posted.

Rachel - Hope you're resting up after your long day with your pregnant friend. Take care of yourself! Yay for feeling kicks, and tell your mom to go shove it, haha. Just kidding. Hope you don't take what she said to heart.

Tiffany - Glad people are being so kind to you. No one could be mean to a pregnant lady! It's funny how much people are willing to do for you when you're pregnant.

Praises - Your class sounds really fun. I would love to do a class with other multiples, I think there is one here too. I just get so tired it's hard to find time!

AFM - The nurse at my clinic said to keep an eye on it, and since it hasn't happened since it is a good thing. Probably nothing, but they will discuss it at my appointment Wednesday. Now if Wednesday could come sooner! Also noticed that for the first time this week my hips are sore when I walk from the car to work. Never used to happen! I suppose that won't get better as time goes on....

08-05-2011, 07:42 PM
I just wanted to make a comment about green tea. My doctor told me not to drink it when I'm pregnant, she said it can cause contractions, so stay away from the green tea! I can't wait to be able to drink it again, I liked it so so much...

jth - You are totally fine with just a few sips of coke. I bet it tasted good! I would love to drink some green tea again, but like you avoiding all caffeine. It is hard to give all those things up!

Imaguire - Have fun with the company! Congrats on making it to 24 weeks, a great milestone. Time has flown by! Sometimes it seems to go by so slowly though.

Rita - I am for sure going to breastfeed, no matter what! I'll be darned if I don't :) BUT, that said, I have also had the same thoughts you have. Sucks that my acne will be raging, etc. And there's not much you can take or do when you're breastfeeding. But I will not let PCOS rule my life and make me miss out on such a bonding experience. It will suck to have the ugly side effects though.

Selo - Yay on feeling kicks! That is so fun. Hope your appt goes well, keep us posted.

Rachel - Hope you're resting up after your long day with your pregnant friend. Take care of yourself! Yay for feeling kicks, and tell your mom to go shove it, haha. Just kidding. Hope you don't take what she said to heart.

Tiffany - Glad people are being so kind to you. No one could be mean to a pregnant lady! It's funny how much people are willing to do for you when you're pregnant.

Praises - Your class sounds really fun. I would love to do a class with other multiples, I think there is one here too. I just get so tired it's hard to find time!

AFM - The nurse at my clinic said to keep an eye on it, and since it hasn't happened since it is a good thing. Probably nothing, but they will discuss it at my appointment Wednesday. Now if Wednesday could come sooner! Also noticed that for the first time this week my hips are sore when I walk from the car to work. Never used to happen! I suppose that won't get better as time goes on....

08-06-2011, 02:36 AM
Tiffany - I have heard of Red Raspberry Leaf tea giving contractions but not Green Tea.....Suppose it could be possible though...I drink it all the time and havn't had any effects from it.

Rach - Glad to hear your feeling kicks. I felt kicks around 15 weeks as well. Some people said it wasnt possible while others said it is. I just went with gut instinct...If you think its what it is then thats what it is. :) Sorry about the problems with your mum. Mine gets a bit strange like that sometimes...Tried to tell us we are silly for finding out what we are having and that we should keep it a surprise...Then the day of the ultrasound that we found out she was the first to call up asking what we are having....We aint telling anyone not even her.

praises - Its great you got to have the classes with other people who are having twins and due around the same time. We still have 6 weeks until our first class. The book out very quick here.

Hello to everyone else. :) Hope everything is going well.

AFM - Today has been a bus day. Started getting the veggie patch weeded and tidied up ready to plants in. Found about 2 dozen strawberry plants in amongst all the weeds. We only planted 2 last year so they have spread like weeds. At least we wont have to get more this year.
DH started sorting out the shelves for the nursery. Got some tinted varnish and started on that. Hopefully next weekend they will have both coats done and we can put them on the wall and sort the nursery out properly. Will give me something to do while DH away since he's leaving in a week and a half.
Still need to finish my embroideries for the wall too. Nearly finished the first one.

08-06-2011, 07:57 AM
So much to do today! Can't believe I have two mangos but can barely feel them! But man they woke me up early from my hips/back hurting.

Megzy--that's great that you can weed the garden. I'm going to ask DH to weed our two flowerbeds. It's raining right now so afterwards it should be easy.

08-06-2011, 10:18 AM
Rachel- I'm sorry your mom isn't being very supportive. I think distancing your self for a bit is probably a good idea. Congratulations to your friend! I hope you are catching up on some rest.

jth- I gave in to some coke yesterday too. I just needed a little caffeine to get me threw work. I hadn't slept well and still had 3 hrs to go. Don't feel to guilty. My OB said one cup a day is OK.

Tiffany- You have a very cute bump! I think if you swap the dresser and changing table the room will look more open. If you are looking for ways to decorate the walls try weedecor . com. I searched "Owls" and some cute things came up. They are vinyl wall stickers. I've used similar things in my classroom and they are pretty easy to use. If you yahoo/google search owl wall decals you will find a bunch more. What about curtains or a valance that go with the colors in your bedding? It looks like it's a great space!

praises- It's nice that you got to meet some other parents who are going to have twins! I have to send in my labor and delivery class registration this week. I'm calling the insurance company this morning to see it they cover any of the fee because that's what the paperwork says to do lol.

jilly- I'm glad the nurse thinks everything is OK.

Megzy- It sounds like a busy day! I'm glad you found more strawberry plants...yum!

AFM- My appointment went well. She found the heart beat pretty quick and then the bean ran away to the other side of my belly lol. She asked me if I was going to find out what the baby was at my ultrasound and I told her yes. She predicts a boy based on the heart rate. Has anyone else picked a pediatrician yet? They asked me if I had yet when I was there. I guess I need to do some looking around but I'm not sure where to start. My stepson has one but I don't care for her. She is always an hr behind and her office hrs are restricted because it's just her and no other drs.

08-06-2011, 11:23 AM
Wow! Lots of things going on this week!

Praises- congrats on the boys!! That is awesome!! The fun starts now, or at least shopping!

Tiffany-what a blessing that you have met some nice ladies to be there for you. I think that is so awesome. And you still have lots of time before the baby to meet even more people and get to know these women better! I think you are doing great!!

Too many to catch up on, sorry!!

It has been a long week for me. Monday night, I had someone hired to do some work at my house get mad that I questioned the quality of work done. I have used them before and never had a problem. Well, it ended in me hiding in my house and calling the police. I was cussed out, threatened and called all sorts of names. Of course I promptly stopped payment on the check I wrote. This whole thing scared my husband, he worked like crazy to get his project done and made it home by Thursday night. I was soo happy to have him home. My grandma's heart went crazy Tuesday night and she had to have heart surgery Wed. It was so hard on me. She is my mom's mom, and since I lost my mom to cancer it hit me hard how much I want her to be here when our baby girl is here. She was really touched that we are naming our girl after my mom. She kinda teared up.

Well, off to spend the day with my DH! Hope everyone has a treat weekend!!

08-06-2011, 02:51 PM
Thank you so much ladies! I swapped the changing table and the dresser and it really does open up the room. I will be putting up brown or wood blinds on the windows and the valances that came with the bedding set I bought. I'm getting so anxious to finish school so I can start having fun with baby stuff. Right now I don't even have time to fix the "rough" draft of my baby registry I made. I was so disappointed with the registry when I made it. I wanted cute boy sleepers and things like that and everything is so plain. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get plenty of cute things.

Having this baby hit me really hard this morning. My husband wanted some "pictures" (we will leave it at that) and I realized that I will never look the same, we will never be able to just have sex whenever anymore, it won't just be the 2 of us, it made me kind of sad. Silly, I know. I am incredibly happy to have this baby, I think it was just that moment it hit me. It doesn't help that I miss my husband terribly and all the nice things he was saying about my body and our relationship just made me cry my eyes out. I'm sure some of that has to do with pregnancy hormones. I do miss him so much. I'm pretty good at blocking it out, but recently I've been having a harder and harder time about it.

Part of me is so annoyed. School is really bringing me down. I really just want to be finished. I want to go out and do something fun, but I have no idea what. I can't buy any more baby stuff because I will be having 2 showers next month. I'm tired of spending money. I'm tired of treating myself to good food. I have no idea what I want to do. I'm bored and I just want to relax, but I have no idea with doing what! Just need to finish school...

I'm sorry everyone, I'm not in the best mood today, I'm just so homesick for my husband and right now what I really want to do is go to Home Depot, buy some blinds and put them up. Or play a video game. Something! Actually that video game idea doesn't sound too bad...

08-06-2011, 03:09 PM
selo-i keep hearing that thing about heart rates but i am skeptical. if it's really true, we'd be having two girls!
we chose an FNP instead of a ped. she will refer us to a ped if needed. she will not be there when the babies are born but she partners with a practice of pediatricians that have rights to our hospital.

babydreams--that is not cool about that guy getting pissed at you! sorry about your grandmother. i hope she gets to meet your baby!

tiffany-are you moving furniture by yourself!?? i wouldn't worry about baby clothes--people love to buy cute baby clothes, so you don't really need many of them on your registry. get school done and over with!!! you really don't want to worry about that later in your pregnancy. i have a lot of stuff to get done at work before i go on leave so i'm trying to get it all done (and train people) in the next two months just in case!!

at both my prenatal yoga class and the labor & birth class, the instructors told us we need to be doing kegels! i know, i know, but i always forget. at the l&b class, the instructor told us it's more beneficial to do "super kegels" (contracting your muscles for 20 seconds and then let go) instead of several quick kegels. we're supposed to do 10 super kegels/day. i need to get in the habit!!!!!!!!!! i really don't want to leak pee when i sneeze (if i'm lucky enough to delivery vaginally).

08-06-2011, 03:22 PM
Praises - Good luck on the kegels! 20 seconds is a long time for them. You are learning all sorts of things, I may not need to take a class myself, I'm just going to read your posts and cheat! Hehe. I'm not sure if I'm going to take classes yet or not.

Tiffany - Thanks for the info on the green tea. No green tea for me then! I don't want to take the chance at all. I understand what you mean about realizing it won't just be you and dh. Even though we worked so hard for these pregnancies, and want them more than anything in the world, there's still always going to be a little part of us that has to look back on the days of just the two of you with nostalgia. Hope the next months go quickly for you.

Babydreams - That sounds like an awful experience with the people at your house cleaning. Glad you called the police! How terrible. Best wishes for your Grandma, I hope things go well.

Selo - I haven't thought the slightest about a pediatrician. It is too overwhelming for me to think of all the things I need to do. I still feel like I'm too early on to do those things. Hope you find one you like. Oh yeah I agree with Praises, I was supposed to be a boy based on my heartrate, but here I am, a girl!

Megzy - The nursery project is sounding like a lot of fun. Post pics when you can!

AFM - Found out my SIL (DH's brother's wife) is pregnant with baby #2. Happy for her, they had been trying, it was planned. Then my in-laws came to visit this weekend and said that their daughter (my other SIL, dh's sister) is trying to get pregnant now (she just got married in April), especially since I am pregnant and now the other SIL. I know, I know it shouldn't irritate me, but it does. They were like, oh, she was so disappointed it didn't work out the first month. Really? Really? What about trying month after month after month after month with no periods, paying thousands of dollars for invasive procedures? I can't help but feel irritated. Mostly probably just my resentment at my situation that I had to go through, but it irritates me she wants to get pregnant now just because I am and her SIL is.

08-06-2011, 03:40 PM
Jill--ugh, why does she have to do what everyone else is doing? i am so glad DH and i didn't get pregnant right after we got married!! (not that we were trying). i suppose she wants her kids to have cousins the same age. well, that is not always possible. my SIL started having kids in her early 20s, so our kids are going to be 8-11 yrs younger. i admit, it is kind of a bummer not to have any female cousins my age and all my cousins are way younger or older and live in different states, so we are not close. however, THAT is not a reason to rush having kids. i did feel like i was getting left behind when i found out i had PCOS and all my close friends either already had a baby or they were pregnant--it does make you feel like crap, but that is different than your SIL just wanting to be pregnant "because". who knows, maybe she REALLY wants kids right away.
do your in-laws know about your fertility problems? if they did, i wouldn't think they would say all that!

08-06-2011, 04:03 PM
Praises - Yes, they do know about my fertility problems, the IVF, etc. All of them do. Like you said, it is totally fine if she wants to have kids right away and had always been planning it, but his parents said oh now she really wants to get pregnant because you are and the other SIL is. I didn't think much of them saying she was so disappointed it didn't work out the first month, but the more I think about it, the more it irks me. Part of me wishes I was a catty person and made a comment like really? Do you remember what we went through? But I can't do that. My mom was like just focus on yourself, it doesn't matter what others are doing, which is true. I am probably being a baby and throwing a little pity party, so I'll try not to, but still... haha.

08-06-2011, 05:11 PM
Selo - good luck with the pediatrician. Like some of the others I too feel like it's too early to find one, but at my 8 week appt my ob gave me a bunch of paperwork, which included a list of local pediatricians. Now that I'm nearly to the halfway mark, I guess it's about time to get in gear! It still feels like it is not going to baby b/c we have wanted this for so long and it has been a rough road getting here.

(Side note: Please know that I realize others have gone through a much rougher road that we have. For us, it was the waiting and not knowing for so many years why we hadn't yet conceived. Thankfully, the process was somewhat faster once we realized what the issue was.)

Tiffany - I get you. A part of me is sad and a little scared that it will no longer be DH and me once the baby comes. It's been just the two of us for more than a decade and it's scary to think of how the dynamics will change. It is also exciting though b/c already I can see where our love for one another has grown - esp after our most recent scare. Good luck with finishing school. I know you will be relieved when it is finally behind you!

Jillybn - I would be frustrated with those comments as well. To each their own; however, I do think it's helpful to be married for a while before having a baby. Now, I didn't think DH and I would be married for so long before having a baby lol, but I am thankful for the time with just us.

Praises - 20 sec kegals X 10 per day?! Wow. I have work to do. I probably do 10 per week of the quick deals b/c I too keep forgetting.

Heart rate myth - it rang true for us. Luke's heart rate was slow from the beginning.

Glad I'm not the only one sneaking a bit of caffeine. Oh, and Praises, I think it's all too sweet as well. I really don't even like Sprite for that reason. I just really wanted a few sips of Coke yesterday. It was odd, but it hit the spot - so much so that I had a vocal response to the first sip and my male co-worker offered to leave me alone for a bit with the Coke! lol I was a little embarrassed when I realized I had had an outward response to it that was witnessed by someone else, but that's just how good it was. Really the only thing I can drink these days is very cold water.

afm - I felt the baby moving a lot this morning and it was wonderful! This afternoon it has been storming off and on and my big beast (St. Bernard) is not letting me get much done b/c he is afraid of storms. The 200 lb sissy wants to be held the second he spots the first hint of lightening - poor guy. I figure I could use a rest from the weekend chores, so I will give in and love on him for a bit until the storm starts to fade.

08-07-2011, 10:01 AM
I find out on the 16th, so it won't be long before we know for sure. :)

Jilly- I'm sorry about your SIL. I think our journeys make us more sensitive to things. I have a coworker that is getting married next month and thinks she will get pregnant on her honeymoon. I keep telling her it doesn't usually work that way.

Tiffany- I know how you feel a little. We have always had my stepson living with us, but he does see his mom 1 night every other week and we have "date night". I know that baby will change all that. Both of our moms live near us so I know someone will babysit for us if we ask. The baby will change everything, but it will change for the better. Do you like to do any crafty things? If you like video games then treat yourself to some time playing them. What about walking or meeting for a smoothie/ice cream (instead of coffee) with some of the ladies from one of your classes as a treat?

jth- LOL at your response to the coke. I think it's too sweet also now, a lot of things seem that way. My dog hates storms too. He likes to be held or hides under things.

AFM- I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't found a pediatrician yet. I'd love to ask some of my parents at work but no one knows yet. My boss said to let it come up naturally and so far it hasn't. There is a practice that isn't too far from my work that I'm going to check out I think. I visited their website and the hours seem good. I think I'm getting into nesting mode. I want all clutter gone and things organized. Feeling this baby move here and there seems to be making me kick it up a notch!

08-07-2011, 11:03 AM
Thanks Selo. I think I've had the nesting for quite some time, I just don't have the time to do it right now, haha! We are very much looking forward to this baby and we talk about him all the time when we talk, I have a feeling my husband doesn't really understand the side effects of having a baby though, he might be in for a rude awakening. I don't even know if he realizes right now that we can't have sex when he is home for R&R. One because I'll still be bleeding, and 2nd because we are supposed to wait I think 6 weeks.

My stomach has gotten noticably rounder the past couple of days. I also now feel the baby kicking and moving all the way up to my belly button which is new, I used to only feel it near my bladder! My husband thinks I look thinner on camera, which I hope I don't, because that wouldn't be good! I should at least be gaining a little weight.

I go home again to visit family in 9 days! I can't believe it, I feel like I was just there. Then my final trip will be in September and then I will wait out for our little boy to arrive. Since my grandmother and mother both went 3-5 weeks early with each of their 4 children, I am anticipating the same. So instead of the end of November, I'm thinking this baby will more likely come at the beginning of November. I am so happy so many people have offered to take me to the hospital when I go into labor, now I just need to get all their phone numbers! One lives across the street, but it would still be nice to have their number.

I have a strong urge to go to Home Depot and buy those blinds today and install them myself. Problem is I need to go grocery shopping as well, so probably not today. I need to order a powerdrill anyway. Alright, I need to get in the shower so that I can go to the commissary and work on schoolwork. Last night I was able to finish by 7:30pm and really enjoyed those 3 hours I got just to relax.

08-07-2011, 03:34 PM
Having a rough day today. Have a work patio party tonight that I'm not excited about. New teacher orientation tomorrow. All. Day. Yuck. I've been at home for a couple of months and I'm not ready to go back to that. Being at a new job makes me nervous, and this school is very intense and demanding of its teachers. Not sure I can handle that.

Also, I've mentioned this before, we have a friend who is supposed to watch our baby for us once I go back to work in January. Well, we should have settled everything earlier, but moving, etc. was distracting and we didn't. So I went shopping with her yesterday and she told us that the amount we offered her wasn't enough to cover what bills she needed to pay per month. We had no clue what to offer when she asked so we looked at local day cares to come up with our offer. She said she and her boyfriend would do some calculations and come up with a number. So now I'm worried about what number she's going to come back at since we aren't really aren't on any wait lists for day cares. (She also told us back when she offered to do this that she would be pretty cheap. She's made it seem like her boyfriend is the driving force behind this sudden change in price. However, he refuses to take part in any discussion we have about it saying that he's not comfortable. I feel like he needs to be there since he obviously is the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes. UGH!)

It doesn't help that we've had company in town a lot lately, and really no time to relax until today. I had another dizzy/near fainting spell in church today. I'm exhausted already, and this morning, I was spotting a little - I think from all the stress. My doctor's appt on Thursday can't come quick enough. Sorry for being selfish and venting, I just feel lost and stressed and want to cry.

08-07-2011, 04:38 PM
I so sorry Lauren! Don't worry about venting things going on in your life, I'll admit I'm terrible at doing that, hopefully not to the point where people don't want to hear it.

It sounds like you are having a lot of stressful things going on right now. All I can say is try to schedule even just an hour of complete relaxation where you don't think about anything of importance. I have to remind myself of this all the time and have found it to be really helpful. That is really terrible about what your friend is doing, she had already agreed to something. I understand what she is saying, but she really should have talked to you sooner about it. Your job does sound stressful. I handle stress very poorly and would never be able to take on a job like that. I hope your spotting clears up! I'm sure it is nothing but irritation. Definitely go in though if it gets any worse!

08-07-2011, 06:48 PM
Lauren - I'm so sorry. I think you should call your doc's office tomorrow morning and tell them about the spotting. You're probably right - it's probably just from all the stress you've been dealing with lately, but it wouldn't hurt to tell the doc.

About childcare - that's very stressful. Could you put your name on any waiting lists for daycare just to be safe? So far, it's been free for me to add my name to waiting lists for daycare. I have decided on one daycare if we go that route (DH and I might try to work out our schedules so we each work from home a few days a week and not have to worry iwth daycare, but that's a long shot), and the only cost right now was a $30 application fee/deposit. Also, would it help to provide this friend a list of local daycare prices and then maybe see if you can find anyone else who watches kids from their home and find out how much they charge? then, if she comes back with an unreasonable price, you can tell show her your research.

I hope those fainting spells stop. I'm very sorry that you are dealing with so much stress. I was logging on to vent about in-laws, but I think I'll keep it to myself now - nice to have perspective. At least I have distance on my side with them.

08-07-2011, 08:08 PM
Tiffany- I think it's hard on the DH's to really understand how things will change until it happens. My DH has been threw it before, but that was 12 yrs ago. I hope you got all your "chores" out of the way so you can relax tonight!

Imaguire- I hope your spotting has stopped. I would still let them know at your drs office. Good luck at orientation tomorrow. I hope it isn't to stressful. I'm sorry your friend seems to be changing her mind. Is she quitting a job to watch just your baby? Is she going to be a nanny at your home or watch the baby at her home? Nanny's typically make more but have other responsibilities such as cooking and laundry. Home providers typically watch more then one child. Most childcare centers will mail you info with no obligation or give you rates over the phone. You can then decide to tour if you would like. You can search for "licensed child care in your state" and there should be a list that includes childcare centers and home daycares. You could call a few centers and a few homes and see what their rates are. Good luck.

08-07-2011, 08:14 PM
Lauren, her price should not be based on what she needs to pay her bills...that is not how business works. Your price is what the services are worth, not what she needs.... I would search local licensed care providers through your states "job and family services" website, then call a few to ge an idea of a cost for an individual...

08-08-2011, 12:02 AM
Lauren: Try not to stress, because January is quite a ways away, and you still have time to find another provider. If I were you, I would be careful with this situation. When friends and money mix, problems get out of hand way too fast. It sounds like the boyfriend is just making things worse. What if this boyfriend needs more money when he gets a fancier phone plan or HBO in December and decided to jack the rates again? It would be a good idea to protect yourself against another change in fees, closer to January, when it will be harder to find an alternative. I do my best not to mix friends and money, because you can easily end up with one fewer friend.

I am so sorry about the spotting. After having sex today (it's not baby dancing anymore!), my cervix hurt, and I thought I might be spotting, but it turned out not to be. I hope it clears up soon. Maybe call your doctor's office if it keeps up, instead of waiting til Thursday?

Everyone else: It seems like family problems of one sort or another are something we are all having! I haven't spoken to my mom since the other night, but I did talk to my dad and tell him how much it upsets me when she discounts everything I say about my pregnancy. He agrees she's being really unreasonable and not supportive. He says it's just because she's so worried that I won't be able to handle being a mom. Thanks, Mom! Love the vote of confidence! Why don't you just come out and say it, "I think you'll be a terrible mother and wish you weren't pregnant." Ugh.

Well, I haven't felt the fetus kick again, but I have felt some little types of twitchy things. So maybe what I felt at first (which was like a little set of taps) was a headbutt, and these are fists/feet? I'm sure it will get more clear once a few weeks go by!

08-08-2011, 06:09 AM
Lauren -- sorry about all the crap you're dealing with. I hope the spotting is no big deal. I agree with Kari about the price issue. And with Rachel that this may not be the best daycare situation. I don't want you to get stuck with no alternatives.

Rachel -- I know it's really hard, but distancing yourself from your mom is probably your best bet. The nearly two years I spent not talking to mine finally resulted in a happy ending, and now she is perhaps one of the most supportive people in my life. She always tells me what great parents my husband and I will make, and this is after years of telling me I'm a bad person, I'm ugly, etc etc. I didn't ever give in to her verbal abuse, and now she acts like a real human being. So change is possible, but it may take some time apart.

Jilly -- I am going through something very similar with my sil, but I am starting to make peace with it. Basically, at 7 weeks we told my in laws and my sil and bil that I am pregnant. I kid you not, she literally stopped using birth control that week. Then two weeks later she ovulated. They had unprotected sex once and she got pregnant (on a very drunk evening too, FYI). The next morning she's like, "we're not ready to have a baby, let's go back to birth control." too late! Conceived that night. She drank heavily the first eight weeks of pregnancy until she took her 10th positive pregnancy test and finally believed she was pregnant. Now she's due seven weeks after me and is being super annoying about the fact that she can't drink anymore. She is the most jealous and selfish person on earth, but I mostly feel bad for her unborn child. As my friend told me, jealousy babies are the worst kind, and this is something she's going to live with for the rest of her life. I felt really upset about this a month ago when I found out, but now I just feel like she's pathetic.

Sorry for the vent! Whew, obviously needed to get that out :) everything else is fine, despite the fact that I woke Up two hours before my alarm this morning. I have a regular ob appoinTment today. I hope everything is normal. I already felt the baby move three times since I woke up, which is unusual because he/she is usually active after I eat. We find out next Monday if it's a boy or girl!

08-08-2011, 12:21 PM
wow, again so much has happened since i last checked in! sorry to those of you having issues with your family, that sucks during a time when you could use the support. i'm so fortunate to have a mother who is so supportive and wants to be involved. in-laws are a different story, however. my sister is getting married next monday, and she's already talking about ttc. she has pcos too, so i understand wanting to get started, but she is in no way able to care for a child right now. she and her fiance can barely take care of themselves! so i've been telling her to wait til she is ready. just because it took me 4 years, doesn't mean it will be that way for her. i think it is jealousy too, as the baby of the family she's not used to having the attention on someone besides her! tiffany, i understand what you mean about things not being the same after baby is here. i think we have come to terms with that though, we've been married for six years now and are ready for things to change. plus we've had 4 years of ttc to think about how different it will be with a child. it's kind of like closing a door on that stage of our lives and going on to the next.
lmaguire-how is the spotting did it go away?
my boy is like an octopus, he's all over the place! one second he's bouncing on my bladder and the next he's kicking me in the ribs, then i feel him to the side. i love to sit and watch my belly jump around when he gets moving.

just realized i have less than 100 days left!

08-08-2011, 01:15 PM
Hi guys,
Hope to join you guys soon so wanted to pop in and say HI! I've been stalking a bit and reading your heart warming stories about your little ones and a bit annoyed at some of the horrible things family will do and say.

Just wanted to add that focus on yourselves and don't worry about them. I told my BFF I was expecting and she was excited and then said "I think I'll have a 3rd one now" I kinda brushed the negative thoughts out of my mind. But it's been nearly a week and she didn't even both to send me a sms or email to check on me even though I told her I'd been having a rough time with MS.

I'm shocked that someone would have a jelousy baby! It's such a huge commitment and gift! Someone needs to tell them that once the baby is born guess what...they won't be the centre of attention anymore :p

08-08-2011, 02:03 PM
Went to the post office, came back and discovered the air conditioner is not working, boo! I called the landlord and he is always really good about getting someone hired to come out for things like this, so I hope that is the case with this also. Overall, I can't complain, just hot. At least we have power! It is currently 81 in the house and I normally keep it at 78. Glad I slept well last night, because I won't be sleeping well tonight! Crossing my fingers the landlord calls back soon to tell me when the guy can come out. I wonder what made it stop working though?

Edit: The landlord called, they are coming out to fix it between now and 5pm :D

08-08-2011, 02:09 PM
It stinks that everyone seems to be having family issues right now :( On a side note, pregnancy among friends is contagious. I don't see it as a 'I want the spotlight too' kind of thing. I see it as they want to share the same experience with you. It's an exciting time in life to have a little one, and it's nice to have people to share it with. My sister & I were preggo at the same time every time (except this one), as well as usually a friend or two. It's nice to be able to ask questions to someone who's at the same stage as you (did you feel the baby move yet? do you have heartburn too? etc...) and you know that they'll be more than happy to talk about being pregnant, going into labor, and what the newborn days are like. Right now I don't have any preggo friends and I actually miss it. Also, people that have never been through infertility don't 'get' that it is so stressful when you're trying and trying (and having m/c) when they can just say 'i think maybe we'll have another one! I'll get preggo this month!'. It used to bother me to no end when someone would say something like that to me when we were trying for the twins. Once I got pregnant, I wasn't nearly as bitter and I learned to accept that some people just don't have a hard time and they don't get my POV. It doesn't make them bad people, it just means that they have never been there. :)

08-08-2011, 08:40 PM
Hi ladies. Thanks for your support & for listening yesterday. I was just having one of those days. Feeling a little better today. Still a bit crampier than usual, but no more spotting. He's still moving all around in there, so I'm not too worried. Figured I would just tell the dr. about it on Thursday. Orientation went well today, and there are a few other younger newly married or at least recently married teachers, so I'm looking forward to getting to know them.
As for the daycare/friend issue: at my prenatal yoga class tonight, one of the girls suggested a licensed, older Hispanic woman that charges much less than what my friend would charge (she still hasn't come back at me with a number, but based on our previous conversations, I can only assume). This woman only takes 4 children at a time and prefers infants. I'm thrilled! I sure hope she has room for our little one! It would make it much easier, assuming my friend handles it well when/if I tell her that we don't need her. She is currently working as what she calls a "paid friend" for a 39 yo woman who is pregnant with twins, on bed rest, and whose husband hired my friend. She's going to help with her babies after they are born next month until supposedly January when she would come watch our baby. I have no idea what she's being paid there, or if they would want to keep her longer. Something we'll have to discuss.

tiff - hope your a/c is fixed now!! I know how you feel about the changing body, changing life thing. A friend who just had a baby in March told me that her hips still haven't gone back and probably wouldn't. Kinda scary, but I anticipated it.

supergal - welcome!

kate - congrats on breaking the 100 days left mark!! I can't wait to join you!

rachel - i'm so sorry about your mom. ugh. how frustrating! i get frustrated for you!

kari - first of all, how the heck are you!?! I haven't been to the TTC boards in a while, and meant to send you a message. I agree about her changing her # based on her bills. We'll just have to see what happens.

selo - our friend would be in our home, and I would only expect her to change, feed, and play with the baby. no laundry/cleaning, etc. so I guess she wouldn't be the typical nanny in that sense. the other lady does so out of her home, and since i haven't spoken to her yet, i'm not sure what exactly she requires/does, etc.

ready - i completely agree. checking into as many other options as I can. just sucks it turned out this way. hopefully we can resolve it without hurt feelings or damaging the friendship. (Especially since she's the one throwing my baby shower!)

08-08-2011, 09:07 PM
Tiffany- I hope your AC is fixed and you get to sleep comfortably tonight.

lighthouse- I too don't get bothered like I used to by people who just decide they are going to get pregnant and then turn up that way in 3 months or so. When I was TTC and going threw treatments it bothered me more. I just remind myself that every person and situation is different. Some things come easily to some people and for others it comes hard. I was upset when my sister got pregnant with my second nephew quickly and I had been trying for over a yr. It took me a while to accept it, but in the end I was still at the hospital and had gifts for the baby and my niece and nephew.

Imaguire- If you aren't requiring any extra duties of her then you shouldn't be paying her enough to necessarily cover her bills. I would still look around, call the person your friend recommended. Get some rates so you know if her number is in the right ball park or totally overboard. I hope you can resolve it one way or another.

AFM- my hips and back hurt today. I'm hoping that I can get comfortable in bed tonight so they don't hurt tomorrow. I tossed and turned a lot last night so I think that's why I'm hurting today.

08-08-2011, 11:54 PM
Lighthouse- You are right. I’m not really bothered by others getting BFP quickly as there are many people I know who have been trying for longer than I am. I just hope others can be as genuinely happy and supportive of me as I have been for them in the past. With some friends it doesn’t seem to be that way which is hurtful and disappointing. DH is being so weird about telling people so I can’t even talk to our friend who are preggies right now :P

Tiffany- hope that AC is fixed. I wouldn’t be able to survive!

Lauren- Thanks! I’m glad you found a possible alternative and I hope it works out. Hopefully your friend will understand since $ is a sensitive issue and its ok if you guys don’t agree and she doesn’t end up taking care of your little one. It’s better to work everything out up front so no one’s expectations aren’t met. GL and I hope you feel better.

Selo- I slept on my mum’s softer mattress this weekend and I was amazed my hips or back did not hurt at all! Maybe preggers need softer mattresses due to the extra pressure?

Ready- glad you are doing well! Must be amazing to feel the baby moving so much!

Rachel- I don’t think your Mum thinks you will be a bad mother but maybe she’s just having a hard time dealing with changing dynamics in the family. My mum is really nice but she has her moments too and I feel like she easily forgets that I’m not feeling well when she needs something done.

08-09-2011, 06:17 AM
Woke up early to pee and my leg hurts so bad!! Especially my knee. I don't know how Liz survived a triplet pregnancy. I want to cry just because of my leg, its ridiculous. Took an extra strength tylenol. This needs to go away so I can go to work!!

Sry, i'll do personals later..this wk is super busy!!

08-09-2011, 08:45 AM
Every night I wake up to pee and I have to get out of bed so carefully and then sit on the toilet like I broke a hip or anything. I have to hold onto the sick and lower myself slowly on it. My hips and lower back hurt so bad whenever I get up. I have now accepted it as just a part of life until I have this baby :) I do find the days I work out that I feel a little better. Tomorrow is a workout day.

Woke up early to pee and my leg hurts so bad!! Especially my knee. I don't know how Liz survived a triplet pregnancy. I want to cry just because of my leg, its ridiculous. Took an extra strength tylenol. This needs to go away so I can go to work!!

Sry, i'll do personals later..this wk is super busy!!

08-09-2011, 10:13 AM
i have been having a lot of back and hip pain too. but it's actually been a lot better the past few days, don't know what i've done differently though. i have been walking a lot this weekend, maybe that has helped.

08-09-2011, 11:13 AM
To all of you that are having back pain, I had horrible back pain for awhile so I mentioned it to my doc. She told me to start wearing a maternity belt and that should help. OMG she was right after a day or two of wearing the belt the back pain was so much less and then eventual down to the point that I hardly noticed it for awhile. I hope that helps.

08-09-2011, 12:01 PM
Supergal - welcome!

Lauren - hope this new lead is a good fit.

Back and hip pain - I have this as well. Mine is worse if I get up within a few minutes of lying down. It is really hard to get up and painful!

Darlin - thanks for the tip!

Tiffany - hope you have ac.

afm: almost over the in-law deal from the weekend. For the record as hard as we've worked for this baby and as long as we've waited for him, I would NEVER do anything to harm him. EVER! I'm dealing with a lot of hysteria on my DH's side of the family all of the sudden - his aunt and mom. His mom called to tell me that i had to send all items that I planned to register for and purchase to his aunt because she needed to make sure they had not been recalled. What am I?! An idiot?!! I think I can handle that, but thanks for the vote of confidence. I tried to be nice, but it infuriated me. DH thinks I'm silly to get frustrated about it, but the fact is - this is only the beginning and I want to make sure there are CLEAR boundaries from the start with these people. I also got a lecture about baby carriers and wraps - was told not to use them and if I did, I would kill my baby. Um... not true, and I do plan to use them - yes carefully. Again, I don't do hysteria and I am going to make a good mom so step off please! Also, I can't kick the m/s. I keep waiting for the day when I wake up and it is gone, but it's just not happening. The good news is that I'm not hugging the toilet as frequently anymore, but the bad news is that I still do and I thought those days would be behind me by now (bagels are scratched from the safe list again as of this morning). Finally, I think I will be debuting my first maternity pants on Monday! While my wardrobe is limited, I've been able to still wear some of my work pants and skirts (and they do not have elastic wastes, btw). However, we have an all day retreat on Monday and we can wear jeans. I figure I will want to be comfy in case they throw any team-building-cumbaya crap at me! Whew - venting is necessary sometimes - thank you for allowing a safe place for it:)

08-09-2011, 12:05 PM
Edit: The air was fixed yesterday around 5:30pm, thank goodness. It took 5 hours for the house to finally cool back down to the 78 I keep it at.

I experienced my 1st pregnancy hot flash today. I was not aware of pregnancy hot flashes and I got really worried. I was chatting online with my husband at the time and told him that I was getting really hot and sweaty. He was worried about me. So I did a quick google search, perfectly normal. Thank goodness. And it did pass. The last and only time I've had a hot flash was in the last round of Clomid I did. So ladies, if you experience a hot flash, don't get too worried.

Other than that I'm just tired today. I have a headache, but luckily I feel motivated. My husband wants me to start sending him a letter every Tuesday. So I need to put that together today. I made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned, since I've been reading how important that is. The lady I work for twice a week in the evenings told me she thinks what would work best for her is to try to find someone so my last week with her will be the last week in September. I have mixed feelings about it. A little bit of a story. I have been working for her for almost 2 years now. She is blind and I'm her reader, which is basically doing things on the internet for her that aren't blind friendly, doing the mail, things like that. She is incredibly capable and I constantly forget she is blind. We have also gained some kind of connection over the last 2 years, I won't say a friendship, but some kind of connection. We get along really well, but not in a friend kind of way. There is more to it, but that is all I will say. Anyway, I would love to keep making the money that I get from working for her, but at the same time, I'm getting kind of excited about being done with school and working at the end of September. I should have at least 1 month then just to relax as much as possible. Do what I want when I want. Then I will wait for the baby. My maternal side all went 3-5 weeks early on delivery, so everyone's guess is that I will too. My mother told me also yesterday that they all went really fast. Like contractions started and by the time they got to the hospital, they had the baby in 2 hours. I was like thanks mom, that is really good information to know. Can you imagine if I sat around the house thinking I had plenty of time when I really didn't! I will be telling my doula this for sure. I have 6 people I can call to take me to the hospital, hopefully one of them will be available when it happens!

08-09-2011, 12:31 PM
In case you are curious, this is where I'm checking all items for potential recalls: http://www.cpsc.gov/

Tiffany - good to know about potential hot flashes. I hope you're not far from the hospital if you do follow the maternal side of your family! A gal DH worked with didn't have anyone to take her to the hospital. When she went into labor instead of calling an ambulance, she opted to walk the 3 blocks to the hospital while in labor! I bet she made it there faster by walking vs calling an ambulance! Still, not sure if walking would have been my first thought. Glad you've had multiple offers on rides to the hospital!

08-09-2011, 12:35 PM
darlin--thanks, i have been thinking of getting one of those maternity belly support things for my back/hip pain although i'm wondering if my belly will outgrow it at some point and then i won't get to wear it.

i do prenatal yoga once a week but i'm afraid of doing extra walking or any other exercise because i don't know if it will affect my cervix.
not sure why my leg hurt so bad though. it felt like my knee was going to explode. i blame it all on hormones. DH brought me two rice socks, one heated and one from the freezer and i put them on my knee and foot and it at least helped mask the pain. the pain eventually went away after taking the tylenol and i was able to get a little more sleep and go to work late.

08-09-2011, 03:16 PM
praises- It is true that exercise can make IC worse if you have it. But since you had such a good cervical measurement last time I don't think a little bit of walking would hurt. I wouldn't do much more than that though. Just pay attention to your body. ;)

08-09-2011, 03:24 PM
Praises- They are elastic and stretch, so you won't outgrow it. I got a size up and it worked WONDERFULLY. Big difference on the days I didn't wear it all day. The kind I had was the prenatal cradle- it goes over your shoulders and around your waist. It was recommended for twins/multiples. I didn't get it until I was 28 weeks-ish, and REALLY wish I'd bought it sooner. I paid around $35 for it I think through drugstore.com

08-09-2011, 07:17 PM
i was also thinking about prenatal yoga. i actually never done yoga, but i thought is probably good for me and the baby and im also hoppongto meet other pregnant women :p

i have those hotflashes all the time, actually sometimes my skin feels like burning hot...the worst thing is that lately i have nightsweats almost every second night where i have to change my cloths because they are soaken wet. my poor husband is always freezing like crazy during the night though :)
my doc says its totally normal so i guess trust him on that...

totally understand your in-law misery...im soooo glad that i wont see mine again till the baby is actually coming :)

did you have your u/s to check for the subchondral hematoma yet? i have my next u/s in about 2 weeks , hope its gone by then. never had any bleeding even though we also BD not just once:p , so i hope thats a good sign

feeling pretty good lately. i just still have the cramps once in a while and i really dont like them...well and im supposed to stop my progesterone...but im just really afraid of it. i got so used to them and they dont bother me a all. i know thats crazy but im actually afraid of a withdraw-bleeding:( my doc also doesnt wanna check my progesterone-levels after 2 weeks of stopping them because he thinks there is no need for that...what do you guys think?

08-09-2011, 08:16 PM
super- We have a pretty plush mattress with a pillow top thing on it. We just bought it about a year ago. My sister told me today that she slept on the couch a lot of the time.

Tiffany- I can relate. I feel better after I start moving.

jth- I think letting DH deal with his family might be a good idea. He needs to tell them you guys are the parents and when you need or want advice you will ask for it. Thanks for the recall site. I will check out a couple of things I have here.
I'm sorry that you are still having morning sickness. I hope it leaves you soon.

AFM- I'm still having a lot of hip pain today. I'm going to take a tylenol in a bit before I go to bed to see if that helps settle me in.

08-09-2011, 10:01 PM
Rita - I go in tomorrow to get it checked out. I'm hoping mine is gone, too! It's a great sign you never had any bleeding. I haven't had one bit of bleeding or spotting since my initial bleed at 9 weeks so I'm hoping mine is gone for good... but I'm nervous!

Selo and Praises - Sorry for the aches and pains. Are these new things? I haven't had any so far so I'm not looking forward to getting them. But, just a reminder that our babies are growing big and strong and are getting closer to being ready for this world. Hope the tylenol and maternity belts work.

Tiffany - Glad your a/c is working. I like it cool and keep it at like 72 :) Glad you have plenty of people to take you to the hospital, good to know that info on your family so you can anticipate what your labor will be like.

jth - wow your in laws sound a little bit craaazy! Sorry you have to deal with this. I can understand you wanting/needing to say something so it doesn't get out of hand. I agree that dh should try to handle it so it comes from him. You don't need the added stress of all of that. Funny how everyone has advice or an opinion on pregnancy and babies that they offer, and not all are needed or wanted!

Sorry I know there are others I missed but I can only go back so far sometimes when I haven't posted in awhile :) I have another doctor's appt and u/s tomorrow. Going to specifically be looking at the subdural hematoma if it's still there, and asking lots of questions about IC and measuring my cervix, symptoms to look out for, when to Braxton Hicks start, what is my watery discharge from, etc. Hope they don't get annoyed with me cause it's been a long time since my last appointment (I feel like).

08-10-2011, 09:55 AM
Rita - sorry about the cramps. Would your doctor check your levels if you explained you wanted it done for peace of mind? B/c of all the spotting I've had, combined with the heavy bleeding I had at one point, my doc has been super sympathetic. While I don't want to push it, I know he'd do something if I told him it was important to me. I hope your doc will do that for you.

Selo - Hope the hip pain eases for you. I agree that it is time to tag in DH. Things were going so well with the aunt and the mom until now. All I can say is thank God I have physical distance on my side. I'm sure they will descend on us when the baby arrives, but then they will have to retreat and be many miles away again. After finding out my due date, the aunt actually told me that she was glad b/c she and her (always sick) two kids (12 and 8) could come and stay a few weeks with us b/c the kids would be out of school. It's not that I don't want them to visit, I just don't want their germs right away. She'd have a heart attack if I tried to do something like that to her b/c she kept her kids in a bubble until they went to school, which explains why they are always sick now. I don't plan on keeping Luke in a bubble, but I don't want to expose him to a ton of germs from day one if at all possible. If I were to tell her that I was worried about the germs from her kids, she would get extremely offended and then cut me off for a while. I don't want to cause drama, I just want to protect my baby.

Jilly - They honestly are crazy, but I was crazier to think that they would not act this way with me. As long as you do and say exactly what they deem is good and appropriate, then all is cool. The second you deviate from their will, then all hell breaks loose. I fooled myself into thinking things had changed. At least now I've seen their true colors again in time to make sure there are clear boundaries before Luke arrives. DH is going to have to be the buffer because I agree that I don't need the stress! I hope your doc appointment and u/s go well!!

08-10-2011, 07:45 PM
Thanks everyone for the wishes today! My appt went really well. They didn't see the subdural hematoma, woohoo! So, I guess I can count on it as disappeared. They also did a cervical check since they were doing a t/v u/s anyways and it was 3.7 which they said is good so I am happy about that, but I know I'm not really in the 'danger zone' yet. She also said my cervix feels short on the manual exam (probably from the leep), but as long as the t/v scans show it at a good length don't worry about it. Also amniotic fluid looks great so my clear leakage is nothing to worry about.

Had a pap smear, yay. So when they put the speculum in, it was the most painful thing ever. OMG. I could barely do it. She took a smear and looked at it under the microscope and I have a yeast infection, which is why I am (TMI) very red down there, tender, and painful with anything in the vagina.

Now I get to wait another 3 weeks until my anatomy scan and another cervical check. Hope everyone is doing well, it's kinda quiet here today.

08-10-2011, 08:57 PM
jilly- I'm glad your scan looked good! I'm sorry about the yeast infection though. At least now you know and can get it treated. My pain started Sunday night. It seems to be mostly gone today. It tends to be worse when I'm in bed though.

jth- I hope you can find some excuse to keep the aunt and kids a way for a while after the baby is born. Like you are going to want to play hostess to 2 kids and adults after you give birth. Maybe DH needs to "put his foot down" about no house guests until you have recovered. How about they come for spring break instead or something?

It's quiet here today.
AFM- My hips feel better today. It's not as humid here today so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or if what ever needed to stretch stretched out. I will find out tonight since that is when I seem to feel it the most.

08-11-2011, 04:49 AM
JTH -- Wow! Your in laws sound like they are taking crazy to a whole new level. I do not think I would be able to deal with someone who was acting in such a patronizing way, so I give you credit for being a better person than me. I hope you guys work out a solution to that soon. I totally agree about setting boundaries and establishing your authority before the baby arrives.

Jilly -- I'm so happy for your results! I bet that is such a relief.

I had my regular appointment on Monday, and I hadn't been to the doctor since late June because of my summer travels and my doctor's own vacation. I went into the appointment mostly concerned about whether or not I'm measuring correctly. You know how now that we're pregnant and visibly showing everyone comments on our size? "Wow, you're big!" "Wow, you're small!" I've gotten mostly the "you're so tiny" comments because I'm short (5'4") and thin even though my stomach is really bulging out (it has no where to hide!). I knew going into the appointment that I've only gained 5 pounds so far as of week 19. Fortunately, my stomach is measuring 19 centimeters, and my doctor said that is right on target with the goal of one centimeter of growth per week (meaning at 19 weeks it's great to be 19 centimeters). So, she said she doesn't really care about my weight gain as long as my stomach is the right size. I've still been making a conscious effort to eat a little more each day, which isn't as hard now that my appetite is in full force. We find out the sex Monday! Can't wait for the anatomy scan.

08-11-2011, 11:02 PM
hey all. sorry been mia all week.

I hope you're all going well.

I move over to the 3rd Trimester today but I will check in here once in a while to see how you all are going...Hope to see you all coming over in the coming weeks :D

08-11-2011, 11:58 PM
I can't believe it is already time for you to move to a new board Megzy! Congrats and keep us updated on you and your little girl!!

08-12-2011, 09:23 AM
Jilly - glad the appt went well! Sorry about the yeast infection. TMI question alert - did you have a burning feeling when you urinated? Wonder if the early guess of one of each will ring true at your next u/s!

Selo - DH might have to do just that! Hope your hips are still feeling better.

Ready - glad to hear about the stomach size vs the weight gain. So far (as of yesterday), I have gained a total of 4 pounds. My tummy feels and looks HUGE to me, but I get comments left and right about how I'm small for 20 weeks. My next appointment is 8/23. I'm going to ask about weight gain. So far they haven't seemed alarmed with how little I've gained. Believe me, I am not trying to not gain weight. I eat A LOT! And, finally despite the lingering m/s, I feel like eating more often now. When I do feel like eating, I eat. I am not bashful about it either:) I'm excited for your Monday u/s!! Do you have a feeling as to whether it's a boy or a girl. In my heart of hearts I thought I was carrying a boy.

Meagan - congrats on graduating to the third trimester!

08-12-2011, 10:02 AM
Megzy - Congrats on moving to the 3rd tri! You're in the last stage, hooray :)

JTH - I wouldn't say it burned when I peed, but now that I think about it maybe a little? I was kind of shocked I had one since I had no real symptoms, but the doctor could tell right away from looking at my 'parts', lol, that something was going on. I didn't really have itching or anything. It has been hard for me to decipher what is normal different down there with pregnancy, and when that different feeling means something is wrong. Actually the only real symptom I had is it was painful for anything to be in my vagina.

08-12-2011, 10:52 AM
yeah for the hematoma being gone!!!!! gives me hope mine will be hopefully gone as well....

@megzy angel
congrats!!!!!! wow time goes by so quick....

i decided to take the progesterone for some more weeks. just makes me feel better and i know its not gonna harm my baby...the last two days i felt that my cramping got stronger and really uncomfortable, but im not bleeding or anything else.i was really worried and i said if its still there today i call the doc again (even though he told me already its normal). well yesterday i started to take a higher dosis of magnesium and today the cramps are gone (my doc in germany told me i could take up to three pills a day and now im taking two ). i think i will just keep on taking them for now. i also listen to my baby heartbeat and it seems fine.if you google it in the interent it seems like a look of pregnent women have the same problem. have any of you guys also experienced cramps like this (they feel like light af-cramps)? do you guys think its just my uterus growing?

08-12-2011, 02:44 PM
Rita - I am very sorry you are experiencing cramping. I have not experienced cramping, but I have experienced lots of spotting in all shades and lots of odd pains in my abdomen. With the spotting - my doc said it was normal as well, but I still didn't like seeing it. It's hard to take comfort in hearing that it is normal when you feel like you are in the minority with a particular ailment or symptom. Sounds like you have found a solution though - taking more magnesium, right? With the odd pains, I just assumed that things are growing and stretching in there and it comes with the territory! There were a few days about 3 weeks ago where it just hurt all the time - hurt to sit, hurt to sneeze, hurt to walk - it was painful! But, then it passed and now I just feel some discomfort in my abdomen when I sit and sneeze.

I wanted to share a link: Top 12 Pregnancy Fears (and Why You Shouldn't Worry) from parents.com. I found it helpful, maybe you all will as well!


08-12-2011, 08:08 PM
JTH, that link was helpful, I was hoping for something about sleeping positions though. I'm always freaking out about that thinking I'm hurting the baby by accidentally sleeping on my back or on my right side.

My parents just called. They are in Sears. Apparently the Carter stuff is 50% off today and tomorrow and they wanted to know what I had for clothes. As much as I love getting stuff from people as gifts, I always feel like my parents go overboard. Always paying for things, etc. I really wish they wouldn't do it, but at the same time I know they are just excited. Alright, now I can't help but be just a little more excited about seeing them on Tuesday :D

I have to remind myself something a friend told me once. People only do things that they want to do, so never feel bad about things someone does for you, because they wanted to do it, not because they felt like they had to...

Edit: On that note...I think Sears is having some kind of sale, maybe I should visit them tomorrow and see what they have for maternity clothes...

08-12-2011, 08:13 PM
rita - cramping is normal as long as there is no spotting along with it. I had it quite often, and still do on occasion. My doctor told me that it's almost always due to baby growing and the uterus expanding. So no worries! =)

jilly - yay for your hematoma being gone!! that's great news!! can't wait to find out the sex of the babies!!=)

ready - so excited for you to have your anatomy scan Monday!! So excited for you! and thanks for the belly thing, although it doesn't really apply to me. I've gained almost 18lbs now - ugh. I have NO idea where it's all going because everyone says I look the same except for the belly. I only wanted to put on 25-30 lbs total, and it doesn't look like that's going to happen now. my uterus measured 26in at my appt yesterday, which she said was good for 25 weeks.

jth - not sure how you've managed to deal with your in-laws. you're a saint!!

megzy - congrats on the 3rd tri!! I'll see you there in a couple more weeks! hard to believe!

selo - hope your hips are feeling better!

afm - this week has been a little crazy since it was orientation week and school starts next week. I am NOWHERE near ready. I have so much to do this weekend, and had intended on doing a lot today when I got home, but was so exhausted that I needed a nap. I've decided that I don't like my new doctor's office and plan on changing once my insurance switches on Sept. 1st. I got to the office at 10:10 for my 10:30 appt yesterday. I waited until 11:30 to even be moved to a room!!! I was LIVID! Hormones certainly don't help patience. I was almost in tears. The doctor isn't bad at all, I kinda like her, but her office staff is horrendous. I had a meeting at school at 1pm and I barely made it there on time. ugh. also still looking for child care, but have a few leads, so hoping that works out. going to be a very stressful few days so i may be absent a couple of days in my mad scramble to be ready for school (or at least seem ready).

08-12-2011, 11:25 PM
Hi everyone! I feel like I can officially join you now...(although some sites say 13 weeks for 2nd trimester???)

Rita- hope the cramping goes away soon. I'm having very mild occasional cramping since stopping prog earlier this week. It might be nothing but it's still a bit nerve wracking!

Jth- wow u must be very nice for ur in laws to think they can get away with all that. She must be crazy to think you want guests after having a baby! My MIL is a bit over the top too she makes some weird comments which I blatantly ignore and I’m usually super nice to her so she gets it. Hope DH can talk some sense into them! Thanks for the link it is helpful!

Tiffany- hope you find some good deals! That’s sweet of your parents to want to be there for you and help as much as they can :)

Jilly- hope that infection clears up soon! I’ve always found the spec painful and until coming on this board I thought I was weird since the docs don’t seem to think it should hurt! Glad the scan went well and the days fly by to the next one!

Ready- my doctor said the same thing to me that weight is not a concern as long as the baby is measuring right and I’m not depriving myself. GL on Monday!

Megzy- Congrats on graduating!

Lmaguire- Every doctor we go to here in Toronto you HAVE to wait a minimum 1 hour. Since I got my BFP I eat before I go and take a snack with me. If you don’t feel the doctor is worth the wait then you should def change. GL getting ready for school!

Hope everyone and their little ones are doing well!

AFM: going to visit a 1 day old tomorrow. His parents are Uni friends and don't know we're expecting. I wonder if they'll guess? DH thinks I just look a bit chubbier but not preggos :)

08-13-2011, 11:39 AM
Alright, so now into the 25th week, I feel like some kind of sickness is starting to come back. Is this normal? I was hoping it was a fluke, but I just feel off. It doesn't make sense for morning sickness to come back because my body should be used to the hormones by now. I also think there a slight chance I might have a sinus problem right now, which I suppose could be causing the migraine headache and slight nausea. I'm going to eat some lunch and then do a little shopping, maybe that will help?

08-14-2011, 10:15 AM
ready- I'm glad you are measuring right on! You must have been nervous waiting all that time to see your DR. I'm trying to eat more each day also. I also haven't gained much which she wasn't concerned about. I can't wait to hear if you are on team pink of blue!

jilly- I'm glad you didn't have any burning when you peed. The last time I had a yeast infection I had to keep from jumping off the toilet every time I had to go.

rita- I'm glad you are going to continue the progesterone. It sounds like the magnesium is working for you. I do feel "cramps" in my abdomen from time to time. They don't really feel like AF, just like lots of stretching and pulling almost.

jth- That is a great article. Thanks for sharing!

tiffany- I'm glad your parents are excited. It's hard to tell what you are going to need for clothing because you don't know how big the baby will be and how fast they will grow. My DH cousin just had a baby 2 weeks ago. She got Dx with diabetes during her pregnancy (not GD) and they told her he was going to be to big for newborn clothing. He ended up being born 2 weeks early and needed newborn clothing. She had to send her parents out to buy some things that would fit him now. I did get a cute maternity outfit (pants and capris) from Sears about a week and a half ago for $15. I hope you found some good deals!

AFM- I can't wait until my anatomy scan Tuesday! I just want to know so hopefully the baby is in a "showing" mood. My hips still hurt on and off but not like they did early this week. I hope everyone is doing well. It's been quiet here this week :)

08-14-2011, 03:34 PM
I'm finally getting caught up on this thread! What a crazy week.

jth--omg i would be so annoyed about the recall stuff with your MIL. i have not heard that carriers/slings are dangerous at all. i'm checking my own stuff, but not every little thing, just the major stuff like car seats, cribs, etc.

jill--glad your u/s went well!! maybe your cervix felt shorter with the manual exam because that does tend to happen. did you send me that article? i can't remember, but someone just showed me an article about how transvaginal u/s is more accurate than manual. sorry about your yeast infection--doesn't sound fun!!!!!

megzy--congrats on moving up! time is going so fast

rita--my cramps are not like menstrual-type cramps. they are just pains from everything stretching (and probably digestive discomfort too)

lmaguire--i saw your belly pic and you look great! i don't think you need to worry about weight. were you slightly underweight to begin with? if so, then you should be fine. i heard it's more accurate to track the circumference of your upper arm than your overall weight to see if you're gaining too much.


to everyone who's finding out the sex soon: can't wait to hear what you're having!! yay

so the most exciting thing this week was that the babies started kicking on Friday--obvious kicking instead of flutters. then DH felt them last night!!! i didn't think that was possible so soon but he kept saying "whoa" every time i felt a kick, so i knew he wasn't imagining it. so cool!
we were busy this week because we happened to have 3 classes at the hospital. Monday we got CPR/AED certified, Tuesday was my prenatal yoga (which is kicking my butt--my knees were hurting me, but hopefully that was mainly because of that leg pain episode i had that morning--i felt really good after class), Thursday was our multiple birth class, and yesterday morning was our newborn basics class called Parent-Baby Connection. it's an interactive class where you go to different stations and get information and learn how to do basic things like put on a diaper, swaddle a baby, etc. Also talks about the mother-father relationship and how to keep communication open during all the craziness. We really like our instructors; they seem like they truly care and it's very encouraging.
Started to get a little stressed this week because of my SIL wanting to throw me another shower AND decorate our babies' room--neither of which DH and I want(i ranted about it on the Rants thread on the Moms board), but i think things are under control now so it's all good--hopefully!

oh P.S. i don't remember who said this about the semen smell but i've had that the past few days too! it's weird but it doesn't smell like an infection or anything. to me, semen kinda has a "bleach" smell to it. if you don't know what i'm talking about, maybe i read it on another thread. lol

08-14-2011, 04:43 PM
I have been having overall exhaustion and some major anger problems lately. I am never like this, so it has to be the pregnancy. I've been feeling irritated all day. It seems like anything can set me off, so it's just really weird. I hope this phase passes soon because I really don't care for it.

I spoke with my husband this morning(well, I do every morning), but I needed to talk about labor and things like that. There are times when I am really happy he is a psychologist. I had watched The Business of Being Born last night. First off, this set off my anger and crying, thinking how unfair it was that my husband was missing out on feeling my stomach and going through all this with me. I had to go to bed to escape it. No worries, I'm over it now :) I have my moments. There was a part in the movie that got me thinking about not having an epidural. I should clarify, before the movie, I had been telling myself that I was going to see first how labor was then decide if I needed something. Since I have a doula, this is very possible. Anyway, the movie had talked about if you get pain meds then the natural hormones, etc don't get released after you have the baby, so the mother doesn't have that special bonding like she normally would. This got me incredibly concerned. They had compared it to giving an animal a Cesarean and the mother not even caring at all about their young. Anyway, my point is I spoke with my husband about my concerns this morning and he was incredibly helpful. He pointed out that first, we are not animals, we have the mental capacity to think, and therefore can create attachment just because of the fact that for 9 months all we think about is this baby. Mothers who adopt are attached to their young, we are not animals. He also pointed out I shouldn't worry so much about him not being there until the baby is 6-7 months. The baby doesn't even recognize the parents as a separate entity until about 6 months and therefore doesn't create the attachment until then. It takes 2 weeks just for the baby to prefer the mother's scent. Like I said, thank goodness my husband is a psychologist. I feel so much better knowing the psychology behind human development, it really helps me for some reason. So we will see in the end if I get that epidural, I'm not against it, but it sure would be nice to not have to have it :)

On anther note. I picked up 2 more pairs of leggings at Target today. I like them so much, I thought I should get some more. I also prefer long shirts for maternity shirts, so hopefully I get wear out of them. Only problem, I don't have cute shoes to wear with them. I plan on wearing them up until the baby is born and afterward. I also had a free smoothie on my Panera card, so I picked one of those up. I got the mango smoothie, oh my! It was delicious! Too bad they are $3.89 each if you have to pay for it, that is a bit too much for a smoothie I think.

My parents told me they picked out 3 outfits, so I was happy to hear they didn't go overboard. I'm looking forward to my week vacation starting on Tuesday. I need a week where I don't think about school or keeping house clean. I kind of wish I could take a week off of thinking about the baby(not that I don't like it, it just gets wearing), but that will be impossible as I am home with my parents. They will want every chance they can get to go and look at baby stuff, which is fine, it's fun, especially since I don't normally have anyone to look at baby stuff with. Sorry I'm so talkative today, I think that happens when you live by yourself.

Also, my son is moving so much today! He was moving for over an hour straight this morning. It is so much fun to watch my stomach move constantly and see all the kicks and everything, it is very distracting and makes it near impossible to get anything done :)

08-14-2011, 06:36 PM
Tiffany--that documentary was a little upsetting to me. Basically I feel like sometimes that people get too 'on edge' about all this stuff. Don't get me wrong, I support drug-free L&D, but I don't like it when certain advocates make you fearful about hospitals and meds. It's like taking one fear (pain of labor) and replacing it with the fear of all things medical. I agree with many of the things they talked about though. My friend took a Bradley method class and she would tell me things she learned from the instructor and I just got the feeling that it was anti-doctor. Maybe that is not the case, but I've realized that I can still make my own choices and I don't have to be afraid. I totally agree that birth is a natural process and sometimes doctors are too quick to assume the worst, but on the other hand things do go wrong at times and thankfully fewer women and babies die these days. I totally agree with your DH--I don't believe we are just animals and its not all about instinct.

08-14-2011, 09:26 PM
praises- Congratulations on feeling the babies kick! You had a lot of classes this past week. It sounds like the baby-parent class was interesting. I'm sorry SIL is stressing you out. It sounds like she wants it to be about her instead of you. Can she make a cake for the shower your friends is planning? Maybe that would help her to feel included?

Tiffany- I'm glad your DH was able to calm some of your concerns. I don't want the epidural either (even though everyone tells me to get it). I know it's there if I want it though. I'm glad you found something you are comfortable in. How cool to see your stomach move. I keep looking at mine when I feel the flutters, but haven't really felt kicks yet.

AFM- Is anyone leaking colostrum? TMI but after DH and I DTD this morning I noticed drops on my nipples. I bought breast pads today to wear at work. All I need is for a baby to cry and me to start leaking all over. I'm also trying to find non V neck shirts to wear at work. The children pull on my tops and I don't want anyone getting a view of my boobs. I think I'm going to try a consignment shop that's near me tomorrow that isn't open Sundays.

08-14-2011, 10:01 PM
Selo--no colostrum for me yet...I think some get it before birth, some don't.
Actually she asked about the cake but I told her someone else is handling it. Truth is, I don't want her to do it! She is great at decorating cakes but she always has so many projects going on that her cakes get done at the last second. She finished the one for her SIL's shower about an hour into the shower! Therefore she has been assigned to the games, lol. (Of course I didn't tell her why)

08-14-2011, 10:01 PM
tiff - I had hopes of a natural or mostly natural birth. Then I realized that I am a HUGE pain weenie. And, my doctors have told me for years that I would have to have a c-section. I've accepted that I will most likely get an epidural. I made myself watch one the other day, and was mortified, but I've just accepted that whatever happens happens.
as for the movement, has your little one discovered your ribs? Mine did this weekend. NOT fun. He was up really high, and then he'd move down and I thought t one point he was using my belly button as a punching bag. I was a little scared it would pop out.

praises - i wasn't underweight really beforehand (5'3" & 116). I weighed in at 134 at my appt this week. Little depressing since I know I won't be able to keep my 30 lbs max goal. ugh. but yay for you feeling the little ones! Hopefully your SIL will back off. That doesn't sound like a fun situation.

selo - i haven't actually been leaking per say, but I've noticed there's a crusty kind of substance on them sometimes that I can wipe off with a damp washcloth. i hope it stops or slows down for you!

afm - what a crazy week! my doctor's appointment was terrible and I think I have my glucose test tomorrow morning. plus I'm getting other blood work done for my thyroid, etc. Tomorrow is also new student orientation and the last day of summer. =( so not ready for the year to start.

08-14-2011, 10:40 PM
Lauren, the baby is slowly moving his way upward. The highest I have felt him is about an inch above my belly button. I have felt him kick on the sides of my stomach though that I didn't realize he could reach.

No colostrum on my end either. I really really want to breastfeed, so I'm hoping that works out.

We will see if I need the epidural or not. I have had 2 kidney stones in my life, and women have always told me that a kidney stone is way worse than laboring, so I'm curious to find out if that comparison is correct.

08-14-2011, 11:39 PM
Lmaguire--what's wrong, why a c-section?

Oh and my bellybutton has almost totally closed in on itself! Looks so weird

08-15-2011, 12:11 PM
LMA- I`m the same way. The thought of a C section makes me faint but if its better for the baby then we'll have to go through it. I`m also hoping for an natural birth with epidural since many of my friends have gone that path and not had any issues. Although a few of them are dealthly scared of needles and have done it au natural!

Praises- I`d like to avoid C section because of all the cutting UGH! and recovery. I hope to be as close to 100% as possible so I can take care of baby from the get go! Must feel amazing to feel the babies kicking!

Tiffany- I completely agree with DH. Our mothering instincts are part of our personality and regardless of how you delivery or if you adopt I don`t think that will change how you feel towards your little ones. Glad you are doing well!

Hope everyone is doing well!

08-15-2011, 12:50 PM
super--yeah i really don't want a c-section either. one reason being that at our hospital, the babies can't stay with you in the OR if you do have one--they have to go to the nursery till you get back to your room. other than that, they encourage rooming-in for all healthy babies.

weighed myself yesterday--i'm definitely going to reach my goal of 24lbs in 24wks. i don't know exactly what i weighed the cycle i got pregnant but i have an idea and so far i've gained at least 19lbs! i was worried i wasn't eating enough but maybe i was wrong??? could be the Ensure i drank but i've only had a dozen of those total.

update: just remembered i had a UTI during the 2ww and went to urgent care, so i called them to find out my weight. i've gained 20lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-15-2011, 02:01 PM
Hi guys! Just wanted to share the results from today's 20-week anatomy scan. It's a girl!!!!! :) I am so thrilled. Boys run pretty exclusively on my husband's side of the family, so I was convinced in my mind that we were only going to have sons. But, in my heart I had a feeling it was a girl, I just didn't want to jinx it. When the ultrasound tech said, "It's a.....girl" it was the longest sentence of my life, and then I said, "How sure are you?" She said, "Very sure, there's the labia," which is great because I was certain I saw a penis within the first few minutes of the ultrasound. The baby was definitely not cooperative today, so the pictures are no good (the ones for us to take home) but at least we got a ton of cool pics from the 12-week ultrasound.

Oh, another funny piece. I'm 5'4" and my husband is 5'11". The tech asked us each how tall we are because then she said, "Your baby has really long legs." Neither of us has long legs. In fact, although I did not inherit them, my dad's entire side of the family has ugly, stumpy legs, and I was scared the trait would just skip a generation and get passed on to our kids. Of course, it's too early to tell, but I hope our little lady keeps those legs growing and misses the family curse.

In important matters, though, everything is looking good health wise with the baby, and she's measuring perfectly, so I am continuing the optimism. We are so excited, and tomorrow is my 30th birthday, and Friday is our five-year wedding anniversary. What an awesome present :)

08-15-2011, 03:12 PM
Ready--that is awesome!! Early happy birthday and anniversary to you!!!

08-15-2011, 04:55 PM
Great news Ready! Iím sure you can almost imagine how she looks ! Happy Birthday and Anniversary! Itís our 2nd year anniversary today! Boy time flies!

Praises- I would be so upset if they took the baby away for too long  20 lbs! Thatís wonderful! U donít look like you gained much but Iím sure the boys have tons of room to move around.

Had an US since I was in a car accident which turned out great! Baby is good and measuring well! Plus they did the NT scan and there were no issues! YEY!

08-15-2011, 05:28 PM
Ready - Congrats on Team Pink!! And happy early b-day & anniversary!! What a great birthday gift!

Praises - they've told me that my pelvic bones, particularly my ischia, are more tilted than the average. (they've also said that it could explain my knee problems, since the angle of my hips & knees is more intense than usual). so my birth canal is more narrow than it should be. but we'll see. maybe it'll work out and he can be born vaginally.

had my glucose test this morning. not that bad. tastes like really strong orange gatorade. made me a little shaky for a bit, and then i could tell i crashed because i got really tired and just wanted to sleep. TMI alert - later, it caused some uncomfortable diarrhea, which the bottle said was a possible side effect. i also called and am pursuing another doctor, but i may be stuck with the one i have since i'm so late in the pregnancy process. we'll see how it goes. first day of school tomorrow!!

08-15-2011, 06:45 PM
ready- congrats on team pink! :)

super- I hope the car accident was minor! I would have been freaking out about the baby because of the seatbelt right there, I'm glad they gave you an u/s!

08-15-2011, 07:26 PM
Lighthouse- I was worried they would dismiss me since I didn't have any spotting just a bit of cramping or tell me to go to emergency (ugh!) but they were really great. Gave me an apt 3 hours after I called and spent 30 mins on the US checking everything. My OB was also there so he fit me in for a few mins to check me abdomen and reassure me everything was ok. DH hadn't been thrilled about going to a Fert Clinic but after today he was so glad we decided to go there. There is no way I'd get the same attention with a regular OB or DR. The seatbelt might have bruised my uterus a bit since I'm really tender there but apart from that there doesn't seem to be any damage. Thank god! The car is not that bad but the wheel was all tilted so I'm praying they don't write if off. We really can't afford to get another car now!

08-15-2011, 09:30 PM
Praises- All my books say some do and some don't. I was really surprised about it. I'm glad you gave your SIL games to do lol. At least she won't stress you out that way I hope. I'm glad you are meeting your weight goal!

Imaguire- I've noticed crusty white stuff on my nipples too. I figured they were just dry because they itch so badly.

Tiffany- Everything I've read says some women leak colostrum and some don't. It also says that it has no relationship between successful breast feeding and leaking or not leaking colostrum.

Ready- Congratulations on team pink! I can't wait to find out tomorrow! I'm sorry she was to active to get good pictures. I'm glad she is growing well!

super- I'm sorry about the car accident. I'm glad that the baby looks good and they spent a long time checking you out. I hope your car can be fixed and that you don't have to buy a new one.

AFM- I'm super excited about tomorrow! We get to bring a DVD with us and they will record part of the u/s for us. Hopefully I will be able to share some pictures tomorrow.

08-15-2011, 10:43 PM
Rita - Sorry about the cramps. I have heard of magnesium being good to calm the uterus. How much do you take a day? Have the cramps stopped? Does it feel like your uterus 'tightens' when this happens, if so, it could be braxton hicks. Otherwise likely just normal growing and stretching.

Imaguire - I don't blame you for switching. It is exhausting for a pregnant women to work or school or whatever and then go to the doctor, and be there for hours after you finally see the doctor. Good luck getting ready for school!

Super - Yay for the 2nd tri! Sorry about the car accident. I am so glad things are okay. Aren't RE's the best? They are so caring and concerned, different than ob's sometimes.

Praises - That's what the doc said, my cervix felt shorter on the outside, but what is really important is what is going on on the inside which a transvaginal u/s shows. So that is good. Yay for feeling real kicks! I thought a few days ago I felt a flutter but nothing since, so maybe it was nothing. It was me who noticed the semen smell, and my doctor said nothing to worry about. Sorry about your SIL, glad you got it under control! Can't believe she wanted to decorate the babies room...

Tiffany - I want to get some maternity leggings, too. I'll check out target!

Ready - Congrats on baby girl!!! So excited for you! Enjoy your birthday and anniversary, what a wonderful year for you :-)

Selo - I'm super excited for you to find out what you're having tomorrow. I bet the anticipation is so high. Hope you get some good pics and enjoy the nice long ultrasound.

AFM - Really nothing new to report. I have noticed a few times over the past week my stomach, to one side, will get hard, and 'stick out' sort of like the baby is balled up but I know it's too little. I am thinking these might be braxton hicks. They are very infrequent, not every day, and only once a day on the day it even happens. Still kinda freaks me out and I'll be quizzing my peri on it even though they said it can happen anytime. Anyone else had this?

08-15-2011, 11:45 PM
jill--ok good to know about the semen. lol. mucous plug perhaps??? who knows.
your contractions sound like BH. definitely keep an eye on that and let your Dr know just to be sure. i haven't had any that i know of yet. i will probably freak when i get one because i'm a little worried about preterm labor and although i've learned about the differences in real contractions and BH, i'm afraid i still won't be able to tell the difference when it actually happens!

selo-have fun with your u/s!

super--i'm glad you and baby are ok! i would be so upset if i got in an accident.

lmaguire--that is interesting, i haven't heard of that before. how did they discover that? just through GYN visits or did you find out as a child?
ugh, the glucose drink doesn't sound good.

so i checked the multiples book and it says based on my BMI by week 20 i should have gained 25-35lbs. i knew it was more than my 24/24 goal (from the american pregnancy association). i'm pretty sure i will be past 24lbs in 4 wks and according to the book i'm only 5lbs "behind" now so i'm not worried. although i'm curious to see what my OB says when i see her next week since she wanted me to gain 30-35lbs total. um, not sure about that!

08-16-2011, 12:07 AM
Jill, I didn't actually buy "maternity" leggings, just regular ones in a larger size than I would normally buy. They are easy to put below the belly. I would normally buy a large and bought XL instead, but they fit very nicely and aren't too tight.

About braxton hicks. I was going to ask my doctor next week. I'm wondering if they are starting with me. I don't get any pains at all, but maybe once or twice a day my stomach will get rock hard and be a little uncomfortable. I figured since there was no pain and it wasn't all the time, it wasn't a big deal. I can also tell when it's the baby. Right now my stomach is harder, but I know it's the baby, also, if I push on the hard spot, he kicks me. I just pushed on it and his back must be on my belly, because I can feel him kick in the back towards the spine.

08-16-2011, 07:16 AM
Tiffany (and everyone)- we learned in class that even with real contractions, they don't have to be painful. But you are right, frequency/timing is important. I had thought they needed to be painful!

08-16-2011, 09:37 AM
Praises - I had thought maybe they were BH, too. I had it happen a few times before my appt last week so that's why I asked the doctor, and she said it could happen anytime, and they are not harmful, unless coming frequently and changing your cervix. She said she didn't like the name BH because she thought it gave off a connotation that they are not something to pay attention to, they are, just the timing like you said. It makes me a little nervous I felt them so early, but I feel pretty big for how far along I am, and lots of people say they get them this early with twins from the googling I've done online. I will probably feel every single one now b/c I'm paranoid!

Tiffany - Sounds like BH, too. I put a hand over my stomach and can feel it hardening. I think yours sounds classic where the whole uterus tightens. Mine is so weird when it's off to one side, like a little ball pokes up. The other part of my uterus isn't as hard. So weird. But it sounds like they come in all shapes and sizes.

08-16-2011, 10:03 AM
yours does sound like bh. my sil ,who is also pregnant (now 23 weeks) had them since shes about 15/16 weeks all the time. she already had it with her frist child so she wasnt as scared, but of course still a little worried. her doc gave her magnesium (she is taking 2 pills a day each 127g). she never felt pain just her stomach is getting really hard..i think thats typical. with me its totally different my stomach doesnt get hard at all i just have mild af-like- cramps once in a while. thats why i hate them because it feels like my period is going to start. but im having them already almost my whole pregnancy so i got used to them a little and magnesium helped (even though they are still there)... dont worry so much about the bh, a lot of women have them just keep an eye on them and let your doc know

08-16-2011, 05:43 PM
Thanks guys! I was in shock for most of Sunday. It was just so ironic that I am SO careful getting up, sitting down, turning and climbing stairs then get into an accident :P I am very grateful we are all ok plus I got to see baby again :) I feel I can wait until 18 weeks now :)

Jilly- Luckily my OB is also an RE (although not the one I saw)! I guess they know what we go through for these precious gifts and give us the attention we need!

Selo- canít wait to c pics!

Iíve also noticed parts of my lower abdomen getting hard almost as if baby is pushing out but I know itís not big enough for me to feel anything. Hopefully itís just my uterus growing and normal part of preg...

08-16-2011, 06:28 PM
super - somehow I missed that you were in an accident!! glad you're ok and that baby is ok!

praises - i can't remember exactly how they figured that out, but im still holding out some hope for a natural birth. we'll see though. the glucose drink really isn't that bad. As for the test itself, it made me sick the entire rest of the day. I was sick until 10:30 last night, and it continued for a bit today, so I recommend that if you can help it, don't go to work the day you have the test, and severely limit your sugar intake. for me, it was like i was on the metformin again. my intestines are still sore today, and every time he kicks them, or presses on them, i want to cry.

jilly - thanks! first day went pretty well. survived, and so did all the kids. just so far beyond exhausted.

about the BH, I don't think i've had any yet, but i could be wrong. my brain is mush nowadays and I can't remember anything!! Oh I break the 100 day mark tomorrow!! Now it seems to be flying by! (I know that will change)

08-16-2011, 08:56 PM
Ladies, we are on team pink! It's a girl!
The tech is 95% sure it's a girl. She said boys are boys and there is no mistaking them. Girls can look like girls and on another u/s you can get a better view and find out it's a boy instead. She said keep the receipts for the pink stuff lol. I've always felt it was a girl. They let you bring a DVD to the anatomy scan. I thought they put pictures on it, but they actually record about 4-5 minutes of the baby moving around. I've watched it twice since I got home. I told DH that I don't get a great view laying on my back lol.

It sounds like a lot of you ladies are getting some bh contractions. Definitely let your DR know and keep track of them.

08-17-2011, 09:06 AM
congrats on teampink selo! :D

08-17-2011, 01:18 PM
Lauren - glad your first day of school went well!

Supergal - Did your friends guess your news when you visited their new arrival? So sorry about the car accident. I'm glad you are ok and that you got to see the baby!! I hope the car can be fixed.

Praises - congrats on feeling movement! Mine is still sporadic. I can't wait until it is more consistent. Usually late afternoon and when I first get into bed at night I can feel movement.

Tiffany - I'm right there with you when it comes to the irritability thing. It is unlike me as well. However, the last few days I've had no patience for nonsense (or at least what I perceive as nonsense). I feel I've been short with others, and I don't like being that way. I'm trying to keep my distance today from people. I work from home on Thursdays - so I just need to get through today and then I can hide from people tomorrow!! Maybe I'll resurface nicer on Friday.

Ready - congrats on team pink! Happy birthday week! Happy anniversary as well - lots of reasons to celebrate this week!

Selo - congrats on team pink! Very exciting!

afm - still waiting on my doc appointment. 5 weeks between appointments is just plain painful! I go on Tuesday and I can't wait to see Luke! They will (hopefully) confirm that we are indeed having a boy. I'm anxious about weight gain as well. My friends tell me (those who have had babies) that by the time you hit the third trimester you put on weight like crazy. The m/s is fading a little bit - though it's still there in full force some days. I do eat a lot, but as of last week, I'd only gained 4 lbs. I will feel so much better when I can talk to my doctor on Tuesday. I'm really tired these days as well. I wish I could take a nap at work each day. It would be a HUGE help! Oh and today I'm 21 weeks. I find it odd that last week I read the baby is the size of a cantaloupe at 20 weeks, but at 21 weeks he is the size of a banana. Anyone seeing any stretch marks? My belly is itchy, but I've been using lotion so I'm hoping to avoid stretch marks if possible.

08-17-2011, 01:27 PM
Hey girls! Sorry I've been absent for sooo long. Life got crazy! I was SO sick morning, noon, and night up until about a month ago. I couldn't do anything at all! My daughter and I are both starting school on Monday. She's starting preschool, and I'm taking college courses! It's gonna be emotional. :)

We adopted a horse in May, and he's my baby! ALL of my spare time has gone into taking care of him and Lexi! Not sure how things will go once our little peanut is born, but I'll make it work. :)

We just had the first ultrasound on Monday, and we were SOOO ready to find out what we were going to have! But...baby was shy, and absolutely would NOT uncross his/her legs! We still have no clue as to gender. haha. Gotta wait until the next sono! He/she was being SO difficult. The tech finally gave up trying to see the gender, so she went to get a picture of the profile for us. The little stinker brought both hands up and covered their face! We couldn't believe how ornery this kid is already. haha :)

Hope everything's going well with you girls! :D

08-17-2011, 02:51 PM
Lma- thank you! Congrats on passing the 100 day mark! Thatís so exciting. Ugh canít believe you had to go through a day of met like symptoms! I hope itís passed and glad the first day went well. Remember to rest often during the day.
Selo- yey for team pink! My mum wants a girl since she wants to be able to dress up the baby in cute pink outfits although I saw some equally adorable boys outfits at BabiesRUS today! Thatís great about the US DVD I sure wish we got that here! The tech we had was pretty nice though she showed move all around the baby so we could see everything. She kept referring to it as him so DH thinks she saw something is all excited heíll get to buy all the toys he wants :P 12.5 weeks is too early to see gender right?

Jth- we didnít end up going because of the accident. Hopefully weíll go by today as DH took the day off to deal with all the insurance and court stuff. Which lotion are you using? Iím prone to stretch marks so I need to start something soon!

Cake- So glad to hear you are doing well! I was wondering how you were doing. Hee hee baby sounds like he/ she is going to be lots of fun.

I forgot to mention baby was lounging in the US...both arms looked like they were behind the head and one leg was crossed at nearly 90degree over the other one. Hee hee looks like DH personality :)

08-17-2011, 05:50 PM
So I just had to share....

My ankles look like Cankles!!!!

Last night they swelled up after my evening walk (didn't really surprise me)

Today they are swelled just because.

How many more weeks of summer?

08-17-2011, 07:11 PM
Selo - Congrats on team pink!!! So happy you are having a baby girl

Super - That is just how I feel. Part of my stomach pushes out, with a tight feeling in that spot only. Hmmm. Will ask doctor next visit. That is so cute baby was lounging at the u/s :)

Ellebelle - Sorry about the cankles! Lol. You are getting further and further along, so I suppose it will be happening more.

Cakebaker - congrats on the new horse! That sounds great, I love animals. Lol to baby not cooperating, I'm sorry about that. I bet you just wanted to say, uncross your legs!! Your little one is already a little stubborn. Hope he/she cooperates next time.

jth - 5 weeks between appointments seem crual and unusual. Glad you are going in next week. I am always counting down til my next appt. I support you on the nap during work thing. That'd be great. I have always thought a cantaloupe seemed much bigger than a banana, but I guess it is length. Still, some cantaloupes are longer than bananas...

Imaguire - Glad you survived your first day of school. I bet you were super exhausted. Hope you can come home and kick your feet up in the evenings and rest.

Rita - Thanks for the info on the magnesium. I'm going to ask my doctor if I can take it. Glad your cramps are only light and the magnesium is helping. There are so many things to worry about in pregnancy!

AFM - Came home, took a 2 hour nap, our of the blue. Slept well, got like 8-9 hours of sleep last night. Now I probably won't be able to sleep tonight, lol. Also been feeling little gas bubbles very lightly, not very frequently (not even every day), wonder if it's little flutter kicks? Too early to tell for sure. I can't wait to get a few more weeks along to know for sure.

08-18-2011, 10:57 AM
Hi everyone! Sorry I disappeared for a while. It just hit me that summer is almost over and I have so much to get ready at my house before school starts. I've been cleaning out closets and organizing things that I've wanted to do for a while. Plus lots of school meetings are already starting so that's been taking up my time. I didn't have a chance to catch up on everything but I read a little bit.

Congrats to those who found out what they're having. It seems like there are a lot on team pink!

Super - Sorry to hear about your accident, but I'm glad everything is ok! I'm sure that's a scary situation to go through.

Jilly - the hard spots that you're feeling in you abdomen are exactly what I've been feeling. Actually, I have been feeling for at least the last week or two, but I just assumed it was a baby/babies sticking out since it is just a little spot. I usually notice it first thing in the morning. I sleep on my side and when I turn on my back when I wake up, I can feel a hard spot on the side I was laying on. Like I said, I thought it was just the baby off to the side because of the way I was laying. Hmmm...maybe it is BH contractions. I'll have to ask my doctor about it next time I go, which isn't until Sept. 8.

AFM - I had my 16 week ultrasound last week and everything is looking good. The one little bugger kept showing us his/her butt...and the doctor pointed out a little "part" between the legs and thought it might be a boy. She's not an ultrasound tech though and said she wasn't guaranteeing anything because it could've just been the umbilical cord. So we'll have to wait. We'll be having a level II ultrasound on September 8 so I hope both babies cooperate so we can find out what we're having. I can't wait!! DH and I are painting our bedroom this weekend and the babies' nursery next weekend. DH's dad is laying tile in our dining room for us next week too! I can't wait to have everything done and ready for our quickly growing family :)

P.S. - What's with the Nest stuff added in some of our signatures...did they get rid of the tickers?

08-18-2011, 01:04 PM
lmaguire-- i do have to go to work after the glucose test! bummer. and my OB is making me take it twice because of PCOS, so that's why i'm taking it at 21wks.

selo--congrats on your baby girl!!!!

Lucy--welcome back! i think it's BH. sounds like you're getting a lot done this summer. i feel like i have a million things going on too!

Jill--if the bubbles are below your belly button, it could be the babies!

elle--boo to cankles!!!

super--we have a lounging pic of one of the twins too--looks like he's chilling in a hammock, i love it!

cake--wow, now you have to wait to find out--i hope baby cooperates later!! i can't believe you got a horse to take care of--i won't even let DH get a dog anytime soon--our cat is all i can handle with two babies on the way.

jth--you will feel movement soon enough. for me the movement is fun now but they are not punching me in the ribs or bladder yet!! i really hope i don't put on a ton of weight in the 3rd trimester--i've already gained 20 and my OB doesn't want me to gain more than 35 but from what i've read i can gain more than that with twins and it's fine. i think i've already said that before, lol

afm, yday i had what turned out to be pelvic separation/hips widening and it hurt! i think i was walking too fast and i was going downhill a little so that could be what brought on the pain. it freaked me out a little because it was a new kind of pain but Dr said it's normal. my tailbone ached the rest of the afternoon but i rested when i got home and it subsided some. usually my aches and pains are at night.
trying to eat less sweet stuff because my glucose test is next week. no one else has to take the test twice? i have to take it at 21wks and then again at the regular time, like 24-28wks i guess. my OB said it's because i have PCOS (but i'm not insulin resistant). she said it's not because of the twins but i know twins raise your risk too so i'm confused.
my friend sent out my shower invitations and they are cute! i'm excited and i can't believe it's just 5 wks away. the theme is international, so there will be foods from different countries. it won't really look like a baby shower i guess because it's at night and the decorations aren't really baby-related but they are doing a collage of photos from babies around the world. has anyone seen that documentary Babies? i really liked that.
i keep spilling and dropping stuff and it is getting so old!!!!!!!!!!!! arg.

08-18-2011, 02:59 PM
Praises - I've gained 14 pounds so far...which seems like nothing so far because my doctor said she wants me to gain 50 lbs! However, they haven't said anything to me about my weight since my 8 week appointment when she said to aim for the 50...so now it makes me think they don't care much about how much you gain. I just eat when I'm hungry...which is what they said to do. Sorry about your pelvic separation, sounds painful.

I also have to take the glucose test twice, which I thought was just because of the PCOS, but it turns out everyone that I've talked to that goes to this doctors office get it twice. They do it at 16 and 28 weeks. I had my 16 week one last week and it wasn't bad at all. I felt a little shaky afterwards, but I also get a little nervous before each ultrasound and it was freezing in the office that day, so it might've been a combination of everything, not just the sugary drink. I ate what I always eat leading up to it and had the drink at 3:30 and passed. I didn't have any other effects from the drink that I noticed. You're shower sounds really unique!

08-18-2011, 03:09 PM
Supergal - I am cleaning out my bits of lotion right now and have been using a variety. Most recently, I was using Dial with aloe. The last two days I've used baby oil. I need to get to the store and buy some. Hope seeing your little one lounging is an indication of a laid back baby for you:)

Ellebelle - sorry about the cankles - that's no good!

Jilly - those kinds of naps are the best!

Lucy - hope they cooperate at the next u/s for you! I saw the Nest ads earlier too, but they seem to have gone away now.

Praises - I've felt lots of movement for a few weeks now - it's amazing, isn't it!

08-18-2011, 03:25 PM
Praises - I have to take the glucose test in a few weeks, I'll be 18 weeks. Yuck. And I also have to take it at 24 weeks too, so I'm doing it twice as well. But my doctor didn't say it was b/c of pcos but b/c of twins. It was weird they were like we don't expect you to have any blood sugar problems, but we're going to do two anyways. Sounds like you me and Lucy are all on kind of the same track as far as that goes.

Lucy - good to hear from you again! I'm glad you're doing well. Sounds like your 16 week u/s went great, that's awesome. Hope the wait until the level 2 goes fast. I'm going to ask my doctor about the ball or baby or bh or whatever it is I feel in my abdomen, too.

jth - yay to the movements!

08-18-2011, 05:06 PM
Praises & Jilly- my OB wants to do two glucose tests are well even though they do the pee strip everytime I go in. Not looking forward to it! Iím definitely going to the hospital to do it not a blood test lab since I saw a pregglies faint once while she was waiting her two hours.
Praises- thatís exactly how he/she looks! Itís comforting to think theyíre relaxed and chilled out :) Thatís a great shower idea esp since I love food from everywhere! Itís great that you have so much help for your shower I think Iíll be doing most of it myself since most of my close friends have moved away. Iíve been forgetting things left, right and centre DH just laughs :)

Jilly- It used to take me at least an hour to fall asleep but I knock out in 5 mins now. Those naps are amazing I sleep right through for 2 to 3 hours versus waking up every hour at night. I hope those flutters are baby!

Lucy- 50lbs sounds crazy! I think you are on the right track with eating when you want to. As long as the babies measure ok I donít think you need to worry about gaining that much. Thanks for the good wishes luckily we are all ok. Wow thatís a lot of work you have planned! I feel like such a bum I need to get my butt in gear! Hope the babies are more cooperative at the next US! I saw the nest stuff on my phone but not when I signed on my laptop. Hope they fix it soon itís annoying!

Jth- I was thinking of getting something with cocoa butter, vitamin E or bio-oil since they advertise it for stretch marks. Not sure how well it works but apparently people in the UK love it! Fingers crossed for a laid back happy baby !

Elle- sorry about the cankles! Did you try a foot soak with bath salts?

We finally visited the newborn. He was so active then cuddled upwith his head against my tummy and fell asleep. He looked so comfy. DH thinks he could sense our baby :) It was so peaceful holding him I canít wait to hold mine! I have a feeling Iím going to be the most paranoid mother I was almost panicking at every movement he made or if someone held him weird or was too rough :| They didnít guess I was preggies...on the other hand he gave me a lecture on waiting too long to have kids hee hee! My tummy really does stick out so I guess they think I just gained a lot of weight :P. DH is still insistent on waiting for 4 months before we tell anyone. Booked out hospital tour and pre-natal classes (DH wants to go now yey!). We went to BabiesRUS to get something for our friend and the selection of cribs, bassinets, strollers etc was so overwhelming! How do you guys decide!?

08-18-2011, 06:43 PM
Jilly - You have no idea how bad I wanted to reach in there and look for myself! haha. We tried everything - from me laying on my side to the tech agitating my stomach, hoping it would irritate baby enough they'd move! But they were very adamant about keeping their modesty in tact!

Lucy - 50 pounds! WOW! I've actually stayed at a constant weight. Haven't lost any, haven't gained any. But my Dr said that's ok because I was a little overweight to begin with, so even if I don't gain much weight, as long as little one's healthy that's fine. I imagine with twins it would be much easier to gain 50 pounds though.

Baby seems to be gaining weight just fine! They said right now the average weight is 7 ounces, mine weighed in at 10 ounces at the US!!! Of course my husband is a very big man (Tall and big boned!), so if it's a boy it won't surprise me at all for him to be a biggin as well. haha!

Praises - I've been loving on this horse since January at the equine rescue I volunteer at :) He and I bonded so quickly I couldn't let anyone else take him home! :D It's all just life on the farm. We have the one horse now, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a rabbit. It's just par for the course for me! hehe. Then again, I'm not expecting twins!

Peter Pan (The horse) knew before I did I was pregnant I think! He loves to nuzzle my stomach, and he's very worried about me if I stay out in the heat too long with him. Here's my photo album of him for those of you who like animals/horses as much as I do! :D

Peter Pan! (http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.624312416380.2107703.62903052&l=ef1e805193&type=1)

But I gotta tell ya girls...I'm only 19 weeks and I'm SICK of being kicked in the bladder! haha. It's this kid's favorite past time!!! I have noticed baby is definitely more active when DH is home. If he puts his hand over the baby he/she kicks like crazy! Very sweet, but hard to fall asleep when the baby knows dad's near by!

08-18-2011, 09:49 PM
cake--lovely horse!

super--do you live in the UK? the Baby Bargains book has helped me a lot to picked out the good vs the bad when it comes to baby products

lucy--well it depends on how often you feel hungry! i've had a pretty good appetite but certain days i feel like i haven't eaten enough. oh and i read that if you gain the weight from healthy foods, you will lose the weight a lot easier after birth than if you gained it from junk food. i say this right after i just had a craving for a donut and ate one. i hope it doesn't make me fail my glucose test!

been feeling the lovely hip flexor pains again tonight. watched 2 cesarean birth videos tonight at class. talked about back labor (lots of fun) and medical options--procedures and pain meds.

08-19-2011, 08:31 AM
Thanks for all the congratulations ladies. I feel like I can finally get something done lol.

JTH- I've only gained 3 lbs since my BFP. I was weighed at the REs office that morning. My DR said not to be surprised if I start gaining 2-3 lbs a week soon. I already have stretch marks from before I got pregnant. I'm trying not to get any new ones. I just bought Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, Massage Cream For Stretch Marks at walmart last night to try.

Cakebaker- It sounds like your baby is playing games already lol! How cute and frustrating at the same time. Mine likes to tap dance on my bladder at night too. She actually gets quiet when DH puts his hand on my belly though.

lucy- It sounds like you have lots of home improvement projects going on!

Praises- I'm having the hip pain too. I find if I keep moving I'm better off. It's worse for me at night. What a unique shower theme! It sounds like fun!

super- I'm glad you got to spend time with the baby. I'll be a nervous mom too, but I'm still teaching DH to change diapers lol. The amount of baby stuff to register for is overwhelming. I'm going to start at Target first because their prices are cheaper for the same items. My local Target and Babies R Us are in the same plaza right next to each other. With car seats and strollers it's nice to go in and try them and see what you like. Spend some time there, and you don't have to do your whole registry in one day.

AFM- I'm trying to find nursery panels to make the the baby's bedding. My JoAnns only had 2 when they usually have at least a dozen. I'm going to have to try ebay I think. We are going camping so I have the day off to get ready to go. We are taking my niece and nephews with us because my sister has a wedding. My mom will be there too, so I'll have lots of help. In case I don't make it back here today, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

08-19-2011, 09:53 AM
Cake- Peter Pan looks like such a kind soul and its amazing that heís so caring with you! We have a cat and a bird but DH promised I could get more pets when baby is old enough to play with them  I wish I could have a horse!! I see why you had to adopt him  You daughter is so adorable! I love her boots! Are you having twins?! Hee hee ur DH is really tall and its so cute that baby knows when heís home!

Praises- no I live in Canada but Iíve spent tons of time in UK over the last few years for work. DHs best friend lives there too and his wife and I have become very close :) Thanks for the tip Iíll grab that book. Iíve been trying to eat healthy too but sometimes I just need to have some junk food! I was so nauseous last nite I just had a few of DHs fries from his take out dinner and a chocolate bar :P Hope that hip pain goes away :( GL at the glucose test. Donít know if this works but my MIL drinks boiled olive leaves tea as she says it stabalizes blood sugar.

Selo- thatís the cocoa butter cream I was looking at! I have some bio-oil somewhere so Iíll alternate between the two. I kinda felt a stretch mark on my tummy last nite :O The stroller, car seat and crib are the big ticket items that I want to make sure I get the right one even if its a bit more expensive. DH refuses to learn how to change diapers but his mum was telling me he used to help with his cousins so I know he has experience which I donít at all! Have fun camping!

08-19-2011, 10:06 AM
Supergal - Just one baby here! I'm trying not to get my hopes up on either gender, so I usually say "they" instead of he or she. :D Lexi and that horse love each other as well! He's always bending his head down to nuzzle her. Him and DH have a less than loving relationship. haha! It's like he knows he competes for affection for me. :)

I was curious, how many of you have seen a chinese gender prediction chart? (http://www.babygenderprediction.com/chinese-gender-chart.html) It was correct for the gender of my daughter, so I'm wondering how accurate it really is? How many of you that know the gender agree with the chart? :)

DH got called out on storm this morning, and left me alone for another weekend. :( *sigh*. He fixes power lines, so with all the spring / fall storms he's gone a lot, putting power back on! He's been to St Louis, Alabama, and Chicago just in the past few months. Luckily today he's only in Topeka, which is 2 hours away. Hopefully they won't be out more than a couple days! Our closet bar busted, and the past three weeks I've asked him to fix it when he's off work, and the past three weeks he's been called out on storm every time. I'm gonna quit asking!!!

08-19-2011, 10:08 AM
congrats from me too!!!!! my weight gain was the same as yours...actually i think i didnt even gain anything till i was about 12/13 weeks, now the last 2/3weeks i all of a sudden gained 5-6 pounds!! but im not eating more than before, maybe its also because i stopped taking metformin the same time that the weight gain is easier for me now. oh and even though im very skinny i also have strech marks already underneath my butt and same on the right side of my hip, im putting creme on like crazy already , but im also preparing myself to get many new ones ... :p

im flying to germany on wednesday and im sooooo happy to finally see my family &friends again (even though its the last time before my baby is born). i hope flying is going to be fine for my little bean, but my doc said as long as im walking around every one-two hours (thrombosis) and drink alot i will be fine.im also planning to organise a little suprise-baby-shower for my sil (in germany we dont really have baby-showers, but i think they are so cute and im not really going to have one, because all my very close friends live in germany so i thought lets do one for my SIL :D) ,im very excited for that...well its also gonna be a very emotional visit, because the reason why i actually fly home is because my mom gets a heart surgery :( she is still very young, so im sure she will be fine ,i just wanna be on her side the whole time...

08-19-2011, 10:16 AM
well if we are really having a boy then the chinese chart is wrong for me :p
i feel with you about dh being away a lot . my husband has to travel all the time (hes a prof. athlete). i feel like im more alone then actually with him :(

08-19-2011, 12:24 PM
Rita- i forgot to weigh myself but I feel like Iíve got diaper butt now since stopping the met. Going to start walking more often and starting my prenatal yoga this afternoon. Have a safe flight and enjoy your time with your family. Itís wonderful for you to be with your mum for her surgery. Sending prayers her way for a safe procedure and quick recovery. Thatís a good idea to have a baby shower for your SIL! Iím sure she will love it. Any reason to get together with girls and celebrate is a good one!

Cake- thatís sucks having DH away all the time :( I miss DH so much during the day since I got preggers. Hee hee to PP being jelouse of DH. My mumís parrot is like that she LOVES DH but tries to bite me all the time. Itís great that Lexi is getting to appreciate animals and their kind natures :) The Chinese chart says girl for me so letís c

My mum has decided to move closer to us so she can help with the baby! Iím so excited but I have mixed feelings since I know she loves her house and it will be a hassle selling and moving. It will really help me out since I drive 1 hour each way several times a week to take her to DR apts and see her on the weekends. Lucyís also inspired me to paint the house...poor DH!

08-19-2011, 06:19 PM
Phew!! Survived this week! First week of school = done!! Only however many more I have left to go...haha. It wasn't too bad, except that I'm so far beyond exhausted!! Not sure how I'm going to do this for 3 more months, but we'll see.

cake- such a pretty horse!! I love horses, but I'm allergic to them. =(
in regards to the chinese gender test, mine was correct. my friend who just had a baby said it was correct for her as well.

rita - hope you have a good time in Germany, and I will be praying for your mom.

selo - not sure if I said congrats yet or not, but yay for a little girl!

afm - this was a pretty stressful week. spotted again. hoping it's nothing. have another u/s september 2nd to check placental location and monitor baby's size. also, we may have resolved the child care issue. takes a huge load off my shoulders. she's affordable and has been involved in child care for years, and came highly recommended. feeling much better about that. well, i've rambled on enough...hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

08-19-2011, 11:27 PM
lmaguire--yay for surviving the first week! honestly i don't know how women can teach and be pregnant at the same time--a lot of standing up and you need more potty breaks!!! i hope your placenta is ok at the u/s.

super--wow, that would be great to have your mom close by. mine lives 6 or so hrs away. :(

rita--i'm sorry you are lonely :( that stinks. i hope you have a good time in germany and that your mom recovers well.

cake--the chinese chart was wrong for me! so was the prediction based on babies' heart rates. that is a bummer that DH is gone. so many women here with traveling/deployed hubbies! i guess i take it for granted that mine does not have to travel.

super--DH better learn to change diapers! my DH has never changed one, so that was the main thing he wanted to learn at our newborn class. it was kinda funny. i told him a real baby is way different than a doll.

selo--have fun camping! we were supposed to go this weekend with DH's family but we backed out because i know i won't be able to sleep at all on the camper bed and i don't feel totally comfortable with the location since i'm getting farther along with the babies.

omg just went shopping for 4 hrs after work! i don't know where the time went. i took a short break for dinner. DH is with his buddies. i went to the maternity store for some jeans and other essentials, then to TJMaxx to get bed sheets, and took forever in Target getting toiletries and cleaning supplies, but kinda putzed around looking at stuff. dead tired! well i still have some energy but my back is telling me i don't.
now that the babies are kicking and they can hear, DH has been talking to them more. it's kinda cute.

08-20-2011, 12:06 PM
So much to get caught up on! Congrats on Team Pink!

I was able to buy a stroller, carseat and two bases from my cousin's best friend last night for $115! I hadn't planned to buy used...but these were like brand new! Their daughter had some health issues, so she barely left the house for the first 18 months! Plus, they were never in a car accident and they don't smoke...so worries there. It was the same set I registered for (over $300 plus the cost of extra base) just a different trim color. I feel so blessed!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are finally getting our 2nd day over 80 in the PNW! But I am off to clean out closets and cupboards. A little nesting is needed!

08-20-2011, 12:49 PM
babyD--PNW? oh, pacific northwest? that is awesome about your car seat and stuff. we weren't going to buy used either but were able to because of a similar situation.

hope everyone has a great weekend! been doing chores this morning since our house is a mess from being so busy. later on DH and i will go to the pool at the in-laws' neighborhood. only my 2nd time in the pool all summer!!!! haven't been going because my bathing suit tops are WAY too small on me now but i finally found a maternity one at Target that i like. didn't have to buy the bottoms because mine still fit (they are the boy shorts kind) and they match the colors of the top. i hate to even spend that much on a top that i'm only going to use for a month or whatever.

08-20-2011, 08:24 PM
Praises Ė I find that I get hungry about every 2 hours for most of the day. I feel like I'm always eating or going to the bathroom. The doctors did say try to have some type of protein with each snack, so Iíve been trying to do that. I typically eat healthy and those are usually the types of foods I crave anyways. Although I wonít lie, I do eat the occasional doughnut or chocolate bar now and then too!

Cake Ė Peter Pan is adorable! Sorry DH has to travel, I would be missing my DH too if he had to travel.

Super Ė Thatís nice youíll have some extra help from your mom since she is moving closer. Iím glad I inspired you to paint! Weíre on the second coat of paint in our bedroom for today. I keep having to leave the room to get fresh airÖI donít think too many paint fumes are good for the babies. Luckily we have a little sunroom on the back of our house with a futon that weíre going to sleep on tonight so we donít have to be around the paint smell. As much as DH griped about the painting project before hand, heís excited now because itís looking really nice. I hear him whistling away back there while he paints! I think heís happy because he sees how happy I am. We'll be doing the nursery next weekend! Can't wait!

rita Ė I hope you have a nice trip to Germany. Iíll keep your mom in my thoughts!

lmaguire - Congrats on getting your first week of school under your belt. Iím a little nervous about going back myself because of the lack of energy. I've been feeling much more energetic, but teaching takes a LOT out of you! We donít start here until later, our first day is September 6th. We have a big county fair which is a big deal to a lot of people around here, so school is pushed back until the fair is over. Which I must say, I love because Iím a fair goer for sure! It is unique in that you can actually camp out there for the week so itís pretty cool. Glad you got child care squared away! That's been on my mind, I need to make some phone calls. The woman I was really hoping for doesn't have any openings until September 2012, so I'd have to find someone to cover for a few months in between when I go back to school and summer.

Selo Ė have fun camping! We were also invited to go camping but decided not to. We're running out of weekends before school starts and I really wanted to get some of these house projects done! Camping sounds more fun though.

BabyDreams Ė congrats on the good buys! Itís so exciting when you can luck out like that! Weíve been very blessed as well with getting things from friends and family.

AFM - I'm glad these house projects are under way. I've been wanting to paint our bedroom and rip the carpet out since we moved in 2 years ago and it's finally happening! There's really nice hardwood floors underneath the carpet. DH and I picked out a crib we really like for the nursery, but it sure is pricey. It's nice though because it's made of oak and is convertible. It turns into a toddler bed and you can buy extra rails to turn it into a twin or full size bed. It has really good reviews on it and seems like one that would last for many years. It's $250 though...times 2 for the twins. We've been really lucking out with getting other items though either free or super cheap, so I feel like we can bite the bullet and buy these.

08-20-2011, 10:36 PM
Lucy-- oak sounds nice, definitely more durable. Babies are a good excuse to get house projects done! we ordered our cribs and mattresses today. Hoping we don't have any issues when they arrive or have to exchange them--I heard that happens often. my friend picked up her crib and it turned out to be a completely different crib than what they wanted (which she didn't realize till they got it home), so the store is delivering a new one to her house.

08-21-2011, 01:02 AM
Hi all. Sorry I've been so absent.

Rita: Wow, you have really gotten further along in fruits! It's so funny, because when you had a poppyseed and I had a pea, it seemed so far apart in size, because a pea is like a million times bigger. But now that you have an orange, and I have an onion, it seems so close together! Who knows, you might even have yours before mine!

praises: It's kind of awesome that you still have the energy for shopping after work even with twins!

Super: I have no idea what diaper butt is. I feel stupid asking you to explain, but does that mean you have diarrhea now, or what? I am still on the met, loving every day! I think they're going to let me stay on it until week 36 or so.

AFM: So I have a question/concern for y'all. The past two nights, I have had some truly horrible cramps. Like worse than period cramps by quite a bit. I couldn't walk. I laid down in bed, and just wished they would stop. Thursday night they lasted 90 minutes. And Friday night about 45 minutes. I am so hoping they don't happen again tonight. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing it? I am trying not to worry too much, because if it were premature labor, it wouldn't be stopping during the day, right? There's no bleeding. Mostly I feel them in my back, but sometimes in the front of my uterus as well.

I will call my midwife on monday, but I didn't call on Friday because it had only happened once, and now I can't call because it's the weekend. :( Any suggestions?

08-21-2011, 09:19 AM
Rachel - There should be someone on call over the weekend. Call your midwife's office number and use the paging service. Ask to speak to the midwife/doctor on call. Hope you feel better!

08-21-2011, 10:28 AM
Rachel--wow I don't know, I think I did learn that is an early labor sign? I would definitely ask but don't worry if you don't have any spotting.

To my Australian cysters-- what are dummies? They are on a list of useful baby items in an Australian book and I have no clue!

08-21-2011, 10:49 AM
i know what you mean, before it always seemed like we were years apart and now its not such a big difference anymore.
the last week i had the same cramps that you are discribing twice (but not as long). actually everytime it was one big cramp that lasted for about 20 sec then it was gone again. i usually have crazy strong af-cramps so those cramps where a lot more intense than usual, but not yet as bad as af-cramps. in between i always have very light cramps maybe 3 times a day. i asked my doc about it and he says its normal, its just the uterus growing etc. but i would still call your doc , just to make sure everything is fine....
ps: thanks again for giving me the advice with the doppler, i still didnt send it back :p just love waking up and listen to my babys heartbeat for same sec...

08-21-2011, 07:45 PM
So, I am probably being a bit crazed...but does anyone else go thru periods where you don't feel the baby move a lot? I just chugged 20 oz. of ice wTer hoping that would stir her up. I usually feel her move a lot and the last two days I have only felt what might be little kicks. I am trying not to over think it, but I just asked the hubby to go to walmart and buy one of those things you can listen to heartbeats with.

08-21-2011, 08:19 PM
So, I am probably being a bit crazed...but does anyone else go thru periods where you don't feel the baby move a lot? I just chugged 20 oz. of ice wTer hoping that would stir her up. I usually feel her move a lot and the last two days I have only felt what might be little kicks. I am trying not to over think it, but I just asked the hubby to go to walmart and buy one of those things you can listen to heartbeats with.

Try drinking something a bit more sugary like orange juice and lay down on your left side. You may feel more movement that way. But, at 24 weeks, the baby is still really small and depending on his/her position, you may be able to feel more/less. I had weekly u/s with both kids (due to preterm labor) and I remember clear up through 28 weeks I'd be able to see the baby move on u/s and not feel a thing. My dr's wouldn't even allow me to start my kick counts until after 28 weeks because movement is so sporadic. So I would say, don't panic, but just pay attention to it...if that makes sense :)

08-21-2011, 08:35 PM
babyD--i agree, OJ really does wake them up! i did hear lying down helps too. usually just sitting down, i notice kicks.

08-21-2011, 09:48 PM
Rachel- hee hee no thank god no diarrhea! I meant my butt looks a bit more padded like Iím wearing a diaper....hope some walking/ yoga will get rid of it.

Lma- glad the daycare situation got sorted out! Hope the spotting stops and the US goes well.

Praises- I think watching DH with the baby is going to be hilarious! His mum is coming to stay with us for a few weeks plus my mum will be around so he think heís going to get off easy :P Not sure about my mum moving anymore since she fixed her mortgage so the bank is charging her huge penalties  Hopefully it works out then I could go back to work a lot earlier! You must miss your mum so much 6 hours is a long drive! 4 hours of shopping! Wow u are super woman! I need to lie down after 1 hour of very slow grocery shopping :P! Glad you got some good stuff! DH keeps asking me when the baby will kick! Itís so cute how excited they are! The summer has gone by so fast so I hope you enjoyed ur time at the pool!

Babydreams- yey for great buys! I canít wait until Iím comfortable enough to start buying stuff.

Lucy- we didnít end up doing anything since I was really tired this weekend and DH wonít do anything until I force him :P Glad the paint job turned out so well! Which crib did you end up getting? Thatís the type I want to get too so it lasts us a while.

Rachel- I would call for peace of mind. The OB told me anything that goes away in a few seconds is ok. If itís longer than that to call or go to the ER. Not meaning to scare you itís probably nothing since you donít have any spotting but just get checked out to be sure.

AFM- saw tons of friends this weekend and no one guessed! I guess Iím not as big as I thought I was although I canít wait to get home to unbutton my pants :D Something really strange happened though my MIL called to say this family friend of theirs (who is a BIG gossip) said she saw pics of me on FB and I look like Iím expecting...I have this woman on restricted profile so she canít see my pics or my wall plus I havenít posted pics in months! My MIL thought I was huge and posted pics on FB so she ended up telling her since she didnít want to lie but was upset at me because she wanted to wait until the end of the 4th month ( common in India etc) before telling family. I was so annoyed that she tricked her to get gossip! Grrrrr! I hate nosy people!

08-22-2011, 08:36 AM
Rachel Ė I hope you called your doctor and get some answers. I hope all is well.

Super Ė The crib weíre looking at is at Target and BabiesRUs. I heard somewhere if you order 2 of the same item from BabiesRUs you get 10% off, so weíll probably go with them. (Has anyone else done this or heard of this?) We havenít ordered just yet, weíre waiting to get the nursery painted then weíre going to order them since we are running out of room to store stuff already until the nursery is done being painted. Hereís a link to the one weíre thinking about getting. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2574657

AFM - I saw my 4 year old nephew last night for the first time in a few weeks and he told me my belly was fat. lol But then he told DH he was old. I laughed and said we make a good match, a fat and old couple. I told him I have 2 babies in my belly, but he didn't believe me. Little stinker.

08-22-2011, 09:44 AM
Lucy--that is so cute about your nephew! DH's niece said "so you really have two babies in there?" haha. yes, from what i've heard you should be able to get 10% off if you buy both at the same time. however, we ended up getting ours at Walmart.com because they are the same exact cribs that BRU has and they are $30 cheaper, which is a bigger discount than 10% off. looking at your crib though, it looks like it'd be cheaper to go with BRU with the discount. but if you change your mind on what kind of crib you want, i'd compare prices again because it varies.

Super--wow that is annoying about your MIL's friend! talk about super sneaky.

last night it seemed like i woke up every 30 mins to switch sides! a couple times i even had to sit up for a couple mins because both sides hurt. it was kind like that the other night too but not as bad--i hope this is not going to be a regular thing THIS early in the pregnancy!!
i noticed that when the babies first starting kicking over a week ago, the kicks were below my belly button-now they're above it too! did they have a growth spurt??????

this is funny, although some of it does not apply to us because after going through TTC, we never complain, right? haha. has anyone noticed people ARE nicer when you're pregnant?

08-22-2011, 01:05 PM
Thanks Lucy! That looks great! Seems so sturdy so it definitely will last a while. Wow twins do add up donít they! Hopefully youíll get lots of great gifts to help with the costs. Hee hee love ur nephew he sounds very entertaining :D Imagine what kinda things out little ones are going to say. My 7 year old cousin called to wish my mum happy birthday last week and she was all chatty until she asked how old my mum was...she stopped talking for 5 minutes when she heard 55! She then told my mum she was lying and is only 35 :p

Praises- I get those pains on and off so I hardly sleep properly at nite. Iíve had it since 8 weeks though... Hope it goes away and is not a frequent occurrence for u! Glad the boys are growing so quickly!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

08-22-2011, 02:29 PM
hi girls,
sorry dont have much time, but just wanted you to know..its 100% a boy!!!!!!! DH just posted it big on facebook and is so super proud :p...
we are sooooo in love <3

08-22-2011, 02:33 PM
Rita- Woohooo! I guess DH was right all along. LoL! Congrats on team blue!

08-22-2011, 04:33 PM
rita: congrats!

praises: I have not been sleeping well the past four nights because my shoulders hurt so bad I can't lay on them long. Is it your shoulders hurting you too? And I agree, I keep thinking, "It can't possibly stay this bad the rest of the pregnancy!" I thought it wouldn't be like this until like 36 weeks.

Lucy: truly a stinker. He'll believe you eventually.

AFM: I called the midwife this morning about the cramping (which has been less, but not gone away completely. I can at least walk with them unlike Thursday night.) She had me come in to see her. She said it's most likely either a UTI or a vaginal infection, both of which can cause cramping. So she tested me for both. Don't have the results yet.

But she also checked my cervix, just to make sure it wasn't preterm labor or something, and it was thick and closed, which is perfect. She listened to the heartbeat, and it was super fast, and she could hear the fetus moving around, which was cool! She also measured me, and I measured 20.5 cm, which is THREE WEEKS ahead. So I think I have some giant baby in there or something.

I told her that two weeks ago, I measured 17cm, and asked her if it could just be uterus stretching pain, because I've grown 3 1/2 weeks worth of uterus in only 2 weeks, and she said it could be. So if the infection tests come back negative, I'm going to guess that's what it is.

I was also down half a pound from 2 weeks ago, bringing my grand total of weight gain since getting pregnant to. . . . . (drumroll). . . . ONE pound. So I don't understand how I'm growing this apparently giant uterus which might contain a giant kid when I'm not growing at all! I'm working so hard to avoid GD and monster baby, and now I'm wondering if I have any control over it at all!

Anyhow, I will update once the test results come back. Thanks for the advice about calling! Since she said I should come in, I don't feel like it was a waste.

08-22-2011, 07:59 PM
Rita - Congrats on Team Blue!!! =)

rachel - so glad that everything turned out ok. i have the opposite problem, spotting with no cramping. hoping it' not related to my low-lying placenta (also hoping it's not low anymore).

lucy - haha, I laughed out loud when I read your nephew's comments. sound like quite a little character.

praises - i totally understand the pain at night. I have to switch sides all night and it alternates between hip/pelvic pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. Ugh! I've been told it only gets worse from here.
oh, I think i remember you telling me that the upper arm was a better indicator of weight gain at some point. where did you find that and is there a site that has measurements, etc on it?

afm - still getting used to teaching and being up moving around more. have had some cramping tonight, and some BH today. was hoping yoga would help, but not so much. no one wants a hurricane, but i'm hoping we get enough of it here to have them call school Friday. I'm exhausted already and it's only Monday!

08-22-2011, 09:26 PM
Cake- The Chinese gender chart was right for me. It said girl and it's a girl!

rita- Congratulations on the baby boy! I'm glad DH is so excited!

Imaguire- I'm glad your first week went well. I'm glad you got your childcare situation taken care of!

Praises- We have a 27 foot camper. We replaced the mattress in our camper about a yr ago. I actually slept better in the camper then I have at home in weeks. I have been rolling a throw blanket and sticking it under my belly to help hold it up. I find my sides don't hurt as much when I do that.

Lucy- I'm glad you are getting all sorts of projects out of the way! You and DH must be proud of all the work you are doing.

baby- There are some days I feel her move more then others. I usually only feel her if I'm sitting quietly after a meal. OJ or a little caffeine usually wake her up. I also feel more movement when I'm in the recliner.

super- I'm sorry about MIL's friend.

AFM- It feels like the baby is laying sideways with her head in my left hip. I've been feeling something in the back of my pelvis all day and then the side of my hip. We had a good time camping. My sisters kids had a ton of fun and I enjoyed having them. DH is still there with DSS but will come home tomorrow for our anniversary.

08-22-2011, 09:34 PM
Rachel- not happy to hear the pain is only going to get worst! :( I also have not gained ANY weight at all although I look rounder. It’s crazy that baby is growing so fast! Was the midwife concerned about the size? Maybe it’s just a growth spurt and it will slow down the further along you get. Glad she was able to confirm everything was ok and I hope you don’t have any infections.

Just looking at my 12.5 week US and it says fetal length 16cm but the OB didn't say anything about size apart from "size looks good"...hmmmm

Selo- glad you had a good time camping! I was wondering how you were going to sleep comfortably! Happy Anniversary!

08-22-2011, 10:27 PM
Thanks Tink, Praises and Selo. By the time I got to work, she was having a gymnastics meet inside me! I think I was stressed over some things this weekend and this has been an eye opening lesson, I need to destress. I did try oj and didn't seem to make her move at all. Possible I was so full of fluids she was too busy floating to move! At least my mind was at ease today. Now, today I have been an emotional person. My puppy chewed up 3 shoes...which of course were all different! My aunt is being insensitive about baby related issues-she wants to fill in for my mom, but is nothing like my mom. My hubby works for family who don't act like they appreciate him and most of all...I wish my mom was here going thru all this with me! My poor hubby has been a real trooper trying to make me feel better.

Anyways...hope everyone else is doing good....

08-23-2011, 01:08 AM
Well, I got my test results back, and the good news is I don't have a UTI, and I don't have a vaginal infection.

The bad news is I'm spilling ketones in my urine. Which means I'm starving somehow. Please note althought diabetics spill ketones sometimes, it doesn't mean I have diabetes, because my sugars are totally fine.

So apparently it WAS bad that I've only gained 1 pound after 18 weeks. Which pisses me off. Because they tell me so often, "Try to only gain 10 pounds in the whole pregnancy. Oh, and also, you'll gain five pounds after week 32, so only gain 5 by then." So I do great every appointment at not gaining weight and they congratulate me, and now I've done SO well that I'm spilling f*cking ketones, which are associated with lowered IQs and intrauterine death. I'm so mad. I feel like I was trying my best to give my kid the best chance, and instead I've ****ed everything up.

Anyhow, apparently that's what is causing the cramping. Not having enough carbohydrates to make energy.

Can you believe it????? As ladies with PCOS, we get told CONSTANTLY to not eat carbs, and now I'm paying the price. I'm just so mad that no one told me this could happen.

Anyhow, I'm going to do my best from now on to eat every 3-4 hours, and have a snack with protein before bed. I'm also going to go to Walmart and buy some home ketone testing strips, so I can make sure that no matter what damage has already been done (hopefully none!!!!), that it doesn't continue or get worse.

08-23-2011, 07:13 AM
Rachel--I hope baby is ok!! Man these 'professionals' make me mad. I didn't think one pound sounded right, and I'm no Dr. I didn't know you weren't eating carbs. Now is our chance to pig out on them (relatively speaking, within reason). Your body is metabolizing food a lot faster than when you are not pregnant, so its ok. I think you should eat every 2 hrs, even if its just a snack. Drink Ensure Plus (350 calories) a day too. Just one because you are probably taking prenatals. And yeah lots of protein.

08-23-2011, 07:37 AM
Rachel--p.s. baby is probably fine though..think about women who lose weight in the first tri because of m/s..some of them don't gain weight till about now. Baby is probably getting what he/she needs but you might not. Make sure you get lots if calcium. And for some reason 20-24wks is an important time to gain weight. The ensure would definitely help.

08-23-2011, 08:32 AM
Rachel-I am sooo sorry! I feel really bad for you. I am sure baby is fine and sounds like getting test strips is a good idea. I thick I am going to get some too. I started overweight but lost about 12-14 lbs in the first trimester. I have only gained a few lbs back. I called my dr last week, as I have episodes of stabbing pain on my right side. I guess I never thought they could be cramps...cause they hurt so bad it's hard to walk. Is thatbhow bad yours are. I think it is good you shared this because they have had me so paranoid about gaining too much weight...I haven't been "dieting" but, I haven't been sad not to gain any weight. Technically, I haven't gained a pound considering how much I lost in the beginning. Hang in there...baby will be fine. You have lots of time to get this turned around. Thanks for sharing...something we should all watch for.

08-23-2011, 09:28 AM
Baby: Stabbing pains in the side, if they last for like 15 second or less, are likely ligament pains. If yours last a lot longer, it could be something else, I don't really know. Mine were actually cramps, and definitely felt like cramps and nothing else, and they lasted pretty consistently for sometimes 45 minutes, though sometimes less.

praises: I wasn't not eating carbs, in fact I have been eating more carbs than before I got pregnant. Pasta, bread, fruit, like every day. But I was trying to eat reasonable portions of them. You know, not a *mountain* of pasta, but just a small pile, with more chicken on the side. But apparently I wasn't eating enough. Which is funny, because I was never hungry. I wasn't dieting, or trying to restrict myself, I was just trying to eat when I was hungry and stop before I was stuffed.

And I think you're right that hopefully the fetus is doing fine. I mean, my uterus grew 3.5 cm in 2 weeks, that's got to be a sign that it's getting enough, right? Just I'm not? Fetuses are good at taking what they need, so I've heard, at the expense of the mother. And now that I'm thinking about it this morning, when I'm not so upset, I feel more confident that the fetus is ok and it's brain will be fine.

Everyone: Thank you for your support, everyone who thought of me yesterday. I really do feel better this morning, because I only had the cramping for five days, they're happy with how my uterus is growing, they'll measure the fetus in two weeks at my anatomy ultrasound, and I know what to do to make this better. Those are all blessings. And I am grateful that it's not a problem that is harder to fix.

And thank you to everyone who told me to call my midwife about the cramps, because I can fix the problem sooner because of you all!

08-23-2011, 09:52 AM
Rachel -- sorry to hear you're going through so much crap! I am glad you solved the mystery, though, and that you are taking proactive steps. I understand concerns about weight gain, but as you point out, it's great that you're measuring normally, so it doesn't sound like you need to be overly worried.

Selo -- Congrats on team pink! Yay for little girls!

Rita -- Congrats on team blue -- so happy for you!

Lauren -- Congrats on making it through the first week of school. Our kids don't start until Sept. 6, but as a teacher I go back this Monday.

Cake -- Chinese gender predictor was right for me. We played a little game with our families and tried the gender predictor with all family members, and it was right in 12 cases and only wrong in one. Pretty ridiculous, but I assume that is just coincidence and not proof that this test is correct. It is not exactly a scientific study :)

Afm, trying to get a lot done before I go back to work full time on Monday. I have stayed super busy this summer between travel and part time work and trying to get our house fixed up in various ways. Now that everything else around our house is complete (several big home improvement projects) we're now tackling the nursery. I'm making curtains, my husband is painting next week with my father in law, and my husband is refinishing a dresser that will become our changing table as well. I'm excited to start doing all this and try to have the big stuff out of the way before Labor Day. Then while we're working it will be smaller things to take care of a little bit at a time. Health wise everything is A-OK right now. I am definitely starting to gain weight, and I feel like since my appointment two weeks ago I've already gained a few pounds and my stomach is significantly bigger. Off to Home Depot!

08-23-2011, 12:09 PM
lmaguire--i think the arm measurement thing came from my multiples book. i will have to check on that. i'm not sure if it's something that you have to track from early on or not. i can tell that my upper arm has gotten some extra meat on it but i have no clue how much because i never measured. i think what they were saying was to not just go by the lbs you've gained because you could be gaining them in your arms, legs, butt, whatever, and that's not primarily where you want to gain. i'll let you know what it said though.

selo--wow that is great that you could sleep in the camper! my in-laws use the actual bed, so DH and i have to sleep on the dining seat cushions that fold down into a bed and they are probably the original cushions! with just a hard surface underneath. happy anniversary!

babyD--sorry about your aunt and that your mom is gone :( definitely try to relax. it is not cool that they are making you worry about gaining weight. my MIL and my grandmother had doctors that yelled and got mad at them if they gained weight. we know better these days that that is ridiculous. but i understand it depends on your starting weight and that they really want to avoid risky conditions.

rachel--well yeah i figured you had to have some carbs--impossible not to eat any! i guess the cramping was a good thing in that it alerted you.

afm, not much to report here. i'm just worried that i'm getting closer to those "no sleep nights" because everything in my body will hurt. slept a lot better last night though. tomorrow AM is my glucose test and i'm kinda worried about that too. on monday the peri will check my cervix again--really curious to see how much it has changed.

08-23-2011, 12:56 PM
Rachel- glad that you donít have any infections! Iím sure baby is fine since he/she is measuring great and you are right the nutrients mostly go to baby before us thatís why we feel so weak when we donít eat. Iím surprised by the ketone thing too! Iíve been doing the same thing you have eating really small portions of carbs. I have a hard time eating proper meals anyways since like you I am hardly ever hungry and get full so fast. Iím 185lbs (5lbs gained in clomid round) since my BFP and 5í7Ē and I was told to gain at least 20lbs but 25lbs is ok but definitely not more than 30lbs so 10lbs seems very low since 7 lbs of that will be baby. Iím glad you figured it out and hopefully eating every couple of hours will help. Do they check for ketones regularly at OB apts? If not Iíll be grabbing some strips like you did as Iíve also been trying not to gain too much and havenít gained anything yet. Was it you that was taking met for longer than the first tri?

Ready- thatís great that you are getting so much done around the house!
Praises- good luck with the glucose test and peri apt tomorrow! Glad you were able to sleep better.

AFM- took a 4 hour nap yesterday then felt guilty for not doing any work. I had to drag myself out of bed! Long wait to next OB apt on Sept 6.....told a few more people so feeling more confident :) DH and I are thinking of a Caribbean vacation next month. Are we taking too much of a risk with the weather, food etc?

08-23-2011, 08:18 PM
rachel - im so sorry your doctor had you all stressed out. i agree with everyone else, I think the LO will be just fine since he/she is measuring right on. so glad that you were on top of it though!

super - i say go for a baby-cation!! I wish I could! Hurricanes are always a concern in the summer and early fall, but this is your last chance to go on a trip just the two of you for a while. Cruises are a great option if you can afford it. All the food you can eat, nice beds, etc.

praises - thanks, I think I have my arm measurement from a little before my BFP. I guess I'm just super paranoid about gaining too much weight because I know those of us with PCOS struggle to lose baby weight. I think I've topped 20lbs now, and I just keep wondering when it's going to stop. I truly dread having to lose it, but to be honest, I have NO CLUE where all that weight is. I don't feel like I look that different than pre-preggo, just add a beach ball belly. Ugh.

ready - thanks! didn't realize you were a teacher too! i have to say that it isn't fun to be up on your feet a lot. I had to sit to lecture today. Couldn't be up. Hope it's easier for you!! So jealous that you have so much more time off! (But we get out at the end of May).

afm - had some pains and spotting today. intestine are bugging me, and my sciatic area is hurting. can't wait for bed tonight. 2 days til the third trimester!! where has the time gone!?

08-23-2011, 09:42 PM
rachel--i forgot you asked me about shoulder pain. my yoga teacher happened to mention it tonight. she demonstrated putting a thick folded blanket underneath your ribcage while lying on your side vs not having anything. when there is nothing, your shoulder can get squished. i haven't had the pain too often, just a couple nights--i try not to lean on my shoulder too much.

lmaguire--you shouldn't be worried about losing your baby weight. first of all, you are normally thin, so your metabolism is probably not low. if you are eating healthy for the most part, you will lose the weight faster. the multiples book emphasizes that. maybe you have extra fluid that is adding to your weight? or maybe not. you can gain 25-35lbs so i think you're going to be fine.
from the multiples book, in a nutshell--there are three places they measure fat--upper arm, midback and midthigh. thanks to hormones, first you will gain some weight here before the babies even weigh much of anything because your body needs to store up fat, so your measurements should change. after 28 weeks you will be putting on the lbs, but so will your babies, so you will notice that your arm measurement won't be changing much. one lady said she gained 20lbs from 28wks to 37wks but her arm measurement did not change at all.

super--caribbean vacation, awesome! technically you'll be ok for travel but yeah i don't know about the hurricanes and whatnot. we're expecting a hurricane here this weekend--it's the one that just hit Puerto Rico pretty hard. we went to Puerto Rico last year in July and stayed with my grandma's sister because we were planning to TTC in the fall and i really wanted DH to see where my grandparents grew up and travel around the island. we had a thunderstorm but luckily no hurricanes. however i got stung by fire ants(which i always have a bad reaction to) and i was in a lot of pain, went to the Dr, and by the last day of the trip i couldn't do much of anything. i never would have been able to do that trip now! you just never know what's going to happen on vacation--it can be stressful. we also got a flat tire in the rental car. but if you're going on a cruise, that might be more relaxing! (if being on the water doesn't bother you)

oh so this is how bad my pregnancy brain is getting--the other day i left eggs boiling on the stove for like 30-45 mins because i totally forgot the water was heating up and i went upstairs, took a shower, etc. the eggs were definitely cooked too much but we ate them anyway--apparently cooking them that long takes away most of the egg smell!
then today we felt the earthquake that was in VA and both DH and i completely forgot that his parents and sister are camping in VA right now, much closer to the epicenter than we are, so we didn't even call to check on them! my MIL called DH tonight and said she's writing him out of their will. lol!!! we felt so bad that we completely forgot. sheesh!!! DH said my forgetfulness is rubbing off on him. and i'm usually the one that has a better memory!

08-24-2011, 07:20 AM
Lauren -- yeah, I've been thinking about the whole being on my feet all day thing. For most of my teaching career, though, I've managed to spend a decent amount of class time sitting on a tall stool in front of a podium. Of course, when my students are working independently or in groups I'm walking around a lot, but during full-class instruction I tend to tell my kids that varicose veins run in my family so I'm sitting to prevent them. They;re in high school, so they think it's funny. I haven't gained much weight yet, so I'm hoping that will also make being on my feet a little easier for now (and harder later as I get bigger).

Super -- definitely take a vacation! Have you all considered going somewhere on the west coast of Mexico, like Puetro Vallarta, instead? If you're worried about hurricanes, which is a definite east-coast possibility in September, you'd have less chance of getting your plans changed if you tried something like Puetro Vallarta. Regarding food, I don't think it's anything to be worried about if you travel to any of these vacation destinations. I spent over a week in Argentina this summer and had no problems. (Of course, I'm of the personal belief that a lot of the pregnancy diet "restrictions" are a bit overblown....and it turns out my doctor agrees with me, which is reassuring.)

Here in Virginia I definitely felt the earthquake yesterday. I was in the Home Depot paint aisle picking up supplies for my husband to refinish a dresser for the nursery today when the building started shaking. Then gallons of painting started falling from the shelves (came close to hitting me but thankfully did not) and the metal roof was visibly moving. I was a little freaked out and said to an equally freaked out employee, "Are we having an earthquake?" It was unexpected here. When I got home I saw that only one item in our home was broken (a small glass ornament) and several items had fallen and pictures were all crooked on the walls, but no actual problems. I always knew that the thought of being in California during an earthquake was reason for me not to live there, so this was just another reminder.

08-24-2011, 12:16 PM
ready- glad that none of the paint cans fell on you- that would have hurt for sure! Here in Mass I didn't feel it, but my DH 20 min away at work did- crazy! I probably would have thought it was a truck going by or something since it was a small rumble up here.

afm- I had my appt yesterday. I'm still down 7 lbs since my bfp because I was sick and the doc didn't say anything to me. With my 2nd DD I only gained 10 lbs above my starting I think and that worked out great for me lol....

08-24-2011, 12:20 PM
Super: it's only 6 and a half bucks for 50 ketone strips at walmart, that's where I got mine. And yes, I am on metformin as long as possible. I am basing that decision on some research I found, which I'll just excerpt the title and main sentence from:

Title: Metformin therapy throughout pregnancy reduces the development of gestational diabetes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

When all live births were combined, gestational diabetes occurred in 22 of 72 pregnancies (31%) in women who did not take metformin versus 1 of 33 pregnancies (3%) in those who took metformin.

Another study had the GD rate drop from 26% to 4%. Another study showed no difference.

Metformin is a class B drug (like Tylenol and Benadryl), meaning you shouldn't take it unless you have a good reason to. Also, metformin is not as safe if you had diabetes before you got pregnant. But for me, I believe the potential benefits outweigh the risks. My midwives consulted with the OBs, because I am only the second patient they have ever had who wanted to stay on it after 13 weeks, and the OBs said that since it's class B, I could stay on it as long as I want. Believe it or not, 10-15 years ago, treating PCOS with metformin was practically unheard of in the US. Even six years ago, when I started on it, I had to talk really hard to get my doctor to give it to me. So I'm guessing metformin treatment will be more common as the years go on.

Imaguire: Sorry about the sciatica! My teaching contract started Monday (but I don't start teaching again for awhile), and I had to sit in a meeting for 2 hours on a metal folding chair. It just KILLED my tailbone area. I thought it would go away once I got up, but it just got worse. I had to be so gentle even getting into my car. So I bought one of those donuts. I feel like an old person now! I hope you can find something to help your sciatica.

Praises: I had actually tried the "put something under your ribs to take the weight off your shoulder" idea, but unfortunately it seems to misalign my spine, because my hips and stomach pull my spine down into the bed, while the spine on my back is lifted, and it creates some kind of torque that makes my back hurt. It sometimes seems like that's the best we can get, is to exchange one kind of pain for another! But thanks for thinking of me.

The thing I have found to work the past two nights is sleeping on my back (i know it's not the most recommended position), but at an angle. So I build up in height toward my head. That way I'm sleeping on my back, but my stomach isn't pushing into me, it's sort of pushing down and away. I'm not explaining this very well, and I'm sure I'll have to quit once I get further in my pregnancy, but for right now it helped so I thought I'd share.

AFM: I haven't gotten the ketone strips to give a negative yet, but it does only read a trace right now (5 mg/dl), which would be a 1+ at the hospital lab. And my first test that my midwife took was a 2+. So at least it has gotten better. Maybe it takes awhile to get them all out of your system, because I feel like I have been doing a LOT better. And i eat some cheese before bed every night so that I have some protein and fat to digest overnight.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

08-24-2011, 12:23 PM
ready--glad you are ok--it would not be fun to get hit by a paint can!!

drank "the drink" this morning. the taste was ok but it kinda hurt my throat for a couple mins and the thought of downing all that sugar was icky but overall it was fine. i'll know tomorrow if i passed. my friend had her test a couple hrs after mine (at another OB) and she already knows she passed! not fair. lol
babies' heartbeats were good and they were making a lot of noise in there. can't wait to see them next week! i go back to my regular OB on the 20th and from then on it will be every two weeks. my OB tells me something different every time i see her, so who knows. before she told me i should gain 30-35lbs and i told her i was thinking more like 45, then today she tells me i can gain 50! oh and before she had said i should probably leave work at 32 wks and today i told her the peri said 20 (but said my cervix was fine and i could keep working) and she said, "20?? i would say 28." at least their answers give me somewhat of an idea. i'm glad i'm seeing the peri for my ultrasounds because it gives me the chance to get a second opinion and the peri does the u/s himself whereas at my OB's office, the tech does them all, which is totally fine because the tech is really nice, but i just feel like there is not much connection with my Dr at the visits because they are so quick!! at least she seems to be excited when she checks the heartbeats. :P

08-24-2011, 04:57 PM
Rachel- Just sharing my experience I was on met XR 1500mg but a few weeks after I got pregnant I felt like complete crap (like I could not even got off the couch or think properly and was sleeping like 14 hours a day) I felt like I was completely hypoglycemic. I cut down my dosage to 1000mg and felt better then went back up when my RE told me I should be in the full dose and felt the same way. Then I cut it down to 500mg and I was so much better. Then saw my OB and he told me I should have stopped since right after BFP since I was never IR. Based on the research I read I wouldnít have stopped cold turkey but cutting down on the dose really helped. Iíve been much better since I stopped it so maybe you should think about lowering the dose as that might be causing the ketones? Again just thought Iíd share and not sure if you were IR so u need to be on it. I make sure to eat a proper snack (sandwhich with milk) or something before bed or I still wake up dizzy! Glad u are doing better! I also sleep on my back sometimes as its the only comfortable position....hee hee re doughnut! I find Iím getting the same pain sitting on hard surfaces now 

Lighthouse- only 10lbs! Thatís great that you donít have to worry about losing anything after :P

Ready- thanks for suggesting PV. I told DH and he seems to be warming up to the idea since the prices are not bad either! Let me know if you have any other suggestions. I keep going back and forth as we need some stuff for the house but I think a vacation would be so amazing right now for us. We havenít been anywhere since Jan and I donít think weíll be doing anything next year. Gosh thatís scarey about the paint cans! We just had some minor rumbling and everyone was freaking out! Glad u are ok!

LMA-! Iím not sure about the cruise as Iím still quiet nauseous and I couldnít stay in the 3rd level dinning room last time. I got really nauseous every time and had ginger ale which DH feasted on lobster :P Congrats on getting to the third trimester!

Praises- glad the twins are doing well! I get different answers from every DR about everything its really annoying! Thank god for internet and u guys or Iíd be so confused! Fingers crossed for no GD! We had out honeymoon in PR and it was so amazing! Thatís amazing that ur grandparents are from there. I actually wouldnít mind going back we were there for 5 days before getting on a cruise and honestly nothing went wrong. Hee hee re forgetting everything. I hope they werenít too upset! Iím the one who remembers everything too so thereís a lot of stuff getting forgotten lately!

AFM- nothing new really! Belly seems bigger so I'm getting more excited!

08-24-2011, 08:34 PM
super- even though my weight didn't increase after DD#2 my shape never went back lol... weight isn't everything!

08-24-2011, 09:59 PM
Lighthouse- Noooooooooooo! Not that I'm in such a great shape anyways but I put away my skinny clothes today thinking I'll get back in shape by next summer ;) Good luck to me :P

Tornados warnings here! My mum keeps calling every 10 minutes making sure we haven't blown away yet!

08-24-2011, 10:33 PM
I just got back from my vacation late last night and haven't been able to catch up on all the reading I missed all week! I had an OB appt this morning, but it was really just a listen to the heartbeat, measured my stomach, asked if I had any questions, and that was it. It was like 3 minutes. They were concerned about my blood pressure. I guess it was high when they first took it, so after I saw the doctor, they had me lay on my left side for about 2 minutes and they took it while I laid there. Then it was really low, so she tried the other arm, and it was in an alright range. I don't know what to think. I think they might be testing for ketones though. When I went to the blood lab to do the glucose test, they also wanted a urine sample, which I haven't given since I was maybe 9 weeks along. Hopefully it's nothing. I know I have appt anxiety which always makes my blood pressure higher than it normally is. She said they would call me if anything turned out abnormal. The glucose drink wasn't bad at all. They gave me 5 minutes to drink it, which was no problem and it just tasted like flat sprite.

I will try to post the ultrasound my husband sent back to me of the gender shot. I am seriously questioning how on earth the tech saw a boy. When I look at the ultrasound, even though he has the "penis" pointed out, I'm still not sure what I'm looking at. I don't see any legs, or anything that looks like the typical potty shot. If I get another ultrasound later, I am going to ask for verification. I just hope the guy is right, because we are already starting to get a few boy things...Hopefully he saw it was a boy in a better shot and just couldn't print off that shot, so he just gave us some kind of shot, that's what I'm hoping.

I've been having bad back pain every day. I finally figured it out though. For some reason, when I sit, my tailbone must push into my spine, causing the midspine to hurt quite a bit. I found this out by going to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet makes the pain go away! I'm going to buy a donut cushion to sit on.

Other than that, things are good. I get one more trip in to visit family before the little one arrives. He now moves almost constantly every day, I don't know when he gets rest! He makes my whole stomach shake and it always makes me laugh. I gained 7 pounds in the past 5 weeks according to the doctor. At first that sounded like a lot to me, but after I remembered I'm supposed to be gaining a pound a week, it's about right. I have also been slightly swollen, so I'm sure a lot of that is water weight. I'm not concerned about weight gain though. I fit into the maternity pants I bought before I even started showing, so I figure I must be doing okay.

I had my 16 year old cousin(she is very good and professional with a camera) take maternity pictures while I was at home visiting. She made me feel good because she made me take all the pictures in a profile way because she said she couldn't tell I was pregnant face on :) I love looking pregnant, but I also love that I still look very much the same. I have also found out that the pool at the local base just opened, I know where I'm going this weekend! Also, I stopped by the clinic where my husband's old coworkers are today just to chat and my husband's old supervisor is coming over tomorrow to mow my lawn! I hate asking for help, but I guess I can't stop someone if they offer!

I'm trying to fit in school tomorrow. I really NEED to reach my goal of finishing by the 19th and today I couldn't work on it at all. Tomorrow I have a long list of things to do that don't include school, so I think I'll do those things on the list first and then just work on school into the late night.

I hope everyone is well! I forgot to ask the doctor today about braxton hicks. The appointment was so fast I felt like I couldn't even think.

08-24-2011, 11:13 PM
tiffany, welcome back! it's funny, you mentioned a lot of things we've been talking about. i collect a urine sample at every visit, so i don't think it's unusual that they are asking you for one, although i'm surprised it's been a while since they have. they can detect a lot of things through urine and it's an easy test!
we don't even have u/s pics with the genitals pointed out, just ones of their profiles. we had asked the peri to wait till the end of the u/s to tell us the sexes, so when he told us, he wasn't actually showing us. we have the dvd of everything he looked at and we definitely can't tell anything from looking at it! but i trust the peri--he has been doing this a long time and told my friend she was having a girl pretty early on and he was right.

my yoga teacher said make sure you don't slouch in your seat--that makes your tailbone hurt worse--and when you stand, tuck your tailbone under.

super--stay safe! we are expecting a hurricane this weekend. that is cool that you went to PR for your honeymoon--romantic! i hope you find a good vay-cay location.

lighthouse--yeah i heard your hips don't necessarily go back to their original position. darn

08-25-2011, 12:41 PM
Tiffany – hope you had a great vacation! Ur BP might have just been high since you were nervous. As long is it doesn’t stay high over several readings u are fine! My OB also takes a urine sample every visit and they test for glucose, ketones and protein. Wouldn’t the tech have made a note of the sex so u can just call and confirm? That’s so cute that baby moves so much! I’m also loving showing a bit more now DH says my cheeks look bigger some day! GL with school and hope the back pain goes away!

Praises- thanks! Now we’re thinking of Miami since we have enough air miles to pay for the flight so we’d just have to worry about hotel and food which isn’t too bad! Stay safe I’ve been hearing about the hurricane all day on the news!

AFM- I think my appetite is back! Had two pieces of toast, milk and a timbit for breakfast! YEY for lemon!

08-25-2011, 02:50 PM
i just have to say....yay for only 100 days left!

08-25-2011, 04:14 PM
Hi everyone, wow, you miss a lot of things in a week! I've been reading everyone's posts, too, but I am going to just give a little update and then jump back into posting again after this since it is too hard to go all the way back and respond to everyone! I am doing pretty good. Have been feeling some vaginal pressure, heavy feeling, over the past week so called the peri and they had me come in to be safe. Everything looks good, no UTI, babies are fine, cervix is fine, 3.5cm (was 3.7 cm two weeks ago) so they said it is probably just one of those feelings I will have but to keep an eye on it. I go back in on Tuesday for my anatomy (find out the sexes - yay!) and recheck cervix length. I know 3.5 is a good number, but I'm still quite nervous about what my cervix will do in the upcoming weeks. But other than that, good. Gaining weight like mad, and I swear I am not overeating! Hope all is well with you guys :)

08-25-2011, 04:35 PM
so cool! http://www.babycenter.com/2_inside-pregnancy-weeks-21-to-27_10312242.bc

elle--that is awesome!!

jill--sounds like you're doing great!

08-25-2011, 05:51 PM
Tiff - Yay!! Glad you're back! Just in time to start the 3rd trimester!! =)

elle - congrats! I know i felt so accomplished once we broke the 100 day mark.

jilly - glad you're back!

well ladies, I'm off to the 3rd trimester as of today! I can't believe it! only three more months until I'll be holding my little boy!! =) I'll be sure to keep checking in though, and I'll be seeing a lot of you joining me in the next few weeks! Keep baking those babies!

08-25-2011, 06:46 PM
I have been gaining plenty of weight also and I know I'm not overeating. I'm eating the same amount as always. I actually thought I was eating a bit less, so I was worried about my appointment yesterday. I had gained 7 pounds in 5 weeks though, so I'm happy with that! I try not to worry about the weight gain right now and just focus on being healthy because everyone has been telling me it will come off afterward. It's weird to step on the scale though and see it the highest I've ever seen it. The highest I've seen it before pregnancy, the year I graduated from college was 150, which I then went on a very strict/healthy diet and lost 20 pounds in 3 months. When I got pregnant, I was 143 and I'm now about 167. It seems like a lot of weight gain, but like I said, I'm not concerned. My body still looks the same, maybe slightly thicker, but not by much, so I think a lot of it is stomach and water weight.

Also, thanks for thanks for the word about the blood pressure, they had me quite concerned, but that makes sense, it isn't consistently high. I think if I go to Target tomorrow, if they have one of those machines, I will test it, just because I'm curious. The urine will show if I'm leaking ketones though. Anyway, gotta get back to school, I was just taking a small break!

Oh, also, what a strange week. Earthquakes here in DC, and now we are in a tropical storm watch. This is a first for me! When I lived in Ohio we got a "hurricane" but it was just the winds. Yes, I know it wasn't a hurricane, but it was the leftover, and we lost power for about 8 days, it super sucked. Hoping that doesn't happen this time around, because I am on a very strict schedule so I can finish school by the 19th!

Hi everyone, wow, you miss a lot of things in a week! I've been reading everyone's posts, too, but I am going to just give a little update and then jump back into posting again after this since it is too hard to go all the way back and respond to everyone! I am doing pretty good. Have been feeling some vaginal pressure, heavy feeling, over the past week so called the peri and they had me come in to be safe. Everything looks good, no UTI, babies are fine, cervix is fine, 3.5cm (was 3.7 cm two weeks ago) so they said it is probably just one of those feelings I will have but to keep an eye on it. I go back in on Tuesday for my anatomy (find out the sexes - yay!) and recheck cervix length. I know 3.5 is a good number, but I'm still quite nervous about what my cervix will do in the upcoming weeks. But other than that, good. Gaining weight like mad, and I swear I am not overeating! Hope all is well with you guys :)

08-26-2011, 07:10 AM
Mercy! You miss so much in a week! I tried to go back to catch up on everyone/thing. If I missed stuff - sorry.

Supergal - I've heard about bio-oil and keep meaning to pick some up. I can't remember much these days! Most all I have been using has vitamin E, including the baby oil. Right now, I'm using the Palmer's cocoa butter lotion. I want to start using the bio-oil in my third trimester. Not sure where that logic is coming from though. I too put away my skinny clothes and hope to get back in them next summer!

Selo - I'm up to 11 pounds now (as of Tues). I gained about 7 pounds in 2.5 weeks. All my friends told me it would happen like that. My doc released me on Tuesday to do light exercise!!! I am so happy:) I've been restricted since the beginning and figured I would have gained 20+ pounds by now. I'm glad your camping trip went well!

Rita - Congrats on team blue! I hope your mom is doing well and has a speedy recovery and that you had a safe trip.

Cake - the chinese calendar wasn't right for me! It said I was having a girl.

Lauren - congrats on graduating to the 3rd trimester and for making it through the first week of school! Hope the spotting goes away once and for all. I know it's scary and frustrating. Glad you have daycare squared away.

Babydreams - great deals! I am hoping to score a few like that as well from a lady at work. She keeps telling me she is going to bring in a list with the prices she thinks are fair.

Lucy - we're right there with you on the house projects. All of our family and friends are far from us and we know we will be invaded when the baby comes. We have a basement apartment, but I wanted to upgrade it this summer to make it a little nicer for everyone who comes. DH assures me it will be done by October. I sure hope so!

Rachel - I'm so sorry for all that you are going through. Very glad you called your midwife and have figured out the issue so you can correct it. I hope you and the baby are doing well.

Praises - did you get your test results? I think it was you who mentioned a few weeks back that you may adjust your diet in preparation for the test. Did you? Mine is in 8 weeks. Also, we just ordered our BRU crib from Walmart.com last night! We shopped around, but I couldn't beat the price, so we just did it. That was our first nursery purchase. We also picked up a dresser and a changing table. Be safe with Irene heading your way. I hope and pray it goes back out to sea.

Ready - glad you weren't hurt at Home Depot. I didn't feel the earthquake because I was in the car, but apparently it was felt in my office building and really upset people. They had to evacuate and wait for it to be deemed safe before reentering. I'm sorry my officemates had to go through that, but I'm so glad I wasn't there. They said it was horrible and that they thought the building was coming down around them.

Tiffany - welcome back and congrats on graduating to the third trimester! Hope you had a good vacation. They take a urine sample from me at each visit. Also, I'm told you can't tell I'm pregnant when facing me either. And, with most of my clothes you can't tell I'm pregnant no matter how you see me! It frustrates me sometimes b/c I want the world to know!

Ellebelle - congrats on breaking the 100-day mark!

Jilly - I have a extremely sensitive cervix apparently. That's why I've had a lot of spotting and then heavy bleeding around 16.5 weeks. In fact, DH and I have been told not to DTD until after baby because of it - that happened at 16.5 weeks. It seems like a LONG time to wait, but we both know it's worth it. I hope they find the culprit for you and the spotting/bleeding stops. Mine has stopped for now. We'll see if it returns now that I am going to start exercising again.

Afm - had my anatomy scan on Tuesday. It's still a boy!! He is a little over a pound and is very active and healthy! It was a great visit! The doc released me to do light exercise, I've been hoping he would at each visit. I've had a lot of hip pain and then severe pain in my lower left back/bum. I was so giddy that all was well with Luke that I forgot to ask my doc about it. And, I also forgot to ask about sleeping on my sides/back and which is preferred. I mainly sleep on my right side, but because of the hip pain I alternate sides every hour almost. And now I've graduated to sleeping in the recliner for a few hours. That really helps! I feel like a new person after I wake from the recliner. I can get up and walk right away and there is minimal pain. When I get out of bed it's a process and involves pain.

I learned something that I found interesting at my appointment. In terms of due dates, the most accurate is the one they give you at your early (8 weekish) appointment. My doctor told me that by the third trimester they could be off by 3 weeks with due dates based simply on u/s measurements, etc. So, he is pretty confident in 12/28 for me, even though the technician told me 12/26 on Tuesday.

Oh, and I told the technician that I was certain he was kicking me in the bladder last week. She said he was actually punching me because of his position! It's so nice to know what each jab is now (hand vs foot)! She said he is head down and may stay that way the entire time. Also, I told her that while I felt him a lot, I mainly felt him in my lower abdomen. She said that's because the placenta is acting like a pillow between me and the baby and not to be alarmed if I don't feel as much movement as others at this stage state they are feeling. That was nice to know. Though, I feel him punching and kicking away throughout the day and it is such an amazing thing!

Belly buttons - I have an inny but I think it will soon be an outy. This happening to anyone else? Mine seems to be slowly disappearing. I have a naked baby inside of me that I have to push out (hopefully, if not it has to be cut out) and what is wigging me out is my belly button! Crazy:)

Take care everyone and be safe with Irene.

08-26-2011, 09:21 AM
Hey ladies!! I'm going to be joining you over here in a few days. I'll be 13 weeks on Monday! I'm so happy to have made it this far. I'll be consistently stalking for the next few days :)

08-26-2011, 09:44 AM

wow, what an update! this thread is very busy, which is great!

well i haven't gotten a call from my OB's office, which so far means i passed, unless they call me today. i tried to be good in the days leading up to the test--i just drank/ate fewer things with sugar--good or bad--and fasted the night before. i was worried about it, but in reality it would be surprising if i already failed this early on. the later test will be more important i think.
congrats on still having a boy! lol that is funny that he is punching your bladder. i've been wondering if/when mine are going to do that. one of my babies is head down too.

that is a bummer about your sensitive cervix. i would just do very light exercise and take breaks.

everyone i ask has told me the left side is best to lie on. not that the right side is bad, but with the left side you increase blood flow and nutrients to the baby(ies). your back is not good because it does the opposite, but it is fine for a temporary rest. after sleeping on both sides a few times last night, both hips were hurting pretty bad, so i slept sitting up for a while, propped with pillows so it was comfy and i was so tired i felt right asleep. then the next time i woke up, my hips felt better, so i went back to my side.
at my Level II u/s, the peri questioned my 12/31 due date but said it was only 2-3 days off, so not a big deal.

my belly button is disappearing too! DH keeps commenting on it and he can't wait for it to pop out, lol. i know it doesn't pop for everyone, so i hope he doesn't get disappointed if mine doesn't. it's weird because it's lighter skin than my belly now (because it's stretched?)

08-27-2011, 01:24 AM
Super: congrats on the belly being out! I love it! I feel like I have spend the past 25 years sucking in my stomach, and now i just let it all out. I know I'm showing a LOT now, because today at the bank the teller said, "When are you due?" and most people have the common sense not to ask that unless they are REALLY sure the woman is pregnant. Especially if it's a chunky woman to begin with like me.

Jilly: I know it's hard not to worry, but as long as your doctor knows about it and says it's ok, then i would try not to too. Of course, sometimes we should be worried (like last week for me!), but it sounds like you're doing everything you can, and that's all we can ask of ourselves!

praises: I bet you passed too. Good work, pancreas!

jth: What an exciting week. Congrats on the successful scan!

codih: Good to see you again! Glad you get to join us soon.

Tiffany: Earthquake a few days ago, so I hope you get to avoid a hurricane in the next few!

AFM: After having ketonuria on Monday, it continued on my home test strips, getting better and better, until Wednesday. Since then, I have had three negative tests in a row. So it seems I am doing the right things. Also, I have gone from 1 pound up at 17w5d to SIX pounds up at 18w2d!! So I've gained five pounds in the past four days. Crazy! Obviously it's not all "real" weight gain, because I haven't been eating 5000 calories a day, but probably there's a lot more food in the pipes than there had been. Also I'm really well hydrated now. But I'm still guessing at least a bit of it is real weight. I have decided to shoot for 15 to 20 pounds instead of 10 to 15, because it's more important for me to keep the ketones away than to worry about five more pounds.

I'm starting to feel more goings on in my uterus! I definitely felt a little tap tonight, which probably means it was a headbutt! I know at this point, kicks feel like flutters, so to feel like a tap it must have been a giant forceful slam for my little one. Keep on mosh-pitting, little fetus, if it means I get to feel you!

08-27-2011, 03:25 PM
Just chiming in about the weight gain. I gained 10lbs TTC and 20lbs being pregnant. When I came home from the hospital I had lost 25lbs! Then a week later I lost 5 more. It's crazy how much extra weight that little baby adds!

08-27-2011, 09:30 PM
Codi - welcome!

Praises - hoping no news is great news regarding the glucose test! Thanks for the left vs. right side info.

Supergal - someone here posted (maybe Lauren? - sorry, can't remember who) that if you feel something below the belly button, it's the baby and above the belly button, it's gas. For me, I started feeling light thumps randomly - mainly in the late afternoon when I was sitting still and also as I was lying in bed at night just before sleeping. Now I feel movement more throughout the day - and usually after each meal. Congrats on the visible baby bump!

Jilly - sorry, I must have misread the spotting deal. I'm glad you're not having that issue!

Rachel - glad you are able to monitor your situation. I'm sorry the last few days haven't been as favorable, but I hope that changes for you soon. Also, congrats on the visible baby bump!

Chelsea - great news about the weight loss after baby comes! I too was gained a little while TTC - even still, I'm well within normal, healthy weight range. So, I'm not overly concerned with how much I gain during my pregnancy. I had a hard time with m/s until recently - still it comes and goes. As a result, I had only gained 4 pounds by 20 weeks. Now I'm up to 11 pounds. I hope to keep it around 25, but I'm not going to freak if I go up some. I hope I bounce back like you did!

Pediatrician: I have a meeting with one this week. I'm looking forward to it. Mainly, I want to make him aware of our family history of SIDS (DH lost a brother and I was on monitors for the first year of my life and have lost two cousins to SIDS). Besides that, I'm going to have to do some research as to the types of questions we should be asking. However, this particular pediatrician has been highly recommended to me. So unless there are any red flags, I'm pretty sure we will go with him.

Sciatica: read today that it is different for each pregnancy. So, you can have a severe case with your first and have no issues with your next. That's good news! The pain is no fun, but I found some safe exercises that I can be doing to try to find relief. One source of my info (with exercises): http://www.babyzone.com/pregnancy/health_wellness/complications/article/pregnancy-related-sciatica

08-28-2011, 11:16 AM
Rachel - I'm glad your ketonuria is disappearing. I think 15 to 20 pounds is much more realistic and healthy for you. Trying to only gain 10 pounds, unless your BMI is very very high would be very hard. It is so hard because you try to do your best, follow the doctor's instructions, and sometimes it isn't right! Keep up the good work now though.

JTH - Yay for meeting with the pediatrician. I bet it makes it feel so much more real. Hope you guys mesh well. Oh wow, sciatica sounds not fun at all. I'm glad you're finding exercises for it. I hope it helps!

Hope everyone weathered hurricane Irene alright. AFM, nothing new. Again counting days/hours until my anatomy scan - about 49 hours now! Hehe.

08-28-2011, 10:55 PM
Hoping everyone is doing well as the new week starts! Lots of you on the East Coast...hope everyone is safe and sound after Irene hit.

08-29-2011, 10:09 AM
Rachel- so glad the ketonuria is going away! Yey for weight gain! I think I gained 3 lbs in 3 days! Yey for baby mosh pitting! Iím still trying to figure out if its gas/ nausea or baby! Thatís great that people can tell now! I would always get excited when I spoke to a pregnant lady so they must be so excited to congratulate u :) I completely agree with ur new weight goal. Hope things will be a less stressful now!

Jth- I am so excited to feel baby I think I might be imagining some of it ! Iíve had sporadic cramps and sharp pains since I got my BFP so itís hard for me to tell which is which. I guess over time Iíll know for sure! Great that you are starting early with the Pediatrician, they wonít even let us have an apt until the baby is born then Iím sure it will be a waiting period...grrrr! Hope its a good fit! Hope the sciatic pain stops for you. Iíve had it a couple of days here and there and I wouldnít wish it on anyone!

Chelsea- I sure hope I can drop the weight as quickly as you did. But Iíve always had a hard time losing weight so Iím prepared for a big battle!

Jilly- good luck at ur scan!

Hope everyone is ok post Irene (Praises?) We might get some rain but nothing yet. Sorry if I missed anyone a bit brain dead today!

AFM- so had 3 good days then was completely out of it yesterday. Spent most of the day in bed with a migraine and nausea and had a hard time eating :( Friday and Saturday were busy so I think it caught up to me. Oh well! 1 day out of 3 is still better than MS everyday.

08-29-2011, 01:37 PM
rachel--glad you are doing better! that sounds great.

jth--i hope you like the ped. sorry to hear about all the SIDS in your families.
here's some info on preventing it http://www.sidsfamilies.com/index.php?sec=sidsrisks

jill--can't wait to hear about your scan!

super--sorry you had a lousy day. that does not sound fun at all

afm, the babies are growing and seem to be doing great. the u/s took a long time--the babies were all mixed up together instead of side by side or in front/behind each other, so it was hard to see certain things. we have yet to see how the peri knows their sexes, lol.
the sad news was that i had to start bedrest today. my cervix shortened by 1cm during the last 4 wks. i feel guilty like maybe i was doing too much--i was trying to get done what i could early on in case i had to go on bed rest in a few weeks, but i was not expecting now!!!!!!!!! i wasn't lifting heavy stuff or doing strenuous exercise but i definitely was not getting enough rest. my cervix is now 3.2 and when you push down, it goes to 2.9, so i am officially borderline. i cried and DH comforted me and said not to worry, we are going to get through this. i'm sad because now i can't go to GA and see my grandma this weekend and i don't know when i'll see her again because she can't travel. she has not been doing well. my boss is having my laptop set up so i can access the network from home and keep working for the next month at least, since i'm one month away from being vested--so close!!!!!!! it was just so impossible to get any rest at work because i had to get out of my chair 100 times a day because of this project we are working on. i don't know how i'm going to work on that from home, but there is other work i could do. people at work didn't understand that i seriously needed to rest and i felt ridiculous about pressing the issue, so i didn't. so maybe it is a good thing i am on bedrest but it sucks. more importantly, i don't want to lose my babies for anything!!!

08-29-2011, 02:21 PM
I'm so sad that I have to make this post, but I wanted to let you all know what has happened. I went into the hospital Friday night because I was having some bleeding. It turned out that I was in preterm labor and I delivered both babies Saturday morning (two baby boys). Unfortunately this was way too early for them to survive outside of my body as they were only 18 weeks and they arenít able to survive outside the body until at least 24 weeks. They did an ultrasound when I arrived at the hospital and both babies had heartbeats and were active, but by Saturday morning when they did another ultrasound they discovered that one had passed away and was already making his way out the birth canal. We were hoping to deliver the one and try to keep the other, but unfortunately shortly after the first twin delivered, the second one was not far behind him. He actually had a heartbeat when he came out, but again it was just too early to do anything for him.

The doctors assured me that there was absolutely nothing that I did to cause this and there is nothing we could have done to prevent it. There are no definite answers to explain why this happened, but they mentioned one possibility is something called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. This is very rare and only occurs in identical twins (which it turns out they could have been) when blood moves from one twin to the other. The reason they think this could have happened is because the one twin was larger and more developed than the other and they think itís because he was receiving more blood. They are going to send the placenta off to pathology to have it tested to see if they can give us any more answers, but it is likely that we will never know why exactly this happened. The doctors and nurses were wonderful and called specialists at other hospitals throughout our time there to see if there was anything else we could do. They mentioned the possibility of an incompetent cervix as well. They were actually hoping the contractions and bleeding would slow down so they could do transfer me to another hospital to try a cerclage, but the contractions just got more intense and the bleeding never stopped. They said this is an extremely rare situation and even the specialists at other hospitals had not seen anyone go into labor at 18 weeks like this.

DH is staying home with me all this week. Medically Iím doing ok, I just have a little bit of pain and Iím supposed to take it easy and stay off my feet. Iím not sure when Iíll be ready to return to work, but part of me feels like I need to get back into a routine and try to move forward. This is horrible thing to go through, but at least DH and I have each other. He has been so strong and supportive through all of this, and Iím glad to say he didnít even pass out through the craziness of labor. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even though those reasons are not clear to us at this point and may never be. If nothing else, it will make us stronger and I know we can get through anything together. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated as we get through this tough time.

08-29-2011, 02:38 PM
Lucy---I am so sorry!..this is unbelievable. This makes me so sad. That is one of those situations you read about and just can't imagine it actually happening. You are incredibly strong. I am praying for you and DH and I hope you can find peace. Please take care of yourself. ((HUGS))

08-29-2011, 03:27 PM
sorry for lurking over here!!! but LUCY I am sooo sorrry!!!!!!!! it is a horrible experience for any mother to go through. I have been in your shoes, we lost our DD at 17weeks and it was almost like what you said, er ultrasound showed heartbeat and baby moving and then the next morning she was gone! I am here if you need to p/m me! I will tell you that the pain does not go away and you will ALWAYS love your babies more than words but eventually you will find the day that it is a little easier to just breath! I am not sure when that day will be for you but I pray that God will comfort you and your husband at this time.
Were you able to hold them? and did the hospital take pics for you? I look at the pics from the hospital often and cherish them to pieces!
We had our DD cremated and buried in a family plot with a beautiful heart headstone. Sorry for rambling. But I wanted to extend the biggest warm hug to you and tell you I am sorry!

08-29-2011, 03:49 PM
Oh I am just heartbroken after reading the thread's updates.

Lucy I am so, so incredibly sorry. I'm sending prayers and thoughts your way. You and DH sound so strong, but I know this must be the hardest thing you've ever had to go through. I can't believe it, and I am so sad for you and your boys.

08-29-2011, 04:21 PM
Sorry for sneaking in here...

Lucy~ I am so incredibly sorry for your losses. You and DH and your boys are in my prayers/thoughts. I know no words can lessen the pain but I hope you find some comfort in knowing that we are here for you. My deepest sympathies....and if you need anything...I am here. HUGS

08-29-2011, 04:24 PM
Lucy - Your family is in my prayers, I am incredibly sorry that you are going through this.

08-29-2011, 04:25 PM
Lucy- I am so sorry hons :( Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you DH and your little boys. I hope the DRs can give you some answers. Take care of yourself *hugs*

08-29-2011, 05:03 PM
Lucy- I am so sorry. It's like a worst nightmare come true. I hope that you can one day find some peace after all the heartache.

08-29-2011, 05:19 PM
Thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and support.

gatorgirl - I do look forward to the day when this gets easier. I feel fine at one minute and I'm in tears the next. We were able to hold them and the hospital took pictures and put them in an album for us. They also made up a memory box with little bracelets, and the little hats that they were wearing along with a few other items. We've only looked through the pictures once since we've been home and it was difficult, but I'm so glad we have them. We had them cremated as well and they are being buried tomorrow at a family plot. I never thought I would have to go through burying my children this early in my life.

08-29-2011, 05:29 PM
Lucy - I am so very sorry for the loss of your twin boys. I know you will always love them and hold a special place in your heart for them. Please be kind to yourself. Thinking of you and your DH.

08-29-2011, 05:33 PM
I'm so sorry Lucy for you losses & I'll keep you & Dh in my prayers. I'm sure your angel boys are watching over you

08-29-2011, 05:46 PM
Lucy what you just said it exactly how we feel! no one can ever imagine having to bury a child! much less twins! our happiest days now revolve around a grave sight! it is horrible but I wouldnt dare not want to see her on those days! we got the boxes filled with stuff too. her hat and blanket and other items! you will cherish those in your time. it is all going to be on YOUR time! you will have better days and bad days! please feel free to message me if you need anything.

08-29-2011, 07:34 PM
Lucy, I'm so sorry for your loss. I will say prayers for you, your family, and your boys. Hugs to you...

08-29-2011, 07:39 PM
Lucy- I'm so sorry for the loss of your boys. My thoughts and prayers are with you and DH and your families through this. I have no idea what this must be like for you. I hope you can find peace.

08-29-2011, 08:05 PM
Oh Lucy, I just sat here, my jaw dropped, and I couldn't help but cry for you and those sweet boys. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I hope they are able to give you at least some kind of answer. May God grant you peace and comfort during this difficult time. We are always here for you.

08-29-2011, 08:08 PM
Lucy - I am very sorry for your loss. I am praying for you and your family - thankful that you and your DH are there for each other.

08-29-2011, 10:44 PM
Lucy, I am so sorry for your loss. (((hugs))). My heart just breaks for you.

08-30-2011, 12:36 AM
Lucy I am so sorry for you and DH and your loss. This brought tears to my eyes and my heart breaks for you. Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way.

08-30-2011, 09:13 AM
lucy- ((HUGS)) :(

08-30-2011, 04:57 PM
Lucy: I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Please take care of yourself and I wish you strength and comfort in the sadness.

08-31-2011, 06:19 AM
Lucy, I read your post and started bawling. I am really sorry about your loss. My heart breaks for you, and I admire your strength and courage as you deal with this painful situation. You remain in my thoughts.

08-31-2011, 01:02 PM
Lucy - I just wanted to add that I am so sorry for your losses. I lost my baby just over a week ago. I understand your wish to go back to work and be in a normal routine, but I know it would be a disaster if I did. No one should have to go through this pain, and I'll pray you & your DH can find peace and comfort.

09-01-2011, 07:29 PM
Wanted to check in with everyone...it has been quiet here. I can't believe I have one week left until I move to the third trimester boards...time is flying! I had a Dr this week. Didn't gain any weight last month. (lost 12lbs in 1st trimester and have only gained back 5lbs) Baby is measuring ahead of schedule...not sure what that really means!

Lucy, Rebecca and Praises...please know there are lots of prayers going out for you each.

09-01-2011, 07:38 PM
thanks BabyDreams...my situation of course pales in comparison to those who have lost their precious babies.
congrats on moving on (soon) to the 3rd trimester. i can't wait to get there so i can breathe a little sigh of relief. praying that all of us make it there soon. i hope everyone is doing well!

09-01-2011, 09:02 PM
I can now officially join you all over here. Yay for the second tri! 6.5 weeks until we find out the sex :) Praises, I hope you're coping ok with bedrest and your little ones are a-okay!

09-01-2011, 09:15 PM
Codi- welcome! Time sure feels like it's flying :)

baby- Hope the week goes by fast for you! I lost 1lb out of the 3 I had gained. OB apt on Tuesday but I won't have an US so I have no clue what baby is doing in there.

AFM- a friend came over for dinner and was shocked I was 15 weeks I guess my baby bump isn't that big! This guy helped my bag my groceries and lifted them into my cart for me so I thought I was showing lots!

Hope everyone is doing well. *hugs*

09-01-2011, 10:13 PM
Hi ladies,

I am also thinking of Lucy, Rebecca, FLhopeful, and others. Big hugs.

Praises - I'm glad the bedrest is going ok, I know how hard it must be. Hope the weeks pass by quickly for you and before you know it, it's over.

BabyD - Can't believe you're in the 3rd tri soon. Happy it is getting closer and closer for you.

Codih - Congrats on moving over :) Time is flying but at the same time seems to be lagging on forever.

Super - Maybe you were carrying differently or wearing different clothes? Sometimes you may look more pregnant than others. Soon everyone will know and you won't be able to miss your bump.

AFM - I had my u/s Tuesday and it is a boy and a girl for sure. We are super happy. Everything looked good. Bad news though is that I failed my one hour glucose test and did my 3 hour this morning, and I failed again. I am feeling a little down about having gestational diabetes. I was really upset tonight and I think I felt several braxton hicks in a row so I am trying to calm down and lay on my side.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

09-01-2011, 10:46 PM
Aw, Jill, so sorry about the diabetes. That is not fun, I'm sure. Drink lots of water for those BH.
So happy for your boy-girl twins though! I just knew that's what you were having!

09-01-2011, 11:08 PM
Congrats Jillybn! That is awesome you are having a boy and girl! Not awesome about the gestational diabetes. :(