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01-30-2010, 10:13 PM
Welcome to February, girls!

01-31-2010, 09:44 PM
Hey ladies hope everyone is doing well. i can not believe that we are already in Feb. Time is flying so quickly.

We are almost finished with our nursery, we are just waiting on the crib and it should be here this week or next. I will try tp post pictures after that. Our bedding is different browns and has teddy bears on it. We had it picked our before we knew the baby was a Girl, I still love it though.

I am attaching some photos for the first time, hope they turn out ok. I am attaching a u/s pic that is not the clearest but it is the best one that I have of Little Abree, and the other picture is of the bedding that I bought and then I can update later with how our room actually turns out.

1806 1807

01-31-2010, 11:57 PM
looks like she's another with a pic with her hands in her mouth! super adorable! I like the bedding you picked out also...when/if ever you try for another you'll have some cute neutral bedding already!

02-01-2010, 12:09 AM
So cute Darlin!! I can't wait to see your pictures!

02-01-2010, 12:13 AM
Cac -- LOL; why yes, my hips ARE killing me! Mostly when I sleep, though, and it's not yet to the point of waking me up, so that's a good thing ...

02-01-2010, 01:05 AM
Darlin - Love the bedding it is so cute!!! The brown and teddy bears is adorable. I am sure you can throw in some pink to girl it up, but then next tiem if a boy thrown in some blue.

From the other thread about bedding. I know the crib quilt does not get used a lot other then to hang on the side of the crib. One decorating show suggested that to use it as a well haning is a great use till you use it on the toddler bed. My mom is making my crib set, so I only asked for a bumper and skirt. She is also great at making adorable very user friendly diaper holders that tye onto the side of the crib or changing table. She will make one for me. The whole set will match a quilt and wall hanging she made me when I was 16. I love it and will be using both in the baby room (full quilt on the full bed and use all the quilt hangings and runners she made before). To baby it up I will add all my teddy bears I have collected over the years. I am neostoligic and so using my old items just fit me and our life.

Can't believe it is February, one more month and 3rd tri!! Time is going too fast!

02-01-2010, 08:02 AM
Happy February everyone! We are getting closer:p:p

02-01-2010, 08:50 AM
Very cute Darlin!!!

I love all the bedding sets girls! Too cute!

With ds I never used the bumpers (had breathable bumpers) and I used the quilt everyday when I gave him floor time. We didn't know gender when we had him, but I fell in love with this blue elephant bedding from pottery barn. Worked out well since he's a boy! We're letting him keep his bedding and I'm using bedding my mom previously used for him at her house. It's a really neutral farm theme. So, boy or girl, we'll be good! We have the room painted yellow and the crib and changing table are up. I'm so excited!

02-01-2010, 09:13 AM
Tink - I'm so glad you are already nesting and have baby furniture up. On Feb. 13 we are going with DH's parents to make a final decision on the furniture. They are buying us the nursery furniture for us as our shower gift so they are just going to buy it that day and it will be when I'm 18 weeks and I'm afriad that's too early, but I can't wait for it! Although, we will have it delivered so who knows when it will actually arrive.

Happy Monday everyone!

02-01-2010, 09:17 AM
Jessica- yeah, this is much earlier then we had ds's stuff up. But, we're afraid I may have to go on bedrest again so we want to get most things done! But I love looking in there and seeing the stuff up and it's too cute that Owen runs in yelling "baby room!" I think it'll help him get used to the changes :)

02-01-2010, 09:28 AM
Darlin - I love the bedding. I just have to laugh though when I look at the table next to the crib with the flowers on it. I can just imagine Abree ripping it down and sucking on the flowers! LOL!!

I actually used the quilt to my bedding all the time once Makenna was about a year or so. She liked to cover up with it, or we'd play on the floor with it. She actually STILL uses it to this day. LOL So it's nice and soft from being washed a lot. I am passing her old Pooh set down to one of my good friends. We are going to be getting her bunk beds in the next month, so I will probably get her a twin Pooh set so it will still match her room until I'm ready to re-decorate her room into a little girls room. She still really loves her Pooh room. I am so glad that I went with bright colors. She has loved looking at her border/walls etc since she started looking around when she was a baby (and the bright pooh border next to her changer really kept her focus when changing her diaper for a long time!!).

I'm so jealous of all of you with your nurseries done or getting there. I was that way with Makenna at this time, but the stupid bathroom project has it on hold for us! lol

02-01-2010, 10:05 AM
I love all of the bedding sets!!!!! This has got to be one of my favorite things of being pregnant so far! All of the decorating and prepping....

Tink- when do you find out what you're having or are you keeping it a surprise???

leeann- my niece did a pooh set for her son and it was SO cute! He still loves it and he's almost 4 lol!

Ahhhh Wednesday feels SO far away! The suspense is killing me to know what we are having. And the worst part is my appointment was supposed to be TODAY but the stupid doctor's office didn't schedule enough time for it and had to move me to Wednesday.

We're going to be super busy this week!! Tonight we have a Multiple Miracles class that goes over how to care for multiples..hoping it's more stress relieving than inducing lol. Wednesday we have our big ultrasound and both DH and I have some other appointments that day. Friday morning I have my regular OB appt and Friday night we're going to see Dane Cook (SOOO EXCITED! We have 3rd row seats!). And then Saturday is our hospital tour and early registration.

I think Sunday I'm going to be in a coma.

02-01-2010, 10:35 AM
jessica - We ordered our baby furniture at 20 wks... still didn't have most it until the kids were 3 months old (which would have been only 1 month old if they had gone to term... but still!) I won't say that's typical... only that it can happen... so don't feel bad about ordering early!

Judy - I can't believe you're finding out this early! So excited to hear!

02-01-2010, 10:56 AM
omg Judy! I can't wait to find out what mix you have in there!!! We're not finding out the gender. We didn't know w/ Owen and we don't want to know this time either...all though I really want to know!

My belly really looks like it popped today...gonna have to take a pic :)

02-01-2010, 11:06 AM
leann - So you really like your Winnie the Pooh decor for your first? That's the decor that we are seriously considering. What bedding set did you get? I think I liked the Pooh & Friends set at Babies R Us. We keep changing our minds with the bedding but keep coming back to Pooh since it's not color specific and it's gender neutral. AGH! We actually had a much easier time picking out the nursery furntiure.

02-01-2010, 11:13 AM
judy-I love dane cook lol hes so funny and i think he is so hott!! So jealous!

Loving all the talk about decorating and such. Can't wait till I find out what I am having next monday so I can join in with ya! I don't even want to look around yet there is just so many options and I would much rather narrow it down to girl or boy then going blind! I am just so excited to actually get started and maybe go buy a few things!!!

I had a long and stressful weekend that really did a number on me physically and mentally!! Haven't been sleeping well either and I am so exhausted I think I might sleep all day today I finally get a day off. DH did have the best b day ever so at least I acomplished something.

02-01-2010, 12:44 PM
You ladies have been busy this morning! I'm so tired, I got woke up early this morning by a stupid earthquake! I hate them!

Judy, hopefully being so busy will make time go by faster for you! I can't wait to hear the babies' sexes!!

Kim, can't wait to hear about your baby too! It is a little easier looking at everything when you're not trying to be too gender neutral. I hope you get some rest from your busy weekend!

As far as the baby furniture, I'm having a hard time not buying it right now! The crib I want is on sale and you get a free mattress! It seems like there are huge baby sales everywhere right now. My mom keeps emailing me all the ads she's getting lol. She said she went to Target and looked at the baby things and even she, a mother to 6, was overwhelmed. She said, "there are so many carseats, I would have no clue on which one to get!" Then she was telling me about how my little sister and me were the only ones to ever use a carseat, she just held the rest. And now they say to only use a carseat for 5 years. When we brought my niece home from the hospital about 11 years ago, she came home in my sister's carseat that was about 12 years old and had become a toy! lol. I'm sure if we knew she was coming she would have had a better one though. But that's a whole long story about my brother and his gf keeping her pregnancy a secret!

02-01-2010, 01:21 PM
chelseaf -- haha you should share the secret pregnancy story! i bet it's a good story!

I can't wait to go shopping too! But we got snow/ice last weekend, so pretty much didnt go out...but i did spend all day creating my wish list online! ahha
the bedding set i am really liking right now is the snoopy champ set....it has a sports theme so dh approves it as well! I really wonder if I should start buying! I am just worried that since I still have 6 months to go..i might find something I like better later, and won't be able to return the set! How many bedding set do we typically need?

02-01-2010, 01:40 PM
chelsea- I bet it is a good story! lol!

puwu- I think bedding sets usually include a quilt, sheet, bumper pad, and bed skirt. For ds, we used the bedskirt, quilt (for floor time, not in the bed), and the sheet. That's all you need of a basic set. You'll also want to get several extra sets of sheets (we have 3 total for ds) for all of those wonderful middle of the night diaper explosions and spit ups!! You won't want to do laundry in the middle of the night, just change the sheet and back in bed! Also, before ds was rolling I used a large sheet protector thing that just layed ontop of his sheet. If diaper accident happened, just whipped it off and layed him back down on the sheet.

Everyone seems to be finding out gender around now...so exciting!!!!

02-01-2010, 02:00 PM
Ok, I'll share the story lol.
My brother was only 17 and his gf was 18. I came home from school one day and my mom told me that she was pregnant. I was like, "OMG! when is she due?!" My mom said, "They're not 100% sure, but probably any day now." My mouth dropped, lol. She was a really small girl to begin with and it was winter. Whenever she would come over she would wear really big sweatshirts and you really couldn't tell. She didn't even tell her best friend! I remember one day my mom saying to her, "Your ankles look really swollen, you should go to the dr, that's not normal for your age!" Yeah, it was because she was pregnant and we didn't know! After we found out and she lifted up her shirt I could really tell she was pregnant, but she didn't look full term at all. She had no prenatal care at all and the baby was breach, had low fluid and she was getting toxemia! She had to be transferred from the military hospital (her dad was AF, he didn't even find out until after the baby was born!) to another because they thought the baby was really small, around 3lbs. Well, about 5 days after we found out, Ashleigh was born at 5lbs13oz and thankfully healthy. The gf moved in with us, which was fine with me because I got to have baby time all the time lol. Now they have two kids, are not together anymore and she is crazy! But my goodness, that is another story, LOL!

02-01-2010, 03:59 PM
Where did you get the teddy bear bedding and decor? I love it! We were thinking about teddy bears for our nursery.

02-01-2010, 04:06 PM
Glad you like it, I actually got it on EBAY but you can go the www.geenny.com and it is like 50% off there also. I was able to get all of the pieces for $100 on EBAY. I think this set is running $129 and it is regular $259. I think it stays on sale all of the time on this website though.

02-01-2010, 04:08 PM
chelsea - I'm so glad I don't have the only family with baby drama...haha....My cousin (who is married) just found out before Thanksgiving that when he and his wife split up (prior to getting married) he had a one-night fling and just found out that he has a 2 year old! CRAZY!!! I just wonder what he wife thinks about this...lol...but I would never ask.

02-01-2010, 04:19 PM
Jessica, we have so much baby drama in my family! lol. Yours totally wins though! I seem to be the only one who has fertility problems. Everyone else gets pregnant by the drop of a hat!

02-01-2010, 07:34 PM
LOL chels! That is pretty crazy!! I can't imagine carrying a baby to full term and hiding it like that. I'm excited to show off being pregnant!

24 weeks tomorrow... OMG that means I only have 15 weeks left to be pregnant. Holy cow...

02-01-2010, 08:14 PM
Chels--That is a crazy story. Reminds me of the show "pregnant and didn't know it". Wow.

Really enjoying seeing everyone's bedding and decorating ideas. We had some stuff given to us that is pooh, and its really cute so I think we are going to continue with that theme. I cannot wait to find out on Monday the gender so I can start shopping. I am really getting the itch!

02-01-2010, 09:29 PM
LeeAnn, she is just a hot mess! lol. Congrats on 24 weeks tomorrow! I hit 18! And I just noticed my ticker moved to the next month, yay!

Shan, I think that show should be called, "I was pregnant and in denial" lol. I hope Monday gets here fast for you!

02-01-2010, 10:08 PM
chels - I'll be heading to my 6 week PP check-up and you will be just holding your fresh baby girl!! lol :) Well, maybe it won't quite work out like that, but it's fun to think that way. I always wanted to have kids earlier... like I swear as soon as I was out of high school I wanted a baby (with dh who I was engaged to at the time) but of course, we waited to finish college to get married and have kids. Anyway, now that I waited, I'm so glad I did because now Makenna is still a toddler and I have a new baby to look forward to. If I would have had kids then, I'd have like an 8 year old. LOL It's funny to think like that. I always compare myself to my mom. At my age, she had a 9 year old, an 7 year old and a 1 year old! LOL She had me when she was 32 and my sister at 33. I can't imagine already having 3 kids! Then again, most people don't go to school for 21 years straight either. hahaha

02-01-2010, 10:43 PM
LeeAnn, I was totally the same way! I got married really young, and I remember trying to talk DH into starting to have babies early. I thought waiting until 21 was too old! lol. At my age my mom was having my brother, her second birth, but 4th child! When my parents got married my dad already had two kids, 3 and 4, and he had custody so my mom pretty much raised them. She was an instamom at 21 lol.

02-01-2010, 10:44 PM
chels-wow what a baby story! My uncle has a 16 year old. The crazy he was involved with told him that she was on birth control and couldn't get pregnant. Come to find out 8 months later she has a baby and claims that its not his!!! Lol you could totally tell it was. He was really trying to do the right thing and he would give her money and help her out alot and all of the sudden he get a summons to go to court she was trying to get child support from the time her baby was born!!! Needless to say he then found out that the kid was his and had a very ruff time of it after that!!! He finally got full custody of her 2 years ago after she tried to kill herself with the help of her mother!!! Thank god it didn't work and she seems pretty happy now with her dad!!

Shan!!!!! OMG less than a week and we find out!! I am so excited! What time is your appointment mine is a 4:15 believe me I didn't want it that late but its easier for DH when they are later!! I am so freakin excited I just want to get started!

I am feeling the baby more and more everyday! I love it so much, I don't even remember how it feels not to be pregnant now! Such a great feeling.

02-02-2010, 12:11 AM
Kimbree--my appointment is at 9:30 in the morning. Me and dh have been saying this is going to be such a long week. I have been feeling alot more movement too. Definately some real kicks in there now. I thought I could feel one from the outside of my stomach but by the time dh went to feel he was done with his kicks. Hopefully baby will get more consistent soon and dh will get a chance to feel. I hope this week flies for the both of us!

02-02-2010, 09:58 AM
omg- I'm so behind now....

So many of us are finding out this week(and next I think I remember also?)

Birdling- 2 more days!!!( and then 8 more to be done with the 2nd tri!)

Judy- get some rest in between! I'm excited to find out what's cooking in there for you!---and make sure you wear a liner and bring an extra for the show!;)

Shan-that's funny on baby not kicking for dh- my wont kick for my mom..he'll be going crazy, and as soon as my mom tries to feel he stops!! and Alex did the same thing to her..lol

Jessica- that's crazy with pregnancy story! I wonder how her dad took it when he DID find out! I had Alex at 18, I found out the day after my bday- so my parents weren't too happy when I told them that I was 6 wks along, although they're thankful I took care of myself during the pregnancy and all.

All this bedding talk has got me anxious again...but I'm really trying to hold out for my shower(which is 2 months away!) My mom had said she wants to get me the crib(and she MIGHT get me a bassinet also) so, I'll have something early to put together! I had kinda wanted to get my registry done over this past weekend..but I ended up sleeping through most of the days(and school had a 3-day for end of quarter). I'm actually feeling pretty good right now, but I'm sure I'll knocked out again in about a 1/2 hr or so-I DID just have 2 cokes(o well with the caffine- I got some good kicks out of it:))
I'm supposed to go to my next appt tomarrow, but I have to try to reschedule since my son had a field trip, and will be the last time I'll get a chance to go without being either extremely pregnant or have a baby at home that I fully intend to bf! So probably friday I'll be back in(I don't usually have trouble scheduling appts to see her thankfully!) Sorry for the book--I really think it's the coke..lol

02-02-2010, 10:44 AM
Shan thats awsome that your appointment is in the morning!! I wish mind was this week is going to drag im sure! Yesterday felt like it was two days lol! And luckily DH felt his first baby kick on his birthday this last friday!! It was kinda a fluke thing because I felt the baby moving around and kicking in DH's direction so I put DH's hand where I thought it would be and it took a few mins but BAM!!! And his face lit up like christmas morning and we both said at the same time "did you feel that!!!" it was way cute and I am glad it happened the way it did because I think DH will always remember it was on his birthday! It will happen for your DH soon enough I was trying really hard to figure out wether you could feel it from the outside or not. I wanted DH to feel it so bad!

02-02-2010, 01:25 PM
u guys are so lucky to arleady feel the kicks! i dont quite know if i am feeling anything yet....how often do you feel the movement and when does it start?

02-02-2010, 02:05 PM
pu - you will probably be feeling it soon. At first it's like gassy bubbles or popping. Then it's kind of a squirmy feeling when you feel the baby moving. Then it's instant jabs to things that you aren't appreciative of, like your cervix or bladder. LOL!!

As for me, I'm getting sick again. At least I went the whole month of January without being sick. I have a really sore throat, achy achy achy! body and I think a fever. I should be working on paperwork, but I think I'm going to rest and do it later once dh and Makenna are home. It will be harder to rest then.

02-02-2010, 03:09 PM
Leann - I hopeyou start feeling better soon.

02-02-2010, 05:21 PM
Thanks, Darlin. I haven't been able to sleep at all for the past 3 hours. I keep tossing and turning and whining out loud because everything hurts. I feel like dh when he is sick!! LOL I finally took my temp and it's 100.3. Usually I'm a 97.something girl. Blah!! I may not be taking a 24 week picture today.:mad:

02-02-2010, 06:08 PM
I hope you feel better soon Leeann!

02-02-2010, 06:52 PM
puw - I feel movement a lot more now. I actually felt it for the first time at 12 weeks but it was only once every couple days and I had to be really still to feel it. I feel him/her now consistently every time after I eat or drink something (especially if it's OJ or chocolate milk). To me, it feels like a goldfish is in my uterus and its rubbing up against it, kind of like a fluttering feeling. It's weird but I know that's definitely what it is cause I never felt this before.

leann - Hope you feel better.

When will other people be able to feel the kicks from putting their hand on my belly? I've been dieing to have DH feel this cause it's such a cool feeling!

02-02-2010, 07:26 PM
leanne -- i hope you feel better soon too!

I can't wait to start feeling more obvious kicks/movements! do you feel that your belly is flatter when you wake up in the morning? I freak out sometimes because i feel that my belly has gone down significantly in size overnight! It is so exciting to think we have a little person inside us!!!

02-02-2010, 07:56 PM
puw - I haven't been feeling "pregnant" as much in the morning but as the day goes on, I feel more and more pregnant because I swear my belly gets bigger and bigger. I feel like you - to me this still feels so surreal. I keep fearing I'm going to wake up and it will all be a dream...it's just too good to be true :-)

02-02-2010, 10:20 PM
I'm so jealous!! I haven't really felt any movement yet! There was one day where I felt two little bubbles and that's been it. When I'm trying to fall asleep I try to be still to feel it, but nothing! Good thing I have that doppler to reassure me lol.

LeeAnn, I hope you feel better soon! It kind of sounds like it might be the flu :( Keep up on the Tylenol!

02-02-2010, 10:26 PM
Leeann - Hope you feel better soon. Colds and flu suck!

I cannot wait to feel movement either. Its still sooo early for me, but I can get impatient sometimes. I just can't wait!

Hubs is being so sweet since our little issue over the weekend. He is going to let me splurge on the 3D ultrasound and we go in this sat! YAY!! I can't wait! Especially after what the doctor told us yesterday. Apparently my placenta is doing some strange thing where its curving around and down in my uterus or something. So she is sending me for the super big ultrasound in March. The scary part is if its anything super serious and I can't travel, we are screwed. So I am calling tomorrow to see what the odds are and if it looks like its possible, guess who is ditching this island a month early? Ha!

Hope everyones week is going good so far!!

02-02-2010, 10:42 PM
For those of you who are not feeling as many kicks or movements as you would like, I recently was worried because the baby didn't seem to be moving as much but I figured out it was because I hadn't drank any caffine and once I drank some a little each day then the kicks are back and today have been even stronger. So if you mostly notice movement at night or in the evening like me - save a small cup of caffine for dinner and sit still and I bet other people will be able to feel your baby move but of course it still depends on how far along you are.

My sister bought me a crib sheet that has planes, trains, and a dump truck and some other items on it. It is so cute - however - I don't get it until the shower so I don't have any pictures - you may be able to find it on Walmart.com. If not I'll try to post it later.
I almost went with teddy bears but loved this other one once I saw it.

Thanks to you who mentioned that my itchy legs could be PUPP. I'll have to research that and see. You guys are always so full of ideas it is just great.

So I am curious - where is everyone registering at and at how many different places are you registering?

02-02-2010, 10:45 PM
puwupupu--I think I started noticing it at about 16 weeks and it was just like a gas bubble feeling, this past week I can feel definate kicks.

Chels--I think it is different for everyone when you do feel movement. That's how my movement started just like little gas bubbles. So I bet you will feel more movement very soon!

Leann--I hope you feel better soon and get lots of rest.

02-03-2010, 12:31 AM
Hi - Everyone has been busy, I really did not have time to catch up on the personals, but congrats to everyone that is finding out what your having.

I am doing okay, but so tired and I get winded just walking the super short distance from the couch to the bathroom.

I can't remember who said their DH felt the kicking, but I am jealous. I have been feeling the baby kick since Christmas and yet I can't feel anything on the outside, so DH has yet to feel anything. He keeps trying, but nothing so far. The kids I nanny keep trying too, but again nothing. I think I am too fat still to feel it!

So many are moving to the 3rd Tri soon, it is crazy, I can't believe how fast pregnancy is going.

02-03-2010, 01:48 AM
As far as movements go, being able to feel them from outside your belly depends on how far you are and how the baby is positioned. If I had a real good kick about 10 wks ago dh would feel a little blip, but now if he's really moving, dh can feel them, and I still have a little layer of fluff over the top! lol my sister freaked out and ran away when she felt a kick- hopefully it grossed her out enough to stay abstinant(sp?)-she's only 14!

daf- I'm registered at walmart, but I also plan to do a babies r us, and I got a coupon for a $20 gift card when I create a registry at target, so guess where else I'm going. For yours though, make sure you consider whats around you and around whoever's shopping for you(like BRU or walmart or baby depot etc..) so you don't end up making a registry that no one can use! good luck with those, and I hope you can get a definate answer for your rash!

With showing, it's kinda like our weight-smallest(lowest) in the morning..I also look more pregnant as the day goes on!...right now it feels like the muscles in my belly are being pulled apart..hurts a little, but mostly uncomfortable!

02-03-2010, 08:12 AM
:p:pHey guys I don't get on too much but I will explain why in a second.

I miss talking to you all and updating so I am going to try to get on more.

Congrats on all those who found out!

On movement...You guys will get to feel them on the outside soon enough. Now I see my belly jumping around and it is so cool. I don't think DH felt DS #1 until like 28 weeks last time. They get really big in there:p:p

On being ready. I haven't done anything...at all. At least I am having a boy and I have mostly everything but I need to get closets cleaned and things done...but I am lazy when I get home from work and just want to have time with my men.

ok So much drama has been going on with everyone so it has been tough to get on. My mom is back in town (long story in a nutshell my stepdad tried to kill himself and is still really sick) so I have been to see her and of course she is upset mad ect. I feel selfish b/c I am so glad I have my mom here but she is hurting so it is killing me. Then we have ex-wife drama...nuff said about that. UGH! And then at work a guy that was there 10 years got let go and guess who gets stuck with his workload...yep that's me. And ask me if I got a raise....nope not yet anyway. I think I will wait a couple of weeks to ask. So yeah..a lot has been going on. I am sure there is more but I can't think straight

Ok got to go get ready for work...At least it is wed and it is closer to the weekend right????? :D:D

Oh and GOOOOOOO SAINTS!!! :D:DThis is the one thing I have to look forward to soon. I know it is just football but it has done so much for this city ( I am about 45 min away from New Orleans but I was born and raised there) It really is like the best thing that has happened for us in a LONG time. Ok done talking now. If you got through that then I commend you:)

02-03-2010, 11:16 AM
Ah I feel so bad that this is going to be short bc I have missed a lot in the last couple days...but I'm on my phone and it would take forever to do personals....but we found out what we're having!!!!!

3 girls!!!!!!! So add me to team pink all the way lol!

02-03-2010, 11:19 AM
Congrats Judy!

02-03-2010, 11:24 AM
CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS Judy!!!! Think of all the pink!

02-03-2010, 11:47 AM
Oh my goodness, Judy!!! That's why so many people are having boys - because you took all the girls!! hahahaha So excited for you and little girls are awesome! I hope your daughters (and my next one) are as easy as my first is/was!!
As for me, still sick. I was shaking really badly last night and my fever hit 102. Just kept taking Tylenol. I'm hoping to be better by tomorrow.

02-03-2010, 11:55 AM
OMG Judy!!! It is so exciting to find out, isn't it? Congrats on all the girls! They will be so precious!

LeeAnn, I hope you kick that nasty bug soon! Rest up!

02-03-2010, 11:59 AM
chels - I'm trying!

Do any of you use facebook? I keep up with a lot of the moms on the moms board on there. If you use it, find me: Lee Ann Magness I should be the only one on there :)

02-03-2010, 12:16 PM
LeeAnn, I added you! :) People can look me up too. I should be the only one. I have Cora's u/s pic with her mouth open/smiling as my pic lol.

02-03-2010, 12:48 PM
Judy Congrats on your GIRLS!!! :) You're going to have so much fun with all the clothes, lol. Oh, and all the hairbows, too! ;)

02-03-2010, 12:55 PM
OMG Judy!!!! How exciting!!!! Congrats on your girls!!

Chelsea- I'm gonna add you to FB :)

Leeann- you may want to call your ob and let them know about your fever. Hope you feel better soon!

02-03-2010, 01:08 PM
Judy--Congratulations on the girls! That is awesome!

02-03-2010, 01:54 PM
congrats judy!!

your husband will be overruled by all the gals in the house! muahahah!

02-03-2010, 02:24 PM
Judy-Congrats on all those girls. That must be why so many of us are having boys:)

I have such a hard time keeping up with everyone's posts right now. But I promise I will try to do better. I'm trying to really focus on work when I am at work and not "play" on the computer:) I feel much better then I did the other day when I was having all the pains and contractions. My boss just tells me we will take it one day at a time and his support makes things so much easier. DH even asked me last night if anyone at work was giving me crap about the complications with pregnancy and what that does to work. We had a couple of issues when I was pregnant with Leah with people not understanding and it makes DH really mad but luckily my principal has always been super supportive.
We did find out that the baby has an enlarged kidney but I guess it is pretty common and most of the time it works itself out before birth. We will have another u/s around 33-34wks to check on it. We have an appt. on the 8th and I should find out more then.
Back to work. Hope everyone is doing well.

02-03-2010, 02:25 PM
Judy congrats on finding out that you are having 3 precious little girls. How is DH feeling about it? I am sure that you will enjoy picking things out for them now that you know what you are shopping for.

02-03-2010, 02:37 PM
Thanks everyone!!! We're really excited!! I think this makes everything seem so much easier because they can share clothes and a room...Now we just gotta pick out new bedding because the neutral stuff we picked out seems a little too boyish.

Leeann- I hope you feel better soon!!! That sucks that you're sick. Is the tylenol helping at all?

ndinkel- that's so good that they're understanding! So far my boss has been okay but when I've had to leave early or come in late for all my appointments that I have some coworkers make rude comments. Oh well!

As for me, everything else looked good at the appointment too...They're weighing in at about 6 oz each now. The doctor said most likely 20 weeks will be when I go out but it all depends on my cervix (still holding in at 4.5-4.7).

I'm either gaining a lot of weight, which I am, or I'm swelling, but my wedding ring is like cutting off circulation lol. I went and bought one of those fake, huge, gaudy wedding rings today at Dillards. I love it!!!!!!

02-03-2010, 03:11 PM
Judy - Congrats on all girls! I can't wait to find out the sex of my baby in 2 weeks 1 day..haha! I'm with you on the bedding...DH keeps wanting to pick out neutral bedding, but I think I want it to be based on sex cause if I have a girl, I definately want pink and boys are blue all the way!

Leann - FB - I'm on there! Jessica Calderone - I will log on tonight when I get home from work!

02-03-2010, 03:52 PM
Jessica- that was me lol! Counting down the minutes!!!!! It's crazy!!! You'll probably be able to tell as soon as the pic comes up on the screen...we could for sure!!

okay new bedding haha!


and now I must have a chandelier...I might get this in pink


02-03-2010, 04:26 PM
Judy, that bedding is too cute!!

Jessica, I wanted to do the same thing and wait until we knew the sex to pick out the bedding. It's much more fun!

Katie, sorry to hear about all the problems with your mom :( . I hope things end up working out for the best and he gets the help he needs.

So I think I felt her move earlier today! I can really feel that she's in there, just not the movements. Today I felt a little pressure/movement kind of on the left. I know she likes to hang out there because that's where I always find her HB lol.
I also broke down and bought her crib. I couldn't pass up the Target baby sale! David's grandma said last night she is going to give us $500 (omg!) instead of buying gifts. Well, my crib is on sale for $20 off and a free mattress, plus free shipping! That will work out great because I'm sending it to my mom's so I won't have to move it when I move there. I was going to wait until my shower, but with the sale and the money from Grandma it all worked out!
We did get some bad news about his grandma this morning though. She had a heart attack! I was so shocked! She is 66 and in great shape for her age. Always exercises and takes care of herself. I'm thinking it's not too bad because she is awake and in the hospital, but that's all I know right now.

02-03-2010, 04:53 PM
sunshine - Please post some u/s pictures! I'm dying to see what your babies look like now since you are only days ahead of me. I'm so curious to what mine will look like on u/s and my mom keeps saying to me, "Don't get your hopes up, that babies legs might be crossed and your won't get to see the sex." I hate when she says that because I will be so upset if we can't.

chelsea - Congrats on feeling movement....I've felt mine move a lot this week, definately more than previous weeks. I can tell he/she is really active because even when we listen on doppler you can hear the swooshing and we keep having to move the doppler to get the HB.

02-03-2010, 05:04 PM
judy -- i LOVE the bedding! i love pink color, and used to hate blue color for maybe 4-5 years of my life...hahaha...but now i am stuck at looking at everything blue because we are having a boy! but I think i am over my dislike for blue...at least I can still get green and orange (which are also my fave colors)...pink stuff are just too irresistable!! and I looked at some chandeliers too! but i dont think i can get by with a chandelier in a boy's room! haha

AFM -- i thought i felt the baby moved more today! but i wasnt sure...it was just a sudden movement near my ribs...but i think that might be wrong because I think the uterus is kinda at the bottom? below belly button? so do we only feel movements down there? i dont really have a clue...haha

02-03-2010, 05:54 PM
Judy- Congrats on three little girls!! That makes it a little easier for you knowing and be able to plan specifically for their gender!! The new bedding is just so cute.

Lee Ann- take it easy and give the dr a call to let them know what's up. No sense in suffering if they may be able to offer some relief!! Hopefully you'll be feeling better in a day or two.

ndinkel- glad you are feeling better. You know some people will say stuff no matter what! Let them be in your situation and then see how they feel. People are so petty!!

ASM- I guess you can see that I'm not an everyday poster, but I keep up on what's going on with you all. Although this last week I've been ill. Had an ob appt today heard the heartbeat with doppler, but when I got home had some spotting again. Ob did press a little hard to hear the heartbeat, I was and am still sore, so I think that has something to do with it. And I got my first screening results back from the high risk ob. They did say so far so good, neg on everything, but my risk of downs # was 1/64. Although they didn't seem concerned because they take into account how the nt scan ended, which was 1.8. My age has some to do with that # too. So in couple weeks go back for the second blooddraw and go from there. My ob just got me worried today though because she said I had a pos result.
So we'll see.

Well that's it for now and need to go pick dd up from school,


02-03-2010, 06:01 PM
Hi everyone! I don't read all the comments on the second tri board because I can't sit at the computer very long but noticed a few, so I'm not trying to leave anyone out :) I hope you all are doing great!

Judy- Congrats on the three girls! :) What are the odds of three of one sex! I love the bedding you picked out too!

Leann & Jess- I noticed that you guys put your names for facebook so I added you guys as friends- just PLEASE don't mention a peep about fertility treatments on my page because DH's family doesn't know we did any.

02-03-2010, 06:36 PM
lighthouse - don't worry about that! I never post anything not related to whatever people post on FB, unless it's like my BEST friend from home whom I know everything about - like who can know what. LOL! :)

sunshine- the bedding set and chandelier are adorable!! Where are they from? I'm kind of regretting getting the gender neutral stuff now! lol

pu - that probably wasn't the baby if it was by your ribs. I don't think you start to get the rib cage kicks until the beginning of the 3rd tri - unless you are lighthouse. LOL!!! :)

I have my 24 week check-up tomorrow at 5, so that is why I haven't called the dr. I think my fever is done now. I'm just achy with a sore throat now. Blah!

02-03-2010, 07:14 PM
haha, good to know that the "movements" by the ribcage is not baby! hahaha

02-03-2010, 08:08 PM
Judy- adorable bedding!!!

chelsea- glad you could get an awesome deal on the crib! And yay for Grandma's!!

Is anyone else's dh a pita when it comes to discussing names? Mine either poo-poos the name right away or doesn't comment at all. It's kind of annoying. I don't know if it's just a "man" thing, or if it's because we aren't to viability yet and that scares him b/c of what happened w/ Owen. I had been putting together a list and it was up to like 9 boy names and 9 girls names....after he wouldn't tell me which ones he liked I went on a hormonal rampage and deleted 5 of each gender because they weren't MY favorites I keep telling him it's not like we need to decide now, I just want to start getting an idea and weeding some out. Ugh...sorry, rant over!!

02-03-2010, 08:14 PM
pu- obviously my situation is a little different, but the highest I feel is a little above my belly button on my left side...which made sense when I found out today that is where baby c is lol. At first mine felt almost like bubbles popping...now it's a squirmy feeling every now and again. At least I hope that's what I'm feeling and I don't have something weird going on haha!

tink- my husband is a definite pita when it comes to names. I like the names Peyton and Madison...he doesn't like Peyton Manning so we are forbidden from using Peyton. And his friend named their girl Maddox and he thinks it's too close to Madison.

Leeann- I found the bedding at Target. They don't have the whole set though so I'm trying to track down all the other pieces. I found the chandelier at an online lighting store which I wasn't smart enough to save in my favorites lol. So I gotta hunt it down again

Liz- I hear those results are somewhat unreliable because of the fact that they do factor in age and other things. Your NT scan sounds awesome though!! I hope everything checks out okay!!

Found the chandelier website!!!!

02-03-2010, 09:57 PM
All this bedding is making me itch to get some shopping done, but its still to early yet. Sat however, I am dragging hubby to a few stores after our ultrasound...

Tink - We picked our our names for a boy or girl super early (mainly because I am impatient as anything), but hubs was a definate pita. We had this book of 100,001 baby names and I just went down and highlighted names that I liked for girls and for boys. Then I handed him the book, gave him two different colored highlighters and told him to mark what -he- liked. I never did get him to finish that little task through the boy names because we came up with that pretty quick, but that book would sit for about a week without being touched and it drove me nuts! Or he would just be all whatever about it. So I feel ya. Maybe get a baby name book and have him pick out his favorites and pick our yours and see where you two meet in the middle?

Question for you ladies - When did your energy start coming back once you hit tri2 and did it come and go (energy one day then nada the next) or were you pretty much full of energy for awhile?

02-03-2010, 10:39 PM
Leann- LOL... I've been feeling rib kicks for quite some time now! I think my uterus was already at the center (highest part) of my ribcage by about 17 weeks- i was measuring around 29 weeks at that point! I stretched out very quickly & very easily since I already have 2 kids!

02-03-2010, 10:55 PM
Busy busy busy girls!! lol its getting harder and harder to keep up with ya!

lol ill do my best. I can't remember when exactly I started feeling the baby I think it was about two weeks ago maybe three, it started as the popping bubble feeling and now it is more swishing and poking. Each day the baby feels stronger which is awsome and I am def feeling it more and more each day. DH felt the baby for the first time in the car. The baby seems much more active when im driving I dont know if it has to do with the vibrations or what but I just had a feeling that DH might just feel it so I got his hand and it took a few mins and we were stopped at a stop light and BAM!!! His face lit up it was awesome. I was 19 and a half weeks when he felt it and I am a bigger girl lol!

Judy congrats on the girls, I am not sure what I want to have really but I always lean towards a girl because I do hair for a living!! And cute bedding pick!! lovin it!
I have been worried about being able to wear my wedding rings I feel naked without them, I can't remember who said it but I never thought to just go buy a cheapy bigger one to get me by!!! Great Idea!

leeann-sorry your sick but glad your fever is gone now

Jillian-My energy comes and goes! Some days I feel like taking on alot and others I wish I could just stay in bed and sometimes I do!! Lately if I try to do a whole lot at once I get tired really fast and I have been feeling exhausted kinda like the first tri!! And when it hits me I am down for the count and sometimes I feel so exhausted I feel sick.

AFM-I am so excited about Monday I can barely stand it!! This week is going by so slow and its just killing me!! I dont know what I am going to do if they cant see it. This baby better cooporate otherwise its gonna be grounded before its even out of the womb!!! lol Seriously though!!

Shan-ru ready for monday its coming soon we are almost there!!!

those of you who posted about facebook im going to add you!!! I love facebook! look me up Kimmy Lopane-Marshall

As for the name game me and DH are at odds on the names but I think we have come to an agreement on some here are some of our choices:
there are more but i dont want to bore you to much!! I am still on the wall about it I will prolly know exactly once I see the lo next week and know which way to go BOY or GIRL!!! The suspense is killing me!!

02-04-2010, 02:26 AM
Okay it has been so busy, I can't keep up. So right now I will jsut say I added peopel on Facebook if you put your name.

Judy - Congrats on 3 Girls!! Very glad it is you and not me. The bedding is cute. you will have fun planning for just one sex, so much easier.

LeeAnn - hope you feel better!!

As for the kicks in the ribs, I have had them for over 4 weeks. I mentioned it to my Dr. and after looking at my U/s pix my dr. said they could be kicks since my boy is really long and my uterus being oddly placed/shaped to start it has spread more up and down then left to right. Prior to seeing my pix he said it could be fromt he ribs moving a little to make more room, guess that happens for most people between 18-25 weeks. The shorter you are the earlier your body starts making room.

02-04-2010, 05:47 AM
Wow busy day!
If you put ur name for facebook, I added you...you can find me under Candace Pettee..I dont think there are any others

Judy--wow 3 girls!!!! I love the bedding you picked out

Leeann- I hope you can kick that bug soon and you stop getting the fever!

birdling- we made it to double digits!!!(official unprepared panic sets in now!lol)

afm- I found out today what it will be like if this lo is the same as alex! He has a friend in his class and they were both paired up with me today at the field trip....I will be busy! lol

02-04-2010, 07:53 AM
No time for personals - gotta love going to work! LOL I have my 24 week check-up at 5 today so I will update after. There really won't be anything to update though as she usually just does weight, blood pressure and listens for the h/b, but we'll see. I think I'll get my lab paper for the g/t test today. I'm really hoping that the May schedule is out so I can schedule my c/s, but she said it probably won't be until my next appt (28 weeks).

02-04-2010, 08:25 AM
Have my weekly cervical check today and 17p injections start today...I'll update this evening on cervical length...hoping for 3.5+!!!!

I guess it was a good thing I complained about dh being a pita yesterday about the name thing...I suggested a boys name last night and he really liked it! Yay! Progress! :p

02-04-2010, 10:16 AM
Tink- thinking "cervix of steel" thoughts for you:):):) How often will you do the shots?? If you or DH do them (I'm assuming they're somewhat similar to PIO), just make sure to put a heating pad on the area after to help.

Leeann- good luck today!!

Reba- I'm finally at a place where I can say I'm very glad it's me too:) It's going to be extremely hard but I'm ready as I'll ever be and excited! That's awesome your DH could feel the kicks!!

Kimbree- CUTE CUTE CUTE names!!!!!

Jillian- I'm probably not the best one to answer, but my energy never came back lol..I am proud to say that the nausea seems to have finally gone though!

We've got a small list going for names. I personally have this dorky idea of naming them after presidents (I'm a history geek)-Reagan, Kennedy and Madison LOL. But I don't want to do a scheme really and DH hates those names anyway. But I still thought it was cute.

Other names are Evie (can't decide between Evie and Ava), Hayden and Addison. Those are the few we agree on so far.

02-04-2010, 10:30 AM
Tink and Leeann-good luck today at the dr's!

Jillian- I knew someone said something about energy! My energy comes and goes. I have my days where I'm just so tired or I wear out so fast..but then theres days(or more likely nights) where I feel like I could run a marathon!

I go tomarrow for my 26 wk checkup and I'll be doin the 1 hr glucose in the office. I almost forgot that it's already thursday!

02-04-2010, 10:38 AM
Judy - Good luck choosing names, I can't imagine having to decide on 3 at one time but I am sure that you are up to the challenge. I am excited to see what the final list is. The bedding is adorable.

Good luck to all with appts this week.

AFM - My husband thinks that I am crazy cause I constantly change my mind about things and was thinking of changing the bedding but he put his foot down and said we likes it so we are not changing it. It was kind of cute when he said it actually. I was worried all of this time that he did not like it. At least now I know he does! I am so hoping that this phase that I am in waking up at 2 a.m. for nor reason and not being able to go back to sleep until 3 or 4 leaves me quickly, it is so annoying and leaves me so tired when I get up.

02-04-2010, 11:31 AM
Leeann- Good luck today. My appt is today too:) can't believe we are so close.

Judy- Three girls Woohoo. It will be easier to have all of one sex I think. Names would really stress me out too..it was hard coming up with one:) My hubby always hated my girl names too.

Cac- good luck today....I hope I do ok with 2 boys too:)

Kimbree- My DSD is named Savannah. I like it. I like Evan too

Does it ever seem that everything that can stress you out happen all at once. I really think I need to stay away from my extended family for awhile. Every single one of them are causing me stress. My natural reaction is to take care of everyone but I CAN"T.

02-04-2010, 01:08 PM
Sunshine-There is nothing wrong with wanting a theme to names. I like to have all biblical names or at least names after someone. We only chose Jaden after we lost the baby, we never knew the sex (though in my heart I know he was a boy) and figured that Jaden fit both. Had he lived, he would have been Zachariah. My mom also did the biblical name thing too. Joshua, Glory, Naomi and Charity. My brother has named all of his kids after presidents that he likes. Taylor, Kennedy (both girls) and their first boy is due in May and will be named Truman (sp). So you are not alone in the president thing:)
Back to work, just had to say something about the president names since my bro did the same thing.

02-04-2010, 02:08 PM
I added 2 of you that was all I could find on facebook. I am under Katie Core

02-04-2010, 02:23 PM
tink-glad someoneis making progress with DH and the name game!! lol Its a ruff road sometimes but I am sure we are gonna come to an agreement!! I hope!

leeann-Goodluck at your appt!!

judy-good deal no nausea!!! I like the presidents names you picked out personally!! The others are cute too! I dont think its a bad idea to have a scheme it gives them a little more meaning. I like the other names to they are all cute.

Katie-thanks! the name are still in the works DH is so difficult. I am hopeing on monday when we find out what we are having it will motivate him to decide. And thanks for the add on facebook!!

I know I complain about DH but he really is a stand up guy. He has been sending me sweet text messages from work that really make my day. I am such a lucky lucky girl to have a man like him!

Oh and i signed up for classes today!!! So excited to get started I have an early pregnancy class in march and then my Lamaze/infant care classes start at the end of march-may and then a breast feeding class in may I am so excited!!!!

02-04-2010, 06:07 PM
Hi ladies- quick update...I went for my cervical check....3.2. It was 3.7 last week and 3.4 the week before. Damn thing won't remain constant!! OB says it's fine, but scares the crap outta me! *sigh*

Anyway, baby looks good, hr was 155 (I'm still gonna guess boy...Owen was in the 150's the whole time)

Sunshine- sincve I have to go in weekly anyway, the nurse gives me the 17p (and it is the same as PIO). The nurse today was awesome and I'm only a tad sore...hope I get her all the time!!

02-04-2010, 09:28 PM
tink- I hope your cervix stays above 3! (that's what my ob likes to see). I started out at 20 weeks with 6 (a really long cervix) and then at 25 weeks I was 5.5 and then it went down to 4.5 at 27 weeks. I'm still fine because it's over 3, but I know what you mean about not liking to see it shrink!

02-04-2010, 09:45 PM
My appointment was uneventful. Baby's h/b was in the 140s and my bp was good. I got the lovely paper for the GD screening test. I passed it with Makenna, so I'm hoping for another pass this time around!!

Soooo, I think I have changed my mind about the bedding. I think I am going to do a girly room. The only problem is all the bedding that I bought way back when is all out of the packages, which I threw out. It's all still brand new and not washed, so maybe I'll just try and sell it on craigslist or ebay. I have the bedding, diaper stacker, an extra blanket, 2 extra sheets, 2 valances, 4 rolls of border, and wall stickers. I found the bedding that I want at Target and dh really likes it, too. We decided that since we won't be having another baby (if at all) for another 4 years or so, we'd just re-do the room anyway. So here's the new bedding I want:


It's the Tiddliwinks Raspberry garden collection from Target... right now the bedding set is only 55.99 and the other stuff that matches is really reasonable, too.

02-04-2010, 09:46 PM
Whew!! Can't keep up with the posts!

Judy -- congrats on the three girls! That's so exciting!

Leeann -- jeez, I hope you kick that bug soon. Make sure you tell your doctor about the fever!

Tink -- glad your cervical length is okay, though it's not as long as you want. Also glad you got a good nurse for the 17P shot. My hubby is doing mine ... it's not bad, all things considered!

Cac -- crazy that we're under 100 now!! Yipes!

Nothing new here -- faxed the request to my OB to say I'm switching practices and please send off my medical records. I felt a little bad doing it, but I'm relieved, too ... have an appointment with the new OB on Wednesday and hoping everything goes well! Can't wait for my appointment with the MFM, since I know I'll get a u/s there. :) That's Feb 15th ...

02-04-2010, 09:58 PM
birdling - we must have been posting at the same time! Good luck at your new doctors!!!

02-04-2010, 11:01 PM
LeeAnn, that bedding is so cute! I have been looking at Targets website constantly lol. I love sales! I'm glad the appointment went well. Uneventful is good!

Tink, At least your cervix is still in the good range! I'm sure everything will be ok since they are measuring it so closely. And woohoo for good nurses!

02-05-2010, 01:09 AM
leeann-i love the bedding!!!! OMG if this lo is a girl im so snatching that up!!! Beautiful

02-05-2010, 01:17 AM
Leann - Glad all went normally! You should have the theme you really want and if nto planning for another for a while may as well go all out!!!

Tink - Sorry Cervix is getitng smaller, but still in good numbers.

Birdling - Good Luck with the new OB. I know it is hard to change, but hopefully it will work out for you.

Judy –I love the president’s name. I think a theme is fine, a lot of families do it for all their kids. If you are doing it for triplets it makes perfect sense, as long as they don’t ryme!! My Friend with Triplets decided to do ABC, Abby, Bailey, Chloe. I thought it was cute.

Cac – Good luck tomorrow at the Dr. hope all is normal!

Darlin – I have the same issue with sleep, but I am waking up at least every hour and then sleep for 30 min and I am awake again. I hate it!!

For Facebook – I found who I could! I am listed under Rebekah Anne Davies. Just say you are on the boards, cause I get a lot of weird requests!

Kimbree – Congrats on signing up for your classes. I am hoping to sign up for the c-section class soon, but we have to have ti scheduled before I can join the class.

Lighthouse – How are you doing? How is bedrest?

AFM - I had a massage today!!! It was amazing and I feel so good. I recommend if you can afford it go get one!!!! I was able to get 2hour sessions for the price of one, and it was worth it. The Lady that does it only does them for maturnity and post-partum. She has a really nice clinic and she is training a few other thearpists to join her. She has a large classroom for birthing classes, nursing classes and various support groups. It is really cool.

02-05-2010, 02:10 AM
tink- it may not be where you want it, but atleast it's still good and your doc isnt worried

Bird- good luck with your new ob..do you know when you'll see the new one yet?

Leeann- that bedding is super cute!

Reba- the massage sounds good, but I will admit even tho my dh is a pita sometimes, he does rub my back and if I say they're hurting, my feet for me.

dh decided he only wants us in the room for delivery- if only he knew whats to expect! I've got to either get him motivated to be prepared or allow someone else in the room for coaching!

02-05-2010, 09:21 AM
Just wanted to pop in and say hey... Im finally in the 2nd trimester and hoping to get some energy back (but who knows with having to chase a 3 year old around).

Hope everyone is having a good friday.... we are gearing up for more snow here in Va...

02-05-2010, 11:29 AM
Leeann- love the bedding!!!

Reba- I love massages!! Will probably get a couple further along. Enjoy yours!!

Bird- I also changed obs during my first pregnancy. Not that the one we had was bad, but we moved. It wasn't bad and I think because you actually wanted to change the transition will be smooth.

Anya- welcome!!

Judy- I have to say I love the president's names you've picked out. Too bad dh isn't on board. With dd that was one of the hardest things to do, choosing a name, but the right ones will come along and it just sort-of clicks if you know what I mean.

Tink- Let's just hope that it stays around that length. At least you are going into this knowing you may have a problem with this and can handle the situation as it comes. Hopefully it won't!!

Bird- I can't imagine dh having to do any shots. When we did injections he got this look in his eye that made me nervous, like he was going to relish doing it. Well, he ended up not doing them and glad of it I am!!

AFM- failed my glucose test, so will have to do the three hour one. We did it early because I was concerned about coming off the met. You see I was put on met to regulate af for ttc, but after shortly going on it a host of "problems" I was having became less. And I really didn't want the migraines and emotions to go haywire again. So we'll see, ob wants to do it next week.

What are your averages for weight gain so far? I think I'm doing ok, 4 lbs. so far and I'm still fitting in my clothes, although the jeans can be a little uncomfortable. It was around this time with dd that I started gaining alot of weight (close to 100 lbs for the whole pregnancy) and I really don't want a repeat. And yes I was eating fairly healthy and exercising, it just came on. I'm already overweight so this scares me!!


02-05-2010, 12:49 PM
red-that place you are going sounds nice! I need to find a place like that around here, I am in need of some ME time!! lol already!

Anya-welcome to the second tri!!!

dizzy-i am concerned about weight gain too because i am already so over weight as it is!! I lost weight at first like 6lbs but since then ive gained that back plus 3lbs so not so bad this far but im really nervous everything i see that scale!!

02-05-2010, 01:13 PM
anya - welcome! hope your energy levels come back! mine was generally better than first tri, but i still get days that i am just sooo tired...and i am starting to get sick again when i dont eat...so it's not very pleasant when that happens!

have you ladies been having to resort to tums for burps? I started getting burps when i get the nausea or when i start throwing up...so i am starting to take tums too...wonder if that is normal.

I have gained probably a little over 10 lbs since my pregnancy...but my doc didnt seem concerned about it...he thinks i should gain around 30 lbs throughout the pregnancy...although i do wish the weight gain will be slower!!

gestational diabetes -- have a general question...have any of you been diagnosed with it? how can we tell symptoms before we have that glucose test? i think my glucose test is not for another 2 months...but wondering if there are symptoms to look out for...i am eating so much sugar/carb...it's insane!

02-05-2010, 01:30 PM
I have GD but did not have to do the Glucose Tolerance Test to determine as I was already checking my blood sugars and knew that they were not where they were supposed to be.

I fax my sugars in twice a week to my endo and she reviews them and calls me to tell me the game plan for the week.

Do you check your blood sugars at all?

02-05-2010, 02:03 PM
Leeann- LOVE the bedding!!!

Reba- a massage sounds heavenly. My poor DH gets roped into massaging my feet and back every night..lol He'd probably be more than willing to pay for me to have a professional one so he can have a day off;)

Candace- have you thought about childbirthing classes for DH? Or a scary episode of A Baby Story? lol

Hi Anya!! Good to see you over here!!!

Liz- thanks on the names! I really like them too. I have a couple months to talk DH into it haha! As for weight gain, I've gained around 21 pounds from the time I started my FET to now. I've been told to gain at least 26 pounds by 24 weeks and I think I'm on track for that haha...All the Big Macs I've been eating are paying off:) Over all I'm supposed to gain around 60 pounds. But that's just because I'm carrying a litter.

puw- I've really been going through the Tums here lately. I eat them like candy.

Well I had my regular OB appt today...everything looked good. My blood pressure was a little up (122/90) but my OB didn't seem concerned. I'm measuring 26 weeks which he says explains all the pressure and back pain, etc. I took the rest of the day off to nap so I don't fall asleep tonight during Dane Cook!!! And I'm definitely following the advice of the liner so I don't wet my pants hahaha!!

02-05-2010, 02:52 PM
I had my 18 week u/s today and everything looked great! The baby was doing great and we are having a BOY!! So the 13 week guess was completely wrong. I learned my lesson about listening to that and buying things. We didn't buy much and I kept all of the receipts so we already took it all back and replaced it with boy things. Anyway my cl was also great at 5.46. There was bad news though because it doesn't seem like I can not have something to worry about. My placenta is completely covering my cervix and the Doc said he does not expect it to move and he doesn't know how it will react with having a cerclage in place. He told me about how the placenta can tear and how we may have to have a preterm delivery. Not like I am not already at a high risk for that with IC. So basically I am really scared. He said there is nothing we can do but wait and see.

02-05-2010, 04:09 PM
shell -- congrats! yay! welcome to team blue!! we really are having a lot of boys here!! I hope everything goes well...please try not to worry too much because stress is not good for the baby!! (but who am i kidding...i am sure we find things to worry about, no matter what!)

02-05-2010, 07:17 PM
Hey guys,

Getting a bit excited about this baby now... We got the crib yesterday through the target awesome deal with the free mattress and then today pulled out all my maternity cloths from when i was prego with Liam... Starting to feel real i guess... and how sad is it im happy to see the prego undies... my dh laughed at me...

Anyways we are getting snow/rain/sleet here today and tomorrow so hopefully Liam wont drive us to nuts from being cooped up....

02-05-2010, 08:58 PM
shell- congrats and welcome to team blue! With predictions earlier in pregnancy, it is more likely that a guess for a girl is wrong and they just cant see the boy parts yet!...but either way congrats!!! as for the previa, you can most likely expect bedrest soon so you don't experience bleeding and if it doesnt move you'll have a c section to help prevent severe bleeding in delivery. Try not to stress too much, I'm sure you doctors will do everything possible to make sure that you and your baby stay healthy.

Judy-lol on the scary show..I watch a ton of those, so he's seen a few of them. I did talk to him last night though and told him I want to make sure that he'll be prepared and will know what to expect/do since he would be my coach then. He didn't know that my mom way my coach last time. I did tell him though that there's all kinds of advice and things for dads and dads that will be coaches for their wives that I can get for him. Sooo we'll see I guess. Have fun at the show tonight!- and remember you might need an extra liner!

afm- I had my 26wk appt today-mostly uneventful. I'm waiting for my 1hr test results and I didn't have to go back for 3-4 wks until we got to my asthma, and then moved it up to 2 wks since she's concerned that my asthma still isnt under control like she would like to see. She also told me to try to be careful with my weight gain since I'm up 14 lbs from my starting and I had lost about 10 in the beginning! I swear I'm not eating all junk!

02-05-2010, 09:06 PM
shell- congrats on team blue!! I'm sure you'll be ok...but anything out of the ordinary when you've been through a rough pregnancy in the past is scary. Hang in there...they'll be keeping an eye on you.

Anya- we're under a blizzard warning....so I hear ya on being cooped up. Owen's going to go bonkers this weekend!

Cac- I gained 2 lbs in the last week!! I don't know where that came from! I hate being weighed weekly!! lol!

I'm actually doing a gtt test next week at my weekly appt. The ob said that w/ pcos and the 17p inj I'm put at a higher risk, so they want to do the 1 hr now and then again during the normal time frame. bleh!

02-05-2010, 09:37 PM
Ugh!! I just posted this huge long post and I lost it! :( I'll try to remember what I put lol.

Tink, I had to do a gtt test at 11 weeks as a baseline because of the PCOS and me being on met. Hopefully yours will come back ok and you won't have to do the 3 hr. I failed my 1hr by 5 points and ended up passing the 3hr. It's not bad waiting, it just sucks because I only have one good vien so I end up leaving with bad marks!

Candace, I hope your asthma calms down for you! Glad the baby is doing ok though. 14lbs doesn't seem that bad to me!

Anya, Congrats on the 2nd tri! I took advantage of the same deal at Target! I ended up getting the Graco Charleston in white. I can't wait to get everything set up!

Shell, Congrats on the boy!!!! Hopefully your placenta will get a move on and get off your cervix! I knew someone who had the same thing and hers ended up moving. Try not to worry too much!

Judy, Have fun tonight! Too funny about the liner lol. Glad the appointment went well!

Liz, I was worried about gaining too much weight too. In the begining I was up about 6lbs and now I'm at 3lbs. I think a lot was bloat. From what I've read you seem to be on track by gaining 4lbs.

02-06-2010, 08:08 AM
hi all!
i have a random question...are any of you still doing any kind of waxing? i hear that we might more sensitive to pain during pregnancy...thinking of getting a bikini wax since I want to try to go swimming more

02-06-2010, 11:35 AM
puw-i am a cosmetologist and I do alot of waxing on everyone including pregnant woman and I just waxed my eyebrows a few days ago and I would be happy to say I really dont see a difference. I have never heard anything about it being more painful before! I wouldn't go to a new place but stick with the old place if you have gotten it done before everyone uses different tecniques to wax and different products if it hasn't been painful in the past stick with the place you had it done, because the next place may not be that way and it doesn't mean because your pregnant for sure even if you use the same place but someone else does it it could be a totally different experience.

02-06-2010, 01:54 PM
On the waxing thing - I have had my regular facial waxes done and had no more pain then normal.

Shell - Congrats on the boy and hope you can not let the stress get to you. I have a similar situation, yet I have decided I can't do anything about it and worrying can make the situations worse. I try to not think about it and just relax as much as possible.

I think that was everythng, I am not sure my memory is shot and I jsut scrolled up again. He is moving a lot and hates anything pushing on him. I hold another baby or kid he is attacking the whole time, even when theya re not pushing on my belly. I already have a jealous baby!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Good luck to those of you on the east coast with all that snow!! hope you can keep LOs from driving you crazy. My sister said they have been dumped in Centerville, VA yet in Utah where we love snow nothing for over 3 weeks. We got rain yesterday. Crazy weather patterns!!!

02-06-2010, 02:32 PM
Reba - we got like 16 or 18 inches of snow last night. It's crazy for us here! Some of our lines are down in front of our house - not live power lines thank God, but we were without power for like 6 hours. The house was freezing!! Thank goodness it's back on now! The entire commonwealth of PA is currently in a state of emergency and we can be fined if we go out... like I'd venture out with my pregnant self and a 2 year old anyway!!

02-06-2010, 07:31 PM
puw- I haven't heard of it hurting more during pregnancy, but I have heard that your skin is more sensitive so you might have some sort of skin reaction. However, I wax my own eyebrows and upper lip and I haven't noticed any difference. I've never done the bikini wax but I'm considering it since I can't reach anymore:(

02-06-2010, 07:54 PM
leann - Hello PA neighbor! We lost power for 20 hours, it finally came back on about an hour ago and our house was freezing too! Thank God we had the dogs to keep us warm. We went to local fire hall today to get something warm to eat and I was dreading it tonight since it's supposed to drop way below freezing, but luckily, my prayers were answered and the power/heat is on! Although, there's no way we can get out of our driveway...hopefully DH will not have to go into work tomorrow and can work on shoveling us out.

02-06-2010, 08:22 PM
ugh on snow!! We have about 28 inches!!! It's CRAZY!!!! Luckily we haven't lost power! We're in a state of emergency too...it's nuts around here!

02-06-2010, 09:25 PM
Ughs, ladies who are dealing with snow, I'd send you the Hawaii sunshine if I could!! Hope you don't get snowed in and your power stays on.

The waxing thing - I haven't noticed it hurting any more than normal, though I also pluck with tweezers for touch ups and that just plain ole sucks.

AFM - We went and had our ultrasound today at the 3D place. The couple that went in before us they discovered triplet girls. This chic had yet to have -any- prenatal care what so ever and this was her first u/s. Kinda shocking to me to have never been to a doctor and instead opt for going to a place that doesn't do diagnostics, just visuals. But to each their own.

Anyway, when it was our turn, we were in there for quite awhile because our lo seemed gunshy. We soon discovered that it wasn't shyness but teasing!! Lo would flip just when we were in the right spot, then turn again and teased the crap out of us! The tech was really great though and she got us the money shot.

Its.. a... BOY!!! So add me to team blue ladies! Hubs tried to play it off, but I know he was super excited that there will finally be more testosterone in the house (what with his wife and two female dogs in the house).

02-06-2010, 09:39 PM
Jillian - Congrats on the Boy!! Welcome to Team Blue!!! I think we are winning the count so far.

Sorry for those with lost power. No shoveling snow any of you, make DH do it!! I can't believe that much snow, peopel here in Utah are laughing that the whole area is shut down, they think they are tougher here, but they still close schools and roads when we get big storms too and we haven't had one that big for years. Just kind of funny to me.

I have a scratchy throat and a low fever. Just wondering how high should I worry. Right now I am at 99.0 and usually am around 97.8 or so. Any suggestions would really help.

02-06-2010, 09:41 PM
Jillian, congrats on the boy!!! Love the name, if we were having a boy we were going to pick Tristan too!

I feel you guys on the snow, we had a few really bad snow storms when we were in Denver. Now in San Diego I'm having to deal with earthquakes! Have to trade one natural disaster for another!

02-06-2010, 09:56 PM
Jillian- Congrats!!! So many boys!!! Sunshine took all the girls! lol!!

Red- I'm not positive, but I would think you wouldn't want it over 101 or 102. Have you taken any tylenol?

02-06-2010, 11:46 PM
Reba - I think a lot of the reason they declared it a state of emergency is because there are/was a LOT of people without power and it's cold. There are power lines down everywhere just because this area is not used to seeing that much snow. Therefore, everything is designed to hold the weight of that much snow and people don't have the snow removal equipment like they'd have in an area that normally gets a lot of snow. One of the counties below us had their road crew go on strike at midnight so not ONE road was plowed in the town (a big town, too) and all the roads had over a foot and a half of snow on them. Also, many people don't have cars that can go in the snow. It's not too bad now, though. We are supposed to get another 4 or 5 inches on top of the current snow on Tuesday, I think.

02-07-2010, 10:14 AM
sorry to everyone dealing with the snow- I hate it myself(and I'm a winter baby and raised in chicago) and I'm kinda thankful we didnt get too much here so far(knock on wood! lol)- I bet having a nice fireplace sounded nice when the power was out though! Hang in there is doesnt stay bad forever.

Jillian- welcome to team blue--I swear what is it with them triplet women getting all the girls!(just teasing Judy!;))

exciting news here- I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! lol I was asleep by 8 and only stirred a few times..but never woke all the way up until 6 am! yay!

02-07-2010, 06:00 PM
Cac - Way to sleep through the night!! I am jealous!!

LeAnn - I can see why they would do a state of Emergancy for power out in the cold. We get snow and the roads take forever to clear all the time. I think we are all used to it though.

AFM - I took some tynol and then slept off and on all night. I am feeling better today and my tempature is pretty much down. I am trying to take it easy today so I can fele better before school tomorrow.

02-07-2010, 07:38 PM
Reba, I hope you feel better soon! Glad the tylenol helped.

And woohoo I'm below 150 days! I'm still not really feeling her move. Every now and then I think I do, but not sure. I can't wait until I can really tell!

I hope the snow calms down for everyone stuck in it! We had a bad blizzard once in Denver, Christmas of 2006. It was horrible, so I feel your pain!

02-07-2010, 07:58 PM
chelseaf -- i feel the same way as you! i cant tell if the baby is moving or if it's gas or just my imagination!!

02-07-2010, 10:08 PM
LOL You probably are feeling the baby. You'll be feeling it for sure pretty soon!! I can't wait until I get even further along. I hope it's like with my pg with Makenna because I'd watch her roll all over my belly every night! :) It was awesome!

02-08-2010, 08:04 AM
Reba- I hope you're feeling much better today, thats great that you got the fever down.

Chelsea-yay under 150! you're almost halfway there!

you two are probably are feeling the baby, but the kicks do get stronger and more regular, so you'll know for sure soon!

afm- crap I cursed it! lol now we've got a couple systems of snow headed here! I took the edge of my shopping urge yesterday at target, but still didnt get much. Now I'm planning on getting nearly all the large items in the next 12 days...theres a bunch of coupons that are printable online at babies r us that expire on the 20th, and since large ticket items are not the typical baby shower gift, I'm not too worried about that, but I think I'll register and then just buy it off of my registry--I'm starting to feel pressed for time even though I'm still supposed to have about 3 months! Sorry for the ramble..I;ve just got a lot racing through my head now!

02-08-2010, 10:23 AM
I have been out of town and it has been busy here.

Sorry to everyone dealing with snow!

AFM - Rode the motorcycle all weekend long and went into Mexico for dinner and drinks with some friends. (Of course no drinks for me) We had a good time, but I am glad to be off of the bike and back home. I had to get a good ride in though since Doc won't let me ride after this week.

02-08-2010, 08:22 PM
Well ladies the verdict is in!!! SHE showed us the goods!!! YES ITS A GIRL!!!

02-08-2010, 08:50 PM
Congrats on the girl Kimbree!!

You all are making me wish I was finding out!! But, I'll stick it out til July! lol!

Speaking of snow...we ended up with 34 inches and are due for another 10-20 inches Tues-Wed. BLEH!! I have to call the ob in the morning because I'm scheduled for my weekly u/s, ob, and injection appt on Thursday and I'm afraid I won't be able to make it in for it due to the lack of plowing going on. Makes me nervous!

02-08-2010, 08:58 PM
Congrats on the girl Kimbree!!!!!!

Tink, I can't believe how hard you are getting hit with that snow!! I hope everything is ok with getting to your appt. How far away is the office?

02-08-2010, 09:07 PM
Chelsea- the snow is rediculous...we didn't get hardly any last year and this year we're setting records! The ob's office is about a 25 min drive away on a good day.

02-08-2010, 09:30 PM
Congrats, Kimbree!

02-08-2010, 10:10 PM
thanks everyone! I feel so bad for those of you with lots of snow!! I hate snow it hasn't been that bad around here and everytime they say its going to get bad it really doesn't they are expecting around 6 inches by tomorrow its been snowing for a good part of the day here but when I think of it thats nothing compaired to what you ladies are getting!! I feel for ya!

Everyone is super excited that its a girl. I was kindof suprised at DH because he looked so sad, it really worried me at first but I think he's got a grip on it now! I just didn't want him to be disappointed. He was the one telling me all this time it was a girl! After we got home and talked a little bit he seems to be taking it better!! He's gonna be such a great daddy! I can't wait till he meets his little girl! Awww im making myself tear up just sayin it.

Oh and I have to go back in two weeks for another u/s because she couldn't get a good pic of the spine! By that time baby girl was moving around so much she couldn't even get very good pics for me to take home. I think she was getting tired of being pushed on personally!! I am a little worried but the U/S tech said nothing to worry about she just needs a real clear shot so that they can measure it correctly. She said she didn't see anything to worry about, hahaha easy for her to say but at least I get to see my little one in 2 weeks.

02-08-2010, 11:19 PM
YAY KIM!!! Congrats on the girl!! How fun and don't worry about your hubs too much. As soon as that little girl comes out, he will be wrapped so tight around her tiny finger that he won't even be able to tell her no...

02-08-2010, 11:21 PM
Kimbree...you must be near STL....I'm right across the river and fed up. I want the big dump and they keep talking all this big snow crap and nuttin' happens ;)

Just snooping around here.....fun to read up over here....pardon me :)

02-08-2010, 11:57 PM
Congrats on the girl Kimbree!!!!! Baby was moving alot for our u/s 2day too. They had to keep moving on to the next thing and come back to look at other parts because he was being uncooperative.

Sorry for everyone having to deal w/ all that snow on the east coast. We r getting a little bit but nothing at all compared to what you are all getting over there.

AFM--We had our 20 week u/s today. Everything measured right on. Just had one problem, they found a cyst on the brain so we are doing the integrated blood test to rule out anything and another u/s in 4 weeks, but they said the baby was healthy otherwise so it was most likely nothing. So I am not really too worried. Also............


02-09-2010, 02:52 AM
shan - Yikes on the cyst!! I will keep my fingers extra crossed! Congrats on joining team blue!!! I think its a mass of little boys so far!

02-09-2010, 07:04 AM
tricia-yes, they keep talking but not alot of action at least this time we are seeing a little bit! DH has to drive in it this morning so im pretty nervous and cant sleep. Hence why I am up at 5am.

Jillian-Thanks and isn't that the truth this is gonna be daddy's little girl for sure!

Shan-Congrats on the boy! And I am sure everything will be fine sweetie just keep the faith. I asked DH if he was worried cuz I had to get another u/s, and he said no the tech did say nothing to worry about but I kinda am. DH isn't really the worrier so far. Wait until I go into labor its gonna be a whole nother ball park for him.

02-09-2010, 07:34 AM
Congrats to everyone that found out what your having! I still have to wait another 9 days to find out the sex of mine and I can't wait! I have a STRONG feeling it's a boy.

I had a horrible headache all day yesterday at work and it never went away (and I didn't take anything for it either). This morning I woke up with a bad head cold. UGH! Any idea what meds I could take for it? Or should I just let it runs it's course and not take meds....I don't want to risk anything with this baby.

02-09-2010, 08:54 AM
Kimbree- Congrats on the girl!

Jessica- I get real bad headaches with this pregnancy and I am not prone to headaches at all.

Shan- Welcome to team blue!

Has anyone else had this happen to them. I was at work and all of a sudden it came really hard for me to control my left hand. Like my hand wouldn't do what I told it to. It was def strange and scared me. I was also a little dizzy. It went away but I was nervous. I think maybe I didn't drink enough water yesterday. I don't know.

02-09-2010, 09:09 AM
Hi ladies,

I've been reading along with you and now I get to post here. I'm 13 weeks today; due August 17.

Kimbree- congrats on the girl.

Tink - Hope you can make it to the doctor.

We've been getting snow here too. Last week or so we got about 8." Over the weekend we got a couple more. Last night/today we're scheduled for 6 more. All the schools around are closed. I made it to work, thankfully.

We're supposed to have a meeting in town today but I'm wondering if they'll cancel it. I can't imagine them wanting to have everybody drive over there.

Did anyone else start to show around this time? I can't believe the little bump I have. Of course - I'm only 4'11" - so there's not much room for the baby except out. One of my friends is letting me borrow a bunch of clothes, I'm so thankful and hopeful that I won't have to buy any. Another friend is going thru her stuff too and will be letting me borrow them. It is so nice of them.

Looking forward to chatting with you more.

02-09-2010, 09:19 AM
Shan and Kim- congrats on the boy and girl! I'm sure everything's okay either way with your lo's

Jessica-Give your ob's office a call, they can tell you whats safe vs whats not so you don't have to just suffer from it all.

Katie- I will get hot flashes, I'll get a little dizzy, and then my breathing will act up-someone also told me I went pale(yikes!) It could be dehydration, or if you didnt eat enough, that can do it too. Did you feel hot when you were dizzy? I find that after splashing some cold water on my face, removing a layer of clothing(I usually have atleast 2) and drinking some cold water helps(plus my inhaler if its my asthma). If it happens again, call your ob though. The only thing that I don't check when it happens is blood pressure(I have really low to begin with), so that could be either dropping or shooting up, and either way they need to know about that.

afm- I did it again-slept through the night! lol I just kept fighting my afternoon/early evening fatigue and then gave in around 10, it helped! Let's see about tonight though, I work my first 8hr since my doc had put me on restriction(I'll be doing less strenuous(sp?) work so it shouldnt be as bad...but my shift is 4-midnight..so we'll see!

02-09-2010, 09:22 AM
ck- u posted while I was! congrats on making it to the 2nd tri! I'm a bit west of you, so we're getting the snow now too(eww!). I hope it doesnt get aas bad as they say since I'll be getting home around 1 am!

02-09-2010, 09:31 AM

Hey! I'm in the very southern part of IN and you're in the very northern part of IL. I think it's 6 or 7 hours, something like that.

Yikes about driving in the wee hours of the morning in the snow. Hopefully they'll have it all cleared off by then!

02-09-2010, 10:00 AM
kimbree - don't worry about having to go back! I had to go back 2 weeks in a row because she was NOT cooperating. She couldn't get a good picture of the 4 chamber heart or the nose/lips. The second time she got the heart, and the third time she was able to get the nose/lips. The baby was just in a really odd position and stayed there and would not move for her. lol

I had a rough night last night. This cold of mine has settled in my chest. I don't think it's pneumonia because I don't have a fever. But last night I kept coughing and coughing - like the really deep hurt your chest kind. Needless to say, I didn't fall asleep until around 2 and Makenna was sitting on my bed at 7:30 saying, "I want breakfast mommy!" haha I just keep taking Robitussin and hoping that it eventually goes away. Thank goodness for the snow days from work, otherwise I'd be having to go in!

02-09-2010, 02:01 PM
Jessica, My doctors office gave me a list of meds I could take when I first went in. I get sinus headaches so I take plain sudafed to help since that is on the list. Here's what else I have on this for the sickies:
Robitussin AC or DM, Chloraseptic spray, Sudafed, Chlor-Trimetron/generic or Benadryl Allergy/generic. It also says Halls or Ricola cough drops are fine. Hope you feel better soon!

Shan, congrats on the boy!! Sorry to hear about the cyst, but it sounds like they aren't too concered. Try not to worry!

Cac, I am so jealous! lol. I slept like crap last night since DH is out of town. I get so paranoid!

LeeAnn, I hope you feel better soon. The coughing is the worst part! I wonder if mucinex is ok to take to break things up? It's not on my list, but you never know! Hopefully you can sneak a nap in.

Blondie, congrats and welcome to the 2nd tri!!

katie, You should probably give your dr a call and let them know what happened. I have had dizzy spells, but nothing where my arm felt like that. I hope it doesn't happen again!

AFM, Just waiting for my appt tomorrow, then an u/s on Friday. Hopefully she is still a girl lol.

02-09-2010, 03:55 PM
Jessica and Leeann- hope you feel better soon!

shan- congrats on the boy!! My friend's dd had cysts that showed on u/s. They resolved before she was even born and now she's a healthy 3yo. I believe they can be somewhat common. Hang in there!

blondie- welcome!

katiej- I'd call your ob. I hope you feel better!

Cac- Yay for sleep!! I have recently started sttn too....when Owen lets me :)

Sorry if I missed anyone. I talked to a nurse at the ob's office today about the weather and probably not being able to make it in for my appt on Thurs. They rescheduled my gtt and injection for friday morning. I will also see the ob. I'm hoping the ob will do an exam to check cervical length, otherwise I have to go to american radiology friday afternoon because the u/s tech that is at my ob's office has been stranded in PA since the weekend! She told me at my appt last week that her daughter had a dance competition up there that they were driving to and she was afraid of getting stuck...I guess they did! I can't imagine being snowed in at a hotel!

02-09-2010, 05:09 PM
Hope everyone is enjoying there tues......

AFM i headed into work as normal... and was quite shocked to notice some bleeding/clots when i went to the potty while there... called the dr and they think i need to drink more water since i wasnt cramping with it... told me to keep a check on it and if it got worse or any cramping came to call back... it never did and the bleeding stopped... :) Just counting down til my next reg. appt on the 19th now...

02-09-2010, 05:47 PM
Hope all of you with the snow are doing ok and staying warm. We don't get a lot of snow here and when we do it doesn't stay around for long. I just wish the weather would decide to stay cold or warm. We'll have 60's to 70's for a day then drop to the 20's & 30's. And rain!!! I would prefer snow, my backyard is one huge mud hole!!! My carpet is a mess with the dogs!!

Hey TMI ahead, but are any of you having problems with hemroidds. I went off met. and since then I am having problems with constipation, which has led to hemroidds. I hope it settles down when my body adjusts to no met. It sucks and I hope no of you get them!!!!!

On another note, I'm sure many of you have started to compare and buy baby products. Have you felt overwhelmed by it all? There's just so much out there now and just trying to keep it all straight and find what will work best for you. I was in Target taking some notes today and just started crying. I'm sure people thought I was nuts!! I just feel stressed and overwhelmed and believe me when I say that's not me. I'm the strong one normally. My emotions are playing havoc with me.

Again ladies to the north, be careful and stay warm!!!


02-09-2010, 05:55 PM
Liz- check out the bargain baby book. I used it when registering for my last pg. It's really helpful!!!

02-09-2010, 05:55 PM
Liz, I'm having the same fanny problem as you lol. They're not too bad right now, but sometimes they act up and I have some blood when I wipe. You could try adding in a little more fiber and drinking lots of water. I know any of the creams are safe to take while pg, so you could try that too. I hope it feels better soon!
And with buying things. I found it easier to research stuff online. That way you can see all the reviews people give rather than just guessing in the store. Also, if you register at babiesrus they give you a little guide that tells you essentials to get.

Anya, around 13 or 14 weeks I had a day of very light brownish spotting. Just try to keep hydrated and take it easy. I'm glad it's stopped!

02-09-2010, 06:13 PM
Chels- Yep doing all the above concerning those darn fanny problems plus using a fiber supplement. Hope yours get better too!! I do go online, but with cribs I just wanted to see if the quality is there. You know sturdiness and accessibility.

Anya- I think alot of us had some spotting-bleeding around that time. Stay hydrated and take it easy after having some spotting.


02-09-2010, 07:48 PM
Thanks guys... wasnt really that worried since i had some bleeding with Liam throughout my whole first trimester(since i didnt find out i was prego until around week 14 or so) I am trying to rest and drink lots since im pretty sure that is the problem... its been so cold and dry here this month that it is killing me especally at night...

02-09-2010, 09:13 PM
Hey girls - hope everyone is doing well! I'm still fighting this sickness and it's just not fun. We have been off school for the last 2 days due to the snow and we are off tomorrow, too. Normally, that would be awesome, but I'm a contracted employee so I'm only paid for hours billed and it's hard to bill when you aren't seeing kids for direct services! Oh well, I guess. We might be off the whole week...

It's so hard to believe I'm 25 weeks today. 14 weeks to go... just crazy!!

02-10-2010, 02:43 AM
Hi Everyone!! Welcome to the new mom (sorry can't remember your name) the 2nd Tri does get better, it can take a while, but it is great once you get your enegry back.

Congrats on finding out about the boy and girl (again sorry not doing well with names and my computer keeps glitching when I try to look back).

As for those witha cold my Dr. said that Mucinex was best cause it doesn't dry you out, he perfers I don't take anything D (decongestant) it can cause drying of membranes and dehydration. I have been taking mucinex to break up my nose congestion, make it run like crazy, but not stuffed up!!!

Sorry for those with snow in the forecast, esp those that have had so much already. Enjoy the snow days as much as possible. We are looking at one of the lowest snowfall years in Utah in years. Hope we get some soon so we have water in the summer.

AFM - I finally broke down and bought some stuff for the baby. It was jsut some cute outfits at Carters. I had a coupon and they are having a great sale. I bought larger item so the bug won't wear them for about a year, but it helped. I have 2 showers coming so don't want to buy too much till after them. My husband's family is very generous and my sister-n-laws are being great and throwing me a shower in Cali for that side of the family. My sister is throwing me a shower here for friends and hopefully my mom can come too!! I also bought the material and accessories to make a carseat canopy, I don't have classes the rest of the week so it is a good project, but also it seems easy so may only take a few hours.

02-10-2010, 09:39 AM
Anya- I'm glad the bleeding stopped, make sure you stay hydrated and rested!

Liz- I had the same problem earlier in my pregnancy. Make sure you're also drinking enough water, that can make you constipated if you don't which will irratate them. As far as crying at target..welcome to planet hormones! It'll get better soon though.

Leeann- I hope you kick that bug soon!

afm- We got about a foot of snow here yesterday, and then an earthquake at 4am today! omg wtf! It was only a 4.3, and I didn't feel it thankfully(I was knocked out), but it seems that it was in the west and south of the city(and certain areas of the southside felt it also). Now our snow has headed east, good ladies getting more that are alreadly snowed in!

02-10-2010, 09:45 AM
sorry for the double post--it wont let me edit!

reba- I hate computers sometimes too!

Idk if I posted this yesterday- I forgot!- But I did pass my 1 hr, just barely failed my anemia- so an iron supplement once a day for me! I asked a pharmacist yesteday, and he told me my ins will cover it also..yay!, but crap at the same time..lol

02-10-2010, 11:44 AM
It is just plain cold here with only about 5 or 6" of snow on the ground. I normally walk down to our other building everyday (maybe 1/4 mile one way) but the wind just made it too cold today.

As far as the big items/showers...When do you normally have a shower? Are you guys buying the big ticket items or thinking people will pool together to purchase them for you? So far we have bought a crib (still need the mattresses.) I was thinking about getting the mattresses and bedding. Friends of ours gave us a bassinet and a swing. The rest I was just planning to register for...? I was also planning to start buying diapers every other week or so...If the brand won't work or if a different size is needed, I can always trade them for something else. One of my co-workers said they have different diapers for whether it's a girl or a boy? ...don't remember seeing that, but can't say I was really looking either...?

My hubby has been freaking out on me. He's like ...we gotta do this, buy that, etc. I'm glad he's motivated, but highly unlike him to be freaking out.

How much is daycare running in your areas? The one place I called said 85/week and then 80 after 18 months and then 75 when potty trained.

I am finally starting to get some energy back. I've actually stayed up til my "normal' bedtime the last few nights.

02-10-2010, 01:19 PM
blondie- you can register for whatever you want! Our parents went in together to buy the crib and changing table/dresser for Owen. We bought the bedding and most everything else was received at the shower. We ended up buying stuff we didn't get at the shower afterwards (like the crib mattress). I think it's cute your dh wants so much done...but make sure you leave stuff for your registry! My dh already has the baby's room painted and the crib and changing table put up there (we bought a new set since ds still uses his crib). As for diapers...there aren't boy/girl diapers. I think there MAY be different ones for pull-ups, but diapers are all the same. We went through every brand when ds was an infant before we finally found one he wouldn't poop out of. I'm not going to buy too many this time around since I don't know what will work. As for daycare....around here it's rediculous. I ended up basically working just to put Owen in daycare...so now I'm a sahm. Daycare in this area for an infant is $350/wk, then goes down to about $250/wk when they turn 2. Your prices sound awesome to me!

Cac- glad you passed the gtt...I have mine friday. I was ok last pg, so I'm hoping this time to be the same. Scary about the earthquake!

Red- what kind of canopy are you making for the carseat? Like where the sunshade goes? I'm not very crafty, but really want to make a blanket for the baby. I don't even own a sewing machine, so I'm not sure how that would work out! lol!

Anya- hope all the bleeding has stopped.

We've been snowed in for 6 days now....it's getting really old! I'm hoping to get out of the house tomorrow, but apparently the snow is so deep that the plows can only take off the top 2 feet, so there will still be snow covered roads everywhere! Should be interesting!

02-10-2010, 01:36 PM
There is no way I can keep up. There are so many of us in the 2nd tri.
Welcome to all the new ladies.
Congrats to everyone who has recently found out what they are having.
Sorry to all those with all of the snow!
As for registering. This is my second (earth) baby so I won't be having a shower but this is the gist of when pregnant with Leah.
I had my shower when I was about 30-31 wks. We had it at my house b/c I was on bed/home rest. DH is not a person who likes "gifts" but he understood that my friends wanted to have a shower for me and let me have one. But we bought the car seat, DH is a Master Carpenter and made the crib, we brought the mattress. MIL made the quilt. BIL and SIL were done having babies so they gave us (and in great condition) a high chair, swing, bumbo and some toys. My cousin was done having kids and sent me four boxes full of baby girl clothes (SIL also gave me some) dresser was already built into the nursery. My cousin also gave me bottles and that U shaped pillow (can't remember the name right now) so as you can see, people were so generous that we didn't really have to register for much at all.
Daycare- from birth to 12 months it was 125/wk, at 1 yr it is 100/wk and 5/wk for food. In the summer (teacher) Leah goes part time (baby won't this summer, will count as my maternity leave) and I think we pay like 75/wk for part-time, can't remember off hand. DH handles all of the money.
Comparing products. With Leah I stared researching car seats and thought I was going to go crazy but then DH reminded me that all car seats have to pass the same government standards. Make sure you get one that doesn't weigh a lot though. We we had a trooper check to make sure we put it in right he said that we bought a really good one. He also showed us how to buckle right (they didn't tell us that at the hospital) the straps and the buckle need to be right across the chest. I would highly suggest EVERYONE have a trooper or someone in law enforcement/fire department check your carseat and show both you and DH. It is a free service.

AFM-I had OB appt. on Mon. I am measuring 23wks, so a little big, Leah was the same way. HB was 156. We will have another u/s at 32wks to check the kidney (enlarged) but Dr. said it was nothing to worry about.
I made sure with Leah to get gender neutral stuff so that if we ever had a boy we wouldn't have to buy all new stuff so we really don't need a whole lot for Zach. My mom did get me a pink baby bath so we will have to get one of those but besides that it is mainly clothes and a few blankets. I wanted to start buying stuff the other day but DH said the next two months are going to be tight (taxes, car insurance, tags and taxes for car, etc. ) but promised me that before he comes I will be able to guy what ever I want (within reason) so for now I just look at the little boy stuff when we go to the store. Sorry for the book. Back to work.

02-10-2010, 01:37 PM
ck - they USED to make boy/girl diapers. They were like that when my nephew was a baby and he's almost 16. Now they are all neutral, except pull-ups which are girl/boy - and that may just be because of the designs? I really liked the Up and Up brand of diapers from Target for dd and they are cheap. We started used them at the end before she was potty trained and she never leaked through them. Before that, we mostly used Luvs, but we did use Pampers when she was new and huggies in there somewhere, too. She never had too many issues with diapers, but we went through a period where we needed overnights for her because she sleeps roughly 12 hours in a row at night and she'd pee through her diapers. She outgrew that, too.

Our daycare for a 2 year old is like $160 something a week. An infant is $170 something. Tink - that's crazy!! My SIL lives in Waldorf and I think their daycare was like $200/week for an infant.

We are called off again for tomorrow from school! I'm so glad to be home with dd, but really upset to not be getting paid. Thank goodness we'll be filing taxes soon! lol

02-10-2010, 02:17 PM
wow there sure are alot of us in the second tri- I love reading through all the posts though!

leeann- thank for the encouragement I told DH that I was worring about having to get another u/s and he seemed a little shocked cuz he wasn't worried at all! He just said that she told you that she just couldnt get a clear shot! She did keep saying "she's on the move, again!!" you both made me feel so much better! Thanks! hope you are feeling better be glad you have this time to recoop think if you would have had to work I bet it would be much worse. I hear ya on the taxes we are getting an extra big tax return this year which is great with this baby coming!! I qualified for some tax breaks I didn't get last year which was awsome since I own my own business! So glad I dont have to worry about daycare i know its so expensive!!

jess-hope you are feeling better.

Ck-blondie-congrats and welcome to the second tri

CAC-YAY for sleep!!! I wish I could get some! We are buying a new mattress when we get our taxes back and i am so excited I can bearly roll out of this one the 50 times I have to get out of bed at night! lol

chels-let us know how your appt goes today and I cant wait to hear about yur u/s on friday!!! and lol I am sure she is still a girl!!! hopefully! I know what you mean about not being able to sleep when DH is gone! I hate that!

Anya-glad things calmed down for you

Dizzy-I had a lot of problems with constipation too! Lots! I had to drink shots of prune juice all day and I was on myralax and colace (sp?) It has gotten better and if I drink a ton of apple juice now that pretty much does the trick and lots of water of course unfortunately fiber didnt help me much it was mostly the colace and myralax and prune juice that did it for me!!! But dont let it get to bad! I would say ne longer than 6 days! I made that mistake once and will never let it get that bad again. At least now I know what to do if it gets bad but it was very painful and scary there for a while!
I am so overwelmed by all the baby stuff to and I think DH's head is spinning!!! Lol I am glad our family is so big we are gonna have alot of help! I am so thankful for that!
You gotta love italians!

02-10-2010, 03:04 PM
Wow are you ladies busy today!!!!

Leeann- at least being off of work will hopefully allow you to kick the bug you have. It's miserable to work while being sick.

Ck- my husband was that way with our first. This time it seems it's gonna be all up to me to pick and buy everything. Probably why I feel overwhelmed.

Well I had failed my 1 hr glucose test last week and today was the 3 hr. Ouch is all I can say. I couldn't eat anything past 8:00 last night, so woke up starving. So I go to the lab, my appt was at 8 am and the place takes it's sweet time opening up. They had trouble finding veins, so after moving the needle around inside for awhile to try to get one, they would inform me that they are going to have to try to find another one. So normally you get poked 4 times, well six times here. And I'm sore from the needle being moved around. Hopefully I will get the results later today or tomorrow. I also treated myself to lunch at Applebees and had a bacon cheeseburger. It was so good!!!!!, haven't had one in so long. I know bad of me, but I so deserved it!!!

Again those getting the snow- stay warm!!!!


02-10-2010, 04:00 PM
Chels-I have to comment on the "still a girl" about a week after our 20wk u/s with Leah (when we found out she was a girl) DH had to have an u/s. He joked with the tech about letting me jump on the table and looking at the baby again. To our surprise the tech did it (completely against the rules, only reason she did was we already had the 20wk and the report came back fine) anyway, we asked if she was "still a girl" and she even typed on the u/s picture "still a girl" next to the picture of her girly parts:)

02-10-2010, 05:11 PM
Dizzy - Sorry they had to poke you so many times! I hate that. Normally if they can't get it after the first little bit, I'll start feeling sick to my stomach. Yuck.

My hubby was telling me either about something sweet my MIL did. My FIL is not working right now and MIL told him that he needed to come over and help us get our house finished before the little one arrives. (We built our house and my husband is a construction worker . ...go figure...the house isn't done.) Anyway, I thought that was really nice and I hope he listens, cause we wouldn't mind the help. We have all the stuff we need, just a matter of putting it up or whatever.

I was with a group of ladies this last weekend for a christian women's retreat; so much fun! We sat up and talked all night, got about 2 hours of sleep. They have this thing they do with thread, a needle, your wedding band and a pencil. It tells you how many kids you're having and what gender they are. I don't totally believe it in, but it's fun to think about and weird because it was right on the ladies that already had children. Mine said 4 kids - boy, boy, girl, boy. I told DH and he was like "what?!!??" We hadn't planned to have that many. I told him ya never know - if we have to do fertility drugs again, ...we may have multiples! He doesn't like the idea.

02-10-2010, 05:32 PM
I can't keep up lol..I've been mia lately and now I'm so far behind.

The joys of pregnancy are catching up to me. My back feels like it's breaking when I sit for longer than 20 minutes (I have a desk job so this isn't fun) and I have carpal tunnel in my right arm now. It's extremely painful. Hate to complain but I'm in so much pain.

Congrats to everyone that found out what they're having!!! I know it made it so much more real for me!

Sorry about the snow:( it's cold here today...by florida standards anyway haha.

Hoping I can write more when I get home!

02-10-2010, 05:39 PM
Sunshine- are you still scheduled for bedrest at 20 wks? Getting close if so. I so miss Florida. Dh was just down in Tampa with his dad, who was in the hospital and sent home a key lime pie. We would love to move back, but the income isn't there for dh's work. I have a set of waverunners just sitting in my garage just begging to be ridden!!!

02-10-2010, 07:13 PM
lol ndinkel, that is too funny! I told my doctor I hope she's still a girl today and she just laughed at me.

I hope all those with snow can get out of their houses soon!! It's much worse when you know you can't leave.

Judy, sorry you feel so bad :( . Hopefully this next week and a half goes by fast for you and you can rest at home. I sit all and sometimes my office chair makes my lower back start to hurt. But I work from home so I can take my laptop and go to the couch lol.

My appointment went good. Nothing really happens at them. She just takes my BP and listens to the HB. Of course my BP was high when I got there. I don't even know what it was, she just said it was high. I told her to check it after the appointment! lol. Then afterwards it as normal, 120/85. I really don't understand why it goes up right when I get there! Maybe I'm nervous about finding the HB. I don't know. It's always normal at home.

For those of you who already have children, do you think you would be able to work from home while the baby was there for the first year? My job isn't super demanding so I would be able to take little breaks and do things while I work since it's mostly just printing statements or dealing with insurance companies. I just don't know if my idea is realistic lol.

02-10-2010, 08:02 PM
Chelsea- glad the appt went well! I think it's realistic to work from home, but just know it'll be hard at first until you work out a schedule. It'll also depend on your baby's temperment. If she wants to be held a lot, it may take longer for you to figure out how to get a schedule going. But I'd say it's totally do-able :)

02-11-2010, 10:44 AM
I have been mia for a couple of days. I think Leann sent me her cold. I hope it gets better soon.

Yay - I am below 100 days to go now!

02-11-2010, 10:57 AM
Darlin - LOL Sorry! Hope you feel better. I'm still coughing up both of my lungs. LOL

chels - I definitely agree that it's do-able, but you have to be really disciplined and hope for a good baby. Not that your baby will be bad, but some babies who get colic cry a lot and that would be very stressful to be worried about working and dealing with an upset baby. In the very beginning, the baby will sleep a lot, but you will be exhausted. It's a HUGE adjustment going from no children to having a child - I thought I was prepared for it because I grew up in a big family and babysat a lot. It's TOTALLY different when it's your child. lol You just realize how much you can't do anymore - like just relax and watch your favorite tv show, go to bed and sleep, go out when/where you want. LOL I absolutely loved becoming a mom, but there was a definite adjustment period. I'm so looking forward to Kelsey coming because now I know what I'm getting myself into. LOL!! I'd be a little more worried if Makenna was a wild child, but she is very good.

Day 4 of being off work (school). I'm wondering if they are just going to cancel tomorrow, too, and be done with it. Speaking of working at home (LOL) I haven't gotten ANY work done this week while being off because I've kept Makenna home. Oh well... I'm enjoying our time together!

02-11-2010, 11:40 AM
You just realize how much you can't do anymore - like just relax and watch your favorite tv show, go to bed and sleep, go out when/where you want. LOL I absolutely loved becoming a mom, but there was a definite adjustment period.

I'll second all that. Even things like running errands is different. And there are days I want nothing more then to lay down and doze off for a while but I can't until Owen goes down for a nap, and without fail I'm always using that time for something else instead! Being a mom is the most wonderful thing in the world and such a blessing, but it does take some adjusting. I'm also excited to have #2 because I feel like it won't be as big of an adjustment...except for the figuring out errands with 2 and that sort of thing. And basically at first you are on baby's schedule, not the other way around! Oh...and with all that said, dh and I were just talking last night that we barely remember life without Owen. He's such a miracle!! (ok...the hormones will stop now!)

Ok...that got long, sorry! I'm hoping I'm able to get out of my house for my appt tomorrow. If not I may have to go to the hospital (the ER I guess?) to get my injection

02-11-2010, 12:16 PM
Wow you ladies have been busy!!!

Snow ladies - I remember those days when I was still up in Ohio. That sucked sooo bad and I totally feel for all of you!! Try to stay warm and hang in there. It can't snow forever!!

Working at home - I would love to find something WAH, but it scares me to try to start something with a new one on the way. I'd say good luck to you though!! Maybe take some time off until you get adjusted a bit.

Sorry if I missed some people. There is a lot going on!!

I did want to let you guys know that I was told of a baby clothes sale going on at Old Navy! I was able to scam hubs into going with me as long as I took him to the lego store. We got some adorable outfits there and for really good prices. They had t-shirts and onesies for about 5 bucks and their cute pants for 10 and the clerance section I was close to cleaning out because they had things for like 2 bucks and such. It might be cheaper where everyone else is in the US (because of course, everything is pricey here in Hawaii.. grr). Other than that everything is good here and going pretty dull. Our move is getting closer and closer and it won't be long now before we are back in the real world and I can get my ultimate craving - Olive Garden.

Hope everyone is doing well and feeling good!

02-11-2010, 12:20 PM
leann - I'm suprised they had school off today. I know around here the roads were just slushy this morning. I bet you'll probably have tomorrow off too. They might as well, right?

tink - Can you give yourself the injection or not? Just wondering cause then you wouldn't have to worry about making the trips to the doctors office for it.

I still have this cold. I feel better today. I took 1.5 days off of work the past two days. I just hope that I don't start to cough, like you leann. I can deal with a cold but I hate coughing all the time. I haven't taken any meds for it yet either, hoping I can fight it on my own. Plus, DH is so worried about all the side effects even though my OB's office told me a few meds that we're safe to use. I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I wish it was Friday!

02-11-2010, 01:55 PM
Jessica, I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday! lol. Stupid dreams messing with my head. I hope you feel better soon!

LeeAnn and Tink, Thanks for the advice. In the begining it will be a little easier because I'll be staying with my mom and my brother and sister still live there so I'll have lots of help. I really hope she isn't fussy! My mom says we all were quiet babies, but DH's mom said he cried constantly! Lets hope she takes after my side lol. I plan on taking 6 weeks maternity leave for when they baby is born and then maybe just starting out with 3 days a week depending on how it goes. I've been working from home since we moved here (holy cow it's almost been a year!) for the same place I worked in Denver. They are awesome and found work for me to do so they could keep me on remotely. It's so nice because I get to avoid the work drama and just hear about it later lol.

Jillian, way to go on the sale! I'm trying to hold of on buying clothes because I know she'll get a lot of my cousin's and they grow so fast! It is so hard though lol. When we went to the outlet mall they had such great deals I had to buy a few things.

02-11-2010, 02:23 PM
okay. I feel a bit behind

I hope everyone who's got a cold gets better soon.

Chelsea- I'm sure she's still a girl!-good luck tomarrow at ur u/s!

As far as working from home- I kinda can't with my job(customer service desk/drawer counter person at a grocery store!)- but I'm sure it's do-able. I'm actually looking foward to dh going back into the service(he's a former marine) so I can be a sahm-I was able to do it before, but needed to get back to work when we moved back to Chicago.

darlin- yay for being in double digits!

Birdling- We'll be done with the 2nd tri tomarrow!! holy crap this trimester went by fast! lol

02-11-2010, 03:36 PM
No school tomorrow and a delay on Monday!

Jessica - Pittsburgh is a MESS. There are roads around here that haven't even been cleared yet from the first 20 inches. And my school district (Pgh Public) has so many schools that they have to worry about clearing sidewalks, streets, etc and worry about bussing the kids. It's a pain!!

We also can't remember life without Makenna!!

02-11-2010, 04:42 PM
Seriously overwhelmed by the number of posts, lol ...

Leeann -- YAY for no school, but BOO for no money!

Sorry to all of you snowed in. We actually had a snow day here, too ... with real snow! Usually we get them for like 1/2 inch of ice or whatever, but today it's actually real snow (with accumulation that doesn't melt off 2 hours later)! And it's STILL snowing -- it's actually been snowing non-stop for about 9 hours, and it's supposed to keep going. Amazing! We even got to build a snowman!

Darlin -- YAY for double digits!

Cac -- I can't believe tomorrow we're third tri! I hear you that it's gone by so fast ...

Tink -- how's the cervix holding up? Good luck getting out to get your shot tomorrow (or was that today?).

AFM, just hanging out here at home and enjoying the snow day (while also trying to write a report -- not having much luck at that). Had my first appointment with my new OB yesterday, and it went really well. He just uses the doppler (not u/s), which takes some getting used to, but overall I was really pleased. Got my Rhogam shot, too -- it's starting to feel more real! Now I just need to fill out the doula paperwork ...

Hope everyone is having a great day!

02-11-2010, 05:17 PM
Birdling- you must live in the dfw metroplex or surrounding area because I'm in the same boat. DD's school wasn't cancelled, but she called and asked to be picked up. In one of her classes there were only 3 of them there, so I went ahead and got her. I live north of the metroplex and so far we've gotten close to a foot.

That is alot of snow for us if you ladies are wondering.

We will probably get school cancelled for tomorrow and dh's work let them leave early today because of the ice they are forecasting. That's what we normally get here is the ice and add to that the tons of people that don't know how to drive in this weather, it will be a mess!!!

Ob called with my 3 hr glucose tests results. I passed, but in the high normal range, so supposedly I have to watch my sugar intake. Which should be easy because I really don't eat alot of sweet stuff. Why do they think it's what you're eating and not how your body processes it. We actually eat very healthy compared to alot of other families, lots of fruit and veggies and chicken and pork, a steak maybe once every 2 weeks and pasta maybe the same. No seafood, I just don't care for any of it. Wish I did because it's so healthy. So if you ladies have any suggestions, lay it on.

Those of you sick, really take care. I've been there and let it go to far and ended in the hospital while pregnant. If you have to take meds to kick it please do!!!

Gotta check on dd, she's outside having a blast, but unlike you ladies up north we don't have the proper gear to be out for a long time. That's the last thing I need is for her to get sick!!


02-11-2010, 08:01 PM
Dizzy -- yeppers, we're in Coppell, and I work in Denton; where are you? School's been closed for us tomorrow as well ... Glad you passed your 3 hour GTT; I have to take that Saturday. At least with my new doc he uses a lab that's open on Saturday so I don't have to take a half day off work. I'm a little nervous about it; any tips?

02-11-2010, 09:40 PM
Bird- I live over in Saginaw. It's straight north of Ft. Worth. Yep, they cancelled school for tomorrow. Will have to fight dd for the computer. She has a laptop, but clicked on something that stated it would clean her computer and wham it was a virus or something. We've warned her, so now she's without one for awhile. Same with her cellphone, she left it where our bulldog could get it and Honey our dog had a hayday chewing it. She's now using my old razor until she buys herself a new phone.

All I can say ladies is get ready. You love them to death, but oh boy is it a ride. Ya think you know, but you don't. Just enjoy that ride because they grow up so fast!!!


02-11-2010, 10:23 PM
liz- omg the dog chewed the phone?! Sounds like something our golden would do!
And yay for passing the gtt!!!

birdling- this may be a stupid question, but does everyone get the rhogam shot? That's for the whole blood type problem, right?? Or am I completely confusing things?? lol..quite possible.

Jillian- thanks for the heads up on the sale!

I think working from home would be doable to some extent...guess it depends on what line of work. I plan on going back to school in the fall if I don't go back to work...so hopefully that's not too crazy of an idea!!

As for me, I bought a brace for the carpal tunnel and it's feeling better today. I never thought pregnancy could be so painful lol!

Also, I'm a little ticked off at Babies R Us...I spent weeks researching strollers and finally found one I thought would work out really well. I got an email from BRU yesterday saying it was being discontinued. I called the local store and they do have 1 in stock, but I guess that means we'll be buying it now instead of seeing if someone would buy it off our registry. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!

02-11-2010, 10:53 PM
Sunshine - can you find it cheaper online before you buy it at BRU? Sometimes amazon has that kind of stuff cheaper than BRU.

02-11-2010, 11:41 PM
Ok, I will talk to myself. Well, since Target's sale ended and I was mad that I didn't get the bedding before then, I started looking at other bedding. Dh and I went to Target tonight to get out of the house. He found a really cute brown/pink polka dot blanket and he said we should do brown/pink dots in the room. So when I got home, I looked up bedding. Well, I bought it! This is the set that I bought:


I bought the hamper and mobile and the actual set comes with the comforter, 2 valances, sheet, crib skirt, bumpers, diaper stacker, toy bag and a decorative pillow. I got all of that for $240 shipped, which isn't too bad I don't think!

I think we might do dots on the walls or something like that. I guess we'll see when we get to that point!

02-12-2010, 12:02 AM
leeann - That set is adorable!! That will look so cute!! We got ours at BRU, the Monkey Vine set. Of course its being discontinued and all they had was the 4 piece set, mobil and changing table cover. Grr.. and nothing anywhere else but on Ebay. I was thinking of returning what we had and looking elsewhere, but I hated what our Target had in stock and haven't seen anything since. Maybe I should get you ladies to look for me, You all seem to find the cutest stuff!!

AFM - I get to bake brownies for hubs shop tonight. Woo!! Feeding 18 or so Marines with home baked goods is a challenge!! Most of them eat for five on their own. Lol!! But I love doing it for them. Most of them are not married and are so far away from home, its rare they get anything home made. The entire unit just finished a huge inspection with only one negative mark that is being disputed, but I am not adventerious enough to cook for over 200 people. I would lose my mind!! So lots of kitchen work for me tonight.. Lol!

02-12-2010, 12:32 AM
Sunshine -- that's not a stupid question! As far as I know, you only need a Rhogam shot if you're Rh negative and hubby is Rh positive. If your Rh status matches, that's fine, and if you're positive and hubby's negative, I think that's okay too (but don't quote me on that last one). I'm A- and my husband is B+ so I have to get the shot.

Leeann -- cute bedding!

Okay, off to attempt more work -- we'll see if that happens.

02-12-2010, 12:52 AM
Oh my these boards have been busy!!

Sorry to everyone that is sick, hope everyone is feeling better.

Very sorry for all of you on the east coast, and I hope winter ends soon for all of us!

AFM--been a busy week for me. 2 weeks of class left and I start my last semester to my bachelors!! Very cool that I will finish a month before the baby is due!! This week I have been getting short of breath. I know that is normal for pregnancy, but this early? Has anyone else been experiencing this? I am short 5'2 and I remember this happening with ds but it seems like it was later?

02-12-2010, 01:26 AM
I'm with you two on the BRU boat..I found out today that the travel system i selected was discontinued in the pattern i wanted...but i swear everything else that comes in the pattern was in the frickin store! It's also not on their website and the 888 number said they were out of stock and to try going str8 thru graco-they dont have it either- I guess tomarrow I have to call around to see if I can find it anywhere- ugh! I had my sights set on that one since I first starting looking at baby things about 4 months ago. The new pattern replacing it I dont like b/c the blue on it looks like blue jean! sorry for the rant- just a bit frustrated here!

shan thats great that youll be done right before baby gets here! I also get short of breathe...but I'm a bad example for that b/c I have asthma. soo yea for me its normal!

Leeann- thats a cute bedding set!- almsot reminds me of the pattern I'm so frustrated about..but mine was blue ofcourse..lol

birdling- good luck for your 3 hr this weekend!

afm-- other than my frustrations about the travel system(which was online 2 days ago!:mad:) nothing much here...just finally got over the bru for do my registry. I think it was Judy asking about the note section for whoever looks at it?--they have one on the registry form at bru also

02-12-2010, 01:30 AM
In 2 days away from the boards and 4 pages!!! You girls have been busy. I have tried to catch up with everyone and all the topics, but if I missed someone sorry!!

Tink – The Canopy is the cover that goes over the car seat to protect from wind and sun. It attaches to the handles so not to smother the baby. I attached a pix of one, not mine because it is not done. Will post a pix when it is. For making a blanket without a machine it is hard, but maybe you can borrow one.

As for Daycare, I am going to be taking little bug to work with me and then staying at home, so I am lucky. Utah is pretty cheap I have heard, but not sure.

As for Registering and Showers, I decided to register for everything I want/need from tiny to huge. I figure that if I register it gives people the option to pool together or help out on large items, but also this way I will remember what I had picked and know what I still need.

Liz – Sorry you had to do the 3 hr test, hope the results are good. As for the lowering your sugar intake it is not sugar that matters, but carbs. Your body turns carbs into sugar; you need to not eat refined flours. Try for whole grain and remember that fruit has more sugar then most cookies. I know it is confusing, but living with a diabetic I have learned all about sugar issues.

Ndinkel – Love the “still a girl” story!! It is always nerve wracking to think what if they were wrong?

CK – Hope you can get help on the house from your FIL, it would be nice to have the house doen before the LO comes. So 4 for you?  I would like 4,but all boys.

Judy – Sorry about the pain, but can’t say it gets better and I have a single.

LeeAnn – A week off to recoup and get feeling better and play with your DD sounds great to me!! Sorry about not getting paid for the week.

Jillian – Love the name, hadn’t seen it before!!! Good luck with the baking. That is so nice of you to give those far from loved ones something homemade.

Jessica - hope you are feeling better. You can try extra C and lots of water. Also doing warm water with lemon and honey will help your throat clear and is not medicinal if your DH is worried.

Chels – Hope the working from home works for you. 6 weeks off wounds great. I am not sure how long I will be on leave, but only as long as I absolutely need it. I am a nanny and the kids will be needing all day care since school will be out and the parents will be finding temporary care till I can go back. At least the kids are 8 and 10, so I can just rest and take care of baby and be there incase of problems. At first, then as I get more comfortable we can have more fun and do more.

Cac – Wow 3rd Tri already? Time is just flying for us all!!!

Birdling and everyone else with snow issues – sorry!!! Try to enjoy the days at home and stay safe if you do have to go out.

Birdling – good luck on your 3hr test. ?nice to have it on a Saturday. Just remember to take some food with you to eat right away. I almost passed out due to not eating for over 12 hours, if they hadn’t had tootsie rolls in the Office managers office I would have passed out and ended up at the hospital.

Sunshine – sorry about the stroller! Babies”r”us have discontinued a few things for me, but I was able to find similar items at Target to add to the registry.

Leann – Love the bedding set and you did get a good deal for all that. The stripes and then polka dots are great together. Maybe you can find some of the peel and stick stickers for polka-dots and then if you change your mind later easy to change the décor.

On the RH thing you only need the shot if the baby is positive and you are negative. And you can get a positive even if you both are negative. Genetics are a crazy thing!! Your Dr. will test the baby for blood type and if you need it you will get the shot after delivery. It is just to avoid problems in the future with other pregnancy. I have 3 sisters that needed it after each baby and no problems.

Shan – I am also in my last semester at least till January 2011 for my Masters. I have been short of breath when walking too fast since about 19 weeks. I have a heart issue and so stairs make me short of breath even when perfectly fit, but now I walk 5 stairs and am panting like I just ran miles.

Okay this got really long, but I wanted to say hi to everyone.

AFM – Well I have been just relaxing with my feet up as much as possible as I am retaining too much liquid for being do early. My Dr. is concerned, but not enough for me to be on bedrest. The weird part is that my right leg/ankle/foot is about 3 inches large from retention, but my left is barely puffy, anyone else have partial swelling? Though I am supposed to keep my feet up, I have been sewing a few projects. I just have to take breaks to put my feet up, love knowing I am preparing for my baby, by making some of his stuff.

02-12-2010, 01:31 AM
Cac - I am with you about BRU. I got an email the other day telling me about 8 or 9 things on my registry were being discontinued. I really hate how fast they bring things in then discontinue them. Or maybe it just seems like they are fast. The travel system we picked out was on that list and so were a few other BIG ticket items. I have a feeling the crib we picked out will be going away soon. They are completely out of stock on it and we are waiting for the big stuff for when we get to Florida. Easier to get it to the new house and I don't have to worry about it getting damaged in the shipping process... Hopefully you can find your travel system! Did you think about Amazon or Ebay?

02-12-2010, 09:14 AM
Talk about busy.

RedReba - you did great replying to everyone. Don't know how you remember all the names!

The bedding is adorable. Cute, but not too much pink! :)

That's a good idea to register for everything and then you know what you still need. I like that.

Today is the last workday this week! Yeah! AND since Monday is a Federal holiday, I am off that day. Ahh...a nice long(er) weekend. I'm hoping to really clean the house on Monday. I haven't been able to get into it lately. First I had a sinus thing, then the I'm tired pregnancy thing kicked in, so I'm hoping to get caught up. Thankfully, DH has really helped out with cleaning and dishes.

I hope all the snow is gone next week and everyone can get back to work/school. Is it supposed to be over for the people on the east coast?

They're talking that we might get 4 more inches this weekend. Everything from before it cleaned up though, so it shouldn't be bad.

My husband's family is so huge! I started working on a shower list - just a few friends and the rest (close) family - I have 67 names so far! Whew! That is crazy! Thanfully I have a small family and won't have too many to invite.

My MIL is going to do the shower for me. I think I'm going to ask her if we can do an open-house for maybe 3 hours. That way people can come and go and we don't have to do games, etc. And, I won't need as much seating because they'll be on a rotating basis. Anyway, I was going to ask her to have it at my house so we won't have to move all the presents afterward. Do you girls think it's ok to have it at my house? I've been to one other one that was that way.

Good deal on getting the glucose done over the weekend. I'm not sure when mine is, but I will keep that in mind. I have to get all my bloodwork done at the hospital so I can get it over the weekend too if I need.

02-12-2010, 09:34 AM
Ah! That sucks that everyone is having the same issue with bru! I looked everywhere online for this stroller, but no luck. They did have 2 left in stock at a bru about 30 minutes away so I asked them to hold one for me and we'll be buying it ourselves...which is annoying bc I'm pretty positive his grandparents would have bought it.

Our issue is this was one of the only strollers we could find that would work for us with the triplet situation. We can't get a travel system bc of the car seats we have to get (the only ones that will fit 3 across our backseat). The triplet stroller requires graco snugrides that won't fit in our car. We're doing a double and single stroller by the way. All of the other doubles either don't work for infants or are wayyyyyy expensive.

They did come out with a combi sport 2010, but I'm not sure if it reclines enough to use for infants like the ex one does that they discontinued. I'm about ready to just say I'm never leaving the house with lol but I know that's unlikely!

Leeann- that bedding is beyond adorable!

02-12-2010, 10:09 AM
shan -- i had shortness of breath since maybe the 14 weeks? it was pretty bad at first, since I would get breathless just from sitting at my desk, typing away...i thought my childhood asthma was coming back, but the doc said my lungs sounded good. It got better though and now i am not as breathless....but it's weird when sometimes i have to put someone on hold on the phone because I just need to catch my breath!

As for strollers/carseat...i haven't even looked into that....i have a VW bug and don't plan (and no $$) to change to another car...so i know i'll have issues with strollers/baby seats...anyone else potentially having car issues?? Everyone tells me I need to upsize to a 4 door....but i really don't want to give up my buggie! (and have car payments!!)

AFM -- have you guys noticed increased in discharge? (sorry, i know i am always the one w discharge questions!!) i just noticed that it got so much, that a liner no longer works...i have to use a regular pad now....wondering if that is normal? Also, at what point do your boobs start leaking? i want to be prepared...would be terribly unprofessional to have leakage at work! I am so tired these days...it's my busy season and just have to work work work....blah! can't wait for february to be over!! Also, do you guys know when before airlines/doctors won't allow preggers ladies to fly? My college roomie's wedding is in May and I really want to attend!! I haven't done my glucose test yet...that is towards the end right? But I have these annoying skin tags on my neck (had them before pregnancy) that I really want removed...urgh....anyone tried laser before? i am so envious that you guys have showers! I don't think I am going to have one...my family is not here and i dont think it's a custom in asia to have showers...and none of my friends are in the same town as I am....oh well! sorry for whining....just tired of work!

Have a great weekend everyone! TGIF!!

02-12-2010, 10:14 AM
Sunshine -
Would it be completely rude to tell the grandparents about the situation and see if they bring up something about "oh well let us go ahead and get it early for you..."

02-12-2010, 10:19 AM
pu - the glucose test is between 24 and 28 weeks and you have to do the 3 hour if you fail the first one.

ck- when you are replying to a post, you can scroll down and read back to see what the previous posts were. That way you can remember everything people said back to a certain point :)

sunshine - maybe you could luck out and find it on craigslist or something? What's it called? Maybe I can help search for it. lol

Jillian - I didn't have that problem with BRU when I registered with Makenna, but I also didn't register for any crib furniture or bedding. Our travel system stayed in stock, thank goodness. And it's pink lol so thank goodness for another girl!!

Reba - you make me laugh. I bet if you have a daughter someday you will love her so much that you will think you were silly all these years thinking you weren't a good mom for a girl! haha

Cac - same goes for you, let me know what you are looking for and I can help you search the internet for it!

Shan - I was the same way with Makenna; however, I wasn't done with school completely. I finished up the semester a month before she was due (and then she was 2 weeks late) so I was hanging out for 6 weeks just waiting for her! It was nice to have that time off with her! I had to start back to class when she was 12 weeks old though and graduated when she was 18 months old.

Edit *
ck - that is a good idea - maybe you should say something sunshine? If you knew they wanted to get it, then maybe let them know and see what they say. I don't think it would be rude.

02-12-2010, 01:08 PM
leann- I just had to pop in to say how cute that polka dot bedding was :) I love it!

02-12-2010, 01:19 PM
Puw - The airlines you can go to each website and look at their policy. I was actually just checking the main ones (United, Delta, AA) to see what they say and so far I have seen that you can travel up to 7 days prior to your due date. There are variations of course, but that seems to be the general time frame. Beyond that, if you will be past that time frame, they require a letter from your doctor stating you are ok to fly. Otherwise you should be good. Double check the airlines website that you will likely fly out of just to be sure though. The discharge, yes!!!! Ughs its driving me nuts.. Lol And on the shower thing, my mom is throwing me one when we get to Atlanta. Most of the people who are being invited don't even live in the state. I -was- going to have one here in Hawaii before we left, but no one offered and I have read it is bad form to throw your own. Not sure how much that applies these days, but I have this thing about getting gifts -anyway-. But I don't see it being a bad thing to invite people who don't live super close. They either show up or they don't I guess.. Lol!

02-12-2010, 02:35 PM
Haha! We totally thought about that! We just don't talk to them on a regular basis so it might be weird. Hopefully when we go to the store tonight we can see the new 2010 version and it reclines as much as the ex...then we'll just register for that one. I wish target sold it because we have a $300 gift card from christmas.

It's the combi twin sport ex (in wasabi but color doesn't matter). The new one os combi twin sport 2010....I can't tell a difference, but the description of the ex mentions "deep reclining seats" and the other doesn't?? Oh the stress this is causing me haha! Bru should give me a discount dangit!

Puw- I have tons of discharge...sometimes creamy kind, sometimes like water...it's annoying!

On the shortness of breath, I feel like it's hard to breath after eating a meal.

02-12-2010, 02:42 PM
Sunshine - $169.99 with free shipping at Albee baby - in stock right now in Wasabi:


02-12-2010, 02:48 PM
Thanx Leeann for the offer--but I FOUND IT!!!! after searching through ebay through, I found one used(I really dont care if it is at this point ofcourse!) and about $100 less than it wouldve been new, plus en extra car seat base(not we have a car now, but you never know). the catch is its up for bidding, but I'm having better luck today and no one else has bid on it for 6 days already! So it's mine in a day(hopefully)! btw- its the graco quattro tour travel system in deco(the pattern mattered b/c I didnt really like the others that could be for a boy)

Sunshine-I'd bring it up also, but if you're afraid it'll go, buy it and ask if they could just get another larger item(like swings or bouncers or something like that)

Jillian- they also say its bad form for your mom to throw it, but my mom and I are throwing mine together-so eh screw it- besides, if we waited on someone else to do it, it just may never get done(that goes for some other things other than the shower)

puw-I've read some docs will say 4 wks before your dd, but I never paid much attention since I never plan to fly many places-esp while pregnant. But asking your doc since every case is diff and asking the airlines that you'll be checking for ticket prices will help you get an idea if you'll have the all clear.

02-12-2010, 03:27 PM
wow!! You guys are busy...is everyone slacking at work today?! lol!!!

Cac- we have the swing and bouncer in the deco pattern. We didn't know gender, but I really liked the pattern and figured a girl could sit in blue/brown :) Glad you were able to find it. Make sure the carseat has never been in an accident.

Sunshine- I hope the stroller works out for you....so frustrating!

leeann- adorable bedding!

Red- that canopy is too cute! What a great idea!

Hi to everyone else and sorry I missed you!

Had my weekly appt today. Don't have a cervix measurement b/c I couldn't get an u/s, but ob did an exam and said my cervix felt long and closed...so that's good! I got my shot and am good to go for next week.

02-12-2010, 03:30 PM
I miss all the morning posts being on Pacific time! lol

Judy and all others trying to find things going out of stock, try chitchatbaby.com. Everything is always free shipping and tax free! I know they have a lot of the combi brand there too. Plus they will price match so if you find it cheaper on another site they will match that. I got an email about some spoons I had on my list with BRU that they'll be discontinued. I think I won't mind changing spoons though lol.

On the discharge, I haven't really been having any more than usual. I better knock on wood though!

It won't let me go back far enough to reply to everyone! Sorry to whoever I missed!

I have my ultrasound today at 1:15!! I am so excited to see how much she has grown. I am not excited about drinking 32oz of water an hour before and holding it though! With my luck they will be running behind and I'll have to wait lol.

02-12-2010, 03:37 PM
Cac - I have never read that it was bad form for the mom to throw one too. Learn something new every single day. Oh well, we aren't a family that Emily Post would call "proper". I grew up at a race track and although we have manners, we aren't etiquete friendly in most things. Lol!! Its good to know though!

02-12-2010, 03:47 PM
Chealseaf - good luck with the u/s. I am excited about getting mine in 6 weeks - but drinking all that water...whew...I hope I can make it. Thankfully I'll be the first appointment for the day, so I shouldn't have to wait.

Cac- glad you found the goods. Hopefully it'll be yours!

I remember reading in one of my books that doctors don't like you to fly after 36 weeks...something like that. I would just ask and see what they say.

2 hours and 15 minutes and then I can go home! Can't wait!

Hubby said we could do whatever I wanted to do tonight. ...how about stay home, (watch movie? - if I can stay awake) and go to bed early. ?? I know he gets bored...he likes to run around a lot and I feel bad that he's always staying home with me. I haven't sleep well the past couple of nights. Then I had an extra pillow and woke up to the dog lying on it - so much for it giving me support. haha

02-12-2010, 07:19 PM
Tink, we must have been posting at the same time! I'm glad you were able to make it out to your appt.

ck, I'm a homebody too, so I know how you feel. I'd much rather relax and get some sleep rather then running around.

OMG my bladder hurt so bad!!! lol. I'm sure I could have let out half of what I had in there and been ok. And of course the u/s took forever and she apparently was doing her legs like riding a bike, but I never saw it! They didn't show me the screen until they got all their shots. She had to call in another tech to get one shot, scared the crap out of me at first. I thought something was wrong! And yes, she's still a girl! lol. By the time they were done I honestly didn't really care to look since I knew she was ok, I just wanted to pee!! The tech even mentioned that her feet were right on my bladder, go figure!

02-12-2010, 09:17 PM
Chels - Glad the u/s went well.

Great finding what you neede that had been discontinued. I am just glad it was only BRU that dropped it and not Target for my pak-n-play.

Tink - Yeah for everything looking god and getting your shot!!

For the flight thing they say not closer then 2 weeks as a guide and more airlines will not allow any closer due to the rick of delivery. My Dr. Grounded me as of 3/1 due to the stress it can put on the Uterus and I already have a stressed Uterus.

Things are getting better with my water retention, so hopefully no bedrest yet.

Hope everyone has a great weekend with Monday off and Valentines day!! It is a great long weeked filled with love!!! DH is making me dinner and then we will stay home. Hate the crowds trying to go out for valentines day so many people and usually quiet restraunts are loud and overcrowded.

02-12-2010, 10:26 PM
Leeann!!! You are AMAZING!! We bought the stroller tonight but I definitely think we'll take it back to save so much money!!!!!!

02-14-2010, 09:41 AM
Good morning everyone! Yesterday DH and I went to Babies R Us with his parents and registered. The in-laws also bought our furniture. Babies R Us had a ton of coupons so after the purchase of furniture, we got $200 in gift cards, so we went back and bought the bedding and mobile. We find out the sex on Thursday but wanted something gender neutral for when we have more children. Here are some pictures....it all is staring to seem so real now!

02-14-2010, 10:56 AM
Jessica - I LOVE the furniture and the bedding!

02-14-2010, 12:36 PM
I love that furniture too... our crib for this one is almost that color! Waiting to find out to see if we will just reuse Liam's old stuff of pick out something more girly...

Hope everyone is having a great V-day... mine is going so so... i went to the o so romantic Grocery store and now my DH is at target getting my v-day card/present... nothing like last minute eh...

Oh well atleast i dont have to cook since we are going to my parents for lunch(its there birthdays)

02-14-2010, 02:22 PM
jessica- the bedding is cute!

Hope everyone's v-day's are going well.

We were going to go to BRU today, but when we got to my ride's van, someone busted the window out(to take her gps)...soooo now we are trying to figure out a plan b, I might go anyways today and see what they can get delivered, since I called and the girl who answered said they do deliver furniture and can deliver some other things that are bulky, but we'll see. I have those coupons that Jessica had.

02-14-2010, 05:09 PM
Hey girls!! What's up?

Man, this heartburn is killing me! LOL I wonder if I'll have a baby born with a head of hair! I didn't have hb with Makenna and she just had peach fuzz, but I did read on the internet that there is some truth to heartburn/baby hair. LOL

I think that we are going to get a new crib/changing table for Kelsey. Makenna's furniture was used and it's old. The dressers are awesome, nice solid old dressers, so I might just get her a twin bed to match those dressers. I want to get Kelsey and espresso colored crib/changer for her room and I am going to do a closet system in her room for her clothes with bins and stuff.

Makenna is taking a nap today, so that is fabulous! But dh is working - yay for overtime!! It would be nicer if I actually had some hours last week and it was EXTRA income. LOL I figured out my taxes today and realized we're getting about half back of what I thought we would. That's ok, though. At least we don't have to pay!

02-14-2010, 06:46 PM
Leann - Glad DH can get some OT that will help with the bills since you did not work last week!!!

Jessica - Love the bedding!!

CAC - Sorry about the friend's car window!!!

My DH made me dinner last night for V-Day!! It was amazing and so nice to stay home and just enjoy being with each other.

I finished my Carseat Canopy, a few pix are attached. It took 4 hours to complete, though it would have been less the 2 hours had I had a pattern to follow and not just winging it!!! I think it turned out great and now that I know how, I think it would be faster. I think I will make a few for my friends that are due just after me. (The carseat in the pix and that I used to make it is not the one I am wanting, but close in size and shape. Borrowed my neighbors so I didn't have to wait till I got mine!)

02-14-2010, 06:59 PM
Jessica, Love the bedding and the furniture! Love the bump picture too!!

LeeAnn, Does anything help the heartburn at all for you? I haven't really got any yet, but every once in a while I feel some mild heartburn. Hairy babies run in my side of the family so we'll see! lol

Reba, That is too cute! I wish I was that crafty!

Anya, my DH pulled a last minute too, but I didn't really know because he went before I got up this morning lol. He said the grocery store was filled with men at 7:30am! haha.

Cac, that sucks about your friends car! Someone broke one of my windows once because I had an EMPTY (thank god) purse in my backseat. I learned my lesson with that one!

Seems like everyone has been to BRU this weekend! We also went. Friday and today. I'm having carseat/stroller issues. I think I finally made up my mind though. Hopefully it won't change because it has already a few times! lol.

Hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day!

02-14-2010, 11:51 PM
happy valentine's day everybody!!

I was totally hormonal this weekend....blew up at dh and dog for small things...it was kinda insane....i don't even know how to explain it...i hope this passes soon!!

dh went to get me some flowers and chocolates and i ended up crying because i was in the middle of my outburst with the dog, and i had told him to save the $ so that we can have more money to spend on the nursery....sigh...i guess i was just crazy!

hope everyone else's weekend is better than mine!!

02-15-2010, 01:21 AM
Hope everyone had a great v-day!!! We sat around the house and I made a day long pot roast for dinner. It was so yummy and so nice to just chill out at home after all the running we have been doing lately. Maybe tomorrow we will get around to some of the pre-packing cleaning I wanted to get done. Since hubby doesn't go back to work until Wed this week, I think I need to put his butt to work at home!

02-15-2010, 10:20 AM
I am finally back to work and feeling much better. I as going crazy being cooped up at home. I did get some much needed rest though. Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.

My husband bough tme green roses that were actually very pretty and he even arranged them himself, he did a pretty good job. Then we went to Home Depot so it was very romantic! haha.

02-15-2010, 02:36 PM
Darlin - I have to admit, I've never seen green roses, but I bet they were pretty. I always like different colored roses, not the typical red ones.

Jillian - You sound like me! When DH is off, I always have a mental list of what I want him to do.

puw - I am hormonal too! DH said at times I'm the sweetest thing then I snap all the sudden - especially if I'm tired or hungry. Hang in there, the dog and husband will just have to understand.

LeAnn - If the heartburn gets bad, ask your doc for a prescription. I take emperzole (spelling?) and have taken it for 2 years now. I'm on the lowest dose and haven't had heartburn since. It's great! I used to get it anytime I ate anything with onions, tomatoes or garlic, which with DH being Italian, basically eliminates all of food!

Chelsea - We had a stroller/travel combo picked out too and then when we went to the store, we changed our minds too. I even went onto the registry yesturday and deleted some things that I didn't think were necessary, like a $35 Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal set.

Reba - LOVE LOVE LOVE the carseat canopy! Can I mail order? :-) That's a great idea! I give you so much credit for taking the time and figuring it out! I would NEVER have that much patience.

cac - That's insane! I just can't believe how desperate people are! Did you end up going to BRU or did you cancel?

AFM...more snow again today...it's really coming down here now. Hopefully this time our power won't go out at home! I'm at work and if it gets too bad I'll leave early. Oh and the countdown is 3 days until we find out the sex! I can't wait!!!!

02-15-2010, 05:27 PM
jessica - I hear ya on the snow! It's crazy!!!

02-15-2010, 05:53 PM
Jessica – Not too long and you will know!! It makes shopping and preparing so much more fun.

Jessica and Leann – sorry about the snow. We are getting rain here today. So weird for all the snow to melt and be gone mid-February, usually at least 1’ is out there till April.

AFM – went and bought more fabric! Sewing while watching the Olympics will be great for the next 2 weeks, but needed supplies. Planning to make a few more canopies for friends and a rag quilt for my baby. See how much I get done, but most of all can’t wait to see what they look like!! Really should be doing homework, but sewing is so much more fun and can’t watch TV while studying.

02-16-2010, 04:21 AM
puw- yay for hormones! I also get moody..and I don't always have to be hungry or tired--just hormonal works!

jillian- I also try to put dh to work...doesnt always work! lol- so I start to do it myself and then he'll get up and ask me to go lay down or something!

Jessica- I hope your power doesnt go out either! Our weather can't make up its mind- we had 40 degrees after the last foot of snow, so it melted and turned to slush(yuck!) and then it dropped to the 20's and it all froze up!(but then again I AM in chicago and our weather can never make up its mind!) Hopefully this time it wont b so bad with all the snow over there for you guys!

darlin- those green roses sound pretty, I had always liked the blue ones myself!

I did end up going to bru sunday(and walmart since it was right next door to it!), my mom ended up finding us another ride so I could take advantage of the sale. Since my crib wasn't in stock, we had to order it for pick up and by the next 2 wks, I'll have most of the big ticket items!(I got too impatient to wait until april to see what I got from the shower!) Now I'm twiddling my thumbss trying NOT to put it all up already! lol...o btw- Idk if I posted it already..but I did get the travel system off ebay- I was the only person to bid on it! So that should be here in a little over a week also!!

02-16-2010, 07:58 AM
Awesome, cac!

We have a 2 hour delay today, so I get to enjoy my coffee and cereal while dd is asleep upstairs.

Well, this is the start of my last week in the second trimester... hard to believe it's come and almost gone already!

02-16-2010, 01:48 PM
LeeAnn, Woohoo for 1 more week! 2nd Tri seems to go by so much faster than the 1st!

Cac, I'm glad you got to go and use your coupons! Nice job on the travel system too!

Jessica, I hope these next two days go by fast! I can't wait for you to find out!

I'm half way there today!!!! YAY!! lol. I finally got two real kicks yesterday too. It did kind of feel like a bubble, but different. I'm just waiting for more now!

02-16-2010, 02:48 PM
Too bad for all the ladies with snow. We got another 6-8" this weekend too. One of our neighbors came over and plowed our road and driveway, so nice of him! We live out in the county and have few people on our road, so I love that he thinks of us. DH went into work yesterday, he said the roads were horrible. Thankfully, it was a holiday, so I didn't have to worry about trying to go to the office.

Sounds like everyone had a nice valentine's day. We celebrated by going out to eat a couple of weekends ago. I didn't want to go out when everyplace was so busy. Since we got the snow - it worked out really well. We never exchange gifts...BUT ...DH gave me a gift certificate for a 1 hour massage...ahhh...can't wait! I was thinking about using it before my belly got too big, but then my MIL asked if I was going to wait til afterward and do it. I'm thinking that might be best, probably will need a relaxing day later on.

Everything that I've been reading says that's it's too early for me to feel the baby kick (I'm 14 weeks)...what do you all think? I felt something the other day like everyone describes it - a flutter. Didn't feel like gas to me, but who knows.

Just got back from lunch a little bit ago. Had leftover chili that I made yesterday. It isn't too bad...just didn't make it as spicy as I like it cause I don't want to deal with the heartburn.

My DH has been getting all the heartburn and craving sweets (totally not like him). I just have to laugh. My sweet tooth has started to come back - wish it wouldn't! Diabetes runs in my family and I really want to avoid that while pregnant.

RedReba - that car seat cover is adorable.

My DH says I'm moody too. I feel bad cause he gets his feelings hurt easily sometimes - I'm like - this isn't me - I can't help it!

02-16-2010, 04:59 PM
blondie - I bet you felt the baby move! I felt it very early on...the first time was around 12 or 13 weeks and it's gotten more and more often since so I know I wasn't crazy!

We didn't lose our power last night due to the snow! Thank goodness! But all the schools around me were closed today, which did make the traffic lighter so it was easier to get to work even though the roads were slick. I slide a few times but my little Honda pulled me through!

I had a dream that I delivered a puppy. I was happy and it was so cute and furry but I looked up at DH and said, "I love him but I really wanted a baby." Is that weird or what?

02-16-2010, 06:04 PM
LOL about the puppy!!

I just got back from my first-ever chiropractic visit! It was actually nice. He said my pelvis is really twisted - no crap ... probably from all the tossing and turning I do. haha My insurance is one of the few that covers massages, so I got to lay on this awesome waterbed like table that was warm and had these massage things run all over my back for 10 minutes. It was great! lol He wants to see me once a week to keep everything popped in. lol

02-16-2010, 08:05 PM
Quick post on my phone....

Leeann- I've been sooo tempted to go to a chiropractor...I need to pop my back so bad but can't because of my huge belly. I can't twist to the right angle to pop it.

Jessica- I ve had several dreams where I deliver 3 kittens. And I'm disappointed in the dream because I'll never know what a baby with both me and my husband mixed together will look like...lol.

Sorry to everyone with the snow:(

02-16-2010, 08:13 PM
LOL Jessica!

I've only had one dream where I had the baby and she was early. She looked kinda funny too lol. But I loved her sooo much. And my cousin dropped her on her head! Of course this is a cousin I don't like very much!

Judy and LeeAnn, I went to a chirpractor a few weeks ago because my lower back was driving me crazy. I'm sure it will make you both feel so much better! The only thing was I didn't like my guy very much. They were a little too pushy about me doing their plan and I think they overcharged me. We'll see when I get my EOB!

I went ahead and bought a travel system today. It's a totally different one then I decided on before, but all the reviews are awesome and it was on great sale! It was $40 off because the pattern is being discontinued and BRU has a 15% coupon. I figure if I don't like it when it gets here I can just return it. I hope I like it though! Maybe I can stop dreaming about carseats and strollers now lol.

02-16-2010, 08:27 PM
Chelsea- what system did you decide on?

Leeann- glad you liked it! The massage sounds great!

Jessica- lol about the puppy...that's funny!

Hope you all are doing well! I go in first thing in the morning for my weekly u/s. It's at 8:30, which means I have to leave here at 7 to drop Owen off at my parents house by 7:45 to make my appt on time.

As far as dreams go, I've had some wacky ones, but nothing weird about a baby. I've had 2 dreams where I've had the baby in them and both times the baby was a girl. When I was pg w/ Owen I had 2 baby dreams and the baby was a boy in both of those...if this baby turns out to be a girl...I'm totally going to call myself psychic...lol!!!

02-16-2010, 09:52 PM
Tink, Are you going to find out or wait? That would be too funny if your dreams are right!

I got the Graco Quattro in Sienna. It's a little more on the girly side, but if our next is a boy he'll just have to live with it lol.

02-16-2010, 10:21 PM
LOL I love weird pregnant dreams! Haven't had a puppy one yet, but have been having some really bizarre ones!

Everyone's been talking about the travel systems, I have been thinking about getting one, but Idk, I'm also contemplating just skipping the little carseat and using the convertibles that are supposed to be good from birth to like 40lbs. But they look so large. Did anyone try to use these at birth??

Been having alot of trouble sleeping this week. I keep waking in the middle of the night and toss and turn for hours before falling back to sleep.

02-16-2010, 10:44 PM
Chelsea- we're waiting to find out...it would be kinda funny!

Shan- IMO, I'd use an infant carrier. There are many times that baby sleeps in the car and it's so much nicer to not have to worry about waking him up when you get out. There were many times Owen would fall asleep in the car, I'd get home and just put his carseat on my kitchen floor, and he'd stay asleep for quite a while. We also have one of the convertible ones, which my son still fits into. We started using that in one of our cars when he was about 6-7m...it was nice once he was able to sit in a shopping cart at the store.

As far as a travel system, don't feel you have to get one of those. For Owen's first christmas (he was about 6m old) dh got me a BOB jogger stroller. I love this thing and never used my travel system stroller from that point on, and don't plan on using it with this baby. I will get a bar that you can put on the stroller so that the infant seat can snap in. So, you can always pick a stroller you like, see if it has the infant bar, and then get an infant seat to go with it.

Just my thoughts ;)

02-17-2010, 02:03 AM
lol to these dreams!

Leeann--yay for double digits! time seems to be going by much faster..it seems like we just got over here to the 2nd tri boards!

Chelsea- seems like graco is discontinuing a few patterns!

As far as travel systems go, not everyone likes the full size strollers that most of them come with. So like Tink said, dont feel like you have to get one. I got set on mine when I had looked up my pattern I liked and discovered it didn't come individually. We don't own a car since we dont need one in the city, so the only reason we really even need a car seat is for the ride home from the hospital, but since it matches my stroller, I'll be using them together to get use of it.

02-17-2010, 02:24 AM
Love the dream stories!! Mine have been pretty strange lately too, but I chalk it up to part pregnancy and part coming off Lunesta (side effect is wild and vivid nightmares/dreams). If nothing else, they are interesting.

As for the travel system... I am torn. We don't "plan" on using the infant seat as a carrier. Likely it will stay in the car and either myself or hubs will use a mobi wrap to move him around. And I've seen a few people try to attach their infant seats to the strollers they came with and (because of them doing it wrong), the baby seat came tumbling down, or was crooked or something. Thats not to say they are ALL bad or anything, I am just sort of scared after witnessing that!! Instead we are debating going with a convertable seat, but the drawback is switching cars and having to install are re-install if we should need to change. So we may go with just the infant seat and forgo the stroller all together. Then again we may change our minds entirely. Lol!! My mom keeps telling me "never say never" and she is right (of course).

As for day to day, just going about things as usual. About 2 more weeks before we get to see our spawn again and I can't wait!! We are still gearing up for this move and are just waiting for them to give us a schedule of our flight so we can book everything else (dogs, flight to Atlanta, rental car in Florida, ect). Hopefully they get that too us soon, the slow pokes.

02-17-2010, 10:52 AM
jillian- if you choose to go with infant seat, you can get the car seat bases and have one in each car so it'll be easier to go between cars, and those snap in so you'll know when it's in sturdy and won't have to worry about a loose car seat. Just make sure you choose whatever works best for you two, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

02-17-2010, 01:41 PM
Jillian- the convertables also aren't hard to move around. It takes much longer then an infant seat in a base, obviously. But, we currently only have one convertable for Owen and dh and I switch cars all the time (we have 1 suv and 1 sedan...if it's snowy/icy I drive the suv, and when it's good weather I drive the sedan for better gas milage) Anyway...we've gotten really good at switching it, it only take a minute or two.

So...all the dream talk must have gotten into my head...I had a dream last night that I gave birth to Thomas the Tank Engine. LOL! Needless to say, Owen was thrilled in my dream! :p

Had my appt today...my cervix is 4.1!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! Baby looks good and we saw him/her practice breathing...so cool!

02-17-2010, 02:22 PM
Girls...I'm so nervous for my ultrasound tomorrow. Most of all, I just want to make sure the baby is healthy. My stupid insurance covered all my fertility treatments, but they wouldn't cover any screenings for downs, etc. so we weren't able to do any blood screnning for the nuchal translency tests. I just pray everything is fine. Then I'm also anxious to find out the sex and I just want to know! When we do the doppler to find the HB at home, it's always really low...like right above my hairline, so I'm afraid that he/she is too low and they won't be able to tell the sex. AGHH!!! I'm just driving myself nuts with all these thoughts in my head and I just want tomorrow at 9:30am to be here already - haha!

Also - my doctors office told me to drink 32 oz of water before the u/s. REALLY? I will pee right there during the u/s if I drink that much. Do you think it's safe to drink 20 oz instead? I think I can handle that but 32 oz is insane!

02-17-2010, 03:08 PM
LOL Jessica. The 32oz suck! I suggest not drinking anything for like an hour before you have to start the water. I ate lunch and had something to drink with it about 30 minutes before I had to start drinking. I was so uncomfortable the entire time of the ultrasound and it took about 45 minutes. I swear I peed out more than 32oz lol. They want you to drink all that water so it pushes the baby higher up to get all the shots they need. If you are really uncomfortable they will let you go a little bit, but I was too scared I would let it all out. And don't worry about he/she being too low. I always find the HB really low like you, but when she was doing my u/s she went up as high as my belly button. Plus they were able to tell the sex when I was 16 weeks and she was really low.

Tink, Woohoo for the good cervix and getting to see your LO!! It's always so cool when you see them doing things like that.

02-17-2010, 03:27 PM
Hi everyone!! So don't have much time to do personals!

Baby Travel system - Love the carrier carseats cause being able to move between bases and a place to put baby when out of the car. Hate the large strollers, so was happy to find a system with a jogger and it was one of the less jiggly attachments.

Dreams - Not having the birthing dreams, but tons of weird dreams. Love the Thomas the Tank Engine birth!! Would love a train set and those are expensive for all the really nice wood ones!!!

As for the drinking for U/S can't help, my center made me go pee before it just to make sure my bladder was empty.

AFM - I am doing okay. Really tired due to lack ot sleep, but trying to just sleep with tired and get things done when awake!!! I cut my finger really badly on my rotary blade when cutting quilt peices. It was really bad, but did not have to have stitches. Went to the ER only cause it would not stop bleeding. They used a sealer and bandaged it up, so now typing is fun. At least on my left hand. I still got all the block cut and ready all i have to do is sew!! i am having so much fun sewing for my baby, and now i remember why I love sewing. It is relaxing and I feel so good when I finish to have created something.

I have had a few people ask about the carseat canopy. If you would like to make one, PM and I will tell you the detials. Also, I am willing to make one for you, you just have to send me the supplies. I am now working on the 3rd since mine. Now with a pattern/example to follow they go so fast.

02-17-2010, 03:35 PM
My u/s office just has people drink 16 ounces. They said 32 isn't necessary, so you should be fine with 20. They had no problems seeing the baby when I drank 16oz and I am VERY overweight!

02-17-2010, 06:38 PM
Tink- awesome cervix!!!!!

Went for my cervix check today and I've gone from a 4.7 to a 3.7. No one seemed concerned. It wasn't my normal MFM, but this one was talking about not doing bedrest until 24 weeks.. Eek! While I do want to work as long as possible(3 paychecks in March haha-I LOVE months like that!), my back is killing me sitting at that desk all day. But we'll see!!

All 3 babies still there and kicking each other:)

02-17-2010, 08:33 PM
yay judy! it must be so fun to see 3 babies on the u/s! You should post it! I would love to see what a triplet u/s looks like!
I wish i still get u/s...but i think i am done...got 2 already and that was all my insurance would cover...but will likely do the 4D u/s! yay!

02-17-2010, 09:58 PM
Yeah i always heard 32oz of water too and then when I went for my u/s they had me empty my bladder cause it was too full. They didn't have a problem seeing the baby, so idk:confused:

02-18-2010, 02:13 AM
So far when I have gone in for my prenatal exams and she does the ultrasound, she has me empty my bladder before the ultrasound. Though when I had my mega transvaginal several years ago, they had me drink the 32 oz of water. Maybe it depends on the machine or the tech?

02-18-2010, 09:27 AM
I've never been told to drink lots of fluids and they always tell me to empty my bladder beforehand...Hmmm...that's so weird!!!

I'll definitely post some u/s pics at some point...They look just like singleton ones though lol. They can't get a pic of all 3 together now that they're so big.

My work probably hates me. I call in like every other week. But oh well, I have the time..and some days I just don't feel well!

02-18-2010, 09:50 AM
SunShine - don't worry about the time off - that's what you have leave for. Even if you didn't, they have to give you up to 12 weeks of FMLA!

All this u/s talk makes me want mine! - March 29 is the big day to find out what the lo is, hopefully! I don't understand about the fluid either...I had an u/s at 8 weeks and I didn't have to drink any fluids; but I got the same paperwork that said 32 oz. when I go in March 29.

Everyone keeps commenting on how big my belly is for being 14 weeks. I'm like - I don't know what you want, I lost 2 lbs and am finally back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am very short - and I have read that's probably why. The baby has no where else to go!

02-18-2010, 11:48 AM
Hi all!! Hope everyone is feeling and doing good.

As for the water before ultrasounds, I've never had to drink anything with this pregnancy or with dd. I guess each tech is different and maybe it depends on the equipment being used.

I don't know much about cervical lengths, but it seems as if the dr.s are happy with the lengths than try not to get worried.

I had a travel system with dd (13 yrs ago) and loved it. They were pretty new at that time so it was neat to have and unlike the ones I see today, the footboard would snap up so she was able to sleep in it when we traveled until she got to large. This time though dh has pointed out a jogging one to me. They have bars you can get to place an infant carrier on? How are they folding and unfolding for those of you who used them and what brand did you use and how did you like it?

AFM- Today is my 15th wedding anniv.!!! We have nothing planned or I don't think so anyway. Just happy to make it this far and hope to be with him the rest of our lives!!!


02-18-2010, 11:57 AM
Liz- I have a BOB Revolution. I LOVE it!!! It is so easy to use and what I really really love about it is you can steer very easily with just one hand. Came in handy big time when Owen would get fussy and want out of the stroller. I could carry him in one arm and easily push with the other hand. I can even steer through a busy mall with only one hand. It is a bit pricey and we haven't decided what to do this time around. I love it so much I don't want to trade it in for a double. I'm thinking of getting the bar for the infant seat so it will snap in and then when we're out either the baby will ride and Owen will walk, or Owen will ride and I'll put the baby in my wrap.

On u/s and water...I go weekly and the tech makes me pee before I go in the room. She does transvaginal to check cervix and then abdominal to peek at baby.

Jessica- So excited to hear what color you're sporting!!!!

02-18-2010, 01:53 PM
dizzyliz -- happy anniversary!!!!

02-18-2010, 02:09 PM
Liz - Happy Anniversary!