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12-30-2010, 03:59 PM
Welcome to 2011, ladies! May it bring health and prosperity to us and our beans!

12-30-2010, 10:42 PM
I found this cute little poem, I thought I would share it. Happy New Years Ladies, I wish you all the best, health, love, life, laughter this year and beyond.

ďAnother fresh new year is here . . .
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love and laugh and give!
This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!
I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,And sing more joyful songs!Ē

12-30-2010, 11:00 PM
pink-aww that was so sweet of dh to get you a onesie from the baby! :)

nlt-welcome to the 2nd tri!

sassy-sounds like a great idea...i remember we weren't in newborns long with ds but it seems were did the size 1-2 for awhile. I wish I had stockpiled last time but its def. something I want to do this time around! I just bought another pair of jeans from jcp...they had a coupon for every $25 you spend you got $10 off so I got a pair for 15 bucks...not too bad. :) I just wash my 2 pair every few days. :) Thats great news that your dh got the ins. figured out, I know thats a big relief!

jon-welcome to the 2nd tri. I've def had to deal with the big D this pregnancy, it seems to go back and forth between the big C and the big D, my body can't figure out what it wants to do.

EJ-I hope you feel better soon. I've been having really bad round ligament pain, so much so I couldn't even get off the couch. Mine was coming from lifting my son though. At my ob appt tuesday they just told me to make sure I don't lift, push, or pull. Take it easy!

sunflower-how did your u/s go today? I've been thinking about you all day!

rhedlace-Congrats on your little boy!

merl-I'm glad your little one started moving around for you! I know its scary when your used to them wiggling around and then they stop.

Oreo-I hope you don't get sick. :( I'm glad your appt went well!! OMG, 4 hours a day...you really are running out of time!

afm-I've been battling a stomach bug or something the past couple of days, my vomiting returned :( and I have had a really bad headache. Yesterday it was so bad it made me dizzy so I just laid on the couch all day. Luckily tonight I'm feeling better and was able to eat some dinner. Oh, and I posted a belly pic in the show your glow thread...you ladies should post one too! I love looking at the bump pics...we've all worked so hard to get that bump!!

12-31-2010, 10:11 AM
carolina- OMIGOSH..I cant imagine having a stomach virus on top of all the puking I already do!! POOR YOU!!! I'm a lil antsy to post a bump pic b/c I feel like my bump is HUGE for 13wks LOL!! It's funny b/c I had lost 20 lbs before I knew I was preg, then lost another 10 from m/s so I was feeling really good about myself. I've only gained 5lbs of the 10 back..so I'm still technically down 25 lbs but I feel HUGE!! LOL

ok so I am FREAKING OUT!! I just found out that the nursery at our hospital is CLOSED due to budget cuts!! A friend just had her baby there and after being in labor for almost 24 hrs and being up all night and having a c-section at 3am, she was going to send the baby to the nursery so she could get a nap and they JUST TOLD HER!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I already was unhappy with this hospital and now i'm TICKED!! Apparently you can still have babies there, but they stay with you the whole time..which is ok I guess, unless you need to recuperate and get a few hours sleep!! I mean hello, it's the last time you will get any sleep for a while and your body needs to recover!!! Where do they do the vitals, baths, etc?? You can't tell me that they monitor them as well when they are all spread out in diff rooms and have half the staff working!!! What should I do? I love my Dr but I already didn't like the hospital and this is kind of the last straw!!!!

12-31-2010, 10:47 AM
I just found out that the nursery at our hospital is CLOSED due to budget cuts!! A friend just had her baby there and after being in labor for almost 24 hrs and being up all night and having a c-section at 3am, she was going to send the baby to the nursery so she could get a nap and they JUST TOLD HER!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I already was unhappy with this hospital and now i'm TICKED!! Apparently you can still have babies there, but they stay with you the whole time..which is ok I guess, unless you need to recuperate and get a few hours sleep!! I mean hello, it's the last time you will get any sleep for a while and your body needs to recover!!! Where do they do the vitals, baths, etc?? You can't tell me that they monitor them as well when they are all spread out in diff rooms and have half the staff working!!! What should I do?!

I saw this post and just wanted to comment...at my hospital they only will take the baby to the nursery if the parents need rest but other than that, all vitals, baths, etc are taken in the room with me. I LOVED that because he never left my side. If you are happy with the doctor, I would stay. I LOVED my midwives and luckily, loved the hospital staff too.

12-31-2010, 11:52 AM
I guess I am kinda freaking out b/c I wanted the baby to be monitored at night by trained professionals!! But, at church the other day, they announced prayer for a family who had just lost a little one to SIDS. So, that has been on my mind and I'm sure some of my freaking out has to do with that. I even went and spent over $100 on an Angel Baby Monitor that monitors their breathing while they sleep. I'm also signing up to take an infant CPR class. It's such a sad story and it has really hit home. She was a twin too...SO SAD.

12-31-2010, 04:05 PM
Happy New Year to Everyone!

Carolinagirls- I'm so sorry to hear you have a stomach bug! I hope you're feeling much, much better today. I've had quite a few stomach bugs lately because my little ones bring them home from pre-school. It's AWFUL! Thanks for thinking of me yesterday. I wanted to update after my u/s, but it's been so busy around here with NYE plans. Anyway... It went well! There were no markers of chromosomal abnormalities, and the little one measured 4 days ahead. I also had a transvaginal ultrasound, which showed my cervix is long and found the likely source of my spotting! I have a polyp that gets irritated if I'm too active. So, I'm on pelvic rest (I sort of put myself on this anyway when the spotting started), and I'm trying to rest more. It's easier said than done with toddlers in the house!

Jonquil-We had angel baby monitors for our girls. We used them after they stopped needing their apnea monitors (which preemies often get upon leaving the NICU). SIDS is very scary, and very sad. I'm so sorry to hear someone in your church just lost a baby to this horrible childhood syndrome. My sister sees babies who are brought to the ER when they are found unresponsive. Her impression is several of these cases are the result of co-sleeping, where the child suffocates. In other cases, it truly is unexplained.

12-31-2010, 07:41 PM
I just want to say happy new year to everyone!!!! I can't even believe that I'm going into 2011 with this dream of having a baby finally becoming a reality. I almost want to pinch myself thinking is this real. Congratulations to us all, 2011 will certainly prove to be full of twists, turns and excitement. I tried to think of a resolution today and really couldn't think of anything. Life couldn't be any better right now. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a wonderful 2011. We're playing it low key this evening going out to dinner and then just hanging out watching a movie. Honestly though having these two babies growing in my tummy tops everything else every moment of the day. I could just sit here on the couch and do nothing and still be reveling in the glory of being pregnant.

01-01-2011, 10:50 AM
so twice this week I have had what I think are gallbladder attacks. I've had them before, so I"m pretty sure that's what is going on. I've had HORRIBLE stomach pain (right below my chest) and stomach issues to go along with it. I was just going to grin and bear it (like I have in the past...except for the 2 times I ended up in the ER with it..LOL), but now I'm getting a lil worried b/c I read that just being pregnant can cause your gallbladder to flare up and that a lot of Dr's will want to take them out while you are pregnant. In fact, a friend of mine who goes to the same Dr as me had to have hers taken out a few months ago and she is due this month. I'm not sure what to do now. I go back to the Dr on the 13th. I know I will cave in and mention it to him b/c I dont want anything to hurt the LO, but I will FREAK OUT if he mentions taking it out!! Everyone in my family has had theirs out (grndma/cousins/etc), so apparently it runs int he family. But I've also heard horror stories about things that happen when it is out!! (like almost pooing on yourself!) Not to mention the fact that the thought of being put to sleep while pregnant FREAKS ME OUT!! Does anybody have any experience with this?

01-01-2011, 02:57 PM
Oreo- you are one busy mama. You have gotten so much done already.

Jon- I work in a NICU and have done shifts in the newborn nursery. I dont think your baby will be monitored any less being in your room. They are required to do the same standard of care, they just perform those cares in the room. If you are worried about not being able to rest, can you have someone come stay the night, or if not at night come give you a break during the day??

Carolina- I hope you are feeling better and able to keep food down.

AFM- I am hoping things start to settle down now that the holidays are over. DH was sick last weekend with severe V and D, thanks to his loving family that chose to come to Christmas even though they were sick. I think about 10 ppl ended up getting sick.
I'm not sure if i have morning sickness or a viral bug. I had only had nausea earlier on until about 2 weeks ago when I started to throw up once every couple of days.
I woke up this morning at 6 and have been throwing up since. I can't keep even small sips of water down. TMI possibly, even if I don't drink anything I still end up throwing up gastric juices. I have a small headache and feel weak. I have only had small trickles of urine the past 2 hours.
How long would you wait to go to the ER? I called my dr's office an hour ago but still havent heard back.

01-01-2011, 04:17 PM
Idarolyn-I'm sorry you're feeling so sick! It sounds like you're on the path to dehydration, so I wouldn't wait too long before going to the ER. You may need an IV. First, though, I would try chewing ice chips and sucking on popsicles. You could get gatorade or any other drink with electrolytes and make it into popsicles. If you're able to keep ice chips/popsicles down, then you might not need to go to the ER unless you develop other complications. I hope you feel better soon.

01-01-2011, 06:25 PM
Happy new year, everyone!

sunflowergirls - I'm glad I'm not the only one with UTI/bladder infection symptoms but no infection. I'm glad we ruled out the infection, however. The cream they gave me doesn't help, so I think it's just the baby pressing on my bladder. The pain is still on/off. I have an appointment on Tuesday with my regular OB, so I'll bring it up again. Congrats on a great u/s and for finding the source of your bleeds. Both must be a huge relief for you.

Rhedlace - Congratulations on your son! He sounds like a figher, and I hope his time in the NCIU is uneventful.

Oreo - Glad you had a good appointment this week. Hope you didn't get sick. Take it easy!

sassy - Glad you're not going crazy on the diapers. Have you found coupons yet? I got some yoga pants from Motherhood online for Christmas, and there were some diaper coupons included in the shipment. I set those aside for this spring. We have a small house, too. I think it'll be OK because then it'll be easier to hear the baby throughout the house. DH has been on a major basement cleaning kick since early December. He built some shelves for storage, and we'll be sorting through everything soon. We definitely need to get rid of stuff.

merl - Thanks for the poem. Hope you're doing well and baby is active.

Carolina - I'm so sorry you're sick. Your belly pic is so cute! I just have a tiny bump right now. It feels like it's not growing but I think it's just been so gradual. I haven't been wearing regular pants much, though, so I must be growing.

jonquil - I responded to your gall bladder questions on your thread. Hope you're feeling better.

Idarolyn - Sorry you're sick, too. I agree with sunflowergirls -- sounds like you're getting dehydrated. Try the Gatorade first -- hoping you can keep that down.

AFM - Just hanging out this weekend. I was awake for new year's on the East Coast, and we watched the ball drop on TV. Immediately fell asleep. Woke up 10 minutes before midnight CT when my idiot neighbors set off some fireworks. So I was awake for new year's after all. Felt dizzy after taking a shower today, and ended up taking a nice nap. I could use another one.

01-01-2011, 07:02 PM
EJ - I've gotten quite a few coupons for diapers! We got some in our "Welcome to Babies R Us Registry" bag, some from our "Welcome to Woman Care" (the OB/Midwife office I go to) bag, and the goodie bag I got at Motherhood when I bought a shirt there. My favorite that I'm dying to use is a REALLY awesome Pampers coupon for $8 off a bulk box. SCORE.

At the moment DH and I are going through some boxes and stacking them neatly in the guest bedroom. Most are books that we need to buy bookshelves for to get rid of those boxes! Progress is good, though!

01-03-2011, 11:17 AM
sunflowergirls-I'm so glad to hear your u/s went well and there are no soft markers, I know you gave a huge sigh of relief. I'm glad they were able to figure out why you were bleeding, sorry to hear about the pelvic rest...take it easy!! I saw on the pregnancy thread that you said you think you are having a girl! Congrats!!

Ida-how are you feeling? Did you end up going to the ER?

EJ-Hope you had a good New Years! How are you doing?

sassy-thats awesome about all the coupons! $8 off is great!! Glad you and dh are making some progress on your house!

jon-I had to have my gallbladder out at 17, it wasn't bad at all. But I don't know much about having it out during pregnancy, but I'd definitely mention it to your doctor. We don't want anything to happen to you or that little one!

Oreo-Happy New Year to you too!! How are you doing?

afm-nothing new, spent the weekend cleaning and putting up christmas decorations. Kinda sad the xmas break is over, I really enjoyed having so many people around and having all the extra help. But ds and I are having a good morning...we'll be back in the swing of things in no time. :) I'm pretty excited though I have started feeling the baby move alot more, its mainly late at night as I'm going to bed but its so awesome! :)

01-03-2011, 05:30 PM
well..I talked to the nurse today and they want me to have an u/s on gallbladder. She said if it was diseased that it would have to come out now or soon after the baby is born...ugh. Guess I'll find out more after the u/s. She is calling me back to let me know if it will be this Thurs or next Thurs!

01-03-2011, 06:15 PM
Jon- I just had mine taken out 2 months ago. Luckily I had had dd so wasn't preggoes. If they find that it's diseased then most likely it will have to be removed. you don't want to end up with it bursting or leakage which would probably cause an infection. If it's just acting up there's a chance you may be able to help control the attacks by diet. You have to eat very bland.

Mine were horrible!! The bathroom floor became my good friend.

Hoping you feel better,

01-03-2011, 07:57 PM
THAT'S EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!!! Esp at night! I just want to eat palin toast or something similar! One night I made a pancake and ate it plain..no butter, no syrup, NADA!!!! lol!!! I hope I can wait till after baby. I dont wanna risk anything while i"m pregnant! I'm wont even take Tylenol when I have a headache!! LOL

01-04-2011, 08:01 AM
Hi everyone! I'm way behind on this board...been busy with family lately. Things are going pretty well at the moment...most days I'm feeling better. Less nausea, less exhaustion. The itchy bbs are still there, but they come and go from day to day. Other than that, I'm just trying to enjoy being pregnant. We went to Babies R Us this weekend, and it's the first time I've managed NOT to cry there. Every other time I've been buying something for someone else's baby shower, and it hurt so much. This time we were doing research for our own registry. I wanted to start registering early because I like to do research, and since we're having twins there will be less time later. I didn't realize how overwhelming it would be, though! So many cribs, carseats, strollers...so now I have hubby researching carseats...I got frustrated! We've also started cleaning out the room that will be the nursery.

Oh, and now I'm able to find both babies heartbeats with the doppler...I listen for a minute or so every few days...it's such a beautiful sound! I'm finally relaxing a little. It's so nice to actually be excited about things instead of constantly worried! I hope you all had a very happy new year and that 2011 is going well so far!

01-04-2011, 11:11 AM
I responded about the gallbladder on your thread. I totally agree with dizzyliz, the bathroom floor and I were best friends.

Forgive me if I don't do personals I've been sick and I'm just not up to it. I just wanted to say thanks to those who were asking how I was doing. I started feeling bad on Wednesday evening with a sore throat. That continued until Saturday when I thought I was at the end. I expected to wake up Sunday all better. Unfortunately I woke up feeling awful on Sunday and it continued yesterday. I never even made it off the couch those days. Yesterday I didn't even have any vacation time to use at work, but I had to call in so I just told my boss I'd have to take it without pay or make up the hours. I'm still not feeling great today, but I had to come in to work. My myraid of symptoms are pretty much gone now my only issues today have been exhauseted from not sleeping for days because of the sore throat, runny nose, and cough and my current headache.

I hope everyone else is doing good and I'll have to do personals and update more when I'm up to it.

I seriously hope this is the end of my pregnancy illnesses. I was sick at 7 weeks and then at 17 weeks. I really don't think I can deal with it again in 10 weeks.

01-04-2011, 01:32 PM
Oreo I am sorry you are feeling sick. I hope
it passes soon.

Nlthomas so excited for you to be able to hear
both heart beats whenever you want now.
That is awesome about babies r us. I can remember
going and feeling relieved I wasn't buying a baby gift
for someone else it was actually real.

Jon I hope the ultra sound gives you the answers and
hopefully doesn't mean surgery right now. I have a
coworker who has gallbladder issues with her current
pregnancy and they put her on meds and a strick diet
and she says it seems to be helping.

AFM I am only able to get on because I am home sick
today. I have some type of stomach bug :(. I am so
busy lately. I think it is working on me and it is telling
me to slow down :/. Anyway I missed my dr appointment
today because of it so that is one more thing I have to
make up. This weekend is no easier as I work and it is
my stepsons bday. I hope you are all well.

01-04-2011, 07:16 PM
Hope those of you with stomach bugs get better soon!

AFM - HORRIBLE back pain today! No good :( I think a warm bath may be in order since Tylenol isn't really helping.

01-04-2011, 08:58 PM
Wow, the new year and we all have some form of ailment! Hope everyone feels better real soon.

Not being long, I have as well been kinda taking things easy, lots of pressure when I stand or walk went to the doc the claimed it's ligament pain but ultrasound reveals the baby's head in pretty much in my "gina". LOL Way down, thank God the cervix is closed and everything was normal. So I just have to take it easier, man how much easier can I take it.

Anyho, all is well here and hope everyone gets better sooner rather than later.

01-05-2011, 09:45 AM
Whew...I'm feeling so much better today. Yesterday afternoon when I got home my plan was to take a nap, but I must have been feeling better because I ended up going home and picking up and doing things around the house. DH was like what are you doing and I said I needed to pick things up since clearly the house had gone down hill since I had gotten sick. I said what are you going to do if I go on bedrest. He said I guess we'll just have a messy house. I have a feeling any bedrest I'm on will certainly test my patience. I suppose that's the only good thing about my sister being on bedrest at the hospital when she was pregnant--at least she didn't have to see what her husband was doing to the house while she was gone.

Your cantaloupe is making me nervous. I don't think I have enough room for two of those in less than 2 weeks. I think that pumpkin and watermelon at the end make me even more nervous. Yikes!!! I feel your pain on the hanging out down low issue. Apparently both babies are wedged down at the bottom. It is a very different feeling than I ever had with DS. I always felt his movement in my tummy higher near my belly button. These two feel like they're trying to bust out through my lower abdomen. I have a feeling they're going to be competetive too since they've already switched who's first, baby A is now baby B we'll see how long that lasts.

Hope your back pain is better. I've noticed using pillows behind my back on the couch and stuff is helping some. You could also you a rice bag or something heated up to help you out. I got out my old sock full of rice a few weeks ago so I have it available when I need it. I was enjoying the seat heaters in my mom's or DH's car until a week ago when DH said to me what are you doing you can't use that it's the same as an electric blanket and that's a no-no. So much for that simple pleasure. I felt like DH was the soup nazi saying NO SOUP FOR YOU! (sorry if you don't get that Seinfeld reference)

I can't see back any further. Hope everyone else is getting better too. Enough of these illnesses.

01-05-2011, 11:18 AM
Oreo- So glad you are feeling better. I know how you feel about the house. It drives me crazy when I have to sit and look at it! I'm not allowed to vaccuum or mop anymore and it drives me crazy. Dh waits so long to do it. And when I was on bedrest with Abby it was horrible! I couldn't clean at all and I felt like it was so gross. A couple of my friends actually came over to clean so I would stay on bedrest!

merl- sorry about the baby so low. That IS uncomfortable. But at least you still have plenty of room so he/she can still move up a bit.

Sassy- hope your back is feeling better ASAP!

nl- I loved my doppler. I still have it but don't really use it anymore now that I can feel this little guy moving all the time. And yay for starting to look for baby stuff. I used Consumer Reports Best Buys as a starting point for picking things out. It was really helpful! It's overwhelming!

karen- So sorry you are sick. I hope you feel bettter soon!

jonquil- so sorry about all the galbladder issues! That sounds miserable. Hopefully it will be okay to wait until after baby to have it removed. Good luck at your u/s!

Hello to everyone I missed. I've been reading, just not posting. I'm just ready to move to the next trimester!!! I'm getting closer and I can't wait!

Nothing really here. I'm just hanging out and trying to rest as much as I can. I had a ton of bleeding from a partial previa at 18 weeks and I'm still supposed to be resting. My next u/s isn't until 30 weeks to check it! I'm ready to be off restrictions! I have to be honest that I've done some cheating- I probably do too much during the day and have lifted Abby a few times. I have my 3 hr GTT next Tuesday. Oh and I was woken up by this little boy at 5 am this morning. He had hiccups! So fun. Abby had them all the time but this was the first time I've felt them with this baby. They lasted for like 20 minutes!

01-05-2011, 05:31 PM
Oreo - are you kidding? I LOVE SEINFELD! My mom got me seasons 1-3 for Christmas :) I have "butt warmers" in the front seats of my car. I use the low setting so it doesn't get too hot. Everything I've read said that heating devices could be used sparingly and on low setting only. I figure the 20 minute drive to work isn't so bad since it's on my back and not my belly!

AFM - I did a lot more sitting in my classroom today instead of standing. Whenever I had to stand I did some back stretches and the back pain isn't so bad today! Yay!

01-05-2011, 11:11 PM
jon-Is your u/s tomorrow? Let us know what they say. Good luck!

Oreo-I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!

karen-hope your feeling better too. Did you get your appt rescheduled?

sassy-I'm glad your back is feeling better today!

merl-glad to hear everything is ok with the little one and your cervix is nice and closed. I hope the pain eases up.

megs-aww, how cute. I never felt hiccups with ds but then again he rarely gets them know. Maybe I'll get to experience it this time... :)

hi to everyone else!

afm-oh my gosh, my appetite has really started to increase. I'm starving all the time now. I'll eat then I'm hungry again an hour or two later, its crazy! I've done good with my weight so far but if this keeps up...I don't know, I'm gonna be huge. Luckily the baby doesn't like alot of sweets...but I did have a craving for an apple donut tonight. I caved and drove to DD, lol. :)

01-06-2011, 06:58 PM
so the u/s went well!! No gallbladder issues! They are checking my pancreas..but the Dr really thinks its just BAD m/s that has decided to stick around! I'm still down 5lb from my pre-pregnancy weight..but I'm not losing any more which is good. He did u/s of baby too and baby is right on track and growing like it should..so as long as the baby is ok I can deal with it!! Dr mentioned putting me on phenergan..but that stuff dopes me up and I can't help thinking it would dope the baby up too, so I"m just going to tough it out!!

How is everyone else? I have got to get caught up on personals..I went back to work this week and it has been CRAZY so I've gotten behind! Anybody else about to go insane waiting to find out what the baby is?? LOL

01-06-2011, 08:21 PM
Heeey all,

Jon~Can't imagine going crazy knowing what the baby sex is since we decided to wait till the baby shower. We've given my fil the envelope with the baby's sex and he is not to tell till feb. I try not to get crazy about it.

Carolina~this is the only time we should not obsess about weight (right, beter said not reality!) I know what u mean. I've been thinking I've already put on at least 13 and I'm only half way there. Thank God I don't really have cravings. Enjoy!

Sassy~Happy u felt better. Hope it continues.

Megs~movement is fun. I'm enjoying my movements.

Oreo~don't think too much of the bed rest hopefully it's not going to happen. take it one day at a time, I cleaned the house and told dh it's only just the two of us so the most that has to be done is a bit of vacuuming and dishes and bathroom so he should be able to handle it. He think's its funny. He never takes me seriously. Oh and as for the cantelope, I try not to look at it cause I can't imagine that's inside me and will get bigger. Where will I keep it? Hehehehehe...

Well afm resting more than anything and it's boring. But anything for my precious peanut. So all is well here.

01-07-2011, 06:20 PM
Hey everyone! I seem to have fallen behind again...work has been really busy this week! I hope all of you that were sick are feeling better now!

jonquil, so glad the gallbladder thing isn't an issue! And yes, I'm going crazy wanting to know what the babies are. Working on the registry a little is helping keep my mind occupied, though. I have my next OB appt on Wednesday, and hopefully then I'll get to schedule my big u/s.

Carolinagirl, I hear you on the appetite thing. I was super hungry at the beginning of the pregnancy, then it calmed down a bit for a while. Now I feel ravenous all the time. And I'm a little nervous that the doc might not be happy with how much I've gained so far. I'll find out Wednesday!

AFM, tomorrow my in-laws are celebrating Christmas. It's hard to get everyone together (hubby is one of 8 kids) so they always do it late. And...none of them know that I'm pregnant. We haven't seen them in a while, and they're not very techie (so not on Facebook). And hubby really wanted to tell his mom face-to-face. I feel kinda bad that they're the last ones finding out...but then again, I don't think there's going to be much excitement. DH is the youngest kid, and pretty much everyone else has multiple kids, so it's just not as exciting when a new one comes along. Still, this will be the first set of twins, so we'll see. Not looking forward to 3 hours in the car each way, though. Other than that, I have my next OB appt on Wednesday. They'll be giving me the 1-hour glucose test, so keeping my fingers crossed that I don't fail. Oh, and something funny...I was listening to the babies with the doppler last night, and I had to stick the wand basically into my belly button to hear baby #2 LOL It felt so weird, but apparently he/she is right behind it. Hoping that means soon my belly will pop out properly instead of this weird "B" shaped bump I have now!

01-07-2011, 09:17 PM
sassycassie1984 - I am glad your back pain has gotten a little better.

merl - the evil words of taking it easy. I don't think there is a way for any woman to do that. While "taking it easy" stressing out about taking it easy and what needs to be done lol.

Oreosmom - I am glad you are feeling better. Hopefully it stays that way.

megs&david - I hope your 30 wk comes up quickly so that the can lift some restrictions. I wish I knew what I was looking to feel to feel something from the baby.

Carolinagirl - This baby craves sweets I think I am going to gain like 100 pounds. I am the same way though I am hungry like every 2 hours even if I eat a huge meal. I did get to reschedule my doc appointment except now I have to see a Nurse practioners instead of an actual doctor but that's ok all the the Nurse practioners with this office are really nice.

jonquil01 - I went crazy until we found out we were having a boy absolutely crazy.

merl - your right anything to for baby but I think it would drive me insane if rested to much not to mention I am a work addict and can't stand sitting still. I hope you have something to keep you entertained as you rest.

nlthomas - I think your DH's family will be excited for you. Even if he is the baby of 8 that makes him the baby especially his mom's baby so I think they will be excited. I hope the 3hr drive each is worth it with some good food lol. Not that seeing family isn't worth it but food always sweetens the deal for me.

AFM - My ob thinks I might be getting morning sickness now. I didn't ahve it before and I don't know why I would have it now, but she thinks that's what it is. It is only really bad when I eat certain foods. IDK. They aren't going to be happy with me to see that I have lost more weight. IDK how I am losing it I really do eat all the time, and I try not to be to active because of the bleeding. So it isn't like I am doing exercising or anything. I work my jobs and go out once and a while, but I don't walk more than I have to if I can help it. I have an appointment on Thursday and I am down by my scale another 3lbs. When I had my level 2 though Lucas was right on track so.
The cool thing at my work is that they are highering ultrasound techs for the hospital and to interview they need a person to use and I signed up to be that person so hopefully I will get called to do an ultrasound for a person. I can't believe I am under 130 days it is crazy. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. My stepson turns 9 on monday so we have 2 parties this weekend for him. So we will be busy. I hope that I can eat and enjoy myself.

01-07-2011, 10:10 PM
Carolinagirls- I've been thinking about you! Isn't your level II coming up on Monday? I hope it'll be a joyous day for you! As for appetite, I've heard that lots of women get an increased appetite around this time. I can't say the same has been true for me, though. I've lost my appetite for some reason. I'm still managing to get three square meals a day, but that's about it and I fill up so quickly!

Nlthomas-Have a nice belated-Christmas with your in-laws! I don't know your in-laws, obviously, but I imagine they'll be excited about the first set of twins. Are you showing a lot now? Will they know just by looking at you (before you and DH spill the beans verbally)?

Karen- I'm sorry you've been worrying about weight loss. It sounds like your little one is getting all the nutrients he needs, though. Congratulations on being under 130 days! Time is flying. :)

As for me, there really isn't anything new to report. I've been having some urinary discomfort, not pain, but difficulty urinating (like I have to force it a little). I'm drinking a ton, so it's not dehydration. I'm going to raise it with my OB on Monday to make sure I don't have a UTI. I remember having this with my twin pregnancy, and I never ended up having a UTI (except once in the beginning, when I didn't have any symptoms at all!).

01-07-2011, 10:23 PM
Sunflower, I'm pretty sure they'll know. I was very "fluffy" to begin with, but now I'm at the point where my belly sticks out past my bbs LOL It's oddly shaped, though...it kinda looks like a "B", but with the bigger part on top. I'm hoping it will even out and become nice and round soon! I hope you don't have any more UTI symptoms. I had one early on in this pregnancy and it was awful!

karen, there usually is a lot of good food...but that's good and bad! I need to make sure I don't overindulge. I'm already a little concerned that the OB might not be happy with my weight gain so far. I've just had such an appetite, and I have to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours or I feel sick. Wish I could give you a few of my extra pounds - then both of our docs would be happy! And I know DH's mom will be excited. As for the rest of his family...it's really hard to tell. They're an odd group LOL But one way or another it will be an interesting day :)

01-07-2011, 11:35 PM
jon-thats great news! I'm so glad your gallbladder looks great, I know thats a big relief! Did your doctor mention zofran? I have taken it before and it has done wonders for my m/s and I have never had any s/e.

merl-hoping your having a nice relaxing weekend. :)

nlt-I hope you have a great time celebrating christmas with the in-laws tomorrow! Have fun telling everyone about the twins!!

karen-your having a boy right? Thats all I craved with my ds when I preggo with him! All I wanted was brownies :D. Maybe that means I'm having a girl this time around. hmmm guess I'll find out soon enough. I'm sorry to hear about the m/s, thats so strange its just now popping up in the 2nd tri but at least your little guy is looking great. Thats all that matters! How cool about getting the bonus u/s!!

sunflower-aww, thanks for thinking of me. :) Yea my u/s is on Monday...ahh, I'm so nervous. I was fine until today but now its getting so close. I'm just praying everything is fine....its in the Lords hands so I'm trying my best not to worry. I hope you feel better!

afm-I have my level II u/s on Monday. Praying everything looks great with the baby and all my worries about my positive 1st tri screen are put behind me. But I'm looking forward to seeing the baby and finding out if I'm on team pink or blue!!

01-08-2011, 10:16 AM
carolina- yeah he mentioned it..but I am really just scared to take anything! Good luck Monday!!

karen- maybe we could start a m/s club!!! LOL!! ugh..yesterday was not so good for me. As soon as I sat up I got sick and it stayed all day! Someone suggested sea bands?? I haven't tried them yet..but they might work for you?

nlthomas- I feel like I am in that weird stage with my bump too! It's weird b/c it looks like I am just gaining weight!! I dont feel pregnant AT ALL, just FAT! lol!!

A friend of mine had the bloodwork that tests for Down's and trisomy 18 and all that other stuff last week. Well, it came back positive for Down's. I think I have heard that false positives with these tests are faily common. Has anyone else heard this?

01-08-2011, 10:48 AM
jonquil, usually the blood test is done with a scan...I didn't know they did the blood test on it's own. The tests are meant to show a probability...something like 1 in 50,000 or 1 in 20. Assuming it works the same with just the blood test, they should have given her a number like that. Then the parents can decide if they want to do more invasive testing (CVS or amniocentesis) that will give a definite answer.

Think about it this way...even if the probability came up as 1 in 20, that still means that 19 out of 20 times the baby won't have Down Syndrome. I hope everything turns out fine.

01-08-2011, 11:21 AM
well apparently some labs use those probabilities to come up with a pos/neg result. They have a certain cut-off for neg and anything below is pos...at least from what i"ve been reading this morning. It sounds like that is what her lab did. She goes for a scan next Weds. Please say a prayer for her. She's going through with the pregnancy no matter what, but you still want the best for your child.

I have to decide whether or not to have this test done by next Thursday. I'm very hesitant now b/c I have seen how it has affected her and it is most likely nothing. What are you girls doing? Are you going to have the test?

I've been researching all morning and I found this:

It basically says that 90 percent of the time it's a false positive. I just dont know if it's worth it.

01-08-2011, 11:31 AM
Karen~It's not easy to stay sitting or lying. Good thing is it's only me and dh so once I clean and stuff there's nothing much left to do really. And dh has been really good at picking up any loose ends. He still has a hard time keeping me completely quiet as I'm not that kind of person, so we disagree on me having to rest every now and then. I am STUBBORN! LOL

Jon~I think NLThomas is right...and I have heard that these test do come back being incorrect at times. I think I've heard of about 2 instances and actually know of 1 person who was told that, and she has a healthy, happy and active little girl. Always focus on positives never negatives. I know easier said than done but it's worth a try as our babies deserve us fighting for them at all times.

Carolinagirl~ All will be well. Your baby is healthy and happy :D. Your screening will turn out normal.

Sunflower~Hope all is well with the discomfort. It would be interesting to find out what could cause that.

Oreo~Stop fussing and give them babies some r & r time. LOL... I'm sure ur dh is like mine, trying to get u to relax. LOL, it's sad they don't think of all the things we think about needing to be done. Mine always thinks there is time, and I like to have things done right away. HEHEHEHE!!!

01-08-2011, 01:02 PM
Jonquil- I'm sorry your friend is potentially facing a Down's Syndrome diagnosis. Has she decided whether to do an amnio or is she planning to wait until her Level II? I did the first trimester screen (Nuchal measurement + bloodwork) and the integrated screen (2nd tri bloodwork). My first trimester screen turned out fine, but my integrated screen showed two highly elevated hormones and increased my risk of Down's Syndrome to 1:455. My risk wasn't technically a positive screen (usually above 1:270 is a positive screen), so they didn't recommend an amnio, but I still felt a lot of stress as a result (not just because the of the increased likelihood of Down's Syndrome in comparison to my age risk alone but because the two highly elevated hormones could be a sign of placental issues in the future). I relaxed a lot after my Level II ultrasound went well, but I still have fears in the back of my head. So, as you decide whether to do the second tri bloodwork (did you do the first tri screen?), you should realize that it's only a screen and won't give you a definite diagnosis and that it gives a lot of false positives. So, many women experience unnecessary stress related to these results. On the other hand, it could make you relax a little about your pregnancy if your results are good, and you're less likely to have a sad surprise at your level II. Would I get the screening in a subsequent pregnancy after the torture it has caused me in this one? Probably. I'm one of those people who likes to have as much information as possible, even if it's hard to know what it all means. Also, because we know that two of my hormones are extremely elevated, I'll probably be followed more closely in third trimester. If I hadn't done the screening, I wouldn't be watched so closely.

Carolina- I know exactly what you mean about feeling nervous as it's coming up, even after weeks of doing well. I have a good feeling about your level II. I'll be thinking of you! Do you have a feeling about whether you're on team pink or blue?

Merl- Thanks. I'm hoping the urinary discomfort goes away soon, and I'm very curious to know whether it's really a UTI. I'll keep you posted. How are you doing?

I hope everyone else is doing well!

01-08-2011, 02:31 PM
sunflower- I think her level II is Weds. Bless her heart. She's a Special Education teacher so at least she's pretty informed about Down's and she said she has seen plenty of students with Down's who have great lives.

I'm not sure if I had the 1st tri screen or not! I'm pretty sure the Dr did, b/c he is very thorough and took LOTS of blood!! I think it was like 5 vials my 1st visit!!! Also, his nurse said they like for everyone to have this next test done b/c they like to be prepared for possible complications during delivery. She said I had the option either way, but if I wanted to do it but didn't want the results, they could do that too. I'm really leaning more towards that. B/c if they do find something then they will look for other markers at my next u/s, right? But that would be a month away and I would worry myself sick by then.

01-08-2011, 03:18 PM

I hope her level II goes well! How is she feeling?

If you had the first trimester screen, it's usually accompanied by a nuchal measurement (done by ultrasound). Otherwise, the blood draw itself is meaningless for screening for Down's, congenital heart abnormalities, and Trisomy 18 (the screening spina bifida is done with the 2nd tri bloodwork). So, if you remember having an ultrasound where they took measurements of fluid behind the neck, then you probably had the first tri screen. It's usually done between 11w-13w6d.

I think some women have the 2nd tri bloodwork without the first tri screen, so instead of an integrated screen (which includes some of the info from the first tri screen), it's called a triple or quad screen (depending on the number of hormones/proteins they test for. The usual ones are HCG, AFP, estriol, and inhibin-A.

At your level II ultrasound (often called the anatomy scan), done between 18-22 weeks usually, they will probably check for markers whether you've had the earlier screenings or not. Another option, is that you go for your Level II first, but on the earlier side (like 18 weeks), and then have the quad screen afterwards if it turns out you had any soft markers appear on the Level II. You should ask your doctor what the range is for getting the blood draw. I've known women who have gotten the quad screen after 20 weeks, but each doctor's practice might be different.

BTW, if there are soft markers on the Level II, it might mean absolutely nothing at all. Many chromosomally normal children will have them. The only way to know for sure before delivery is an amnio (usually done at 15 weeks and later) or a CVS (which can only be done earlier).

Good luck making your decision! I think most of us who have had a bad experience will say that it's not worth it to do the screenings, but I feel ambivalent about it. It *might* provide useful information (and in my case, they will be watching me more closely for placental problems as a result of my integrated screen result), but it might not.

01-09-2011, 12:59 AM
Hello ladies! I have been super busy lately with family stuff and my nausea and exhaustion are back big time. If I could, I would sleep all day. I really thought this part was over!

I am not going to attempt to comment individually because I am so far behind in conversation, but I saw some of you put pictures in the "show your glow" section and I have to say you all have such cute baby bumps! Since I am a bigger girl already, I feel mine is just finally starting to show.

As for the Down Syndrome conversation, I know I've probably said this before, but DH's co-worker and wife were asked if they wanted to test and they were unsure. Their doctor said well if the baby had DS would they abort? And they said no, so they didn't do any testing. Their daughter was born more than a month early with DS and was in the NICU for three months, was released right before Christmas and is already back in the NICU - it doesn't look too good right now. I personally think it's important to be prepared just in case.

AFM - This might be TMI for some of you but my nipples have been causing me so much pain lately. They get really hard and then it feels like a piercing pain through out them. I didn't know this would happen! I kind of just suffer through it because I don't know what to do when it happens. Anyone experience this or now what helps relieve the pain?

My GD is causing me a lot of stress lately. I can eat the same thing two days in a row and my blood sugar will be so different. It just doesn't make any sense to me! The first week after going on the GD diet I lost 5 lbs. I am pretty sure I am going to be down again when I go to the doctor Thursday.

Sorry for the long post! I hope you're all doing well and I am going to try and keep up with you all as much as possible!

01-09-2011, 04:50 AM
jonquil, we went ahead and did the NT scan and integrated screening. We don't plan on ending the pregnancy for any reason, but we do want to be prepared. If there's any testing we can do now that will help the doctors be ready at the hospital if special measures are needed, or if it will help us be more prepared for bringing the babies home, we wanted to do it.

That being said, we knew going in that it wasn't a definite yes or no answer on the test. It's a non-invasive risk assessment to help you decide if you want to have more invasive tests done to get a definite answer. We won't get our complete results back until after I have my second blood draw around 16 weeks, but we know the NT scan measurements came out good.

It's totally a personal decision on whether you do it or not. Some people would rather not know so they don't worry needlessly. Others wouldn't end the pregnancy anyways so they see no need to do the testing. Some would end the pregnancy depending on what the news was, and some, like me, just want to try to be prepared. You have to figure out what works best for you. If you don't want the test, you absolutely don't have to get it. Do what feels right for your family. I know it's a tough decision to make.

I'll be keeping your friend in my thoughts and praying that everything turns out ok.

Pink, I've had some of the nipple pain. For me, it doesn't seem to last long so I just try to ignore it until it's gone. Lately I'm more itchy than painful, though...my breasts and my belly. I guess it's all the stretching, but it's pretty uncomfortable...

01-09-2011, 06:02 PM
pink- OMIGOSH!! I feel you on the nipples!! It feels like someone is stabbing a straight pin in them!! I was walking down the hallway at work the other just rubbing away b/c they were hurting so bad!! My friend was like 'WHAT are you doing?"!!! I hadn't even realized it!! LOL!!!

ugh..the are calling for 7-9 inches of snow here tonight!! We are usually one of the first to lose power and one if the last to get it back on, so I am NOT looking forward to it!! Luckily I have 3 fur-babies to keep me and DH warm!!!

01-10-2011, 04:15 PM
pink-sorry about the nipple pain. =( Do they just hurt or do they itch too? You could try lanolin cream if they itch, I've used it b4 and it helped alot! I'm sorry to hear your GD is stressing you out. Hopefully the rn or dr can help you gain some insight on thursday. Thinking of you!

jon-hopefully you won't lose power! On the nt test, omg, I have been thru so much in the last 6 weeks after getting it done. I can safely say I will never have it done again, it stressed me out way to much. Plus they look for all those things at your level II scan at 18-22 weeks. It wasn't worth all the crying/stress it caused me but thats just me. Good luck in your decision!

How is everyone else doing??

afm-I had my level II u/s this morning. The baby looked wonderful! The dr. said everything with the baby looked perfect and that my risk for downs and trisomy 18 went back into the normal ranges so I'm no longer considered high risk. Yay!!! That truly was a prayer answered!!! Oh and I'm on team blue. :) But we decided to keep in under wraps and not tell our families, we are letting it be a surprise in June! :) they are already hating it. :p

01-10-2011, 05:47 PM
carolina- I only have a second on the computer, but I wanted to say how HAPPY I AM TO HEAR YOUR NEWS! What a relief! And congratulations on Team Blue! :)

01-10-2011, 07:04 PM
Carolina - Congrats team blue! I bet you are so excited to know now! I still have two weeks until our u/s!

Jon - I hope you still have power. Hopefully you made up your mind about the testing!

The nipples are not itchy, just painful! The other night when it happened they were purple from how hard they were. DH thought maybe they were being bruised. I really didn't expect pain like this until I was breastfeeding. There isn't really anything I can do for it either. Luckily, it only lasts like 30 minutes when it happens.

Nothing much new to report. We go back to the doctor on Thursday. I think my blood sugar is starting to regulate. It's still high first thing in the morning, but the rest of the day it's under our target! Hope you're all doing well!

01-10-2011, 09:58 PM
Carolina~CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im happy all worked out well. That is exactly the reason I take the test and forget about them, and don't even bother to ask..., but all's well that ends well.

Pink~I've found that if you rub some pure petroleum jelly to the nipples it will not itch. That's what I did when I went thru my itchy nipples phase and no sooner it was GONE for GOOD.

AFM~It seems that the pressure is GONE! So excited. Just in time for my trip to PA this weekend. I'm so looking forward to it, except the cold.

01-11-2011, 05:34 AM
congratulations carolina girl!!!!! so glad everything went well.

we have our appointment on 26th jan for anatomy scan cant wait, we get to find out what it is wahoo!!!!

Hope evryone is doing well!!

01-11-2011, 10:38 AM
Carolina, so glad to hear that your scan went well!!!

fe_bengan, so excited that you get to find out the gender soon!

AFM, not too much going on. We're expecting 3-6 inches of snow today/tonight, which should make getting to my 7:30am OB appointment in the morning (45 minutes away) tons of fun! Hoping I'll get to schedule my anatomy scan tomorrow while I'm there. Also hoping I don't fail the 1-hour glucose test. Keeping my fingers crossed!

01-11-2011, 11:41 AM
Well...we have about 11 inches of snow!!! BLAH!!! It's pretty at first, but I am going NUTS having to stay in the house! We live on top of a mountain so we are snowed in!! The only way to get up and down our driveway is to walk it, but its about 300 ft straight up the side of the mountain!! Hubby and his friend have been enjoying sledding down it, however they complain constantly about having to walk back up it!! LOL!! Power has stayed on for the most part! It went off last night, but we had a propane heater and LOTS of blankets. It didn't stay off very long either..thank goodness!!!

as far as tesing goes, I think I will let them do the test. but, I am going to tell them I do not want to know the results. Esp if they look for markers on the u/s anyway! I will have them tell me then if there is a problem. I am such a worry wart, I would drive myself insane otherwise.

Carolina- awesome news on your scan!! Congrats on the blue as well!! How exciting! I want to know what mine is SO BAD!!!

01-11-2011, 12:33 PM
Hey ladies! Glad to hear everyone's progressing along :)

Just thought I'd pass this along - If you're looking for deals on maternity clothes and happen to live near a JCPenney outlet store then you are in LUCK! I got a pair of Duo maternity jeans (normally $35) for $10! Then I got two cute shirts for $7 each and a v-neck t-shirt for $5. They also have some good deals on baby clothes, so I'm looking forward to going back when we find out the gender on the 19th!

01-11-2011, 05:41 PM
Hi all! I'm officially moving over here, and even though I've been lurking, it's hard to keep up with everyone so I'm just gonna start from here. I've finally broke down and bought maternity pants, even though I probably didn't need them just yet. I'm just tired of feeling stuffed into my old jeans, and the elastic waistbands are amazing!!! :D Looking very forward to this trimester and everything that comes with it.

nlt - I read your post and thought, we're supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow today too, then realized you are in MI too. I'm in southern Macomb county and the roads are already bad here. Good luck in the morning!

01-11-2011, 07:36 PM
Jen, congrats on hitting the 2nd tri! Glad to see you over here :) I live in Redford and work in Howell, so I have about a 45 minute commute on a good day. Today was far from good...took me about an hour and a half to get home. Not as bad as I expected, though. I hope the roads are clear in the morning...my OB appointment is at 7:30am in Royal Oak!

sassy, thanks for the tip! I'll have to look and see if we have a JC Penney outlet around here...

jonquil, I'm glad that your power has stayed on most of the time and that you're prepared if it goes out. Gotta keep you and the baby warm! And can you believe we're 15 weeks tomorrow? :D

01-12-2011, 10:20 AM
nlt- I KNOW!!! It's great!!! I'm ready to feel the baby move and find out if I will be buying pik or blue!!! My Dr's appt is tomor..but seeing as how we are STILL snowed and when I got up this morning it was snowing AGAIN...I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to make it to my appt tomor!!! G/L at yours today!! Are you going to have them take a lil peek at the babies to see what they are??

01-12-2011, 12:07 PM
pink-thats great news that you think your blood sugar is regulating! Yay! Hmm, thats so strange about your nipples hurting that bad. I would bring it up to the ob tomorrow just to see what they have to say. Maybe they could tell you what causes it?

merl-yay! for the pain being gone!! Enjoy your trip to PA!!

nlt-how did your appt go this morning? Did you set up your appt for the anatomy scan?

fe-hi, how have you been doing? Not to much longer till your scan!

jon-sounds like a great idea with the testing. I wish I had done that, that would have been alot less stressful! I hope it stops snowing soon so you are able to make it to your appt tomorrow!

sassy-how are you doing?

jen0653-Welcome to the 2nd tri!!!

afm-I just wanted to thank each one of you for the well wishes! Its really means alot! I have been on cloud nine since Monday! I just feel so blessed to have been given such wonderful news. Oh my goodness though on not telling my family the sex, some of my family is excited about a "surprise" then the others are well, less than thrilled. MIL is so upset with dh and me. She'll calm down soon...I hope. Our family has alot of little boys and everyone has been so certain that it would be a girl. I just don't want them to be disappointed or show that they are. I know they won't be once he's here. I think its more fun this way. I did have some really bad ligament pain last night. I still can't get over how much more painful it is the second time around. I did pick up ds yesterday so I'm sure thats what it came from. He's having a really hard time with me not picking him up. I feel so bad. A quick question for you ladies, at my appt monday, the dr said I was measuring 18 wk 4 days when I was just 18 wk, will they change my due date or do I have to consistently measure ahead?

01-12-2011, 12:11 PM
jonquil, they won't do a gender check until 18-20 weeks. I wish they'd do it sooner!

Hi everyone! Had my second OB visit this morning. They did tons of blood work (didn't do it at my first appt because they didn't have my records from the RE yet), plus all the usual stuff. She didn't officially measure my uterus, but she said it's at my bellybutton, which is where it would be if I was 20 weeks with a singleton. Heard both heartbeats on the doppler, one was in the 150's, the other in the 140's. Had a nice talk with the Dr about my problems, lack of sleep and terrible headaches being the worst of them. She said to go ahead and take Tylenol PM if I want too, because getting sleep is important. For the headaches, she gave me a prescription in case I want it...something that includes Tylenol and caffeine. I'm going to avoid taking it if I can, but the headaches have been nasty the last few days. Now I just have to wait for my blood tests to come back and hope all is ok, especially since they did the glucose tolerance test this morning...ick!

Scheduled my next ultrasound for Feb. 15th - that's when we'll find out the genders! I'm so excited!!!

01-12-2011, 01:08 PM
Carolina - I'm doing well. Another snow day for me today so I'm hoping I get some stuff done around the house. I've been enjoying these opportunities to sleep in a little too much, I think lol! I figure I'm not going to have the opportunity here in a few months, so I might as well enjoy it while I can!!

Today marks one more week until our ultrasound! I'm super excited!! DH and I are thinking boy, but my mom swears it's a girl. Hopefully baby cooperates and the mystery will be solved!

I think I've felt baby move a couple times, but it hasn't been anything consistent!

Congrats to those of you that have just graduated to the 2nd tri!

01-12-2011, 01:58 PM
Sassy - Enjoy your sleeping in as much as possible. I love my nap during the day. I feel they are guilt free right now! Yay on next week's u/s! Mine is in a week and a half. I also think I've felt the baby a few times. I can't wait for it to be more regular and DH can feel it too!

nlt - Yay for hearing the heartbeats! I hope you get some relief for your sleep and headaches. Good luck with your blood test results and GTT results! And I hope Feb 15th gets here soon for you!

Carolina - Thanks! It has been exactly perfect for the last 3 days. Fingers crossed it stays in the zone. I am definitely going to ask the Dr. tomorrow about the sore nipples. They make me want to cry! I wouldn't worry too much about measuring ahead. When I did my dating u/s the tech kept measuring a few days behind until the baby stretched and she got the right date. I think it just kind of depends on the baby's positioning at the time. Good luck with your MIL not driving you crazy!

Jen0653 - Welcome and congrats on graduating! I hear you on the maternity pants. That's how I felt when I finally got mine. They are so comfy - like wearing pj's!

Jonq - I don't know how you survive in all that snow! It gets into the 30's here at night and that is more than enough Winter for me! Good luck at your appt tomorrow!

AFM - I had a dream last night that I had my baby, it was a girl with a full head of black hair! I am really convinced that I am going to have a girl. I like to trust in my dreams. When DH and I were TTC, I had a dream that a spider jumped on me and bit me and for some reason in my dream, I knew if that spider did that, you get pregnant and I did conceive that month! So we'll see in a week and a half if I am right or crazy! :p

01-12-2011, 05:58 PM
carolinagirl - I had same problem at my ultrasound, but measured the other way, 2 days earlier. My midwife said it means nothing really as all babies are different shapes and sizes and they are measuring off standard measurements. She also mentioned that it is rare for babies to come on due date so is just a guide date anyway. hope this helps.

I am doing good down here in New Zealand. it seems funny to read about all the snow as it is summer down here and really hot, hope all the snowed in ladies get to their appointments. I am a teacher so I am on summer break :cool: so is nice being off for 6 weeks. although me and my husband are super into snowboarding so am jelous of your awesome snowfall (allthough not much SB for me this season lol).

It is strange to hear of all your OB apointments. In NZ we have a very strong midwife system and you really only see an OB if your are having a complicated pregnancy or you pay for one privately. My midwife practice has one so if need be you get a scheduled appntment. Its funny how different things are.

well counting down thr days until the 26th when we get the anatomy scan. It's funny that you get so excited about scans as you get to see the baby, but then nervous when they get close as you never really factor something could be wrong. but I am going to think positively and carry on being excited about finding out what it is.

I have been feeling fluttering for a week or so which is exciting. I am 18 and half weeks. How do I get one of those ticker things so I can count down???:rolleyes:

01-12-2011, 06:58 PM
fe - It is sad that the role of midwifery has been reduced in the U.S.A. Not a lot of women here are able to choose a midwife if they wanted to because some insurance companies won't cover them. It's very political because of insurance companies paying big bucks to people to lobby against the midwife system (even though midwives are cheaper than OB's!).

It's completely opposite - you have one OB in the midwife practice you go to and the midwife I see is one of two in an OB practice here!! I also have to go to a border state (only 20 miles, though) to deliver because the city (and state) I live in doesn't allow midwives to deliver in hospitals.

Have you seen the documentary "The Business of Being Born?" It will tell you a whole lot about why the system changed here in America!!

01-12-2011, 08:40 PM
sassy- I saw that and it is one of the main reasons I DO NOT want a c-section or to be induced!!!

pink- IT SUCKS!! It's 9 degrees out there now with the windchill!!

I've decided I'm going to get to my dr's appt tomor if I have to sled down the driveway on my butt!!! LOL!!

01-13-2011, 04:49 PM
Hi Ladies! I hope everyone is doing well.

Like Sassy, Jonquil, and others, we've been having a terribly snowy, wintry January. I am sooooo ready for Spring!

Sassy- Less than a week 'til your ultrasound! That's so exciting.

Carolina-It's great that your little guy is measuring ahead. Most OBs don't change the due date based on a later ultrasound. First tri ultrasounds tend to be more accurate because babies grow at different rates later on.

Hi to everyone else! I'm at work and don't have much time to spare on the computer...

Just a quick question-- Is anyone else feeling awfully damp "down there"? My discharge has doubled in the last week or so. It's terribly uncomfortable, despite wearing pantyliners, and I'm worried it's a slow leak.

01-13-2011, 05:38 PM
nlt-yay! for a great appt!! Have you got your results back from the GTT? Aww, feb 15th, what a nice Valentines Day present! :)

sassy-definitely! Take advantage of all the naps now, sleep will be scarce those first few weeks. But hopefully around that 2 month mark your little one will sttn! 6 days to go! :D

pink-so glad to hear your range has been normal! What did your dr. say today? I can't wait to see whether you are right or not. I never dreamt about ds#1 sex, I did once with this little one. I dreamed I had an u/s and they didn't see anything between the legs, lol, but looks like I was wrong. I never can seem to guess right.

fe-you can go to babygaga.com, lilypie.com, or thebump.com and they all have tickers you can make. Once you have finished making one, click on the code for forum signatures the PseudoHTML, UBBCode and BB Code. Copy that then sign on here and go under User CP, then edit signature, then paste in the your signature box and save. Hope that works!

jon-did you make it to your appt?

sunflowergirls- thanks for the info! :) I wasn't sure. I've definitely noticed an increase in cm but not enough where I've needed a liner. But if you are worried I'd definitely give the OB a call. I know you had your girls early so I think I'd call just to be on the safe side!

Hi to everyone else!

afm-nothing new today, I've been looking at bedding sets for the new baby but haven't seen anything that strikes me yet. Well, I did find one Winnie the Pooh set I liked but I don't think it would go with the white crib I already have. And dh said no to a new one, lol, I had to try. :p

01-13-2011, 05:48 PM
Nlt - I live in Roseville, and was super glad to see that the roads weren't really that bad after the snow. I did stay home all night though! Hearing the hb is always great! I bet Feb 15th can't get here soon enough! Can't wait to schedule that u/s!

Sassy - Yeah for feeling the baby move! I think that is the one thing I'm looking most forward to.

Pink - Very interesting about the dream. . .

fe - It is interesting to see how things are different in different places. We take for granted sometimes how things are done. As for the ticker, click on someones and it will take you to that website to create your own. Then you have to copy and past it into your signature. I'm not really technical, so I hope that helped a little.

Carolina - Yeah team blue! I can't wait to find out, although my DH already believes we are on team blue as well.

Jon - How did getting to the appointment go?

Sunflower - I'm not quite as far along as you yet, but the "dampness" has been bothering me as well. I don't know how "normal" it is, but its bothering me too.

Well you gals are going to be harder to keep up with! I love it though!!! I've been super cranky the past few days, and I know it. DH just waits a few minutes then asks me if I'm better! LOL We bought a doppler this past weekend and we've used it a few times, but after last night, I'm not really sure if we had found the baby's hb until last night. What we found last night was lots faster than what we heard in the past few days. DH loves it though, it make him feel like part of the whole process, which is really neat and I love seeing. Not a lot going on with me though, which I love! The more boring this pregnancy can be the better, I want to stay far away from trouble of any type!

01-13-2011, 06:04 PM
Sunflower, I've had tons of cm lately. It's probably tripled in the past week. I asked the OB about it yesterday, and she said it's very normal. She said if I need to wear a pantyliner during the day to go ahead, but she recommended letting the area "breathe" (her word, not mine LOL) during the evening/night when I'm just at home.

Carolina, I haven't heard anything back from the OB about the GTT. I'm not sure if they'll call no matter what, or only if there's a problem and I need to come back in. I guess I'll wait and maybe call them tomorrow? I wouldn't think it would take very long to get the test results back, although they were doing a LOT of other blood tests at the same time. Hmmm...

Jonquil, just wondering how your appointment went today. Hope you made it there safely and that it was wonderful!

Jen, I love my doppler...it's so much fun. My babies were usually around 180bpm (they were speedy!) but now are down in the 140s-150s. And I know what you mean about making DH feel included. I have a pregnancy book that has info for each day, so before we go to sleep at night I read that day's info to him, and then we listen to the heartbeats. It's so good to find ways to get him involved :)

AFM, this day has been very emotional for me, with both ups and downs. First, DH lost his wedding ring :( I actually cried when he called me to tell me. He's lost a lot of weight recently, and it's super cold here...it just slipped off his finger. He's hoping it's somewhere at home, but more likely he lost it at work or as he was walking to the building. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed until we've searched everywhere and waited a few days to see if anyone at work comes across it. Then my mom told me that my brother took a job here in Michigan...so they'll be moving back here from the Cayman Islands in August! I'm so excited to have him and his family closer, especially since they'll be getting here a few months after the babies are born and my kids will get to know their cousins. So all my immediate family will be back in the same state...yay! And also found out that my mom is going to be able to go with us to the u/s on Feb. 15th, so she'll get to be there when we find out the genders. She's been wanting to go to an u/s, so she's so excited! So, lots of ups and downs today. I'm just trying to keep my emotions in check as much as possible, at least until I get home from work!

01-13-2011, 07:04 PM
Carolina - That's funny that in your dream your baby had no "junk", as my nephews would say. Nice try, trying to get a new crib! DH and I are getting a Winnie the Pooh pack n play. I hope you find some bedding you like. I think DH and I are leaning towards this one set that is alphabet themed.

Jen0653 - I think it's good to want to have an uneventful pregnancy. I wish mine had stayed that way!

nlt - I hope your DH finds his ring. How exciting that your brother and his family will be close to you. I can't wait for my nephews to meet their new cousin!

When I did my GTT, I didn't get the results until the next time I went in to see the Dr. and then was moved up to the diabetic OB clinic. Hopefully your results will be fine. I do not wish GD on anyone!

Jonq - I hope you're appt. went well!

AFM - Well my appt. was at 11 and I didn't see the Dr. until 11:45! And it wasn't the same Dr. I saw last time. I think they were just super-super busy. I was up 3 lbs. which surprised me because I was sure I was going to be down more. I asked her about the painful nipples and she said it's just hormonal, nothing to do for it but suffer through it. Then she looked at them and said the left one looked more "angry", which cracked me and DH up! I said well the left one is the one that hurts the most. Then she tried to find the hb on the doppler with no luck. So I got a mini-u/s. The in-office machines are not very detailed, but the baby was super active and we saw it going crazy moving its arms and legs! She said the hb looked good, so that was all I needed to hear!

01-13-2011, 07:46 PM
hey guys!! Gotta make this one quick, but I'll catch up on personals later. I made it to Dr appt today!!! YAY!!! It felt so good to get out of the house!! Dr appt didn't go as well as I had hoped though. My BP was 147/95 and Dr was NOT happy. So, I'm on BP pills and he is concerned b/c it is so early in pregnancy and my BP is already so high. Plus, my sis had pre-eclampsia with both of her two and ended up on bed rest. I'm not sure what to do. I know it's my job, I'm having an AWFUL school year!!! What should I do??

On a lighter note..anyone ever tried the Intelligender kit??? I picked up one on the way home b/c they didn't do an u/s today and the waiting is driving me nuts. It says it's not always accurate for PCOS (why???). But, I thought..eh, might be fun!! Anyone ever tried it? Was it correct??

Anyone know any other fun ways to guess the sex??

01-13-2011, 08:45 PM
jonquil - Nothing is ever accurate for women with PCOS because of our craaaaaazy horomones.

DH is a news monitor (reviews and summarizes news casts from around USA for PR companies to purchase) and has had a few stories on Intelligender. They've all said that their accuracy rates are WAY lower than what's reported on the box. One story had 3 women that already knew what they were having take the tests and 1 of the 3 was correct. Basically it's just for fun!

Some old wives tales -
Higher hb = girl (140s and up)
Lower hb = boy (below 140s)

Faster hair growth all over (legs, hair, etc) = boy

More skin problems = girl (stealing your beauty)

Lots of morning sickness = girl
None hardly = boy

Here's an online quiz:

Mine says 55% chance of having a boy! Hopefully we find out next Wednesday!

01-13-2011, 10:11 PM
sassy- yeah I just went on the website and it said people with PCOS will usually get a boy result no matter what..grr.

when is the normal time to feel the baby move for the 1st time? My dr asked me today if I had felt any movement and I said no. He said I should be feeling it anytime now...I CANT WAIT!!! When did you ladies 1st feel movement?

01-14-2011, 12:12 AM
sassy- tried that test and it said 64% chance for a girl but I'm for sure having a boy! LOL! But I have to say the heart rate thing was right for both of mine as was the skin thing.

jon- I've never even heard of those! I would take it just for fun anyway! Sorry about the BP issues. Are they going to try a different med at all? My good friend has high BP and they had to switch her meds midway through her pg to something that would work better. Have you been monitoring it at home? My friend always had way better numbers at home where she wasn't as nervous about it! On baby movement, with DD I felt her at 16 weeks and this time I felt baby around 12 weeks (but I knew what I was looking for too!) Both times I've had a placenta in front and that's supposed to delay how long it takes to feel movement.

pink- glad you had a good appt! Sorry about the nipples! Mine seem to have sore times and then feel better and then get sore again. Hope yours do get better though!

nl- so sorry about dh's ring. I would be upset too! I really hope it pops up! Glad your mom gets to go with to an u/s. My mom got to see one of mine this time (although it was the time she had to take me to the hospital when I was bleeding and it was a bit scary!). My mom never had any when she was pg with any of us kids and this was the first time she has seen one besides just the pictures. She was in tears most of the time and couldn't believe how much you could see.

Jen- I LOVED my doppler. I don't really use it anymore just b/c I can feel baby kicking all the time now. Sorry you are feeling cranky!

Carolina- I haven't even started to look at crib sets yet. Maybe I should get on that. Baby and Abby will share a room. Originally when we thought it was a girl I was so excited to get to use Abby's stuff again but it's a boy. Abby's stuff is red, pink, and minty green ladybug pattern. So I'm thinking I want to find a boy pattern with bugs with that same green color. Also thought about doing bees. I should just start looking!

sunflower- I had a huge increase in discharge right around 20 weeks. I wouldn't be too worried! I have had way more this pg than I did with Abby- not sure why! If you are really worried about it you should call the nurse. Mine are always so good about calming me down when I freak about things!

AFM, not a lot going on. I am so close to the 3rd tri now! Yay! This past week or so the tiredness has kicked back in. Yuck! I was feeling sooooo good there and sleeping amazing! Also found out I passed my 3 hr GTT. It was horrible though. I felt super nauseous the first hour and then fine the other 2 hours- just hungry. At the end I refused the juice b/c it sounded gross to me and decided to just eat the crackers i had brought along with me. So I get all the way down the elevator (18 floors) and I start feeling weird. My vision goes funny, I'm light headed, I start sweating, and my legs start to feel numb. I made it to my car and ate all my crackers but felt horrible. It was like 15 degrees and snowing and I had to take my coat off and turn the AC on I was so hot. I drove to McDonalds and seriously inhaled a double cheeseburger and some cookies. Finally after about 20 min started to feel a bit better. So the nurse called yesterday with my results:

Fasting: 70
1 hour: 130 (needs to be under 180)
2 hour: 120 (needs to be under 150)
3 hour: 38!!!! (needs to be under 120)

No wonder I felt so horrible! 38! The nurse told me I have to be careful to eat throughout the day so that doesn't happen to me again! She also told me to avoid processed sugary foods as that can maybe trigger that sugar crash. Yuck! But so glad I passed!

01-14-2011, 08:48 AM
Hey ladies...I'm freaked out. Woke up at about 4:30am and needed to go pee. When I wiped there was blood...bright red. Not a lot of it, but still, enough to scare me. Ended up calling the answering service at my OB's office and talking to the doctor on call. She said to try to relax, that some bleeding at this point doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong. So, now I'm waiting for the office to call me back to let me know when I can get in for an ultrasound. I'm just praying that both babies are fine, and maybe it's just a recurrence of my SCH from last trimester. Any thoughts or prayers would be appreciated...

01-14-2011, 09:57 AM
I'm sure the bleeding is nothing just try to relax. I didn't use to think bleeding was very common, but now that I've been on these boards I know differently. I swear lots of us have had bleeding at one point or another. I had some at 8 weeks and then at 16 weeks. I'm sure it's still nerve racking though, but just try to stay calm and tell yourself it isn't uncommon and it does happen more with multiples. Good luck.

01-14-2011, 11:05 AM
nl- so sorry! I know it's super scary. Have you DTD lately? I had bleeding at 18w5d after dh and I DTD the night before. It ended up being from a partial placenta previa. It stopped once I was on pelvic rest and partial bed rest. It is SO scary though. Have you used your doppler to check on babies? I did that right away and helped me calm down just a bit. But I didn't feel better until I had had my u/s. If you don't hear back from them soon, call them! It's okay to keep bugging them until you get in! Keep us updated.

01-14-2011, 11:46 AM
Hi, everyone! Thanks for calming my nerves about the increased discharge. It's a little better today. I got my 17P (progesterone) shot on Wed, and I'm wondering if it causes me to experience extra discharge. That's not listed as one of the side effects, but maybe it is? I definitely remember having a lot of discharge with my twins--and getting checked for amniotic fluid a few times (all neg)--but I thought it wouldn't be quite this bad with a singleton.

NL- Spotting/bleeding is always so nerve-racking in pregnancy! But I agree with Oreo and others that it's more common than we realize. It should be checked out if you're worried about it, though. My guess is that you're right about it possibly being related to your SCH. Some SCHs are very small (and might not even be seen on the ultrasound anymore), but could still cause some spotting. There are lots of other reasons for spotting too. I've had lots of spotting with this pregnancy in second tri, and it's most likely caused by a polyp on my cervix.

Megs- It's so exciting that you're SO CLOSE to third tri! I hope the weeks fly by for you!

Jon-There's a huge range for when women--particularly in first pregnancies--start to feel movement. So, yes, you should be feeling it anytime now! It's really exciting. As for your BP, I'm sorry to hear it's higher than you and your doctor would like. Did you have high BP before pregnancy? I know lots of women who have had high blood pressure in pregnancy that didn't go on to develop pre-e. I hope that will be the case for you too. Have you tried de-stress techniques? I'm finding that pre-natal yoga has been helping me feel a lot better.

Sassy-Some of those old-wives tales are so funny. The heart rate has always been above 144, and I've carried three girls (assuming the tech is accurate for this little one). But I had almost no m/s with either of my pregnancies, totally the opposite of the old wives tales. Good luck at your u/s on Wed! How exciting!

01-14-2011, 11:58 AM
Jen0653-don't worry I definitely get cranky and hormonal...its all normal. I think my dh is used to it now, I don't think he pays me much mind. :p

nlt-I hope you hear back from the dr soon and they are able to see you asap. Keep us posted. I'll be praying for you!

pink-the alphabet theme sounds cute! :) Glad you had a good appt and how nice to get a little sneak peak of the baby! Are you finding out what your having? If so, have they scheduled your appt yet?

jon-sorry to hear about the high bp, hopefully the meds will help keep it under control. Did you do the Intelligender test? What did it say? I'm curious now! :) I felt movement with my first around 18 weeks and with this one around 17. You should be feeling that little one very soon!!

megs-I go back and forth with the bedding, I really love ds set...its a jungle babies theme. My mom made all of it....its really pretty! But I feel like I don't have anything to do this time around...I already have everything. I'm not sure what I want to do and I just want to do something, lol.

oreo-how are you doing?

sunflowergirls-glad to hear things are better today. When is ur next appt?

01-14-2011, 01:06 PM
Hi everyone...thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I'm back from the doctor. Saw both babies wiggling around on the ultrasound...I'm so thankful! The bleeding has mostly stopped now, too...it's down to just a little spotting.

The doctor said it looks like the blood is coming from my cervix, not from inside. We haven't DTD lately, but she said sometimes it just happens. When she felt my cervix, though, she said it feels a little softer than she'd like, though it's still completely closed. So, just as a preventative measure, I'm on partial bed rest for a week. No work, but at least I can still take a shower and make food for myself. But other than that, just supposed to lay around, which I've never been particularly good at. Guess I'll get caught up on some TV watching and some napping! Whatever I need to do to keep the babies safe and sound, that's what I'll do.

They're sending me for a cervical ultrasound midweek so they can check the length and make sure things look ok. Then I have a follow-up appt with the OB next Friday, and as long as all is well I'll be released from bed rest. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything is A-OK next Friday!

01-14-2011, 01:29 PM
nlt- so glad the bleeding has stopped!!! Take it easy and we'll be praying that everything goes well Friday!!

sunflower- I was on bp pills until I lost 30lbs. My blood pressure had actually been pretty good the past few times, but work is SERIOUSLY stressful right now.

megs- I need to get a cuff to keep at home and do my numbers!! I'm sure they would be down some!

sassy- cool thanks for the website!!

ok...so has anyone else been arguing with their DH?? I want to absolutely strangle mine. He has a friend staying with us until he can move into a rental house and it's about to drive me nuts. On top of that, he's working on buliding a rock buggy with another friend and it has become completely obsessed with it and I'm feeling neglected!!! LOL.

01-14-2011, 04:10 PM
nlt - Glad every thing looks good. I can't imagine how scary seeing red blood would be. Hoping your appt Friday goes well!

Jonq - I don't argue with DH but he can really annoy me! Last night I went to bed around 11 and he came in at 1:15 making all kinds of noise, turned the tv on - I was not happy to say the least! Plus he stays up to play xbox with his friends which is annoying, especially when his alarm goes off at 6 am and I have to wake him up to shut it off. And this morning he left our bedroom at 6:30 and he didn't leave the house until 7:30 because he fell asleep on the couch! So I understand completely how you're feeling!

Sunflower - Sorry about the discharge. At least it isn't amniotic fluid, but I can see how it would be uncomfortable!

Carolina - We have an anatomy scan on the 24th! Only 10 more days -time is going by too slow!

Megs - Yay for being so close to the 3rd tri! And I am glad you passed your GTT but 38?! How scary! My diabetic nurse said if my blood sugar goes below 60 that it is too low.

01-14-2011, 04:32 PM
Pink - I have a friend who just had a baby and she was telling me they could never find the hb on the doppler until she was almost 33 weeks. Glad you got to see the baby and all was good though!

Sassy - I love the weird quizes! The questions they ask are so off base. My gut is telling me boy, and DH has himself convince because he "needs a fishing partner" but I will honestly be happy either way.

Megs - Glad you passed the GTT, but that would have freaked me out at the same time. At least you know now to eat every so often though!

nlt - Hope you can relax a bit now. Sorry about the scare though! Those babies need you to rest up!!! Sorry about DH's ring. I had to stop wearing mine awhile back too when I lost weight and it got too big. I was scared of losing it all the time. At the moment, I'm not even wearing one at all. That's good news about your family too, exciting!

Jon - Been very cranky myself. Basically dealing with stupidity from tons of different angles, and having a hard time keeping my mouth shut at times. I know it's normal, just not happy about it. Try to do something with your DH alone, that is if the snow is letting you out! Glad the appointment went well. Not sure about the test, but it does seem like everyone has their opinion about boy/girl. DH believes that we are having a boy because the Chinese calender said so - and all it asks for is your age at conception and the month you conceived. Highly accurate right??? LOL I'm excitied to find out too, but don't put much faith until I have someone trained tell me either. About the movement, I think I've felt some things, but I'm also not really sure what I'm looking for either as this is my first. I can only feel light flutters in the car and in bed when I'm laying still, but not sure if it's the baby or something completely unrelated.

01-14-2011, 05:15 PM
The old wives tales ARE super funny.

Jonquil - I *think* I first felt baby at 18 wks 3 days, and again at 18 wks 6 days but I haven't felt anything since! I've read that it's pretty sporadic until we're nearing the end of 2nd tri and baby has grown more. Ha! Baby must know I'm talking about him/her because I think I just felt it again! I just wish I knew for sure if that was it or if it's nerves/gas/etc!

Megs - Awesome results, but super scary about the hypoglycemic episode!!

nlt - So glad you got to see those wiggly babies on u/s and that it's slowed to spotting!

AFM - I can hardly believe I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow! Half-way through and time for another belly photo. It's so nice that I actually look pregnant instead of my usual chubby self! :) I also desperately need to go bra shopping. The "girls" are in dire need of additional support!

01-14-2011, 06:10 PM
checking if my ticker works?

01-14-2011, 06:13 PM
boo i cant seem to work out, having dooooogh moment

01-14-2011, 06:37 PM
you need to copy the UBBCode and BB Code part into your signature where it allows. :)

should look something like this: [img ]http://lmtf.lilypie.com/4YHTm6.png[ /img]

01-14-2011, 08:22 PM
nlthomas - I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I have had on and off bleeding for the past couple weeks. My doc said it is just the outside of my cervix rubbing just from walking. They didn't put any restrictions on other than no dtd. They told me the more I do the more I will bleed so I try to keep my walking to a min. I hope all goes well and you are off partial bedrest early next week.

jonquil01 - DH has been driving me crazy too. IDK what it is he has more cravings than I do and is more needy than I am.

sassycassie1984 - yay for 20 wks. It is crazy how the first half went so crazy. I will be 23 on Sunday its insane.

AFM - I got a free ultrasound yesterday. The maternal fetal med at the hospital I work at is still looking for new techs. It is kind of exciting to get a phone call to come down and see the baby. They got some really good shots of the face and printed them for me. I then had a doc appointment that night and they had a hard time finding the heart beat and I just about freaked but she did eventually find it. They tell me my placenta is on top of the baby which is going to make it difficult for me to feel him. I feel him real good when I first wake up, but then through out the day I don't feel much of him at all. So at least now I won't worry to much because they told me I won't. I hope you all have a great weekend we are getting a used but new washer and dryer tomorrow well DH is while I am working lol.

01-14-2011, 09:12 PM
whew girls!! Glad to know it's not just me!! I'm watching Fried Green Tomatoes and Kathy Bates' character just rammed the car of the two young girls that took her parking space. That's EXACTLY how I feel!!! TOOOOOWANDA!!!!! lol!!!!

So...I'm SO NAUGHTY!!!! I called the u/s place that does 4d u/s and they also have a package for gender determination at 17wks. ahem...so I made an appt for JAN 28TH at 5pm!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!! It's only $60 so I fiure it's worth it for finding out early!! HAHAHAH!!!

01-15-2011, 12:51 AM
haha posted new pic!!! HELLO BUMP, GOODBYE FEET!!!! LOL!!!

Is it too big (the pic..lol)?? Should I shrink it some more?

01-16-2011, 08:38 PM
Hi ladies! I've been incredibly busy with work, and usually only have time to eat dinner before I fall asleep at night. I'm hoping the work craziness doesn't last much longer but there is no guarantee. Each late night pushes me closer and closer to waiting to stay at home once baby comes.

Things are mostly uneventful pregnancy wise. I think I might be feeling the baby every now and then. Not 100% sure, though. Earlier in the week what I thought was baby was just my cat purring and creating a little vibration on my tummy. I had another dizzy spell yesterday at acupuncture. A few minutes after the needles were in, I got incredibly dizzy. Called for my acupunturist and got all the needles out. He put some pressure on a few points, and then let me rest for an hour. I was surprised to find out that I could get so dizzy from laying down. But it's not uncommon. One of my books said that if you lie on your back, your uterus can put pressure on a few places that can cause dizziness.

We have our next appointment on Tuesday. At that appointment, we'll schedule the level 2 u/s. My OB is going to let me have the u/s at the peri's office so that I can get a more extensive scan.

Hope everyone is doing well -- getting the rest you need and enjoying pregnancy.

01-17-2011, 08:04 PM
jonquil01 - awesome for finding out at soon. That is all I wanted for xmas and my level 2 wasn't until inbetween xmas and new years so we paid for a package.

EJ1008 - hopefully work calms down for you I know it hasn't for me yet lol

AFM - DH felt the baby move on Saturday for the first time. I have to be laying on my side for him to feel him kick because apparently the placenta is in a spot that covers the baby. It was so exciting for him to be able to feel it. This week has been crazy already and it is only monday. Thankfully I am off Wednesday and Friday but I have to work Saturday. I can't belive I am under 120 days it is getting so real.

01-17-2011, 09:26 PM
jonquil, nice bump! Mine is finally starting to even out a little (I had an awful B shape for a while since I was so fluffy to start with).

Hi everyone! Gosh, I'm bored already. This bed rest thing is tough. The last spotting I had was yesterday afternoon, and that was pinkish-brown. Nothing since then. Still feeling a bit crampy, but I've had an upset tummy too, so it might be partly due to that...I honestly can't tell. My cervical ultrasound is at 10:30am on Wednesday...really keeping my fingers crossed that it's nice and long. I really would like to be done with bed rest on Friday. I'll do whatever I have to for the babies, of course, but I'm not good at just laying around, plus I'm having a hard time getting comfy. Can't lay in bed because hubby is sick and I'm trying to avoid his germs! LOL We're just a fun household these last few days :)

01-17-2011, 10:25 PM
nlt - I hope your appt. Wednesday goes well! But I hope you can stay rested until then. I hear you on the B shape. Mine is starting to fill out now too.

Karen - How exciting that DH could feel the baby. My DH is dying to feel the baby move. And YAY for the free u/s. If I had an u/s machine I would just watch my baby all day long!

EJ - I hope you're not working yourself too hard! I hope you have a good appt. tomorrow!

fe - I hope you get that ticker figured out!

Jonq - Cute picture! And YAY for the 4d u/s on the 28th!

Sassy - YAY for 20 weeks! And some of those old wives tales are funny. I like the one that says if you crave sweets you're having a girl and if you crave salty it's a boy! I have been craving sweets but I always have loved candy so it's nothing new for me, although I do think it's a girl!

AFM - I am 20 weeks today! And since my Dr.'s wont let me go past my due date I might be more than half way now! Our next u/s is next Monday! I can't wait to find out the sex!

Hi to anyone I missed! I hope you're all doing well! :)

01-18-2011, 05:41 PM
karen-aww, its so awesome when your dh finally feels the baby...it seems to come even more real for them. :)

jon-that is such a great baby bump shot! 10 days to go till your u/s!! :D

EJ-how did your appt go today? So when is the BIG day?!

nlt-how are you doing? hanging in there I hope!

pink-yay for 20 weeks! Can't wait to hear what your having!

jen0653-how are you?

afm-I'm doing good, feeling the baby move more and more now! Its so reassuring! I've been contemplating going to a chiropractor, my sciatica nerve is really bothering me to the point I can barely walk somedays. =( I just don't know what else to do... I've been with my mom and her family alot for the past week, my grandpa is in ICU on life support...he's not doing well but we are praying for a miracle! So I'll proably be sporadic getting on the boards but I'll be reading and checking up on everyone.

01-18-2011, 08:16 PM
YAY!!! the website is working again!! I have felt lost without you girls LOL!!! Well, i'm pretty sure I felt the baby move Sunday night!! I was at church with a friend of mine and we were laughing at her lil boy and I felt a lil flutter a few inches under my belly button. I gave my friend a weird look and said "omigosh..I think that was the baby!"!!! Then, later we were singing and I felt it again!!! Not much since then..I think I'm going to lay down in a lil bit and poke the crap outta this baby to make it move LOL!!

01-18-2011, 08:48 PM
Hi all! I've been lurking a bit lately, but have had absolutely no energy or motivation to do much of anything lately so I've been slacking majorly in the posting and keeping up with anything department. So I apologize, but also wonder when it will get better??? Nothing really to report here either, just chugging along. Tonight DH came home and was very excited to show me that his belt is lose on him now. He's stopped drinking regular pop and lost about 10 - 15 pounds and super excited that his belly is starting to go away! So I lifted up my shirt and showed him my belly, I'm finally starting to get a bump. It's little, but the start of it is there! Both of us were sitting there with huge smiles on our faces - it's all about the little things! :D

Sassy - Hopefully the "girls" are well supported by now! LOL I've already had to switch to my bigger, supportive, ugly bras, but I'm large to begin with. I saw your pic on the other thread, you definately look pregnant! Cute!

Karen - Yeah for a free u/s and peace of mind. Some things are priceless!

EJ - Glad things are mostly uneventful for you. Hopefully work eases up for you and you can relax more too.

nlt - Rest up and stay away from the germs! Hopefully you get great news on Wednesday too!

Pink - Yeah for 20 weeks! DH keeps saying that he will feel much better once we get there. Not really sure about his logic though.

Carolina - You sure do have lots going on! Hope the chiropracter can help, and praying for you and your family right now. Keep enjoying feeling that baby move though!

Jon - Yeah for feeling the baby move! Exciting!!!

Oreo - How are you doing? I've seen you posting on other threads, but noticed you haven't here in a bit. Hopefully you aren't working too hard!

Question - Anyone have any solutions for dealing with the awful C? I've been having issues for a bit now, but it hasn't got any better. Sorry if TMI, but I do go every few days (I used to be very regular) and it's getting painful. I see the doctor next Tuesday and will ask then, but wondered if anyone had anything that worked for them. I know it's fairly "normal", just not the most pleasant. TIA

01-18-2011, 10:58 PM
Hey everyone. Tomorrow is ultrasound day! Pink or blue? :)

Today was my bday, but I think the best gift will be seeing Baby on the screen tomorrow!

Sad news: A friend of mine is going through a miscarriage at 6 wks right now. I'm so heartbroken for her and her husband. :(

01-19-2011, 09:52 AM
Yeah I'm here and lurking. I just don't have a lot to say all the time so I pretty much just read and post as time permits. If someone says something and I think I'd like to respond to that or I have some personal connection to it then I'll respond, but not always. Time is really my main issue, keeping up on here is totally impossible. I'm trying to get things all good at work incase I go on bedrest at any time. I'm trying to do things at home that need to be done or extra things that I want to accomplish before the babies come.

If I felt secure that I would be able to be active and I would go till the end I'd be fine to just relax more, but at 20 weeks now I know that I could easily go into labor in like 10 weeks or something. They told me at my first doc appt. that at 30 weeks it would be like I was 40 weeks and everything else would be uncharted territory. When they measured me at 13 weeks I was already measuring at 21 weeks, I can only imagine what I am now at 20 weeks.

My last doc appt. was the end of December, so I'm pretty much at a lull of news right now. I have my next appt. next week and I'm so anxious for it because I should be finding out the sexes of the babies. I can't wait!!! I started feeling the babies pushing out on me at about 13 weeks, but just recently in like the past week the movement has been picking up and I'm feeling them kick a lot now. A few days ago I actually was able to feel one of them kicking on the outside, I've been trying to catch it when it's happening so DH can feel it, but they haven't been consistent enough yet.

We took our multiples tour of the hospital and took our infant/child CPR class so I just have one more class left (a class about multiples) and then I'll be done with all the classes. Our class got snowed out last week so now we're rescheduled for next week. It's gonna suck a little though since DH had already taken off work for the class and he couldn't take off again he's going to have to come 1 hour late to the 3 hour class. At least he's gonna be able to make it for some of it though. I do not want to be there alone.

So not much has really been going on with me. I've been in the nesting stage since day 1 I think and I'm still there. I am starting to get things in order in case DH has to take over though. I'm a little OCD shall we say and I've been working on a chart of the grocery store so if DH has to take that over he's not driving me crazy with questions. I made a list of the aisles at the store, I'm figuring what all I buy out of each aisle and I'm writing down what brands I buy of that item. When I get done it will be a check list so when I need him to go to the grocery I can just check off the items he needs to pick up and they'll all be in order of how the store flows. Crazy right!?! It makes sense with my DH though, this is the person that calls me when he's leaving to go to work to ask questions like the rain chance today is %20 should I leave the windows cracked at home(our windows lock about 1 inch up so you can leave them open when you aren't home)? I personally have never called him for any kind of directions like that, but obviously I'm a pretty take charge person. On the plus side though he takes direction well and I know he'll be a good taking care of babies trainee.

I was a little under the weather last week with some sort of stomach issue. I thought I might have gotten food poisoning, but I never did get sick. I had this pain in my stomach for two days and it just seemed like everything was at a dead stop with my digestion. I couldn't stand to eat anything and my portions were so tiny so this week I've been eating a ton trying to stay on track with my weight gain.

Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Is he just getting older or is he sick?

Congrats on the movement. It'll pick up eventually.

So nice of DH to show you his shrinking tummy. DH used to do that for a while when he was working out a lot, but I finally told him he was limited to 1 time a week. Now he's in his busy season at work and hasn't been working out so he's pretty much stopped. Thank goodness because I'm gigantic and I don't need any reminders.

I'm so jealous of your u/s being this week! Happy B-Day!!!

Are you out there lurking too? What's going on with you?

Sorry I can't comment on everyone else I can't see back any further. Hope everyone's doing well.

01-19-2011, 01:04 PM
Karen - How awesome that your DH got to feel the baby for the first time. Hang in there with work. My work is a bit slower this week, but I'm finding it very hard to stay motivated. So many more important things going on.

nl - How was your u/s this morning? I'm sorry you're bored and uncomfortable on bedrest. I'm definitely not envious of that, but I would love it if someone told me I could take a week off of work.

Pinkturtledove - Here's to counting down to your u/s next week!

Carolina - I didn't get the chance last week to congratulate you on having a boy. Congrats! Yay for feeling the baby more often; it's got to be comforting. I'm so sorry to hear your grandfather is ill, and hope he has a good recovery.

Jonquil - Congrats on feeling the baby! I felt mine at 16 weeks and then not again until 16w6d. Now I'm feeling the baby at least once a day, sometimes after eating, sometimes not. It's really cool, and hard to explain to DH what exactly I'm feeling because it's just so unique to anything else I've experienced.

Jen - Sorry about the big C. I had some in the beginning, when I was taking progestrone. It's mostly gone now that it's been weeks since I've stopped progestrone. One day a few weeks ago, I had some C then some really bad D -- all in the same day. Not fun. Prunes usually help me with the C. Eat lots of fiber too. Hopefully your doctor can suggest something.

Sassy - Happy birthday! What nice timing for your u/s. Can't wait to hear if you're pink or blue. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend; I wish she didn't have to go through this.

Oreo - Sounds like you have things well under control. Hoping you have a great u/s next week -- and hopefully one or both of the babies can cooperate soon so that your DH can feel movement.

AFM - Appointment yesterday went well. We had our normal quick u/s. Doctor tried to find out for us if boy or girl, but baby didn't cooperate. That's OK...we'll wait the two weeks or so for the detailed scan on the high-res machine (he does the quick ultrasounds on an older machine since the high-res one is reserved for "regular" ultrasounds). Baby's growth and heart look great. Baby's definitely got bigger since two weeks ago, though I am not much bigger at all. Still not really showing, and not sure how since I'm so petite (5 feet, 115 lbs pre-pregnancy). Maybe I've got a long torso for my height? I've gained about 7 lbs total, and was told no more than .5 lb a week from here on out. I have to wait for the peri's office to call to schedule my big u/s, but hopefully it will be in about 2 weeks!

01-19-2011, 04:08 PM
Hi ladies,
The ultrasound went ok, I guess. My cervix is at 2.7cm. The doctor that did the measurement said he thinks it's ok, but I'll have to wait and talk to my OB on Friday. He said many doctors consider anything above 2.5 to be fine, but some want to see it at 3.0 or above. So, I'm still worried. I know that I need to do whatever is necessary for the babies, but the thought of a cerclage or bed rest until delivery terrifies me. I just wish there was something I could do to get my body to cooperate!

On the bright side, he was able to find out the gender for one of the babies. He was going to measure my cervix, and baby's bottom was just right there, legs spread for all to see. So, we know that we're having at least one boy! He tried to get a good view of the other but couldn't. I've been thinking that the baby at the bottom was a boy (which it is) and the one at the top was a girl, so now I just have to wait and see if I'm right.

01-19-2011, 04:21 PM
nl- congrats on at least one boy! I'm sorry the prospect of bedrest is there. I did bedrest w/ both pg from 19w on, so please pm me for support if you end up on bedrest. It totally sucks (no lie), but is totally worth it. With your cervix length you may be put on moderate rest. Just make sure if your ob says bedrest, you ask EXACTLY what it is you can/can't do. Some dr's have different views then others. I have been in both places...my first was strict bedrest, some of which was hospitalized, and my second was moderate where I could sit up. Hang in there mama!!

01-19-2011, 06:46 PM
nl- I'm sorry about the potential bedrest too. 2.7 isn't a bad measurement...my OB wanted to see at least 3.0. At 20 weeks mine measured 1 and I had a rescue cerclage and went on strict bedrest. I don't want to scare you but I would be really proactive so you don't get into a bad situation. If after seeing your OB you feel like you want a cerclage I would push for it. 2.7 is still a good measurement to work with.

01-19-2011, 07:47 PM
NL- I would push for the cerclage too, especially because you're having twins. Cervical insufficiency is largely a mechanical problem with the cervix and the weight of the babies, amniotic fluid, and placentas can cause problems earlier in twin pregnancies than in singleton pregnancies. I agree with JL that 2.7 isn't a bad measurement, but is that taking into consideration that you're carrying multiples (a known risk factor for incompetent cervix)? I had my twins at 26 weeks, and we're not sure if IC played a role in it (the line between PTL and IC is blurry). So, I urge you to be cautious. Another possibility is that you don't have IC at all and that a slightly shorter cervix is normal for you. But just in case, I would press a little more for a cerclage and probably get a second opinion. Are you seeing a peri, or are you seeing a regular OB?

01-19-2011, 07:50 PM
nlt - congrats on one boy! Hoping your cervix doesn't shorten anymore until it's baby time!

AFM - Jude Declan Worley is a stubborn little thing!! It took 40 minutes to get a shot of his boy parts! After the tech got the shots she needed with a full bladder she told me to go empty it to see if the baby would move/uncross his legs. No luck! She took some more shots and was really determined to find the sex for us so I went back to the bathroom again. I had a talk with baby in there and said, "Mommy really wants to know who you are!" and did a little dance to shake things up (it's as silly as it sounds, I promise lol!). This was our last attempt at sneaking a peak and after having me switch to my side she was finally able to pinpoint his boy parts! We got a lot of cute pictures and he is measuring spot on! The tech's predicted due date is only 2 days ahead of the original due date.

I went ahead and did the bloodwork for the Down's screen. I'd like to be prepared, but I know that we are super low risk.

01-19-2011, 08:09 PM
sassy-Congrats on joining team Blue!!! Those are some great pictures!!

nlt-I agree with the other ladies, I'd definitely be proactive. Will they do regular cervix checks if they don't the cerclage? That might be an option too. Praying for you!!

EJ-glad to hear you had a good appt! Hopefully you'll have the big u/s soon!

Jen-I drink lots and lots of water and try to eat high fiber foods, that usually helps me a ton! I know some other ladies take colace (i think), I hope your ob has some suggestions for you.

Oreo-he's 76, but this illness just came out of nowhere. They know he has an infection but can't get him stable enough to do any testing. (it would be invasive) But they are trying some experimental meds on him to see if that helps. He's on life support so we are really praying for some improvement...anything really. If not then his children will have to decide on ending the life support as he has made it clear b4 that he doesn't want to be on life support for an extended time. So I'm just praying!!

jon-yay for feeling the baby!!

afm-thank you so much to everyone for the well wishes & prayers for my grandpa, it really means alot! Nothing new to report babywise. :)

01-19-2011, 08:29 PM
Sassy - Congrats on being team blue! Glad you got him to cooperate in the end! I love the u/s pics! All you gals finding out the sex of your baby is driving me crazy for Monday to get here! Plus I think everyone due in June is team blue so far.

Nlt - Congrats on being team blue too! I hope your OB thinks you are ok to be off bed rest. Will be thinking of you on Friday!

EJ - Sorry your LO wasn't cooperating. Hopefully you'll get in soon. The waiting to find out the sex is so hard for me. I want to start buying stuff!

Jen - I think husbands have silly ideas since they don't really have anything to do while we carry the babies. I think my DH will feel a ton of relief once he can feel the baby. I keep telling him when I feel the baby move and he always stomps his feet and says he can't wait to feel it. lol Big baby!

As for the big C my doctor said lots of fiber and make sure you drinks lots of water too.

01-19-2011, 08:54 PM
Oreo - Glad things are going well for you. I tend to have some OCD qualities (and everyone I know would be laughing by my use of 'some'). I'm a planner by nature too! I totally understand why you are being so proactive about getting things ready, and I'm kinda jealous. I've had the 'I have plenty of time to get to it' attitude lately, and I need to start getting some things checked off my list!

nlt - Yeah for one boy! Hopefully you get all the answers you need on Friday!

EJ - Glad things are looking good with baby. I didn't realize you were so petite, you will be all belly by the end!

Sassy - Yeah for a boy! There seems to be lots of blue floating around here lately, makes me wonder for me now! I was laughing about your "dance" because I could see myself doing the same thing just to find out.

Carolina - Thoughts are still with your family.

Pink - Hi! :)

Thanks everyone for your answers about my 'little' problem, I do need to up my water intake, I've been pretty bad about it. I did stop taking my Met last week too which may be contributing as well too. On a totally different front, I'm going shopping Saturday to find a dress to wear for my sister's wedding in June. I'm her maid of honor, and I'll be about 37 weeks along at the wedding. No idea how dress shopping will be, interesting to say the least. Nothing new baby-wise!

01-19-2011, 11:57 PM
Thanks for the replies ladies. This has been a tough day for me. I've been super emotional and can't help but think about the things that could go wrong. It doesn't help that my abdomen feels kinda tender...on the sides where the round ligamrnts are, but also across the center. Feels like a big "U" of sore muscles, and it's hard to get comfy.

I'll find out on Friday what the doctor has planned. I see a regular OB, but the practice has experience with high risk cases and moms of multiples, plus they can consult with MFM at the hospital next door where I'll be delivering. From what I've seen so far they're pretty proactive, which is good. The plan before was to see me every 2 weeks starting at 20 weeks...hopefully we'll start that sooner, though, and with regular cervical checks.

For anyone that's had a cerclage before, is it as scary as it sounds? I've never even had stitches before, so having them down there sounds pretty frightening to me.

01-20-2011, 12:24 AM
nl- I just had a cerclage in October in an emergency situation. The procedure itself wasn't bad at all. I was put to sleep for the procedure so I didn't feel a thing. When I woke up my legs hurt because my OB had to hang me upside down b/c my water bag was protruding. I had no cramping at all. I spotted for maybe a day or two. Other than that I couldn't tell I even had a stitch down there. I was terrified about having it removed and even that wasn't bad. Mine was removed during a very painful labor and it wasn't bad. My only advice is don't wait until it's too late. My OB thought I was crazy for worrying so much about my cervix and it turned out I was right and almost lost my baby. As it is my baby was born 14 weeks early and is still in the hospital. It is much easier to do a cerclage with 2.7cm than it is for 1cm. I was reading your symptoms before your bedrest/ultrasound and they are all symptoms of IC. I had extra discharge, cramping, etc...I'm not saying all this to scare you. I've just become really passionate about IC since it happened to me. I would not wish what I have had to go through on anyone.

01-20-2011, 09:34 AM
Hi all! Well I can't believe that I actually made it to the 2nd tri. Last week was certainly full of unexpected surprises. Last Tues had my NT scan and the peri said everything looked good. About 3 am that night I start to bleed, BAD (soaked a pad in 20 minutes). So we rushed to the ER fearing the worst. Got an u/s and the babes looked good but cont to bleed. After a few hours the bleeding slowed down but my OB decided that with all the blood loss she wanted to admit me and check my blood levels to make sure I didn't lose too much. Levels checked out fine but then it was decided between the RE, OB and peri that I needed to start p17 shots immediatley and do those twice a week for a few weeks. The pharmacy couldn't get it made until the following dau so I had to stay overnight. Finally the next day I was released (after another u/s) at 8:30 pm with order of bedrest. So we headed home went to bed and then about 4 am woke up to really BAD bleeding. Headed to the ER again (per dr order) and got yet another u/s that showed the babes were fine. This time I was passing clots and ended up doing a total freak out in the bathroom when I went to wipe and saw something hanging. It was only a huge clot but that scared the crap out of us. My OB was out of town and her on call replacement refused to admit me so we went home and things calmed down for the most part. Well until last night when I started to bleed again. Not as bad as before so we didn't run to the ER but I do have an appt this morning with the OB. I was dx with a subchronic hematoma and that's where the bleeding is coming from.

So that is what has been happenign here. Sorry for the lack of personals but DH would kill me if if knew I was on the computer (we don't have a laptop). I'll try to stay in touch but that might not be possible.

01-20-2011, 10:41 AM
maelan-Its good to hear from you! But I'm so sorry to hear everything you are going through. I hope the P17 shots help calm down your uterus and the ob is able to come up with a game plan. I can't even imagine how scared you were/are this past week. Update us when you can, though I know you may not be able too. I'll be praying for you and your chipmunks!!

01-20-2011, 11:11 AM
OMG that sounds absolutly terrifying!!!! I've been worrying sick about you, I'm so glad you updated. Take it easy and get some rest. Since you have limited time to post I'm just going to tell everyone on AARP you've been found. I went on there the other day to see if someone on there knew you outside of the boards and knew what was going on.

Just read up on your condition and it sounds like rest is the best thing so get off the computer and get your tush in bed! Updating us isn't worth being risky with those precious babies. I think I might have to agree with DH here. I will be thinking of you every day and hopefully at some point you're off rest to update us again. The article I read said they usually clear up by 20 weeks. Now go grow them babies!

01-20-2011, 11:38 AM
Congrats on 2nd tri, Mae and get some rest! Can't wait to hear from you when things calm down. I have a friend that went through the same thing and after a week and a half of bedrest everything was better! She got some extra ultrasounds over the next couple of months to see how the bleed was healing.

AFM - I can't stop staring at our ultrasound photos. I can't believe it's real! :)

01-20-2011, 02:23 PM
NLT-Hi! Sorry you're having to go thru this. I had a cerclage (McDonald) done at 14wks. My cervix felt shortened at my 1st OB visit at 12.5 wks and so I went to the peri to have it checked on US and they said anything less than 3 they'd want to cerclage because I had a LEEP procedure in the past. My RE had checked it per my request at 11kws and it was 4 then but by 13wks the peri measured it at 3.1 -and with my history they decided to still go with the cerclage which I was all for-(I know it sounds strange but it took so long for me to finally get pregnant I was so scared-and I've seen women come into L/D at 16-17 wks with their cervix opening).
Anyways, we had to wait till 14 wks because I needed to be off baby aspirin for 1 wk. they used a general anesthesia for it (I think some places they may use an epidural)--since it's out of 1st trimester the anesthesia is OK for baby. I was out and awake again before I knew it and the great thing was NO PAIN when I woke up! I thought it'd really hurt. they checked baby's heartbeat a few times and then I went home to rest that day like I was supposed to. few hours later I did have some pain in my ovary area-but I had really bad OHSS with the IVF so I attribute it to that. I wasn't put on bedrest but the OB wanted me to take it easy (no strenous activity and pelvic rest) and lay down for 1 hr 3 times/day. Over the pregnancy sometimes I'd feel some achiness or light pain in cervix and that would tell me I needed to stop and rest. After the cerclage I'd go every 4 wks to peri for US- my cervix measured around 2.8-3 usually until my 31 week appt it was down to 1.5 (previously peri had said that's when I'd be put on bedrest) but I wasn't put on bedrest-though my DH wanted me to be. He left for a business trip the next week and my water broke at 32 weeks-I was on bedrest in hospital until I went into labor and delivered at 33 wks.
I also got p17 projesterone inj. every week starting at 24 wks. to keep uterus "quiet" and it also has an effect on cervix too I learned.
I am so glad I had my cerclage and will have to have another one with next baby.
I'll be thinking about you--I hope everything goes good for you-but, if they say you need a cerclage I'd definitely get one:)

Mae-so glad to hear fromyou-we were worried! Sorry about the scares and hospital stays. I hope things quiet down with the p17. Which hospital are you going to? Take care:)

01-20-2011, 02:37 PM
Maelan - Welcome to the 2nd tri. I am so sorry you're going through this. I hope the bed rest helps a lot. I'll be thinking about you!

Nlt - Sorry about the pain. I hope you can get comfy and I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Hope your appt goes well!

Carolina - How's your Grandpa doing? I think I missed telling you I hope he gets better soon.

Sassy - I know how you feel! I have my 11 week u/s pic as my computer background and I find myself just staring at it sometimes.

01-20-2011, 05:22 PM
Mae if you end up reading this, (which you shouldn't, you need to be in bed!) glad the chipmunks look ok, but rest up! We were worried about you!

01-20-2011, 05:27 PM
NL-Sorry about all that youíre going through. Congratís on knowing one of the twins is a boy! That is so exciting!

Maelan-I am so glad to hear you are okay. I feel the same way about making it to the second trimester. I canít believe it! I had the same dx as you around 6 weeks into my pregnancy (sub. bleed). My RE said that itís very common in IVF patients and theyíre not sure why. Thankfully, my hematoma resolved and no other problems arose from it. I just thought that would be reassuring to you.

AFM-I just started making my check-off list of things my DH and I need to start buying. There are so many products out there and different reviews, I thought I would start early. I canít wait until my next OB appointment. My next appointment is February 8th where they will finish up my lab work and check fetal heart tones. Iím feeling great with the exception of fatigue, but I figure thatís normal.

01-20-2011, 08:19 PM
We scored a great deal on a jogger stroller today! We were adding stuff to our registry at Target when I noticed this stroller in the clearance section. It was marked down to $55!! We couldn't pass it up, and now it's ours! I'm so excited to use it! I took up jogging to lose weight before the baby and have slowed down to walking since getting our first BFP. I've already found races to train for (I definitely need something to motivate me post-baby to lose the weight again!), and can't wait until Jude's old enough to go along for the ride!

01-21-2011, 06:10 PM
Cute stroller Sassy! My SIL got a crib on clearance at Target a few weeks ago. After our appt. Monday DH and I are going out to shop for some baby stuff. Can't wait to find out what we are having. It isn't helping that I am so bored today - I just keep thinking baby this and baby that!

Nlt - Waiting to hear what you're OB said! :)

01-21-2011, 06:20 PM
nlt- sorry!!!! what's the latest?? any boys names picked out yet??

afm, T minus 6 days and counting until we know pink or blue!!! can't wait!!

01-21-2011, 07:06 PM
Thanks for all the well wishes. Still on bedrest for the most part. The dr changed my dx to sub corrianic hemorage ( I think that is what the report said). Bleeding has slowed again so keeping out fingers crossed that everything is working out. Had another u/s today and we are.......

Team Blue x 2 :D

01-21-2011, 07:33 PM
Mae, in case you do read this, you're in my thoughts and prayers! Hang in there! And congrats on 2 boys!!

Jonquil, we've started narrowing down names, but it's gonna take a while! LOL

Here's my update...I'm still on modified bed rest, but allowed to do a little more this week. The doctor said they'd like to see my cervix longer (they want it to be 3cm) but since this was the first measurement that's been taken, they're going to monitor it before doing anything else. So, mostly laying around this week, then another cervical u/s Wednesday or Thursday. If it stays stable or lengthens then they'll let me start adding activities back in while we monitor it. If it shortens, they'll talk to the high-risk doctors at the hospital about the possible need for a cerclage. The doctor did help calm me down some. She said it's nothing to panic or constantly worry about at this point. She said she thinks all will be fine, but they're keeping an eye on it just in case. So I'm happy with that.

I also get to do the 3-hour glucose test this week...lucky me! On the 1-hour test, normal is below 140 and I came in at 147, so just slightly abnormal. Hopefully I'll pass the 3-hour one. Babies heartbeats today were: boy 140-150 and unknown 150-160. Both are doing well, which is the most important thing!

I'll catch up on personals when I can. Thanks for the support everyone...it really does mean a lot!

01-21-2011, 07:42 PM
Mae - So glad the babies are ok! Go team blue! Hope you are doing well, what a scary thing to go through!!! Get lots of rest!!!!

01-21-2011, 08:34 PM
Hi Everyone! Just moved over from the first tri boards. So relieved I'm past the beginning stage and can start enjoying all (M/S is finally gone and feeling good)

Jonquil- 6 days!!! Wow that is awesome! Hopefully baby cooperates so you get a great view!

Mae- Glad to know you are doing ok! I'm sorry with all you have had to deal with but so glad the babies are doing great and Yay!!! Congrats on team blue!

Nlthomas- Sorry about the bedrest. Congrats on the 1 boy so far! I'm sure you can't wait to see what baby b is! Good that they are being so proactive about the cervical length. Good luck on the glucose test!!!

AFM- Had my 13 week today, they thought w/all my (tmi) discharge...lots of water and bad cramping that my cervix isn't doing it's job. Had an ultrasound and they measured it at 4.5 so for now it's holding well. It was a little soft but they think that might have been from DTD...so now we were told to stay on pelvic rest (broke that last week oops!) Had the NT scan as well this week and so far we are looking good and babies are doing healthy. Can't wait to find out what these babes are! I'm hoping for one girl....I've got a little boy (love em so much fun!) I want another little man but also am hoping the other babe is a girl. After these two are born we are officially done with our family. Well I hope everyone is doing well! Have a great weekend!

01-21-2011, 08:39 PM
Team blue is tearin' it up over here! :) We must be working on a football team! ;)

nlt - Hoping your cervix doesn't shorten anymore and still thinking of you!

Mae - Thinking of you too!

AFM - Jude's decided to REALLY make his presence known this evening. I've been feeling lots of flutters! DH is jealous he doesn't get to feel them yet. I guess I would be too if I were him!

01-21-2011, 08:55 PM
Ughh....it's killing me that a lot of you know what you're having. I go in for my u/s on Tuesday and I'm dying to know. I want to pick out my paint color, figure out how I'm decorating and start looking for cute sheets all I've bought so far is some off-white ones. I thought for sure I'd know what these babies are early since I've had so many u/s, but no such luck. All my family, friends, DH and DS are dying to know too. I'm glad my appt. is first thing in the morning or I'd be anxious all day to know. 3 days and counting!!!! Well the past two days have been nice here, we had a bunch of snow and DS was off school so I've been at home. I could get used to this not having to go to work. I'm getting close to being done with my list of things to do to prepare for these babies so I think I'm going to meet my 24 weeks goal. I still need to get caught up on some stuff for work though. I guess I'm going to have to do that soon though cause I'm hoping to be released from work by the doc soon, working is for the birds. Well I can't see any further back to do personals. I'm just typing a quick update since I'm getting so anxious to know and I updated my weight on my ticker and I needed to see if the changes went through.

01-22-2011, 08:38 AM
Sassy - Cute stroller and at a great price! Awesome!!!

Maelan - Congrat on team blue x 2!

nlt - Glad things are headed in the right direction for you! Continue to rest up though.

Meggie - Congrats on moving to the 2nd tri! Glad things are going well!

Super jealous of everyone finding out boy/girl already! I'm so ready to find out and start shopping and decorating, but I still have about 4 weeks to go. We have an appointment Tuesday and should be able to schedule the u/s then. But everyone I know that is pregnant or just had a baby is having boys! Not one girl that I've heard of!!! Strange!

01-22-2011, 10:41 AM
Jen-I hope the next 4 weeks fly by for you, I know how anxious it can be waiting to find out what your having! You could always do what Jon is doing and schedule one of those 3d/4d u/s for a sneak peak if you can't wait. :)

Oreo-hang in there just a couple more days!!

sassy-what a great deal!! I love my jogging stroller, so does dh. This past spring and summer he would take ds running and ds looved it! Don't you just love all the movement!! I notice this lo is more active after I eat and when I try to go to sleep, lol, I might be in trouble! :)

meggie-welcome to the 2nd tri!! I'm so glad your appt went well and that your cervix looks great! Do you have an u/s date yet for your anatomy scan?

nlt-praying your cervix continues to lengthen or stay put! Keep resting mama!! I'm sure you'll pass the 3 GTT, you were sooo close with the 1 hour!

maelan-Congrats on team blue times two!!

Hi to everyone else!!

afm-I've got great news! All those prayers have been heard and my grandpa woke up and is responding to his family! Its absolutely a miracle! He definitely has a long road ahead of him but they say he is going to make a full recovery!! I couldn't be happier!!

01-22-2011, 02:52 PM
mae- congrats on the boys!!! wow, you found out early!!

nlt-keep resting up!! I feel you on the name thing! It's hard!

meg- me too!!! I'm going to drink LOTS of sugary stuff before we go so the baby will be ACTIVE!! lol

01-22-2011, 04:07 PM
jonquil, did U find out what you are having in regards to sex? , I know you were excited. I'm looking at your signature, but I can't figure it out. I'm thinking girl :confused:

Ej, hopefully your little one cooperates long enough to let you see something

Congrats ladies on making it to the 2nd trimester. For first time mothers, it flies by so enjoy it! I actually miss being pregnant :o

Even though I donít belong in the 2nd trim, I do read to see how everyone is. I know a few of you are having some complications with pregnancy and I pray that everything settles in.

01-22-2011, 04:09 PM
Carolinagirl-I am so happy to hear your news about your grandfather! :)

Jen- I hope the next four weeks fly by for your too. It's really fun to find out the gender!

Oreo- How exciting that your big u/s is just around the corner! How have you been feeling? I really started slowing down in my twin pregnancy around 20 weeks, but my pregnancy turned out to be more complicated than most twin pregnancies (and lots of my twin mama friends had much more energy than I did at 20 weeks).

Sassy-Congrats on team blue! I love the name you've chosen.

Meggie- 4.5 is a great measurement. That's what I had at my 19w4d transvaginal ultrasound. I'm hoping it stays that way for a long time!

Nl- I've been thinking about you. I'm sorry you're on modified bedrest, but I'm happy to hear that your doctors will be monitoring you closely.

As for me... Not too much going on here. I've been pretty anxious lately about my blood pressure, which has always been a battle of mine (pre-pregnancy). I posted about it separately on the pregnancy board too. My BP seems okay right now, but it's creeping up. I'm hoping it's not a sign of pre-e. Otherwise, I'm doing well. I'm hoping the next few weeks pass quickly because it's when I'm the most nervous (because of my preterm labor history).

01-22-2011, 07:35 PM
Carolina - glad g-pa is on the mend!!

Everyone waiting to find out what their little ones are - I don't have ANY advice!! I had to wait until 20 1/2 weeks for my ultrasound!! I'm jealous that some of you are getting yours at 17-18 weeks!

sunflowers- Thanks! It took us a LONG time to decide on a middle name!

AFM - My MIL and g-ma in law got me a gift card to Motherhood for my bday. I used it today and got 2 dresses (one for each shower and obviously for whenever I want to feel pretty lol), some fold-over maternity undies (they are GINORMOUS but feel like they're going to be SUPER comfy), and a pair of maternity pantyhose.

DH and I have been considering getting a 3d ultrasound at 28 weeks (March 12th). DH is kind of weirded out by them but I think they're pretty awesome. We would also get a DVD of baby Jude rolling around for 10-15 minutes! That sold me right there! I just wanted to stay and watch him all day at the last ultrasound!

01-23-2011, 03:47 AM
It's been awhile since I've been on, still trying to read and catch up. After the lovely stomach virus that my DH lovingly passed on to me, we started remodeling our basement and our internet box got knocked out. I have been dying without having internet at home.

Sassy- Those dresses are really cute. I think you should definitely get the 3D/4D Ultrasound. Dh thinks it is a huge waste of $ , so for Christmas that was my gift from my parents. The center near us has a package with 2 visits for only around $50 more to add on the 2nd visit. I wanted to do one around 27 and then 33 weeks, but I am thinking we wil just stick with one 26-28 weeks. DH is totally weirded out about seeing what the baby looks like before it is actually born.

Sunflower- I hope your BP stays controlled and doesn't go any higher. Is it significantly higher than your baseline, or was it just slightly higher?

Jon- Just make sure you don't drink it too far in advance. When I went for the NT scan I drank A LOT of orange juice on the way to my appt. The baby was moving like crazy on the way but my appt got delayed by like 20 minutes and by that time the baby was fast asleep, and would not move for anything.

Carolina- I am glad your grandpa is waking up and that things are looking good. It is amazing what prayers can do.

Jen- The wait is sooo hard, hopefully the time passes quickly for you. I know when we made ours, I kept thinking 5 weeks seemed like an eternity.

Oreo- Your are one busy mama! Do you have an idea of how you are decorating their room, depending on what the sexes end up being? Or are you waiting till you find out? Can't wait to hear what those babies are, hopefully they cooperate!

AFM-There hasn't been much going on over here. I have my ultrasound on Monday, followed by my 20wk appt.
We ordered our furniture 2 weeks ago, and have our bedding narrowed down. I had a really hard time finding girl bedding because I am set on having the room what I call a bubblegum pink. I would find some sets I liked but the pink was either way to pastel or way to dark.
Dh is going to take the trim off the wals and prime the room today. I told him he better get it done because when we leave the ultrasound appt we are going to pick up the bedding and then going to the pain store :). we have everything for a boy from DS and will only need clothes and blankets if its a girl, so I havent had anything to do. I am getting very anxious and NEED some retail therapy badly.

01-23-2011, 10:03 AM
Idarolyn-Have a wonderful ultrasound appointment tomorrow! That's exciting. Congrats on reaching the second half of pregnancy! As for my BP...Thankfully, my readings went down again last night, but I'm going to continue to monitor it closely. I'm getting more readings in the 120s/70s (my systolic readings are usually below 125 and diastolic is usually below 76), and my first and early second trimester readings were never above 110/70 (usually around 105/65). My pre-pregnancy blood pressure was elevated at 130s/80s (with a systolic usually between 135-139 and a diastolic usually below 85). So, I had pre-hypertension and both of my parents have hypertension. I took toprol XL to control my blood pressure before I got pregnant, but stopped when I was TTC. I'm definitely going to raise this with my OB, but my next appointment isn't until Feb. 8th.

Sassy- I think the 3D ultrasound sounds like a great idea! I hope your DH warms up to the idea.

01-23-2011, 12:38 PM
nl - I'm sorry you're going through this. Sounds like you have a great team of doctors who are invested in your and the babies' well being. Listen to them, but also listen to your body. Congrats on at least one boy! Good luck with the three-hour test this week.

Sassy - Congrats on having a boy! What a great name. Great deal on the jogging stroller and cute dresses.

Carolina - I so glad to hear your grandfather is doing better and will recover. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing. Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery.

Jen - I'm almost off of met, and I feel the big C creeping up sometimes as I go off of it. Did you find a dress for your sister's wedding? I meant to post here sooner, but I'd like to suggest looking for styles with Empire waists. They are perfect for pregnant women, but also look nice with other body types (assuming the other bridesmaids will be wearing the same or similiar dress). My bridesmaids wore an Empire waist style because my SIL was hoping to be pregnant at our wedding (she was, about 15 weeks), one bridesmaid was a new mom and the other two -- one is super skinny and the other is overweight. All looked lovely, and had no complaints about how the dress fit. Order big, find a good seamstress, and be ready for fittings right before the wedding. Good luck!

maelan - It's good to hear from you and glad to hear you have an explanation for the bleeding, as scary as it must be. Congrats for team blue*2! Have you let them know they are grounded for a good long time after birth? Keep getting rest -- I'm sure you are glad you're not working.

Wendy - Good to "see" you. I agree, there is a lot to be done, but I keep telling myself I have time. There really isn't a lot that baby needs, and I don't want to go overboard with baby gear. I still have some fatigue but nothing like in the 1st trimester.

Pinkturtledove - Almost time for the big ultrasound! Any sense if you'll be adding to team blue or helping team pink catch up? I have the opposite problem. I am so busy at work, but all I can think of is baby this, and baby that. It's so much more important than what work thinks I should be thinking of.

Jonquil - Hang in there until your u/s!

meggiebeth - Welcome to the 2nd trimester! Glad your recent u/s went well.

Oreo - Tuesday is getting closer by the minute! Looking forward to finding out what you are having.

Mary Faith - Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure baby will cooperate when we have more than a few minutes to check boy or girl. It's hard to wait, but I have learned a lot about patience over the past three years. I just want a healthy baby, after all.

Sunflowergirls - Sorry you have bp worries. My bp has always been normal, so I don't have any advice. Just hope that you and your doctor are able to get the right treatment. I understand your fears with your history. I have a different history, but lots of anxiety because of what has happened in my past. I try to remember that this is a different pregnancy, and things will be different this time around.

Idarolyn - Welcome back! I'd have a hard time if we lost our Internet for an extended period of time, especially since I work from home at least once a week. Have a good u/s tomorrow, and hopefully you can start shopping!

AFM - My level II u/s is scheduled for Feb. 14. I'll be 21w2d. I have to wait a little extra longer because of DH's schedule. The peri's office wants me to wait until 20 weeks, but the date they offered during my 20th week, DH won't be able to make the appointment. So we'll have a Valentine's Day present instead. Unless baby cooperates if the doctor gives us another quick u/s at our Feb. 2 appointment. I am doing all right. My fingers are swelling. Mostly noticable when I'm sleeping. Last week the OB mentioned that if it persists, I can get wrist bands to use at night. It kept me up for a while last night, so I'm going to ask about that. Perhaps before my appointment if sleep continues to be a problem.

01-23-2011, 04:27 PM
EJ - Sorry about the discomfort the swelling is causing, hopefully you'll get some relief soon. Did your doctor say why they are swelling? Finding out February 14th is so sweet! Maybe baby will let you get a peek on the 2nd though! I am thinking we are team pink, but we'll find out tomorrow! I can't stand waiting!

Ida - So glad you're back! You sound like you are on top of getting ready for baby. My u/s is tomorrow too!

Sassy - Cute dresses! The 3d u/s look so awesome! I hadn't really considered getting one, I guess I feel I have so many other things to get working on before baby arrives. After we find out tomorrow, I kick into full swing baby mode - nursery, registry, baby shower, all start getting my full attention!

Sunflowers - Sorry about your BP. At least you're staying on top of it. I know its hard not to, but don't stress yourself out over it.

Carolina - I'm so glad your Grandpa is doing so well! That must be a big sigh of relief for you!

Jen - Good luck on your wait for your u/s! I know its a long wait but it will be here before you know it!

Oreo - I know it's been so hard waiting while everyone else is finding out. Tuesday is almost here!

Hi to anyone I missed!

AFM - The wait is almost over! Tomorrow is the big day, I really hope baby cooperates! Luckily we have a really good tech who takes her time and has been patient the couple of times we've been in her office. Do you guys think if I drink diet rootbeer before my appt baby will be active? I can't drink juice because of the GD so I was thinking maybe diet soda would work?

We will have a busy day tomorrow. Our appt is at 9:00 am and DH has taken the day off we plan on going to my parent's and telling my mom, then telling DH's dad and brother at their work (they work together) then telling DH's mom. Then we are off to shop! I have been looking at all the cute baby clothes at Carters and Osh Kosh B'gosh. I am super stoked to get shopping!

01-23-2011, 04:31 PM
Carolina - That is fantastic news about your grandfather!!!

Jon - Hope the u/s goes fantastic!

Sunflower - I've always worried about my bp too, even though I haven't had issues. My mom has hbp and my dad passed away from complications due to his lack of treating his hbp. I wish I could be more helpful. Hopefully the doctor can recommend something to you that will put your mind at ease.

Sassy - Cute dresses! I have a wedding, my sister's wedding shower, my shower, and my brother's graduation all around May / June and I've already checked out Motherhood Maternity's dresses. They have a ton of cute options for fairly good prices, and I'll be doing some shopping there myself! DH and I have already talked about doing the 3D u/s and we are both for it. It's just amazing the technology they have now.

Idarolyn - Defiantely get some retail therapy in after the u/s! Sounds perfect to me!

EJ - Hopefully you find releif from the swelling! And a Valentine's Day surprise sounds perfect! We did end up finding dresses, and oddly enough it was the first dress that we all tried on. It's a maternity appropriate dress with a high waist, and looks good on all of us. Only thing that was weird to me was that the woman tried to tell me that I needed a dress 2 sizes larger to accomadate for my weight gain. It seemed a bit much to me since the dress is only fitted in the top part, but we have some time before we need to order them too.

Pink - Sound like you will have a perfect day tomorrow! Enjoy!

Just out of curiosity, when do you tend to do the Glucose test? My doctor hasn't really mentioned it, but at the last appointment I was only 11 weeks. Just curious! DH and I took our first real stroll through the baby section at the store today. It was so cute to see him looking at everything and try to see how it works. We're kind of in a holding pattern right now, waiting for money to come in, so we can finally start buying things and decorating. We figure in the next month he gets a bonus from work, we are selling a house we inherited and fixed up (just waiting on paperwork) and we will find out the sex, so shopping will be inevitable shortly!

01-23-2011, 05:05 PM
Jen - I think it depends on your doctor. I asked my midwife at my 20 wk appointment and she said that I will be doing the 1 hr glucose test at 28 wks. If I fail they'll immediately schedule the 3-4 hour one for the next week.

01-23-2011, 07:59 PM
mary-not yet! I'll find out Friday!! I'm so stinking excited!!

ida-thanks! I'll keep that in mind!!!


ej- im trying!

pink- good luck tomor! cant wait to hear!!!!

afm, ugh...STILL SICK!!! I had two cheese sticks for lunch and that was IT!! I just cant eat! Even as I'm eating I start getting sick!!! yuck. I've made a deal with myself tonight that if I eat half a can of spaghetti o's, I can have some ice cream! B/c ice cream always stays down ahahah!!! ugh, i'm trying to feed this baby..it's just not cooperating!! I'm afraid it's going to eat nothing but junk when it's older b/c everything I've read says your baby's taste buds are influenced buy what you eat when you are preg!!! aaaahhhh!!!!

01-23-2011, 08:43 PM
I'm afraid it's going to eat nothing but junk when it's older b/c everything I've read says your baby's taste buds are influenced buy what you eat when you are preg!!! aaaahhhh!!!!

That's bologna :) Just eat what you can and take your vitamins..baby will be just fine! ;)

01-23-2011, 09:13 PM
so here's the latest bump pic...any guesses before Friday??


01-23-2011, 10:58 PM
Jon- Cute bump! and I agree w/ Tink. Try not to worry. Soon you'll feel better and you can eat healthier but right now it's most important that you eat and take your vitamins :)

Carolina- I'm so happy for you and your family. I was waiting for good news! I hope he heals well! As for my ultrasound....nope, no date yet. It's either 5 or 6 weeks hopefully. I have to wait for their schedules to open (military hospitals) :( I'm hoping they get me in fast!

Pink- Good luck tomorrow!!!!

Jen- I did mine w/my son at 24 weeks, not sure if that is normal or not :)

EJ- What an awesome Valentine's present!!!! Hope the swelling goes away soon and you can sleep better.

Idarolyn- Good luck on the ultrasound tomorrow!!!

01-23-2011, 11:43 PM
Hi everyone, it's been crazy for me. Congratulations to those now entering a new phase, I pray that your 2nd tri journey continues with great outlook, and the confidence that u ARE taking this peanut ALL the way.

To everyone else, too much behind to try catching up, and don't want to leave anyone out. Is it not just simply amazing that every week we get one week closer to the day when we get to hold our little ones?!!!! I just keep thinking of all the struggles and the emotional ups and down, and am so thankful that God chose to BLESS us with such precious gift.

AFM~All is well, back to an uneventful pregnancy. I feel great. Oh yeah, getting sleepy again and tired faster now. But enjoying every minute of it, with lots of baby movement, sometimes there's so much I think there's more than one. LOL!! Someone's gonna keep me on my toes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Good u/s, test, follow-ups etc.

01-24-2011, 10:01 AM
Well, I'm just going to dive in here. This is a busy board, so sorry for my lack of personals - I need a few days to get caught up on who's who, although already I've been reading things that I want to comment on.

So, first trimester is now behind me - I'm 13w1d (woop!). My husband has really gotten into the swing of things and can't seem to resist telling people - I'm a bit more hesitant, especially in my workplace. I'm hoping to keep it under wraps (literally and figuratively) until my next prenatal appointment in just under three weeks time - Feb 11th (can't wait to listen to Squirt on the doppler - this is a weird time of knowing there's a baby in there, but not being able to feel it yet). Any advice/stories about telling your boss? I've got an e-mail drafted - we have a very professional workplace, and I'm not close with my boss. I'm also worried that I might get emotional while telling him (crazy hormones), so I know that with an e-mail, I've covered all the points I want to make and nothing extra. I am worried that this news will negatively impact my upcoming performance review, even though the assessment period is almost over and my pregnancy has definitely NOT impacted it.

I'm not showing yet (and hope to stay that way for a bit more), although I do have a "phantom" bump - it comes and goes - at the end of the day, I definitely have a little belly that I CANNOT suck in. And weight is piling on around my hips and thighs - old wives' tales would suggest it's a girl based on that alone. Any advice on minimizing stretch marks? I've been slathering myself with Burt's Bees Mama Bee Body Oil after my shower. I already told my husband about the Belly Bandit and he promises me I'll get one.

Finally (I'm so NOT good at brevity, as you will find out) - gender predictions/desires have been flying fast and furious. The online gender prediction tests are fun, but based on all the different ideas, it's still about a 50/50 split. I used to think I wanted a girl (and thought it was a boy), but now I know I'm going to be really excited either way, and also sad either way, because no matter what I'm getting, I'm missing out on the other. I've seen some posts that people just *knew* what they were having. And others who have been very surprised. My anatomy scan is scheduled for March 7th, 19 weeks. At first I thought I was having a boy, but now I'm not so sure.

The few personals I couldn't resist:

Jonquil - I couldn't see your bump pic, so now guesses from me! Sorry! Can't wait to hear. P.S. - I also heard that your baby's tastes are influenced in utero by what you eat. Your diet can impact the "flavour" of the amniotic fluid, which the baby actually ingests. But tastes for foods also seem to be inherited AND learned, so if you normally eat a varied diet and you model that diet for your little one, there's still hope!

Jen & Sassy - I am standing in a wedding in three weeks time (I will be 16.5 weeks). I ordered the dress a size too big, but now it *almost* fits. Thankfully, the bride picked an empire waist (she doesn't even know I'm pregnant - I'm telling her today!). I am not quite ready for maternity clothes, but the options in my closet are getting limited. It's too bad we don't all live closer we could do clothing swaps!

Pink - Good luck on your u/s! It's too late for my advice, but I would NOT recommend diet soda. If anything, I would recommend regular soda, but I guess you can't with GD. I was told to stay away from pop in general, and diet soda in particular because of the artifical sweeteners. Maybe just the fizz from club soda would do it?

P.S. - I'm jealous of all those who got routine 11-13 week ultrasounds. There aren't many techs in my province, so the NT scan is reserved for high-risk moms only. Although I'm very glad I'm not considered high-risk at this point!

P.P.S. - I do want to do the 3d/4d ultrasound around 30 weeks, I think. Hubby isn't sure he wants another baby after this, so if this is my only chance to be pregnant, I want to do it all! Belly casts, scrapbooks, etc.

01-24-2011, 10:25 AM
sunflowergirls-I've not had any experience with hbp so I don't have any advice there but I hope you and your ob have a good game plan and it stays normal!

sassy-what cute dresses! I have a magenta empire style dress from there and I absolutely love it! I definitely reccomend the 3d/4d u/s. I had one done with ds at about 28 weeks last time. It was the most amazing thing ever, we got a 15 minute dvd of ds moving, waving, sucking his thumb etc along with some really awesome u/s pics!! I'm so glad I did it and plan to this time around as well.

Ida-so good to hear from you! Sorry to hear you've been so sick! Can't wait to hear how your appt goes today and what your having!

EJ-what an amazing Valentine's present...its definetly something you'll never forget. I'll never forget mine in 2008...I found out I was preggo, I don't think that one will ever be topped! :D

pink-oh I can't wait to hear from you, I just noticed you were in CA too so my wait will be even longer, ;) Good luck today!

Jen0653-I think the gtt is done around 28 weeks but it really just depends on your ob. Sounds like alot of shopping is in your near future!!

Jon-you've got a cute bump! I'm guessing girl for you!

meggie-hopefully you won't have to wait to long for your u/s.

merl-its good to hear from you, glad everything is going well!

r6biker-Welcome to the 2nd tri!!

afm-Its been a busy but good weekend, my grandpa is stable and still responding by nodding but continues to be on the ventilator. Hopefully soon, he'll be able to come off of it. In baby news, I'm 20 weeks today!!! I'm halfway!! Yay!!! Feeling more and more movement now, dh even felt him friday, its so awesome. It definitely made him feel like its more real now, he's finally talking names with me although we haven't come up with much we agree on.

01-24-2011, 01:44 PM
jonquil- I ate horrible with Abby. I was so sick that I just ate what I could keep down. I was sick with her everyday until I gave birth! She is so great at eating and isn't picky in the least. So don't believe everything you hear. Your baby will be just fine. In fact with Abby I had a horrible time gaining weight and my midwife actually told me to eat more ice cream and milkshakes. :)

01-24-2011, 05:44 PM
Jon - I'm gonna guess girl. Based on silly wives tales, m/s means girl. And someone needs to have a girl to keep up with all of these boys that people are having lately! Everyone I know who is pregnant or just had a baby is having boys.

merl - Uneventful pregnancies are what everyone wants!

r6 - I don't really have much advice to offer about telling work. I work in a small place, and I've known my boss for over 10 years. When I told her, she cried she was so happy for us, and she's known my journey to get pregnant. Hopefully things go well though. Welcome to the second tri!

Carolina - Picking a name . . . There's a huge part of me that hopes for a girl so picking a name is easy, we already agreed on one. But if it's a boy, we have work to do. Everything I like, he doesn't and everything he likes, I don't. We already have a middle name for a boy picked out though as strange as it sounds. Just one of many things to come I suppose!

Thanks for the responses about the Glucose test. Just wondering, because that's how I am! :) My appointment got pushed back to Wednesday now, no big deal, but that's all that's really new I guess.

01-24-2011, 06:35 PM
Good afternoon ladies! We are keeping the streak going, we are team blue! My u/s went great! Baby was very squirmy and moved around a lot all on his own. He measured 20 weeks 5 days and his heart rate was 144 bpm! We were in the u/s for about 30 minutes and the tech was very cool and let us watch everything and pointed out everything. We got to see the blood flow from my umbilical cord to the baby and the blood flow in his kidneys - very awesome! As soon as she had the "between the legs" view I could tell it was a boy! His name is Christopher Andrew! Luckily DH and I had already agreed to that name a while ago. I am so excited but so tired from shopping! We bought so many clothes today but it's our first baby and it was a lot of fun!

I am attaching some of my u/s pics. One is of his profile, one is of his "junk" and one is of his little tiny foot!

01-24-2011, 06:40 PM
Pink-Congratulations on a little boy! They are so awesome! Mine is such a momma's boy! :D I love the u/s pics too!

01-24-2011, 06:49 PM
Congrats on joining team blue, Pink!! Didn't you just want to stay in there all day watching him move around? I was like, "Do I HAVE to go to my midwife appointment now? Can't we just watch the baby some more?" lol

AFM - I have finally found a class to register for. I'll be getting my registration in the mail later this week. It's a 6 week Lamaze course, but she was previously certified in Bradley AND hypnobirth and incorporates a little of everything into her classes and it was half the price of a full-blown Bradley course :) First class is March 13th. I don't feel like such a slacker anymore! I do still need to find a pediatrician, though!

Dentist appointment went really well today! Only a little bit of gum recession from hormones on the bottom gum line.

Also, today was an INSANE hormone day with DH when I got home. I realize it's trivial but I genuinely couldn't help flying off the handle! Argh!

01-24-2011, 06:59 PM
pink- congrats on a boy! Looks like we will have a ton of little boys born!!!

01-24-2011, 07:05 PM
meggie- thanks!! At least my vitamins dont make me sick!

r6biker- thanks!! I'll just have to get creative when the LO is here! Flavor up the BB milk hahahah

carolina- thanks!! I'm so excited, it's all I think about now lol

megs-haha, they are not telling me that!! I've only lost 10 lbs!! I wish they would tell me that though lol

jen-I have two friends having boys and one having a girl!!

pink- yay!!! very cute name and u/s pics!

sassy- that's ok!! I cry like EVERY day now..and I am NOT a cry baby usually!! LOL

WELLL.....I called the u/s place today and had them move my appt to Thurs afternoon!!! I'm so stinking impatient!! HAHHAHAA!!! I told my hubby and my mom that the office had rescheduled it LOL!!!

01-24-2011, 09:55 PM
Oh my goodness I have fallen so far behind. I apologize!!! I thought I was getting better at posting.

Pinkturtledove - yay for team blue that name is so wonderful!!!

Carolinagirl - yay for 20 wks. I am glad your grandpa is stable. I know for older folks weaning off the ventilator can be very difficult. In PA we actually have some facilities that we call LTACHs (Long term acute care hospitals) which work on one healing, but are specialize in weaning off the vent if it is appearing to be to difficult at the hospital itself. I know our hospital only tries to extubate off the vent 2-3 times before they would suggest possibilities of the LTACHs. Now I have my fingers crossed that your grandpa can come off right away, but I just wanted to pass on some of that information in case it may be helpful to you.

Everyone else I hope you are all well. I am feeling the baby way more than before I can't believe I only have 16 weeks to go. I had a question though. If had had glucose test in my 1st trimester are they going to want me to have it again closer to the end?

01-24-2011, 11:00 PM
Wow, there r so many boys on here, we need girls to balance it of....lol. Congrat's Pink!!!!!!!! Dh and I finally got boy and girls names we totally agree on.

r6bikerchick~Congrat's on the 2nd tri. This is such a reassuring milestone.

Carolinagirl~ So happy to hear of the progress!! That sure eases some worry. I pray for his continued recovery.

Karen~I do believe that once you do the test it's not repeated unless the results r not good. I'm due for mine on Feb 15th, so not looking to it. I promised myself I will pass it, cause it's not something that I think I want to repeat.

Jon~Such impatience, LOL... I understand why you would want to see. This is such an exciting time. It's like we're kids. I am fortunate cause I've had u/s every 2 weeks from 6 weeks, my last one was I think @ 18wks and I'm so feeling like I need to see him/her again.

AFM~ It seems like I'm the only one who does not want to find out the sex, and had it not been for his family we would not have arranged to find out at the shower. (ASSuming they can keep a secret)LOL!

01-24-2011, 11:28 PM
Well it is almost 10pm and we just got back from my ultrasound and prenatal appt that was at 4. We went out to dinner and did some shopping for the baby. I think I satisfied my need to buy baby things, at least for the time being ;). Our little one cooperated right off the bat, with the butt up and legs spread. Looks like we are changing things up a little bit because we are having a little GIRL!!!! The kids are so excited, especially my 11yo DD, she is so looking forward to doing hair and make up. Sorry for the lack of personals but I am wiped out and ready for bed.

01-24-2011, 11:31 PM
Ida- congrats on a little girl! Girls are sooo much fun. I am a little bummed that I'm having a boy actually b/c Abby was just so much fun and I love all the pink!

01-25-2011, 07:28 AM
karen- my Dr does! I passed in my 1st tri, but he is doing it again around 26 wks. He said you can develop it later on even if you pass in the 1st tri.

ida- AWW!!!! that is SOOO sweet about your oldest daughter!! congrats on your little girl!! Do you have a name pick out?

merl- DH and I cannot agree on ANY boys names!!! We've had Isabella Ashley picked out for a girl for a while though! Isabella was my great-grndma's name and DH has always liked the name Ashley (but thankfully never dated anyone with that name..haha). I like Lukas Micheal for a boy..and call him Luke. Hubby is not sold on it. He actually wanted to name the LO "Bo" if it's a boy...ick.

01-25-2011, 11:50 AM
Ida-congrats on a little girl!!

merl-sounds like your family is doing a good job so far! When is your shower?

karen-thank-you for the information on the vent, I passed along what you said to my mom. I think your right about my grandpa, with him being 76 it is already proving difficult to wean him. :(

jon-thats funny about dh liking Bo because my husband suggested that name to me as well and I told him heck no!! lol. 2 more days for you!!

sassy-yay for signing up for your class, thats always exciting! I really enjoyed my class with ds but I don't think I'll be taking another one this time around. I did keep all my stuff so I can look back through it just for a refresher. I had a dentist appt. last week too, they said the same thing to me. I just pray I don't get as many cavities as I did last time being preggo, I had 4! I've never had that many....pregnancy definitely wrecks havoc on your teeth!

Oreo-can't wait to hear from you today to find out what the genders are!!

afm-I think I'm going to cave and tell my family that we are having a little boy. I went to partycity last night and picked up some hersey kisses that say It's a boy! I thought it would be cute. :) Do you ladies have any other ideas about how to share the news about the gender? Are you doing anything like that?

01-25-2011, 01:16 PM
Oreo- Where are you? I keep checking to see an update on you!!! Can't wait to hear what you are having!

01-25-2011, 01:29 PM
Thanks ladies! We are so excited! Christopher will be my in-laws 5th grandson. No granddaughters!

Sassy - I get days like that too. DH just can't seem to do anything but annoy me. Luckily, he realizes it's the crazy hormones and not me! Your class sounds like a good one. I haven't seen one that I like. I think DH and I will just tour L&D, but I have already been there when I miscarried almost 3 years ago, so it isn't like I don't know what to expect, if that makes sense.

Jonq - Can't stand the wait huh? That's too funny telling DH the place changed the appt! lol Isabella Ashley is such an adorable name! I like Lukas though too. Tell DH No to Bo!

Karen - Yay for feeling baby move more. I have been feeling our little guy move a lot more too. I am not sure about taking the glucose test again, but my guess would be you would re-take it. At my doctor's office you take the 2-hour test at 14 weeks and if you pass you re-take it later. There was a girl in my GD class who was only 7 weeks from her due date, so she obviously failed it the second time.

Merl - My neighbor never found out until the birth of her children what the sexes were. I am just so impatient their is no way I could wait! DH and I had talked before because he wanted to wait until the baby was born to find out the sex, but I said it's a surprise when you find out, it's not like you get to choose! So he found that to be a valid enough point to find out before the baby is born! But I think it's cool you have the patience to wait!

Ida - Congrats on team pink! Way to shake it up! I thought for sure we were going to have a girl and I was looking at all the cute girl clothes. I am sorry but girls are more fun to shop for! Old Navy has this really cute yellow and white polka dot bathing suit with matching sun hat and sandals, that I was ready to order if we were having a girl! lol

Carolina - I think the kisses sound cute! We went around and told everyone in person yesterday and made lots of phone calls, then posted it on FB for everyone else we know. All the family was so excited to hear what it was. Especially since my SIL is due a month and a half before me and they are having boy #4.

Oreo - Can't wait to hear how your u/s went!

AFM - I have started to think about my baby shower. I am thinking a brunch shower with stuff like quiche, croissants, muffins and mimosas! My SIL's sister is a very talented cake maker and has offered to make my shower cake, so I have been looking at cakes online. I am also having a shower thrown for me by some of DH's family. A big group of his family lives about 6 hours away and they want us to come up before the baby is born so they can throw us a shower up there too. Have you ladies started thinking about your shower's yet?

01-25-2011, 01:34 PM
Whew...only have a moment, but I'm about to jump out of my skin so I had to post.
1 BOY and 1 GIRL, just what we wanted. The girl was a little uncooperative and kept her legs tight as can be, but the u/s tech said she thought it was a girl since when she did move nothing popped out and because she thought she saw the three lines of a girls privates. They'll be doing another u/s in 4 weeks so I'll get to double check then or when we do our 3-D I'm still trying to decide when I want to do that. I'm on cloud nine today!!!!!

OMG also had to add I'm measuring 32 weeks now, I'm scared to see what I'll be measuring at 38 weeks.

01-25-2011, 01:45 PM
Idarolyn- Congrats on the Girl!!!!!

Oreo- OMG!!!! That is awesome!!!! Congrats!!!!!! That's what we are hoping for!!! One girl in our house of boys!!! :) Wow 32 weeks!!!?!! That is definitely going to make for some fun pictures! lol

01-25-2011, 01:46 PM
Pink- Congrats on finding you are having a boy!!! I don't think we will be having a shower this time. Our families usually only do another shower if there is a huge age difference. I am looking forward to work though. It is my first baby since I've worked there and they usually get like 30 ppl to cross stitch a square and then make a quilt for the baby, I LOVE stuff like that, so I am super excited for that. I never was a part of the planning for my other showers, so I'm not of much help.

Oreo- I too have been stalking theboards today patiently waiting for your announcement.

Jon-I love your boy and girl names. DS name is Lucas though, so of course I would love that. We call him Luca. We could've had our 20wk lastg wk but I wanted to be seen by my midwife afterwards, so we opted for this wk instead. I was so tempted last wk to call and see if they still had the other appt open. it killed me knowing we could have known already but now we had to wait another wk. Telling them they reschedule it sounds like something I would do;)

Carolina- That is a cute idea, wish I would've thought of something cute like that. We just called/texted/posted on facebook when we found out.

Karen-I'm not sure about the glucose screening, with my previous pregnancies and this one as well, it was done around 24-28 wks.

01-25-2011, 01:47 PM
Congrats Oreo! How exciting to get one of each!

01-25-2011, 01:47 PM
Oreo- You must have been posting at the same time, lol. Congrats on the little boy and little girl! So exciting. Do you know how you are going to do their room yet?

01-25-2011, 02:58 PM
Oreo--Congrats on a mixed team. That is what we were hoping for and I'm still trying to come to terms with an all boy team.

Pink--Since I'm "grounded" and won't be able to travel at all (all of our family and friends live 1300 miles away) there is talk about doing a virtual shower for me. But the details have not been ironed out and I'm not sure if I will do it or not. Welcome to the Blue team.

Ida--Congrats on a girl!

Carolina--We've told the family and made them guess before we would tell.

jon--We were just the opposite we had 2 boy names picked out but couldn't decide on girl names at all. So maybe that should have been warning that there was no pink in my future ;)

That's as far back as I can get. Hi to everyone I missed! I'm still on bedrest but decided that I needed a break from the bed for a few minutes. DH is working on getting me a laptop so I can start looking for baby things and planning a little more (plus be able to do something besides watch TV). The bleeding comes and goes but is much better than it has been. Have an appt with the OB on Thursday. Okay back to bed for me :(

01-25-2011, 03:42 PM
I'm sure you will love team blue x2. I honestly would've been just fine with it. I love having a little boy now and I'm not even sure what I will do with a girly girl. A house full of boys would've been okay in my book. Mainly I wanted a girl and a boy for a few reasons: the first is monetary my sister is sending me girl clothes from her daughter she had last year and I have some boy stuff left from my son so they'll be less to buy over time. I also wanted one of each because I didn't want DS to feel like the odd man out if the twins are really close like two girls/boys would be. Now I think he can be close with each of them in his own way and he won't feel like they have this super tight bond and he's on the outside. All in all it just seemed to work best for us logistically, but boy/boy would've been nice too. I think my only worry was two girls---I'm not very girly, DH would have one heck of a time doing two girls hair, DH really wanted a boy with some hope that he might like sports, DS who's my son from a previous relationship doesn't like sports at all so they've never been able to share that.

Sorry about your bedrest. I'm sure it sucks hope you can get a laptop soon. This may sound crazy, but maybe you should check and see if anyone you know has one they're not using. When my sister went on bedrest at like 22 weeks in the hospital she was desperate for a laptop. Someone she knew had one of those little notebooks they weren't using and they let her borrow it.

Hope to see you on soon.

01-25-2011, 06:14 PM
Congrats Ida on the finally putting some pink on the boards over here!

Congrats Oreo on adding to BOTH teams :)

Hello everyone else! Hope you're doing well today!

01-25-2011, 08:48 PM
Ida, congrats on team pink!

Oreo, yay for one of each! That's what we're hoping for, too! We still have a chance, since we only know the gender of one so far. And you're measuring 32 weeks already...wow! Guess that gives me something to look forward to LOL

Mae, it's great to see you on here. I'm glad the bleeding is lightening up. Keeping you in my thoughts. I'm on bed rest, too, so I know how not fun it is. Hang in there!

Pink, congrats on team blue! As for the shower thing, we don't know what's going to happen yet. I was hoping to have mine by 24 weeks, since I'm having twins and I want to be comfortable. But now that I'm on bed rest...not sure.

AFM, I have my cervical ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. It was at 2.7cm last week, and I'm really hoping that it will be a little longer or at least the same this week. I'm nervous, but looking forward to seeing the babies again. Then Thursday is my 3-hour glucose tolerance test (gotta be at the hospital at 7am...yikes!) and Friday is my follow-up with my OB. Busy week for me, considering that I'm on bed rest! My mom came to visit today and brought me soup, which was so nice since I have a nasty cold right now, too. My mom's so sweet :)

01-25-2011, 11:32 PM
Oreo~Oh wow, one each, how exciting, that's what I was praying for but I guess God saw that I should only have one. I'm totally thrilled either way.

Ida~Yeah for some balance on this board. Team Pink!! LOL Congratulations!!

Maelan~ I am just so excited that you are still here and taking this to the end. You were such a source of information, and motivation for the lot of us on other boards, that I am super excited ur taking this full term. If it means bedrest, I know it's not what u wanted, but I feel strongly that you will handle it some way. You are so strong, such a trooper. :)

Hi to everyone else, don't mean to miss you.

Did someone say I'm patient????? Heck No!!! It's torture not knowing what the sex of the baby is but it's just so exciting planning and imagining the sex. Dh feels it's a boy (who would be named Gabriel Joseph) or if it's a girl she will be Imani Jazmyne) I felt Imani was great cause it means faith. It's just so fitting cause this last round of iui, our faith was so much more increased.

01-26-2011, 12:57 AM
Pinkturtledove - Congrats on a boy! My cousins are planning my shower. All I plan to do is agree to the date, give them my in-laws' addresses, and show up. My old boss is going to plan something for work -- probably a lunch with a few presents.

Idarolyn - Congrats on a girl!

Oreo - Congrats on a boy and a girl!

Jen - I'll do the glucose test at 24 weeks (I asked my OB a while ago). I think it varies from doctor to doctor, as we've seen here. Glad you found a dress for your sister's wedding.

Jonquil - Hang in there -- just one more day.

merl - Boring is good.

r6bikerchick - Welcome to the 2nd trimester! I got a new boss when I was 8 wks pregnant. I was really nervous about telling him I was pregnant, but it went better than I thought. I waited until 16 weeks. He told me that having his kids was the best thing that happened to him, and the wished us the same. We haven't discussed what my leave will look like, but that will come with time. I could have waited because at 18 weeks, my bump is still small and easy to hide with big sweaters, but I needed to tell him before anxiety got the best of me. Good luck!

Carolina - I hope that your grandpa continues to improve. Congrats on being just over half-way and yay for DH feeing baby.

maelan - DH bought our laptop on ebay (just slightly used), and it's been a great laptop for web surfing. We just keep the basics on it (no Word or anything like that). Hope your appointment goes well.

nl - Fingers crossed that your u/s tomorrow goes well. At least all of the appointments brings you a change of pace. Feel better!

Sorry if I missed anyone. This thread has been hopping lately -- which is a good thing. :)

AFM - I think the swelling is just a normal pregnancy symptom. Looked it up the other day, but forgot what I read already. Last night was better than it has been recently. It tends to go away after I start moving around after getting up. Do you think it's too early to feel hiccups? I was all anxious because I had only felt a blip or two of baby today, and just in the last 10 minutes had some good movement. Started with something that felt a little like hiccups.

01-26-2011, 12:06 PM
Look at me doing personals here---I'm so proud! I only had like 5 pages to comment on.

What sort of wrist bands are you talking about? I hadn't heard of those. I think swelling can be normal sometimes, but it isn't normal if it's excessive. Large amounts of swelling can be linked to hypertension if memory serves me right. So when is your big u/s? I agree thinking about baby stuff and work aren't even in the same category of importance. So I've been meaning to ask, but I don't want to be insensitive so don't feel like you have to answer, how are you doing since the loss of baby B? I'm sure it must be difficult and I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you.

Ughh..bed rest is no fun I'm sure especially so early. My sister had a cerclage last year and I don't think it was a big deal for her at all. I'd certainly say it'd be worth the pay off a bigger healthier baby. Hope all your appts. go well, you sure do have a packed week. Congrats on the boy it really wasn't a surprise with all this testosterone flying around though was it!

Your dance in the bathroom cracked me up. I could see myself doing that. When my son was a baby I talked to him like he was an adult and I have conversations with our dog too. Congrats on team blue again! I feel like this is so unreal too. There's times when I'm on the couch, pretty comfortable, and under a blanket and I forget I'm even pregnant. We can't wait to do our 3-D u/s as well. I'm not sure when exactly because I have to balance alien features with cramped twin space, but I'm thinking around 24 weeks or so.

I'm glad to hear your grandpa is moving in the right direction. I'm sure he'll continue to get better. I have a lot of movement after I eat too. I also have movement when I'm driving in the car--I think they like the dance party. It's weird with two because the movements are in such different places and now that I finally have a good grasp on their placement I know who is doing what. Both babies are head up, butt down no wonder I feel like they're sitting on my bladder, they are literally. I had a funny thought yesterday if my belly were like a window they'd just be sitting there looking out as I walk around almost like a little tiny person controlling a robot or something looking out through the eyes.

I hear you on the u/s pic on your computer mine is saved to my desktop and I look at it sometimes just to reassure myself this is real. Congrats on team blue!

Just eat what you can and try to be creative. Even unhealthy things may have some nutrients. If you can hold down sweets icecream, milkshake or pudding are much better nutrient wise than cookies or candy. My peanut butter toast and choc milk seemed to do the trick for my u/s no OJ necessary. I too have heard you should avoid artificial sweetners.

When do you find out?

Mary Faith,
I just want to say that is a precious baby pic!

I'm still doing good. Surprisingly pregnancy is very easy on me so I'm blessed that way. I can tell I'm worn out quicker I sat on the floor in Target last week while DS took forever picking out DH's b-day card, but really I can't complain. I've developed a new habit of working, resting, working, resting. That stinks about your blood pressure, limit your salt intake to help.

I have no idea how we're decorating. I'm going to do something neutral or something that we can tie in boy and girl things. I want to paint a fairly neutral color so we don't have to repaint if we move in a few years. We already have a few greens and tan in our house though so I'm thinking a soft yellow for the room. My sheets won't be too exciting since I have mini-cribs and the choices of bedding are very limited and mostly solid colors. I think the biggest themes will come in from pictures on the wall, curtains and maybe some type of wall stickers or something like that. I'm really not sure. Congrats on the girl, way to switch it up! I would've liked to go shopping immediatly after my appt. but work and a lack of knowing what I want to buy prevented me from doing that.

As far as I know the GTT is at 28 weeks unless they test you early. I had mine early since my mom is diabetic and since I had some dizziness/fainting type feelings in the beginning. I think the doc wanted to make sure it wasn't my sugar.

I guess it depends on your doc, but I was informed yesterday I had to repeat the 3 hour test in 7 weeks at 28 weeks. Even though I passed my last 3 hour.

I can't believe it's still a secret. When is your shower? Maybe you should do a ticker counting down to your shower!!! :)

Hmm..hope I didn't forget anyone. Sorry if I did.

I think I've updated everyone pretty well. My mom was funny when I told her what they were. She has said one of each since the beginning because they implanted at different times and because their heart rates were different. She was glad she didn't have to go return all the items she had bought! DH is telling people we're naming the kids Jack and Jill. I was joking with DS at target about the name Gur that I saw in a baby book. He said he thinks we should do it though there is a Gur on the cartoon Invader Zim so he's voting for Gur and Zim. Only one more crazy thing to note. When I went to shave for my appt. I got out a hand mirror. I knew I had swelling down below, but hadn't really looked. This time I noticed that I had a buldging vein in my butt and now a buldging vein in my area. I wasn't even really sure what it was at first all I could tell the doc was that it looked like my insides were coming out. He looked and sure enough said I have a varicose vein down there, I guess they're more common with twins and with second pregnancies. It pretty much creeped me out, guess I'll have to buy a belly support now to help with that. I told DH and he said whatever I do don't show him. Way to be supportive.

It shouldn't be difficult though I'm not sure if it's stress over his job (this time of year is always stressful and depressing for him since he hates his job)or what right now, but he's pretty much uninterested in any action. I used to think I'd be glad when his over the top needs weren't so over the top, but really I just feel undesirable. I tried talking to him a few weeks ago when I noticed a slow down, saying some men just aren't interested during pregnancy and I understood, but he said that wasn't the problem. I joke around and say he's got that on lock down, but he still hasn't addressed the issue. I'm not sure at this point what I'm going to do. I don't want that part of our marriage to fizzle, I don't want to force myself on him and I don't want to make an issue out of something that isn't a big deal. Any one else going through this?

01-26-2011, 04:17 PM
Oreo- Congratulations on teams pink and blue! That's so exciting! I'm sorry you're having frustrations over intimacy. I think it's pretty common during pregnancy, and hopefully it'll improve sooner rather than later. I can't say I'm really having those issues, but only because I've been on pelvic rest since 11 weeks (because of spotting). DH doesn't seem to mind--too much. As for my blood pressure, I've started a low salt diet (I'm also eating a low GD diet, though I haven't taken my GTT yet). Thankfully, my BP has improved a little over the past few days. I notice its the highest in the afternoon and then starts going down. But I'm still worried because my higher readings are definitely higher than they were a few weeks ago, even if I do drop back down.

EJ- I agree that swelling is normal part of pregnancy. I had lots of swelling in my first pregnancy and didn't develop pre-e (who knows if I would've developed it later in pregnancy if I'd have stayed pregnant longer, but at least the swelling was unrelated). I wouldn't worry about it as long as your blood pressure looks good. But I still recommend that you mention the swelling to your dr so that they make sure to check for protein.

Merl- I love the names you've chosen, especially Imani.

NL- I hope your cervical ultrasound went well!

As for me... I'm doing well. I'm always feeling "wet" down there and it's super annoying, but I think it's normal. Other than that, I'm still monitoring my BP and hoping for the best!

01-26-2011, 05:40 PM
Oreo - I am having a lot of pain down there and I'm pretty sure it's a vericose vein. I have not braved looking yet. I had no clue until I did some Google research that you could even get them there! I kept telling DH, "My hoo ha hurts!!" My midwife doesn't seem too concerned. She just said soak in a warm bath or put a warm cloth down there when I can and to elevate my feet whenever I get the chance.

01-26-2011, 06:59 PM
oreomom, thanks : )

Congrats on the baby boy/girl combo. That would be my dream combo if I ever had twins : D

01-26-2011, 09:03 PM
oreo- wow!!! that is awesome!! one of each!

well tomor is the big day!! I'm so excited! I have have been sooo sick today though!! I think I have caught a stomach virus from my students! Lots of nasty gastro stuff going on and even more puking than usual!! LOL.

01-26-2011, 10:25 PM
pink- you sound like me, this baby will be the 5th grandson for my dad and stepmom....no little girls yet! I love your idea about a brunch shower, I'm going to have to pass that onto my mom. I think her and my aunts are going to give me a "sprinkle" since this is my second. :)

Oreo-Congrats on 1 girl and 1 boy! How perfect!! lol, on your funny thought...I've never thought of that, but true! :p Hmm, I know when my dh is stressed his drive definitely goes down, but how about the weekends when he isn't working. Maybe try then, I know dh is more inept to my advances then. ;) I hope things turn around soon! Sorry I'm not more help.

maelan-I've been dealing with the same thing, don't get me wrong I'm thrilled to be having a baby boy but I was a little disappointed in not having a little girl. I think its just coming to terms of not having that mother-daughter relationship and doing all the things that come with that. But once we hold our babies in our arms in won't matter! The ladies on the moms board gave me some good suggestions, buy some outfits for them, pick out their bedding etc...I know you are on bedrest but hopefully you'll get a laptop soon and you can start shopping! That'll definitely help!

nlt-how did your appt go today? Thinking of you.

merl-those are great names! I've never hear of Imani until a few days ago, a friend of mine named her little girl that. :) Very pretty!

EJ-swelling is normal, but just keep an eye on it. If it starts to get to be alot I'd def give the ob a call.

sunflower-glad to hear your bp seems to be doing better. I hope the low GD and salt diet continues to do the trick!

jon-I'm so sorry to hear your so sick! I hope you feel better soon! I can't wait to hear your what your having tomorrow!! good luck!

Hi to everyone else!

afm-I have an OB appt in the morning, just a regular appt so I'm sure nothing to exciting but I always look forward to hearing the hb! :)

01-26-2011, 11:59 PM
Oreo - Thanks for asking. I am doing OK. I haven't really grieved for Baby B yet. When we lost the baby, I decided to focus on the growing baby. All of my miscarriages have been different, but this one is just so weird. My OB has been great, and I have appointments every other week to help give me peace of mind. We also did the blood test for spina bifida (SP?) last appointment, and it was negative. Just have to have faith that the growing baby is the one coming home with us.

Sunflower/Carolina - My swelling has been better the past few days. Definitely going to mention it at my appointment next week (especially since I want more info about the wrist bands). My bp has been normal so far. I have to give urine samples with every appointment, so hopefully that means they have been checking my protein levels all along.

01-27-2011, 04:45 AM
congrats on everyones great scans and test results lately.

I am so behind on personals so do apologise.

So we had our 20 week anatomy scan yesterday and we are team Pink. Weare having a baby girl. We have not decided on names yet but are very excited. :D:)

01-27-2011, 08:58 AM
Merl - Kudos to you for NOT finding out if you're feeling pressure to do so. I think it's different for everyone. I was actually chided by a friend of mine (he's an expectant father) for planning to find out. He and his wife opted not to because they want to add to the surprise and excitement of the delivery day. Which is fine for them - I certainly didn't chide him for that. I'm still going to be surprised - I'm just spreading out the surprises! I was kind of annoyed that he would give me a hard time about it and try to convince me that HIS way is the RIGHT way. But I suppose I can expect lots more unsolicited and unhelpful advice along the way.

It's funny - of the people who know that I am pregnant, it's actually been men who have jummped in with advice. I guess it's that male thing about needing to be helpful in a practical way. One guy told me to take ginger for nausea (although I haven't had any nausea). The other guy told me I need to get lots of folic acid (part of the prenatal vits I started while TTC). But I guess they want to show what they know, and show that they care. LOL

As for names, DH and I are a LONG way from agreement. But I think the discussions will get more serious once we know the baby's gender (although we will have a backup name of the other gender just in case the tech was mistaken).

Idarolyn and fe_bengan - Congrats on girls! That was always my secret preference. At first I was sure it was going to be a boy (before gender was even developed in the fetus), but now I'm not so sure. In fact, I might even be sad about not getting a boy. I guess no matter what, I'll be missing out on one or the other! DH even joked that he hopes it's a girl (really he just wants a healthy baby and hasn't stated a preference at all) because we saw an ad for hockey and he doesn't skate at all and is worried about not sharing that with his son!

Oreo - See, now one of each would solve the dilemma I described above. Congrats!! I wonder to what extent twins are aware of / interact with each other in utero. Your window idea cracked me up. I'm glad I'm not the only one with an active imagination. However, I was surprised to see that there are times that you forget you're pregnant - I was hoping that once I felt movement it would become more real to me. I'll probably still be in disbelief for the first six months after the baby come home!

Jon - G/L at the big appt!

Carolina - Hope the normal and routine appt is normal and routine! "Normal" is my new favourite word.

AFM - I think I summarized everything above. I'm so impatient for my next appointment. I'm planning to let the news out at work after that, but it's getting harder to keep my mouth shut.

01-27-2011, 09:32 AM
I'M BACK!!!!!! We got a laptop last night and let's just say I've never been so happy (okay maybe a little but happier on the day I saw 2 lines on the hpt :p).

r6--My RE said that twins do communicate and interact in utero and we have seen that on the u/s we've had. Though my two have such different personalities already you can see interaction.

fe--congrats on a girl!

Carolina--I did go thru my "grieving" process and I still have moments of sadness but for the most part I'm okay with two boys and I know that once they are here I won't care at all and just be overjoyed. Retail therapy does work :D.

jon--Hope baby cooperates tomorrow. One of mine was stubborn and wouldn't give up the goods right away...the other one on the other hand was not shy at all.

Oreo--Reason why we hoping for one of each so that we could officially be done. With all the excitement so far we have both decided this is it unless we get a surprise later (which in 7 yrs never happened so I reallly don't expect it to). I always dreamed of pink, ribbons, curls and bows oh and that Barbie dream house I never got for x-mas when I was little...guess I will adjust to Tonka trucks :) As for the intimacy, sorry can't help DH and I haven't dtd in months and don't forsee any action anytime in the next 8 months either.

Can I just say how glad I am to be connected to the world again? I escaped from the apartment yesterday and bought some maternity pants finally and managed to get a few cute boy things. DH is so cute shopping he was the one picking stuff out and seeing his excitement and joy made me happy. I hardly even looked at the pink and ruffles.

Have an appt today and hoping that the dr will be happy with the decrease in bleeding. Not totally gone but much better. Hoping this is the start of a "boring" pg. Also think I may have felt movement a few times but it could have been gas :rolleyes:

01-27-2011, 10:51 AM
mae- any ideas or tips on how to get the baby to cooperate? I'm thinking about drinking a mellow yellow LOL!!!

01-27-2011, 12:09 PM
jon--Sorry have no suggestions. If the baby is too active then they may not be able to see either. That was the problem for a bit for me, he kept moving so she couldn't get a good look. But then again the other one was moving around but he had his legs open.

01-27-2011, 02:15 PM
Mae - Yay for the laptop! I bet it is making bed rest a lot easier. Hope your appt goes well!

Jonq - Can't wait to hear what you're having I hope baby cooperates!

fe - Congrats on team pink! All these girls are evening it out!

Carolina - I liked the term "sprinkle". My mom is throwing mine too but she was like, so what do you want to do? So I feel like it's up to me to plan and she'll get it all done. I've only been to one baby shower, my cousin's and her son is now in middle school! So I am kind of clueless! I hope your appt goes well today!

r6biker - Ginger really does help with nausea. I was drinking ginger ale a lot in the begging and it was the only thing that helped.

Nlt - Wondering how your appt yesterday went. Hope you pass your GTT today!

Merl - I like your names. Imani is a beautiful name.

Oreos - Is DH usually uninterested when he is stressed? If he is I would think that is the reason. But some men do get freaked out about having pregnancy sex. They think they are going to hurt the baby or do something to hurt you. I am sorry I don't really have a lot if input, I am the one with zero drive lately. About every 2 weeks I give into DH because I feel so bad, he gets all antsy. And it feels good when we do, but I just never am in the mood. Like Carolina said maybe try the weekend when he isn't thinking about work?

Hi to anyone I missed!

AFM - Not much new from me. We are still getting used to calling the baby him or Christopher. We are looking at baby bedding. I think I have my registries about done. I have finished my guest list for the baby shower to hand over to my mom and my menu ideas and she can go from there. DH and I signed up for a baby prep class it isn't until March though. I still need to set up a tour of L&D, but I have unfortunately been up there before so we kind of know what to expect.

01-27-2011, 03:19 PM
Oreo- I still am so excited for you, that is awesome! Oh my gosh, you cracked me up with the window idea!!!! I can totally picture it now too so it just makes me laugh! As for my anatomy scan, I have scheduled it for the earliest date possible for my clinic! :) 18 weeks exactly on Feb 25th....2 days before my son's birthday. I am so excited but it is still a month away!

Mae- I'm so glad you got a laptop! At least you will feel more connected to the outside world! Once the bleeding stops will you be off of bed rest? I'm glad it's slowing down. This has been the whole beginning of your pregnancy, I think it's time to give you an easy road from here on out! As for morning a little over no girl, I feel the same way. I have a son (who is my world don't get me wrong) but I did see a little penis on the nuchal scan on baby A ....tech wouldn't say anything and made sure I couldn't look at baby B so I'm thinking we'll prob have another boy. I am hoping for a girl but I have a good feeling it will be a house of boys for me. :) They are so much fun I just wanted to have the experience, the bows, tutu's, mom and daughter shopping..... we are officially done after these 2 so I know I'll be ok, just a different road, rewarding all the same though.

Carolina- Have a good time at your appt today!

EJ- I totally understand how you feel about the grieving process, it's easier to just focus on the healthy baby. I too started off my first IVF preg with twins but lost one in the middle of the first tri. It was a really difficult time for us but we just focus on my son. From that point on (after the second tri scan) I decided that it was meant to be so I can give that baby the healthiest and best possible chance of survival and I really haven't looked back from that. I see my son and all I think about is how amazing he is and how it was meant to be. I wonder if it didn't happen that way, would I have this amazing little boy. I never know but it is the best way for me to deal with it.

Fe- Congrats on the baby girl!!!!! :)

R6- too funny about the guys giving you all this advice! I haven't had too much of that this time thank goodness but with my son everyone had an opinion on everything lol. Now they just look at me and go "better you than me!" "Good luck, you'll need it!" Once you really start showing (or at least with me) I had more men touch my stomach than women....to me that made me super uncomfortable. Don't worry you are not the only one whose impatient...my next appt isn't till valentines and I am going crazy! lol

Jon- Can't wait to hear how your appt went!!!

Nlt- Been thinking about you, I hope your appt went well and the GTT...

Pink- Wow you are really on top of it, I haven't even started thinking about a shower or registering....probably because no one threw a shower for me (my mom and sisters aren't the supportive type) lol So I'm not getting my hopes up this time!

Afm- I am doing great....besides looking 20 wks preg at almost 14 weeks lol. It's still a shocker to see the baby bump. Found out yesterday that baby A loves chocolate milk shakes! Kind of funny because it's usually baby B that I have felt. Not regularly yet but enough to let me know they are there when I get worried. I scheduled my Anatomy scan for Feb 25 ....a month seems so far away!!! I need some patience

01-27-2011, 03:53 PM
Idarolyn - congrats on the girl how exciting.

Pink Turtle dove - I have been thinking about my shower from day one. My sister keeps telling me she doesn't want to do it until the month before I am due and it scares the crap out of me. All the what if's and stuff.

Oreosmom - 1 girl and 1 boy how exciting. My mom found out about us the day she had to deliever us and was so hoping for one girl one boy. We were the last of 4 so they new if it didn't happen then that my dad wasn't going to have a boy, but o well he ended up with 4 girls lol.

Maelean - yay for getting the lap top. I hope that helps you not be so bored. Even bigger Yay for going out shopping. I hope your doc appointment goes well.

Merl - those are awesome names they sound great.

Jonquil01 - yay for hopefully finding out today!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

AFM - I have some free time at the hospital today. I got to go over and see my friend who's water broke last night. I feel so bad for her she was due on saturday and was only .5 cm and now she is only 4cm. All she wants to do is have the baby in her arms. But she is hanging in there like a trooper. I have been having some pain all over it has been causing more bleeding than normal, but not the amount that the doctors office told me to call about yet so I am just relaxing after work trying not to do anything. I had my first glucose test so early in the first trimester I kinda want them to do it again. I am making a list of all of my questions. Likes the glucose test and I am wondering why at all my appointments they haven't measured my belly once yet. Everyone keeps telling me they should be doing it at every appointment.

I can't wait till Feb 6th when we get to see Lucas again :D My mom and DHs mom are coming to the appointment. Then my next doc appointment isn't until Feb 10th so I am going to have a mile long list of questions.

I hope you are all having a great week. I have off tomorrow since I have to work saturday. I plan to try and sleep in as much as possible.

01-27-2011, 04:37 PM
Congrats on team pink for evening things out a little bit!

Jonquil - Hope we hear from you soon on team pink or blue. My little guy was stubborn and I had to move around to get him to move around!

Mae - Hurray for access to the outside world again!

I can't remember everything I wanted to say to everyone! Agh, pregnancy brain :( I hope everyone is well today. Jude and I are doing good. He's a little more active every day!

01-27-2011, 05:07 PM
fe-Congratulations on a baby girl!

r6biker-ah, the lovely unsolicited advice, gotta love it. (yea right!) I remember I got so much of it the first time around, it would drive me crazy but this time, like meggie said, everyone tells me good luck and they are glad its me and not them. I just think thats rude! But I think the worst is total strangers coming up and rubbing your baby bump...I don't mind friends and family but complete strangers, ick! :p

maelan-yay for being back connected to the world! Hopefully that'll help being on bed rest some. So glad to hear you were able to get out for a bit and shop! Thats always fun! Heres to hoping and praying that the rest of your pregnancy is boring!! You proably are feeling some flutters...it'll be anytime now!

pink-thats awesome you already have your registries done! Your on top of it! As far as your shower, are you going to do games or do you want it more of just chit-chatting. With ds#1 I had one with and then one w/o but both were fun. :)

meggie-I'm glad your feeling good! I hope the next month flys by for you and that you get your wish and one of the babies is a baby girl!

sassy-glad you and little Jude are doing good today! :)

nlt-hope your ok and able to update us soon!

jon-can't wait to hear from you!!

afm-I had a good appt, bp was great and the ob even complimented me on how well my weight gain has been. She even said that I just may end up being smaller than when I got pregnant! No complaints from me there! Got to hear the hb, and lo didn't liked being poked I could feel him kicking the doppler everytime she pressed down. lol, you could even hear the thump on the doppler. :) So overall a nice boring appt!

01-27-2011, 05:10 PM
Sassy~funny u mentioned the "baby brain syndrome", this caught me by surprise. Dh makes fun of me cause I got a bad case of it. LOL, Sometimes I think he has it too.

Maggie~I'm sending you some patience. Hang in there.

Pink~I've been thinking of taking classed, but decided against it. The only thing I really want to do is to take the baby cpr class. I'm so confident that those classed don't really make much difference, it's rather easier said than done. I feel in the heat of the moment you tend to not focus on the theory of the class, but do whatever one's body feels like at that time. That's just me personally.

Mae~I'm so thrilled you're back!!! This sure will make things easier for you. I trust that all u will get is good news from your doc, and it can only get better from tis point on.

Biker~it sure is tough, I do so want to know badly but just think it's worth the wait, makes it soooo much fun planning and preparing. The anticipation!!! But I agree with you, this is a personal decision and no one should be pressured by it. GL with telling ur coworkers.

fe_bengan~awwww a girl. Cute and congratulations. happy to see some balance coming on here. Seems like team blue was leading. LOL!!!!!!!

EJ~Here's hoping that you continue to feel better and the rest of ur pregnancy will be uneventful and normal. I can't imagine how many different emotions you go thru. Keep u in my prayers.

Carolina~gl on ur apt in the morning. It's gonna be ok. Thanks on the name, it took a lot of discussion. LOL

Ok this is getting to be too much, hope everyone is ok. All is well on this end.

01-27-2011, 06:11 PM
merl--I always thought that the whole baby brain was made up. Nope learned early on it is real. Glad you've got your names. We have ours but that is the one thing we are keeping secret for a surprise.

Carolina--I do think that it is flutters but trying not to read into it. Yah for a boring appt. It's so funny how these babies react to things.

meggie--I'm pretty sure I'll be restricted until the duration. I'm hoping that it will get lifted to modified but the OB told me not to be surprised if I end up on hospital bedrest. That's so crappy the tech wouldn't tell you...mine was great and spent an extra 20 minutes to confirm it for me. I needed something positive to hang onto.

pink--I wanted to take a class but will probably only end up with a tour if I'm lucky.

So again my appt didn't go according to plan. Dr got called away for an er c-section so had to reschedule for later tonight. Though both nurses said that I'll get another u/s (#12) so that will be worth it. Bleeding has picked up again...seriously these little boys are grounded until they are 5!

01-27-2011, 09:09 PM
I seriously didn't realize how far behind I was, but you gals have been super busy posting lately! I'll do my best to catch up though!

Pink - Congrats on a boy! I love seeing the u/s pics!

Sassy - You are reminding me that I need to get on the ball with the dentist and signing up for a class!

Jon - So . . .

Karen - I haven't even done a glucose test yet, so can't help you on your question. Hope you find out, I'm someone who wants to know what to expect all the time, so I understand that part.

Merl - When's your shower? How much longer does the family have to keep a secret? Glad things are well with you!

Ida - Congrats on the girl! We needed to balance out the boys!

Carolina - Cute idea about the kisses to tell your family! I thought about buying an outfit to give to my sister to tell her, that is if she doesn't end up coming to the u/s with me. She's super excited! Something cute and little in blue would do too. When are you planning on doing it?

Oreo - Congrats on a boy and a girl! My brother in law has twins that are about 2 now and they have one of each. They are totally different, and super cute together! Their room is decorated with big pink and blue bubbles. Kinda like the best of both worlds! I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone in the "things are slowing down" dept either. DH and I have had a good relationship, but with the stress of TTC and timing things, it's been rough for awhile. Once I found out I was pregnant, he was super worried about doing anything that may cause a problem. I actually brought it up to him the other night because I feel totally undesirable lately, and while I know he loves me, its been different lately. Felt good to talk about it though. Have you guys talked about how you feel? Maybe bring it up casually. Stress can effect people differently too, and it may just be a combination of how you are feeling and how he is dealing with other things. DTD is definately different now though.

Maelan - Glad you are back! Those boys are definately grounded until they are at least 5! I'm still praying for a 'boring' pregnancy for you though. The laptop will be fantastic for you too! I've had many moments too where I wonder if its the baby moving or just gas too.

nlt- Mom's are the best when you are sick! How are things going?

EJ - One of the first things the nurse asked me at my appt was if I had any swelling, so I'm guessing it's fairly normal. Has it gotten any better? The did mention that I should be ok since my bp was normal though, so maybe that's a normal correlation??? No idea though.

Sunflower - Glad you're doing well!

fe - Congrat on a girl!

r6 - The advice from people is what I dread sometimes! I work at a daycare and none of the parents know yet, as I'm trying to avoid the flood of advice that is to come. Weird that you are getting it from men though, but I guess they like to help where they can!

Meggie - Laughing at your milkshake comment! I found a shirt the other day online that said 'The baby made me eat it' which is what I say to DH when he looks at me funny when I ask for something off the wall to eat.

Well we had our OB appt yesterday, and all was well and boring! Heard the hb loud and strong, measuring around 150. That sound will never get old, and I could listen to it all day long! We did the b/w for the testing and will find out results at the next appt. They said they only call if there's a problem, so I'm praying not to hear from them at all. We also set up the u/s for Feb 21st and I'm already counting down the days. I'm so ready to shop and start decorating and preparing for this baby! DH and I agreed to have a boy and girl name picked out by then as well so we have some compromising to do in the next few weeks. We've decided not to talk about names with people though as someone always says "that reminds me of ___" and I don't want the outside influence. I think we've come pretty close to a decision though, just sitting with the names for a bit still and deciding.

01-27-2011, 10:15 PM
Hey Ladies!!!
Long time, no talk!
I've been a bit down and out during my first trimester and things are just starting to turn around. I wanted to jump in and say hi! I think I'm just starting to feel little flutters (my baby is measuring about a week ahead of what the ticker says... so its already a little bit of an overachiever!) I don't want to commit to telling people that I can feel it so I'm just keeping it to myself for now. Somehow, I've convinced that it is a boy in there but a lot of people around me think its a girl including my 3 year old nephew. Everytime I ask him what's in my belly he says "you've got a baby in your tummy!!" and his little eyes are full of wonder. I'm glad his mom went through fertility troubles too so she knows that hearing it never gets old.
I'm also on a kick for tacos! Which is really good because until about 3 days ago, I had lost weigh instead of gained it ;-)
Take care ladies!! Hopefully next time I will be caught up enough to do personals.

01-27-2011, 11:24 PM
AAAAHHHH! This baby needs a spanking!!!! It had it's legs crossed the WHOLE TIME!! No amount of jiggling or prodding would help!! AND it kept its hands down there and the cord down there the whole time!! We have one "girl" shot and one "boy' shot!! U/s tech said she wasnt sure either way..maybe 70% sure a boy!! I think it's a boy, b/c I swear that is a weewee!!!

girl shot

boy shot

3d shot-hand up by face and those blasted lil ankles crossed lol

01-28-2011, 12:07 AM
jonquil - so sorry baby didn't cooperate!! with your 3d package do you get a free 2nd visit since baby didn't cooperate to get gender?

I would agree that it's probably a boy. The girl shot doesn't really look like a girl shot. I can't really see the 3 lines that they look for in a girl ultrasound!

Pink - I know what you mean! I'm so used to saying, "Baby Worley" instead of Jude. It's unreal to type it, hear it, or say it still! :)

01-28-2011, 02:14 AM
Jonq - Cute u/s pics! I am so sorry baby was being a stinker! I hope they have the deal where if they can't determine the gender, the session is free! The local one around here states that on their website.

JLizzie - I have only craved Mexican food this whole pregnancy. I swear DH & I are keeping Chipotle in business right now!

Jen - I agree with keeping the name to yourself. My mom drove me absolutely insane saying she had veto power for names we talked about. I wanted to hang up on her at least 5 times discussing the name Hannah, which is my #1 girl name.

Mae - I am sorry your appt got switched around. I hope it went alright for you this evening!

Merl - The class we signed up for is about taking care of a newborn. DH really wanted to take it and I figured it was only $20. It goes over bathing a newborn, swaddling and all that good stuff. I agree that you can't plan too much for the actual delivery since you don't know what your body is going to do. I've also been advised I am likely to have a c-section, so I feel it would really be a waste for me to take a class.

Carolina - Glad your appt went smoothly. Your baby was being a stinker kicking the doppler! I swear that Christopher has been kicking my belly button. It happened once yesterday when my stomach like bounced for no apparent reason and then twice today I felt it again. And the tech said he really liked it right by my belly button, so I am pretty sure it is him. As for shower games, I like the one where you put baby food in a diaper and pass it around and everyone has to guess what it is. I think there is one that is similar where you microwave a candy bar and put it in a diaper and everyone guess what candy bar it is. I think that would be fun. I do not want to do the one where everyone cuts a piece of string they think will fit around the mother. I don't even want to see how big people would cut it or how big the actual string needs to be!

Meggie - I only feel the need to get my registry done because we are planning on visiting a big group of DH's family that live 6 hours away pretty soon. They have decided when we come up they want to throw me a baby shower up there so I feel I really need to get it done before we go. Plus it was a lot easier once we knew we were having a boy.

Sassy - I am not a fan of the pregnancy brain. I get it all the time too. I'll be talking and completely loose my train of thought. DH just looks at me like I am crazy!

01-28-2011, 09:28 AM
jon--So sorry baby wouldn't cooperate. I guess baby really didn't want to show. But if I had to guess I'd say welcome to the blue team.

Jlizzie--Hi! I think I'm feeling movement too but who knows maybe it's just gas.

Jen--That's why we are keeping names a secret. I don't want any opinions on the names and I figure once that is their name people can't complain too much.

So we didn't get home from the dr until 9pm last night :o. Dr said she was happy that things were settling down and got to see the babes again. One is a thumbsucker and both were super active. Learned more about the speculation on the bleed cause. Dr and I both think because of the position of the bleed that is still the 3rd sac that is still reabsorbing and she said it may be a while before it heals completely. Also told her about some cramping and pains I've had and she did a quick physical check of my cervix. Thankfully she said it was closed and not super short but to have the peri look at it next week. Hoping it is okay and not IC...I think the bleeding is enough to deal with!

01-28-2011, 09:49 AM
mae- I hope that is the explanation for your bleeding, it makes sense but I would still be worried. Glad to hear your cervix isn't shortening.

pink-funny story, I went to take DS to school one day after I got off work. Went home took my short 1.5hr nap, went to pick him up and when I opened the door to put him in his carseat there was a diaper with "poop" in it sitting in his carseat. I looked around thinking I got in someone elses car, thinking who the hell leaves a poopy diaper sitting there in their car. I realize nope it is my car, got a paper towel to dispose of it and realize its not poop. Didn't know what it was but got rid of it. On my way home my best friend sends me a text asking me what kind of air freshener I have in my car. I sent her mesages back saying she was a jerk and it she was just sooo funny. She called and was like what are you talking about. I then remembered my SIL who stayed the night at our house just went to a babyshower, so I figured out it was her, and my friend really was just calling to find out what scent I had in my car.

jon- Sorry your baby wasn't cooperating. In one of the pics it kind of looks like a boy. Was your ultrasound an early 20wk, or did you go to an elective place?

jlizzie- I have always hear you never tell a pregnant woman that she's not feeling her baby, if she says she is. I started feeling this one (my 3rd) at 11wks. I thought I was crazy and only told DH. He told me there was no way. But it was exactly like the first feelings I had with DS, only earlier this time, and the only time I have felt that scratchy, nerve kind of feeling . I was unsure for about a week before I told DH it is the baby, there was no doubt in my mind

Jen- Glad your appt went well. The 1st appt DH went to after he got home from Iraq, he was like thats it? We drove all this way for that, I told him yep and he better be glad everything is going good and it is a short appt. I know how you feel about people giving their opinions on names, so frustrating.

DH just started his new semester at school and has been busy with a bunch of papers and reading. We were holding off on talking about names until we knew the sex because we like totally different names and it gets frustrating. I want to start getting it narrowed down now though, dont want it to be like last time where we decide while I am in active labor, lol

01-28-2011, 10:22 AM
Don't have much time here, but I couldn't resist commenting on your story Ida. It was hilarious! I think that one should go in a record book. I would've been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what was going on.

On a side note we've been looking at baby name books and last night we were just joking around about some of the names as I read them. DS came in right at the end on the way to the bathroom to get ready for bed. He was like can't I listen for a few minutes. So I read a couple more pages and we all were laughing. Then DS went in the bathroom (which is right off the living room) to get changed and stuff and was still making comments from the bathroom as I read the names. Then he was telling us how he didn't want to be left out of looking at the names we were choosing. I told him for now I'm just making a possibles list, but we would let him know when we were looking at the list to narrow it down. Obviously I won't be letting him choose a name, but my heart was melting at the fact that he just wanted to be involved in the process. I almost wanted to cry how cute! I just know he's going to be a great big brother. He's already taken up residence in my glider in the living room, now all I need to do is insert a baby in those empty arms of his. :)

I noticed a few people talking about classes. We are finally done with ours, we did them early since who knows when I'll be out of commission and since DH is really busy at work late January, February, March and April. We took a multiples tour of the hospital (they let you look at the NICU as well), we took an infant and child CPR course and a multiples class where they talk about a pregnancy, delivery (c-sections, where you'll be at and all that not actually laboring) and the NICU if necessary with multiples. I liked all the classes. I'm not taking a birthing class, I didn't think it was necessary last time (I guess because I had an epidural) and DH is one of those who does better when he's blind to something, when he knows what is happening he sits around worrying about the worst.

Hey to everyone. I can't see back any further and I don't have much time to comment.

I did want to note though it should be totally against the rules for your lo not to cooperate Jon. Although you did get a surprise preg maybe the baby wants to do a surprise a birth too.

01-28-2011, 01:59 PM
Arg..... I had an entire post up yesterday and it said it went through and now I don't see it on here at all. :(

Anyway I got a call from employee health today who surprised me and told me that I would be eligible for a 60 day medical leave and that if Lucas waits until after may 1st to make his appearance that I would also hit six months of employment and have short term disability. That was so exciting to find out. Good thing he isn't due until the 15th of may

01-28-2011, 03:59 PM
pink & sassy- nope!! still had to pay, but she gave me the cd with the pics for free!

maelan- that's what I'm thinking! I went ahead and bought some boy outfits last night b/c I swear that is a wang!!! LOL!!!

Ida- it was an elective place! I think it's a boy too!!

so after seeing what I'm sure is a lil weewee, I MADE my husband sit down with me and pick a name!! So, we came up with Lucas John-Micheal...I'm not crazy about the middle name, but it's my hubby's so it was a compromise. My MIL has made no secret of the fact that she thinks boys should be named after their daddies and have TWO middle names, ugh. So, this was kind of a compromise forher too! He has his daddy's two middle names, but shortened into one! At least I got to pick the first name, which is what you use the most anyway. I keep going back and forth between Owen and Lucas and Luke. aaahhhh

Isabella Ashley if it's a girl...but I swear I saw a wang!!!

01-28-2011, 04:23 PM
You might want to check and see if they offer for you to come back for free. The place I'm going to go will let you come back for free if you can't find out. So you'd still have to pay for the first one, but subsequent ones would be free. The place I'm going advertised it on their website.

01-28-2011, 04:53 PM
jon- I would defintly check into a return visit. The places around here offer free weekly ultrasound until they can find out, but only if you are doing the gender determination package. Their gender pkg is a much shorter session and therefor a lot cheaper. If you are doing one of their 3/4D packages that you get more pics and stuff from and a longer visit, you don't get a free return visit

01-29-2011, 02:06 AM
Jonquil, I had the same problem with my ultrasound, but mine was at a little over 14 weeks-lol

at first she said it was a boy and then said girl. I asked her what % and she said 60-70 % it was a girl and she was right

01-29-2011, 11:51 AM
jon--I lucked out that DH didn't want one of them named after me and he basically said okay to the names I picked.

Oreo--I figure if I end up in the hospital again I may ask for a quick tour of the NICU and l&d. I figure that is as close as I will get to a tour. But then again I may end up delivering at a different hospital so who knows.

Ida--I would be planning revenge on the SIL :p Don't people know they should not mess with pg ladies, we have enough baby brain moments ourselves and don't need anyone else helping us lose our minds.

HI all!
Not too much happening here. The dr 'stirred the pot' so to speak so been having more bleeding but thankfully it is all old gunk so that's okay.

01-29-2011, 10:49 PM
Well guys I'm sorry, yesterday I posted a nice post and looks like it's gone!

So not wanting to retype all that again. All is well here just touching base with everyone. I think it's a great idea to do a countdown ticker to the shower, it's scheduled for April 23.

01-30-2011, 10:03 AM
well...I am SUPER EXCITED!!! A friend of mine is a professional photographer and she took some early maternity pics of me FOR FREE yesterday!! I added one to my signature..as soon as she gets finished touching up some of the others I'll post them! They turned out WONDERFUL!!! We actually took these in her living room and you cant even tell!!! She is going to do some every few months as my belly grows!! AND..she is coming to the hospital to take pics of the 1st time everyone holds the baby and our first "family" shot right after I have it!! Gah..it gives me chills thinking about it!! She's going to do our newborn pics for free too as my shower gift!! I'm so excited!!! I told her I was deff paying her after that though b/c she needs to make money! LOL!! So she is getting me a package together for 3 mths, 6 mths, 9 mths and 1 yr!! She said it would be somewhere around $200-250..which around here is an AWESOME deal!! I need to come up with some way to thank her!! Any ideas??

So the u/s tech that I used for the gender scan actually asked another u/s tech to look at it and she couldn't tell either!! She said it was a tough one...but she thought "maybe" a boy too. GAHHHH!!!! The waiting is KILLING me!!! I actually went and bought a bunch of clothes this weekend...I couldn't help it!! I found some ADORABLE dark-wash distressed jeans at the Children's Place!! SO CUTE!! Our TCP has all of their jeans on sale this weekend for $10 or $15, so I went a lil crazy!

01-30-2011, 09:30 PM
Meggie - If you find some patience, kindly send some my way. My anatomy scan is scheduled for March 7th, and I am having a hard time waiting. Hopefully my week-long cruise in the middle of Feb will help the time to pass.

Sassy - My DH gives me a hard time about pregnancy brain. Most of the time I don't even notice that I'm forgetting things - how can you remember that you forgot something, lol? It's cool that you're getting more movement - I'm really looking forward to that (and yet also expecting to be "freaked out" by it).

Carolina - Yay for a boring appointment! That's a good thing.

Maelen - Sorry to hear that bedrest is likely continuing but I'm glad to hear your little chippies are doing well. There have been a few feelings in my tummy that I really can't tell what's going on, but I'm only 14 weeks so it seems too soon to feel the baby moving. My husband even said he thought he felt something - I fell asleep with my tummy pressed up against his back, but he must have been just feeling gas, because if I'm not even feeling anything internally, I doubt he'd be able to feel anything on the outside yet.

Jen - I WANT that shirt - my husband thought that it was a great idea.

Jonquil - Looks like you might be surprised by baby's gender later as opposed to sooner! But it looks like the arrow is pointing to blue. And even if not, at least girl babies can wear boy clothes much more easily than the other way around.

AFM - I hit 14 weeks today! I'm down to only one pair of jeans that fits comfortably, so I'm going maternity clothes shopping next week. I just told my sister today and her reaction was PRICELESS. I gave her a card that called her "Aunt", and she started screaming and jumping up and down and hugging me. She had a hard time believing me at first, and then we spent the whole afternoon talking about all things baby. I think she's even more impatient than I am (if that's possible) to find out the gender so she can start shopping. She and I have a date at the mall next week to help me with my clothes shopping. It was a really fun afternoon just to see how happy she was for us. The more people I tell and the more freely I feel I can talk about it, the more real it seems to become. :)

01-31-2011, 11:04 AM
jon--That's great about your friend.

r6--Glad to hear that everyone is getting super excited. A shopping trip sounds like fun!!

Hi all! Well I knew it was too good to last. Start bleeding and passing lots of clots again last night. Didn't go into the ER since it seemed to stop after an hour. Have an appt with the peri tomorrow and hoping everything and everyone is okay.

01-31-2011, 12:10 PM
Jen-I hope to tell everyone this week, its just a matter of my dh getting off early enough to go to my in-laws but I want to mail everyone else theres the day b4 in hopes everyone gets theres at the same time. fingers crossed that happens. :) Glad to hear you had a good appt! Just 3 weeks to go now until the big u/s!! Dh and I are the same way, we really don't tell anyone what names we are throwing around...someone always seems to have an opinion. So I'm like you, they can't complain when your little one is here and you say here is "___". They have to like it! =)

Jlizzie-hi and welcome to the 2nd tri!

jon-That stinks that the baby wouldn't cooperate! But I agree with everyone it looks like a boy to me. :) When is your big u/s scheduled with the ob? Thats an awesome gift from your friend!! Your pic is absolutely beautiful! :)

pink-we did the candy bar in the diaper game too, we didn't do the string either, lol, I didn't want my feelings hurt. :p Another one we did was who could drink down the bottle the fastest (my mom did it at her shower with me so she wanted to do it at mine). Hmm I can't remember any more I'd have to look in my scrapbook.

karen-thats fantastic about the leave, hopefully little Lucas won't make his debut until after May 1st.

Ida-I'd definitely be planning on doing something to get SIL back!

r6-the reactions are great aren't they...we are already excited but when someone else close to us makes such a big deal about it, its just even more exciting! It just makes you feel good!! Yay for a shopping trip! Have fun!

maelan-I'm continuing to pray for you and your chipmunks. I pray all is well! Have you been doing any online shopping this weekend?

meggie and sassy-how are ya'll doing?

nlt-I'm so worried about you! I hope everything is ok!

afm-Its been a rollercoaster ride the last few days, my grandpa was doing better so much so that they decided to take him off the vent but when he came off he went downhill fast. So they put him on a bypap machine and were able to stablize him. From there is was able to verbalize his wishes, no more vent and he wanted to go home. So they started comfortcare and sent him on home with hospice. Its just a matter of time now. :( I was able to talk with him and he was able to talk back, so that was nice. I don't think your ever really ready but I got to say my goodbyes.

01-31-2011, 12:59 PM
Carolina - I am so sorry about your Grandpa. I can't even imagine how difficult this is, especially being pregnant. At least you got to say goodbyes. :(

Mae - I hope your appt goes well tomorrow. Do they think you'll ever stop bleeding or is it something you'll have the whole pregnancy?

r6biker - I remember when I couldn't fit in my jeans anymore. I had to leave the button undone. I was trying to stay in my jeans as long as possible. But maternity pants are so comfy. Now I wish I had bought them sooner!

Jonq - That is awesome of your friend to take all of your photos! The one in your signature is cute!

Sorry to anyone I missed, this was as far back as I could see.

AFM - Christopher has been kicking up a storm! He's done it hard enough for DH to feel it once or twice. Whenever I am laying down I can really feel him. And he moves all around, which at my last two appts the doctor said he was squirmy. We bought some kids books for DH to read to my belly. I also picked up Jenny McCarthy's "Belly Laughs", it is pretty cute. I have been super tired lately and having these very intense dreams that wake me up at like 4 in the morning and then I have to turn on the tv and calm my mind down. I really hope they go away soon! Well, anyways I hope you are all having a great Monday!

01-31-2011, 02:56 PM
Carolina - So sorry about your g-pa. I'm glad you had time to say your goodbyes but it's still an awful thing to have to watch. My great g-ma has been in slow decline the past year and I'm always waiting for that crushing phone call.

Pink - I hear you on those weird/vivid dreams... I had a dream last night that I got carjacked!!

AFM - I didn't get much sleep last night. The state I teach in (Indiana) is voting to discontinue unemployment benefits for Head Start employees during our summer layoffs. They don't understand that our payroll isn't pro-rated like school system teachers. Nor do they understand that I make $11,000 LESS per year than a school system teacher just starting out. I don't sit on my butt during the summer collecting benefits. I TRY to get summer jobs, but no one wants to hire you for the summer unless you're a teenager. I'm not picky either! I apply at Wal Mart, McDonald's etc. It's horrible timing since I'm due at the beginning of the summer and can't work for 6-8 weeks. Then if I decide to stay at my job who would want to hire me for 5 weeks nevermind the fact that we wouldn't be able to afford daycare (I have no family nearby to help with child care). We are stressed and trying desperately to save up as much money as we can before June, but it's been hard because of DH's medical bills.
I feel so hopeless right now, but I am praying for a miracle... I'm going to take the GRE in May (my MIL has offered to pay for it, she is so sweet) and will be applying to a Special Education teacher certification program that will allow me to work at a local public school while I earn my degree starting this fall. No matter what this summer is going to be full of blessings (Jude) and hardships (money). Like I said, I'm just praying for a miracle that it all works out and we don't lose anything over this.

My baby doesn't need this stress, and I feel like I've failed him by not being able to take the best care of him possible. I know these things are out of my control, but I still think it :(

01-31-2011, 03:25 PM
Have you thought about working at a daycare during the summer? They usually need summer help since they have a lot more school age kids and I think sometimes they give discounts or free daycare. Also working at a pool might be good (I did that for three summers as a teenager and I wasn't a lifeguard I just worked the concession/front desk. Obviously the pay wouldn't be great, but it couldn't be much worse than the McDonald's you mentioned. This year will be a bit different for you since you're having a baby right before, but maybe for future summers some of these ideas could work. If I were you I'd brainstorm places that have more business in the summer or are only open in the summer. Hey maybe you could babysit in your home in the summers. I know lots of parents need that and once you have little one you wouldn't be giving up much freedom. Or work at an icecream shop (the kind that only open in the summer).

Sorry you're stressed, I'm sure it will all work out. Don't you have any kind of short term disability at work that would float you for the summer?

01-31-2011, 03:41 PM
No short term disability. I don't have a CDA, so I can't work in day care centers, believe me I've thought of that.

I do have AFLAC which will give me about 1 to 1 1/2 month's worth of a paycheck after the baby is born. I just need to find money for the rest of the 9 weeks I'm off.

If DH and I could both get PT jobs right now that would be a good way to save, but we only have one car, so it makes the job hunt hard...that and no one is hiring post-holidays at the moment.

01-31-2011, 04:10 PM
I'm not sure what a CDA is, but I'm guessing it's some kind of special certification or something. The teenagers that work at the daycares near us don't usually have any special kind of training/certifications so I don't know if maybe that's something different in your state. Maybe you could do afterschool care or something for the remainder of the school year in your home?

Right now is a busy time for anyone affected by tax season. Maybe you could find a job along those lines. DH is super busy from January till April every year because he manages a furniture store and they are swamped with people spending their tax returns. Maybe thinking along the lines of taxes would help you find a good place.

Well I'll be hoping you find something, but remember you can raise a baby on almost nothing if you work at it. When I had DS I had no money at 18 and I made it work so I'm sure you can too. I cut corners by breast feeding, using the cheap diapers (which really weren't bad), I bought all my stuff used (the spring will be a great time to hit garage sales, I like the ones in rich neighborhoods that were selling Gymboree stuff for like a dollar) and I just limited what I bought. Half the stuff you think you'll need you don't really. I have faith you'll be able to work it all out.

01-31-2011, 04:34 PM
It's not the baby stuff I'm worried so much about it's our mortgage and car payment that's really got me worried.

I did a pt job search on a different search engine and found one I'm able to take up now. It's part-time non-medical senior care (weekend day-shift). I'm going to send in that application today, so here's hoping! I've also found some weekday pt stuff for DH to look at when he gets the chance. Tax stuff would be up DH's alley. I would mess up even with the walk-through program they go through!

Most day cares here require you to have a CDA (you're right it's a certification stating you've taken the classes and state test to earn it. It's expensive to get it. I may be able to talk some into my Head Start experience being equal to that slip of paper but not all.)

01-31-2011, 04:46 PM
When you think tax stuff you don't even necessarily have to think about doing the taxes. Really just anywhere that people would spend the tax money gets busy.

I'd say daycare in your home or whatever might work if you can't make a daycare center work without the CDA. When my son was 2 I was a nanny in someone's home half days and I've also done daycare two different times in my home for a little while. It's actually really easy to get going. UC has a babysitting list I had put my name on that (maybe your local colleges do too) and I also put an add in my son's school newsletter once.

Well keep me posted I'm sure you'll be working like crazy in no time. I guess that's a good thing?!? :)

01-31-2011, 06:53 PM
FYI everyone - I've got February's thread up and running (the pregnancy and show your glow ones are up too)!

01-31-2011, 08:01 PM
17 wks and 3 days!!!

http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/jonquil01/167703_10150123008247792_785257791_7722574_56095_n .jpg

http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/jonquil01/167616_10150123008037792_785257791_7722566_487016_ n.jpg

http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/jonquil01/180689_10150123008637792_785257791_7722589_6836689 _n.jpg

http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/jonquil01/167829_10150123008837792_785257791_7722593_8227818 _n.jpg

01-31-2011, 08:41 PM
Jon- How cute!!! The pictures are so sweet! I love it!

Sassy- I'm sorry you have to deal with that, how stressful! I hope you'll find something soon that fits so you can relax. :( it's unfortunate how states treat teachers and then wonder why students are failing or why they don't have good/better teachers....Cause they run them out!!!

Carolina- I'm so sorry you are going through that with your grandpa. That is the hardest thing to be witness too. My great-grandmother is going through her 5th cancer (all previous different and beat) now it's leukemia and she's had it since last december. They tried chemo, but at her age (98.5) they stopped treatment and told us she had 4-6 months (from december 09) she's still hanging in there miserable though and it's so hard to see her suffer. I love her so much and she was there for me more than my mother and it kills me to not be in the same state and not able to visit (doc vetoed me flying alone w/my 40lb almost 2yr old) I think it is so wonderful you could talk to him on the phone that is priceless. Hang in there and I wish you (and baby!), your family, and your grandpa the best.

Pink- That's awesome! I can't wait till DH can feel these babies! For some reason he's having a harder time connecting with these babies than with DS in the womb. It's weird. I think it's because the concept of twins is a lot harder to grasp for us than one baby.....? I hear you on the dreams...it's insane. I can't sleep soundly anymore. Between dreams and my bladder all deep sleep is lost.

Nlthomas- I hope you are doing well. Know that we are all thinking about you!

Mealan- hope the peri appt went well today (I think it was today....I can't see that far back)

Oreo- Omg that baby belly is so stinkin' cute!!!! Wow I can't imagine what 30-35 weeks will be like!

Everyone else sorry if I missed you! Hi and I hope all is well

Afm- I'm doing good, babies are just chilling =) the thought of two still cracks me up (and scares me too in all reality) but it's fun. I've got my next apt on Valentine's (still 2 weeks) I think this is the longest wait in between appts so far! lol kind of funny that 3.5 weeks now feels like forever when with my son it was barely once a month if that! I'm a total walking cliche', I'm obsessed with pickles at the moment (and the juice it's so gross but I drink the rest in the jar after they are all gone, DH is grossed out lol and milkshakes (ie pickles and ice cream... not together though gross! ) my son sure appreciates the milkshake part though he always gets a sip. Oh and sending me to the grocery store....BAD idea. Went today and walked out with mozzarella cheese sticks (breaded kind) jalepeno poppers, lean pockets, grapes, and juice.....healthy! lol I think my hubby is going to put me in grocery shopping time out ;)

01-31-2011, 09:38 PM
OH RATS!!!! I POSTED THOSE PICS ON THE WRONG PAGE!!! ARGH!!!! They were suppose to be on the show your glow thread! sorry girls!!! LOL

02-01-2011, 10:47 AM
Sassy - I hear you on financial worries, although I guess I shouldn't complain because at least I am at a full-time job and will be able to get short-term disability benefits (6 weeks) after the birth, and then the government pays EI (employment insurance - money to help you through when you're unemployed - I'm realizing now how little I know about the US tax/employment system) for up to 50 weeks, if you choose to stay off that long. I would love to, but my DH is currently unemployed and there's no way the three of us would be able to live off a cheque that will be less than 25% of my current salary. I wish we could just switch places - I'll stay home, and my DH can go to my workplace and work at my job for a year. They have to replace me anyway! Haha - too bad he doesn't have any experience/training in my field. Good luck to you - I'm sure we'll all figure it out. Thanks, Oreo, for your words of wisdom. I'm hoping to find some good deals on ebay or at local garage sales.

Meggie - pickle juice does sound gross, but I can't judge since I LOVE drinking the salty water that feta cheese comes packed in (and that's not a pregnancy thing - I haven't had feta cheese while I've been pregnant - but it sure sounds good all of a sudden - mmm, soft, salty cheese!). I got the groceries for us last week and ended up spending ~2x as much as when DH gets the groceries. I got all of our normal stuff, plus some extras. Nothing too crazy.

I can't see who was talking about the dreams, but I definitely understand. I've dreamt about having the baby (it was a boy both times) twice so far. The second dream, I was really upset because I couldn't get the swaddle just right - it wasn't tight enough.

AFM - I'm starting to come down off of the excitement that I felt on Sunday about telling my sister. It's been 2.5 weeks since my last appt and still 1.5 more to go til the next. Since I can't feel the baby yet and I'm not showing yet, I keep wondering if he/she is still doing okay in there. I'm also starting to get worried about the screening tests - I really want to do them, but I'm starting to freak out that I'm going to find out something is wrong with the baby. I know that the incidence of birth defects/disorders is really low, but I'm a worrier by nature. I just want to go home and put my head under the covers until the appt. It doesn't help that my stomach hurts today and my bowels have been acting up - I wonder if I ate something bad or I can just chalk it up to being pg.